Johnny Sack
Years ago

Monta Ellis another in the pantheon of NBA morons.

Looks like he fessed up to busting his deltod ligament while riding his motor... I don't get this just months ago he signs a 66m/5y contract - and motorcycles are an exclusion.

A lot of stuff i have read suggests that this injury will affect his game pretty seriously post-recovery and that his career (and contract MAY be done). Any physios etc confirm this?

I'm sorry to say this but how stupid can you be???

And yes, Bobby Hurley (is it that hard to wear a seatbelt), and Jay Williams - i include both you guys under this as well...

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

sorry 66m/6y...

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Years ago

Blatantly lied about it to his team and the league - pretty dodgy. Radmanovic got fined $500k by the Lakers for getting injured skiing or snowboarding. Will be interesting to see what they do to his contract - are they desperate enough to have to keep him? Could throw a $2m fine at him?

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Years ago

He's cactus... He won't return to what he was. The deltoid ligament is pretty important.

Warriors should terminate his contract now and move on. I don't think his agent or the players association would allow for a renegotiation of a already signed binding contract.

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Years ago

so he got injured in his own time, off season, while riding a motor cycle?
to me that sounds like its a private thing and not like he was trying to do backflips on it... bullshit if they can terminate his contract because he rode a bike instead of getting in a porche or some other 100K plus car... absolute bullshit
whats next, kobe shakes off after a piss 5 times and will get done for rape again?

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Years ago

If the contract has a no-motorcycle riding clause in it, it's not bullshit.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

I wonder if we have gotten the full story here... Surely he didn't really think that he could pull off a pretty serious injury as a basketball-related injury... Either he is as thick as ###t of the Warriors were hoping they could buy some time by playing the basketball-injury line for a while...

If the former is true - as a lot of people on the Warriors board have said, they over paid the guy and now they get a chance to get rid if this bonehead!!!

Ricey - you are having a lark right??? Comparing the relative dangers of motorbikes to sportscars. Besides the reason activities like bikes and snowboarding are voidable activities is because the companies the insure NBA players contracts will not pay out in claims caused by such activities thus meaning the owner/team would be liable for 100% of the salary - so it's explicitly stated in the contract that Monta/his agent (who possibly REALLY ####ed up here) signed.

You'd think that after Jay Williams these kiddies would know better... Sad for Monta - but he did it to himself...

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Years ago

Ricey, stick to posting about waterbeds you idiot

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Years ago

Johnny, what's your source that he was riding a motorcycle? All I've found is an article where he admits he lied about how he got injured, but no details of the truth:

Ellis admits he lied to Warriors about injury.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Check out this thread. There always seem to be pretty reliable leaks on RGM (for most teams), and something like this would be pretty hard to keep under wraps. Also it seems that virtually all the posters are of the same opinion (and one guy had speculated/leaked that there was more to this from the oustset). It seems that is must be a prohibited activity, given the behaviour of both parties (Monta lying and GSW buying time to make a decision) - question is what (so i did jump the gun a bit - i did say "Looks ike he fessed up...")... Given this is commonly a motorbike-related injury and the accompanying scarring etc - this is a reasonable assumption to make...

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Years ago

I don't think offically anything has been released about how Monta injured himself.

It is known that recently Monta has purchased a Ducati 990, and then spent a further $20k on modifications.

Monta is on the record from stating that he lied about the injury, which IMO means that he's done something dodgy and sustained the injury through 'non-basketball' reasons, possibly against the terms of his contract.

It is common for clauses to be written in NBA contract which gives franchises 'out' clauses if the player is retarded and does stupid things. I remember reading on ESPN that Monta isn't the brightest spark getting around and considered an 'injury basketcase'.

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Years ago

What are the legals on this? My thinking would be that as long as he denies the injury was motorbike related, it would then be on the warriors to PROVE it.

The law of deniability would make it real tough on the warriors to do anything regarding his contract.

I hope for his sake, Ellis has some smart people talking to him right now, and not a bunch of t.v lawer mates and family members who "took the bar exam once.."

The bigger picture is the bad blood that will now exhist because of it, which is funny coz GM's and owners lie to their players on a regular basis...

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Years ago

"It is common for clauses to be written in NBA contract which gives franchises 'out' clauses if the player is retarded and does stupid things."

