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Woodville Under 12 Div2 Defeated Sturt Div 2

Woodville Under 12 Div2 Defeated Sturt Div 2 by 2 points in a fast thrilling Grand Finals Game.

The Whole Team gave their all for their coach to Win their first Grand Final.
Unfortunately there is a sour note to their win, as the Woodville Districts Basketball Heirachy were not there to support their only Finals Team...


It seems to me that Woodville Basketball Club's Apathy goes down to all levels of the club, and their Motto should read .....

Aspire to Apathy and come to Woodville, because our coaches are the epitomy of apathy.

The main reason I am saying this is that Woodville have sacked their only Finals Winning Coach, because he dares to have a ......."Sturt Mentality" ... (words said by the woodville JDO to the particular Finals winning coach)
HUH ???
WHat does that mean????? (words as said by their JDO).
This Finals Winning Coach only wanted the best for the boys he coached yet that seems to go against the Woodville Basketball Club Creed.......
How dare the Finals Winning Coach have a different outlook from Both JDO's of woodville(male & female) and actuially teach his boys how to play basketball and how to enjoy winning as a bonus.

SHAME SHAME Woodville you are the biggest losers.

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Congratularions to Mr. Ray Pearce and his great under 12 div2 team with their well deserve Win.

I was extremely upset to hear about the way in which woodville have treated you Mr. Ray Pearce, you definitely deserve better respect and treatment. You are welcome at our basketball club anytime. come on the blues.

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Years ago


Is that you Ray????

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Years ago

Congratulations for such an exciting game.
I would like to thank Ray Pearce for giving up his time to teach and coach my child.
Ray has been the only coach who has taught my child anything about basketball (while at woodville) and about what it takes to succeed, my son has grown immensely under Ray as a player, not to meantion that our son always looked forward to his training and games.
I would also like to thank the other boys in the team as well as their parents for their support.
As a result of Rays sacking all the parents were upset and have voiced their dislike to the woodville club, without any change in their decision.
As parents we are now assessing a change of clubs...
Therefore if any other club is willing to take Ray Pearce on as a coach, be sure that most of the boys win the club would follow Ray to that club...
Best of Luck for the Future Ray Pearce.

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Years ago

no it's not ray..
Just an observer of the carry on's of the woodville basketball club.

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Years ago

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a disgusting way to treat the only Grand Final Winning Coach.
It seems to me that Politics at woodville warriors is alive and well.
Shame shame shame Lynne Holland "Coach of the year".

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Years ago

Dear "mum",
even though you believe your son has developed under that coach, could he have perhaps developed more under a coach who did scream and yell at him?

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Years ago

Did you actually come to a game and listen to what Ray actually said to the boys..????
Obviously not..
Ray had never yelled at my son.
Dont mix Passion for blatant yelling...

I had witnessed & heard the way the under Woodville 16's Div one coach yelled at one of his players before a game (Woodville v West Adelaide Div 1)in front of about 100 people only a week ago.
So why is Damian (u16 Div 1 coach)still coaching???
mmmm it's not a case of double standards is it???

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Years ago

sorry it was Friday 29th August...

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Years ago

Actually, I have watched many games.

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Years ago

Of course thats what you say....

Have you ever asked any of the boys what they felt about Rays coaching???

I have... They all love the man.

is that you Wayne Devlin ??
or is that Lynne Holland ??

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Years ago

Thats right you spineless person...cant even show your name, and then you make a sneak attack by making aspersions.
Get a life anonymous person.

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Years ago

Congratulations to the woodville under12 div 2 team on their fantastic win.

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Years ago

Dear "anonymous person",
I do believe there was no other better coach at woodville to coach my son in u12 and he has developed under Ray the coach, i dont believe my son would have developed more under any other coach in u12.
Once again Ray did not yell or scream at my child.

Better still who did you have in mind as the proposed coach??? (i dont know why i am answering a hypothetical situation anyways).

I damn well know he and the team would have gone backwards if Damian had coached them..(He yells and screams at his boys)Is this who you had in mind?

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Years ago

Firstly i would like to pass on my congratulations to the Under12 Div2 Boys and Ray Pearce for providing a great fast spectacle to watch. The speed was amazing and the skills were great to watch, the shooting skills of this woodville u12 team have vastly improved this season, and the way in which the boys in the team responded to their coach was fantastic, it is obvious they boys and coach have a great affinity and rapport with each other, and this was shown when the boys lifted after a timeout in the last quarter. To me it was obvious the u12 boys gave their all for their coach.
Nothing else needs to be said.
He asked they responded.
If they were yelled at would they have responded in a positive way ?
I dont think so...

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Years ago

All negative posts in this topic are from the same IP. Post once, stop trying to make it look like you have more support for your position than you do - it looks pathetic and transparent.