Teh NBA is Doomed!!11!1!1!!!!

They'll have no players left if contracts get voided for players being retarded.

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Years ago

If you just signed a contract for $66 million and there is a clause in it not to ride a motorcycle and you do... then you are offically retarded...

It's the same with footy players. Here in Canberra we have just done the whole Todd Carney thing involving booze. I just don't understand why players that earn $300k + continue to do stupid things. Fevola is another idiot. How hard is it to behave yourself for 6 months of the year and not do stupid stuff which puts your income at risk??

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Years ago

It is so easy to say this stuff when your a fan looking in. These are people too, with one life to live.

The years of 18-30 are the best years of your life and your telling them they can't live their life to the full?

Too many people like to say- 'they are getting paid to do something they love' and i just think that is a rubbish outsider looking in type viewpoint.

To be in the NBA today, you need to be 24/7 about your diet, your exercise. How many fat fans and finger pointers would be willing to put in the equivalent amount of time to train as these guys do?

We are not talking extremes either, he rode a bike ffs! Let em go get blind on the weekend, as long as they bring it to training and game time every time, what the hell is the issue?

If they get hurt doing something reckless, against the law perhaps, then fine em and keep it in mind for the next contract negotiation. But to put these rules on what human beings are allowed to do is terrible.

Are the female players allowed to get pregnant? What if LJ got some great news 9 months out from the WNBA finals? Gonna start writing that into contracts too?

As for having it easy as an NBA player, i reckon we could find more than a few people in the world earning millions and doing a hell of a lot less than these guys do. Politicians anyone?!

These guys are idiots at times, but so was i when i was growing up, and so were you if your honest.

Punish stupidity and recklessness, do not outlaw lifes pleasures for the sake of a sport and dollars.

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Years ago

Right, so you wouldnt complain at all if you were Chris Mullin or the owner of the GSW and you have just offered a bloke $66 million dollar and he goes and rights himself off.

If someone was offerring you a life changing financial benefit of $66 million dollar, but two of the conditions are 1) Not to ride a motorcycle and 2) Not to consume alcohol during the season would you do it?? I sure as hell would.

The owner has every right to protect his investment. The owner has to wear that $66 million as the insurance company will not pay it out due to (possibly) breaching his contract. As an owner, I'd be terminating his contract. I wouldn't be prepared to pay a guy that much who has suffered a serious injury and it's unknown if he will return to the form he showed before the injury.

To say they are rules is stupid. They are clauses, it's up to the individual to agree to them or not agree with them. Monta obviously agreed with them otherwise he wouldn't off signed the initial contract. It's written down in plain simple english, and he should as a business person know exactly what he can and can't do in relation to his employment contract. At best he ignorant, and worst, he's retarded.

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Years ago

I'm sorry, but if someone can't sacrifice things to be at the top (eg. riding a motorcycle, or drinking excessively/using drugs), then IMO they don't deserve to be there. I'm not saying people should be robots. Far from it. Go out and have fun. But there are ways to go about it that don't involve doing stupid things that will garner media attention. Is is really that hard for people to not do things like drink alcohol, even for a little while?

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Years ago

I just wanna be clear about this, if Monta did things of a reckless nature while riding the bike, throw the book at him for sure. If he was just riding and screwed up, then he should not be in trouble. He of course will be in trouble regardless because of the rediculous clauses placed in these contracts.

I really disagree with these types of clauses, and to suggest that because he signed the contract he therefore agrees with the content is crazy. He would of had zero choice.

As for Mullin, hell yeah he would be acid about what has happened, but should he really be angry at Monta for being a 22 yr old who wanted to have the experience of riding a motorbike? Or should he accept that people are people and shit happens?

Be thankful that he didn't kill himself outright, use the time to blood Williams at the point, accept that the warriors would have to do everything right to sneak in at 8 in the play-offs anyway, and make the most out of this season by playing Wright and Randolph and Biedrins.

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Years ago

Quagmire - what do you mean, he would have had zero choice? He MADE a choice when he signed the deal! If you don't agree with a contract, you don't sign it. You can't have it both ways... if riding motorbikes was so important to him, he should have negotiated a lower contract price in exchange for the right to do it.

*If* it's true that he willingly was using a motorbike after he signed a contract in good faith which, in-part, stated "I will not ride a motorbike", then he's a liar and an idiot, and deserves whatever punishment the Warriors throw at him. It doesn't even matter whether he was doing 20km/h or 200km/h at the time.

I'm not saying that one shouldn't feel sorry for him, in that he's a young guy who has made a big mistake and surely regrets it now, and as you said, definitely be thankful that he wasn't injured more seriously; but conversely, I don't really understand why you're trying to defend him for (hypothetically, seeing as the bike thing is only a strong rumour at this stage) being in willing breach of contract.

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Years ago

Everyone has a choice in regarding to penning their signature on a contract. If you agree to the terms you sign, if you disagree to the terms you renegiotation. He was a hot commodity. If he couldn't agree to terms with the Warriors then he would of agreed elsewhere. It's not really that hard.

To say he had no choice is laughable. Of course he had choice. No one was holding a gun to his head forcing him to sign.

Not sounding mean, but if he killed himself, yes the situation would be been terrible and sad, but the Warriors wouldn't of been lumped with a $66 million cripple on their roster.

You sign a contract with certain stipulations, then you agree to those conditions. As I said, ignorant at best, retarded at worst.

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Years ago

yeah look i'm really trying to look at the inclusion of these types of clauses from an ethical standpoint.

Should owners have the right to include these types of clauses?

Is it an invasion of a persons civil rights?

To imply that he has an option not to sign such a contract is silly- no owner will remove a clause when it costs them nothin and can be an insurance against acts of god or youth...

That said, owners have payed for a product, and the supplier, in this case Ellis, is going to fail to deliver the product for a couple of months. Some compensations should be forth coming you would think...

Perhaps if an injury is caused through activities of a reckless nature, ie speeding or abuse of drugs / alcohol, the contract should become nill and void.

Then the discussion would be around what constitutes a reckless act and a ton of lawyers can add a new wing to their mansions debating it...

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Years ago

He has every right not to sign the contract and has the freedom to turn down the masses of money it offers.

Insurance companies offer a service and they can offer it subject to conditions that impact the risk they are taking on. I'm sure they could offer insurance for top-tier athletes that includes skiing and so on, but it would be much more expensive, and do you think the athlete is going to take that hit? Nope. Should the employer? Nope.

It's the choice of the athlete. Read the terms and if you disagree, negotiate or don't sign. That's just how it is.

You speak of training and diet as though it's a horrible imposition - how many here would like to have a job where they have the motivation and help to stay fit, as well as get all the bonuses that come with being a professional athlete - I bet a lot of us wished we had the talent to even have that choice.

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twenty four  
Years ago

I read somewhere that he has only earned about $1.5m in his career, and spent about $5 mill this summer alone. And then he goes out (allegedly) dirtbiking? Idiot.

In all honesty, I couldn't give a crap if he ever plays ball again. He just doesn't deserve any sympathy.....

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Years ago

Can't believe anyone will spend time defending this fool. His happy enough to sign for 66 million and now wants to change the rules now his injured by doing something he agreed not to do in order to get $$$$. You can't have your cake and eat it too

There far more people that deserve much more sumpathy then this and none of them had $66 million offered to their face. Why don't you start feeling sorry for all those bums walking the streets in the US or on poverty line before someone who blew 66 milion by being an idiot

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Years ago

Imagine if he now has a career like Grant Hill and his ankle...

All reports are its not that serious and he will be back to 100% but they said the same about Hill...

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Years ago

Just another point- so many people seem to be angry at the kid (he is a kid too) but in the same situation you all would be doing the same things as him to weasle out of trouble.

So easy to take a moral high ground when its someone else, and even easier to attack them if your jealous of their position in life.

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Check out the last few posts... Someone stated that that there is a rumor of a conflag involving Monta - which is how the injuries happened - hence the cloak and dagger by Monta (at first) and (now) the Warriors... The plot thickens... My only question is how can you keep something like that under wraps???

This does meld a bit with what has passed - given it is hard to beleive anyone would eff around with a motor when sooooo much was on the line... But its hard to beleive something like the new rumor could happen without it mushrooming in the public sphere... This has the makings of a telemovie...

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Jeez - i hope he doesn`t come out and reveal he was faking the whole injury??? Cause of a long running addiction...

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Years ago

when not angry with the kid we're angry at fools who continue to defend him and his idiot ways

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