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Happy parents  
Years ago

Ray Pearce is the best coach we have ever had at this club and we have been at the club a few years now.
My son went to bed last night with the biggest smile on his face and is still smiling today all becaus of Ray.
These boys have been a united force this season and it is a pity that due to politics in this club that Ray wont be here to lead them to another victory. Of course, if Ray should choose to coach at another club in the same age group as my child, he will be going to the same club for some decent coaching.
Surely district basketball is about learning and of course ending up with a grand final appearance. If thats not what your after go play social basketball.

Out of all the teams at Woodville ours were the only ones that made and WON a grand final. We represented the club and after the game our children were not congratulated by the JDO, extremely disappointing. One would think that there would have been more support from the club in general.



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Just observing  
Years ago

I am from a different club - but I would like to make some observations based on the recent posts and a conversation I had talking with some woodville parents a few weeks ago - different age group to the one being spoken about.

Their comments to me about Woodville go very much along the lines of what is being said here. It may be one person mainly posting but I get the feeling the animosity goes right thru the club.

What is becoming clear though from both points of view is that Woodville Coaches do not feel like they are being supported from woodville management and hierachy. I do believe there are clubs that will put their coaches above all else, perhaps that is not always ideal either as there needs to be a happy medium with both points of veiw being taken into account but even if the coaches are considered to be in the wrong by the hierachy they should still be supported within reason.

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BAsket 97  
Years ago

ray are u posting all these loads of rubbbish?

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Years ago

In reference to no hierarchy from Woodville being at the game yesterday -

Helen Gleeson Vice President present
Kym Clark - Management Committee Member
Jodie Barratt - Management Committee Member
Wayne Devlin - Boys JDO
Jayne McKee - Admin
Laima Clark - Canteen Manager

Also there are two sides to a story - ask some of the parents that have not posted on here.

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Years ago

and you ask yourselves what is wrong with basketball in South Australia - these postings do nothing to help the sport especially at a Junior level. Who would be a coach or even connected with a basketball club with all this in fighting going on - woodville sort your stuff out and think of the better good of basketball in SA

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ray is the best coach ive had since playing at woodville from a very happy victorious under 12 boy

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Years ago

Yea blame the coach he does everything wrong..... he cant do anything right and he post everything on here about woodville OPEN YOUR EYES my god

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Happy parents  
Years ago

Why would Ray post stuff about himself. He wouldnt be part of this. If we have something to say then we will say it, like it or not.
I agree Wayne was there but was he anywhere near the parents? No! and as I said before didnt even congratulate the boys after the win.

If this club wants to be successful once more maybe they need to get the broom through the place and break up the "boys club" as it is.

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Years ago

for the parents on here that are posting on behalf of their team sit back take your hands of the keyboard and realise that you are doing yourselfs and your sons a great disservice.

Instead of soaking up your sons win you have taken the time to denigrate the team, the coach, the manager and the club itself.

Whether you are from Woodville, Norwood, West, or any other club whether you have a legit bitch about the club or not you and your boys are the losers.

Woodville's AGM would be coming up soon why not take your concerns there and air them or like many who post here are happy to do so under names like happy parent or anon or what ever nickname you choose.

Whichever club comes under a hammering here I think it would be very few who have people who are actually prepared to put there name to a letter or attend in person and make their complaint known.

Now for everyone it isn't about how well your boys played. How well they were coached it is NO LONGER ABOUT YOUR BOYS and their win.


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Years ago

You should be awarded an 'oscar' greengiant in the fiction section of course. You bloweth your trumpet too loud.

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Years ago

Wayne, could you do everyone a favour {quit]. You are shit at what you do.

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Years ago

Woodville wont have any boys left in u14,s if they dont change.

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Years ago

i wonder if the green giant is soon to be a red and black giant -
West welcome your new saviour

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Years ago

how lucky woodville are that the team won - be merry hell if they lost which such a super coach and such a fantastic band of supporters - i know ray personally he is above this crap - and who ever is posting is doing him no favours - show some brains
AGM soon put up your hands -

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Years ago

as one of the few informed people on this forum. can i say that ray was approached for a position within the club which he turned down,(U14 div 2 apparently is below him, even tho he'd be coaching similar boys too what was in this chapionship winning team). furthermore what is not known, is that ray was very dissapointed about the division his son was offered and as a result turned not only turned down the position but has gone on an internet mission to slanderise woodville district basketball club.

way to show some class ray.

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Years ago

he did actually state that U14 div 2 was below him

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woodville are going to lose out big time. So many boys are leaving.

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Years ago

Of course U 14 Div 2 is below this guy, given that he is such a household name in SA basketball! Sorry, who is he again?? Talk about rating yourself highly. Some nobody has a bit of success with a Div 2 team (and at Woodville of all places!), and then thinks he's some big shot who should be coaching Div 1. Hilarious.

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Years ago

It was great to see Wayne at boys presentation today. Oh thats right he was nowhere to be seen. SUPRISE SUPRISE.... What is his job again.....

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Years ago

Wow, such a large thread for a U12 Div 2 game...

Well done kids, get a life people!!

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Years ago

come to woodville to play. Its not political at all. What a joke.

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Years ago

come to woodville to play, its not political at all. What a joke.

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This is hilarious

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Years ago

Whos says it him posting all these comments you idiot you tool mate a tool..... how bout you use your brain oh wait it looks like you dont have one sorry

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Years ago

Firstly what i heard from people is that ray was taken away his spot because the Under 16 coach didnt give his son a fair run and putting him in div 3 well i would be upset too and second yr under 16 which i have seen play should be div 1 to 2 and you to lie like that is a joke no wonder woodville is goin backwards tell the truth and stop trying to cover your ass it is burnt already people

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Years ago

Be quiet Rays a great coach

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Aw, does this mean we have to leave, woodville ?

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kym clark  
Years ago

I will put my name to this "Congratulations to the under 12 Div 2 boys and to Ray you did a fantastic job" - now everybody else grow up - let the boys enjoy their win and if you have got a beef with Woodville come chat with me.
Sport you have got to love it - ugly parent syndrome -well we are Aussie's aren't we and we invented it.
Have a nice day
Kym Clark
Warrior Proud

PS Well done to all on winning GF / runners up /coaches and players.
Give you best and be proud of your achievements.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

OK, Good tks.

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Years ago

Apologies to Ray and the boys after their fantastic win on Saturday.

The advertiser was contacted to ensure a story and photo were included in the Sunday Mail but sadly there were to many other stories to report on.

Kevin Rudd was contacted in the hope a speech could be given, but alas, he also was too busy.

Finally, it was hoped a parade could be arranged in Glenelg, but this venue was also busy this morning with some silly race or other.

Maybe the club could have put together a flower arrangement...would that suffice?

I did see a posting on the Warriors website earlier in the week, congratulating Ray and his team on making the grand final and wishing them the very best. Such a shame that wasn't enough....

Go Woodville. If some of these whingers left and they have been promising for months now, it would do the club a favour.

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Years ago

Hardwoody you speak with great deal of sense regarding the website
wdbc did put up a congratulations to team and ray early in the week - not sure what else they wanted
maybe gold passes / free slushies / ticker tape parade / WDBC beanies/ life time supply of warrior socks and the Warrior Warlord singing their praises from the top of the dome -
perhaps could have introduce to the fans at the sixers with Jan - now she only got a silver -

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After reading this i guess the large chocolate donuts are still the best thing to come from that club, bring back Athol Park.

This just reminds me why i decided to quit the sport and why some people make it very difficult for good people to stay in the sport. Grow up all of you, all of you.

The Internet is a fantastic tool for communicating between different mediums but in this instant, it's a waste of time and energy.

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Years ago

I have no time for Woodville and this does not suprise me. I had not played BBall for years but have kept in touch with hoops just recently. They are the best club for giving players a fair go in many aspects of the game. However there is way too much hierachy in that club. Were you at the game Captain Warrior of the mens team? Did you send your congrats to the team? I have always found that club to be about individuals or a certain pack of individuals who wouldn't know what a team game is.

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Years ago

I am amazed at the retoric happening here.
The pure facts are :
Ray was full of pride and was humbled by his team of u12 boys and was embarassed by all the comotion.

So stop the half truths and selective memories woodville.

Just admit you have big problems in the club.

The AGM will not solve the problems on the committee which affect the club, as the people who stack the votes just get moved into different positions, and keep their power in tact.
Therefore the rot continues.

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Years ago

If so humble, why start a ridiculous posting like this?

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Years ago

I have seen many people get voted onto the woodville committee over several years, with the best of intentions, only to quit through pure frustration, and being told to mind their own business, when they tried to suggest improvements, or tried to help suggest new innovations.
And as far as parents bringing their problems to the club, the powers to be only brand the parents as having the "ugly parent syndrome" or being branded "trouble makers".
Yet the problem never gets resolved !!!
Why is that ?

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Years ago

Dear "hardwoody"
It appears the postings were started because there were concerns.
This is a common forum to air people to discuss things.
This is a free country last time I checked.

Therefore if you dont like the discussions Dont read them.

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Years ago

reckon they will need some security at their AGM, could be one firey affair!

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Years ago

This in my believe is all the result of a

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Years ago

i hope none of the kids read these messages. Im disgusted.

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Years ago

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Years ago

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Years ago

good onyou kym, your the only one who had any guts to put his name on his message. To the rest of you whimps put your name on your message if you want to have a say.

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Years ago

now u can see why the magic are getting lots of good players

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Years ago

whos responsible for ray not coaching next year. Is it you wayne.

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Years ago

for fuck sack. After many objections from other people in the Club Ray was still given the 14 Boys div 2 job. It was Ray choice to leave. He wasn't Sacked

Thats right RAY was given the job but RAY decided to leave

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Years ago

And where was the under 12's div 1 coach. Bet he wasnt at the game or presentation. Why isnt he getting slammed.

Oh thats right we are all buddy buddy with him. so we'll just leave him alone

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Cat in the Hat  
Years ago

I think people are overlooking the most important part of this thread. I agree with "taylor walker is a star" - the chocolate donuts at the canteen are very large.

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Years ago

Firstly learn how to spell, Rays position was taken awawy from him. Secondly my husband is a police officer and I have reported you for swearing. They will be able to trace your message, dont think that they wont. Sit tight my friend everyone will soon no who you are.

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Years ago

All this emotion - lets turn it into a postive Woodville. Cat in the hat is right, the donuts ARE very large. The determination of a big group of parents at the club to make a positive difference is also very large. Don't get upset by this crazy sledging. Have a good laugh about the whole silly thing and look forward the next season.

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frog 68  
Years ago

w - that is the funniest post ever on hoops. well done.

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Green is Good  
Years ago

w - learn how to spell stupid! and stop hiding behind a gun, your pathetic.

The only real truth is their are some very ugly parents at Woodville who have pissed on their sons memory of winning a final in district competition.

No one person is bigger than the club and to be held to ransom by a coach/parent is disgusting.
Woodville don't need you.
Even in winning you are the weakest link. Goodbye

Ray, whoever you are, maybe its time to grow a backbone. Parents, go to your sons begging for forgiveness. Management, have an open AGM on this matter and get it sorted.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

It was good to see that the other 2 threads associated with this thread and the associated venomous attacks have been removed.

There was obviously a set of circumstances at the club that resulted in a parting of the ways and this has obviously resulted in a lot of bitterness associated with how a certain coach ended up not coaching next season.

Has everyone vented their spleen yet?

Well done to the team for winning the premiership, and well done to the coach for volunteering his time to develop kids. The U12B div2 competition was quite a high standard and was dominated by four teams all season. Sturt 1 finished minor premiers 2 and a half games ahead of second placed Centrals and Woodville. Sturt 2 were the other team.

In the finals, any two of those teams could have made the grand final. Woodville were the only team to beat Sturt 1 and Centrals were the only team to go into the finals undefeated against Woodville - it was pretty tight!

Sturt 1 should be congratulated for finishing minor premiers and having the best defence. Centrals should be congratulated as they were bottom of Div 3 in the summer season and have improved out of sight. Woodville should be congratulated as they won their first 9 games of the season and were the most offensive (ie scored the most) team. Sturt 2 were just a bit behind Sturt 1.

So, a club and a coach would won a premiership have parted under acrimonious circumstances...that happens.

OK, now that the season is over, let's just worry about the next season.

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Years ago

"learn how to spell... your pathetic"

Classic! I'm going to put some popcorn on and settle in...

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Years ago


I am responding to the recent comments of the Woodville under 16 coach Damien.....I was not their at the time of the incident but was informed about it by an honest source who was there and what it's stating is a complete lie and load of rubbish because one minute the boys father is stating it was done in front of 30 people now the comment states it was done in front of over 100 people.... WHAT NEXT??????????
This is so petty and immature on your behalf making such comments as it's ovious when everything dont go your way you lash out on coaches who are doing their jobs quite well you truly need to grow up is your life that sad............
The coach in relation to this matter may i add whom you are slandering has been and is a great asset to the Woodville Club over the years as a coach and i do feel he handled this in an appropiate manner......

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Years ago

if you think damien is the best thing, you are deaf, dumb and blind.

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Years ago

lynne, type your name in if you say damien is the best thing. You fat womble

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Years ago

After reading this thread, what other club would want any player from this team.
No club needs people that treats their club like this in a public forum.
Get off this site and talk to your Club before you find you have no where to play

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Years ago



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Years ago

This thread has had me in fits for the last 10 minutes. Thanks everyone!

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Years ago

"After reading this thread, what other club would want any player from this team."

Agreed. Had heard this team rang our club (before the GF and this thread), am now VERY happy we went with "Thanks, but no thanks".

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axe maker  
Years ago

could it be the stirrer is not actually in the age group - seems focus is aimed at others then under 12
people with axes to grind and no grunt to grind it out in the correct forum because got no idea

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Years ago

This thread needs to be deleted and ABC should be banned from posting

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Fallen Warrior  
Years ago

Why is it always Woodville people who feel the need to fill up Hoops with this stuff. Ever since this forum began, there are always Woodville parents or players who use this forum to lash out a there own coaches & administrators

This club WAS a proud club built on being a small fish in what seemed like a large pond, but always found a way to swim. It took pride in it's identity and culture.

Remember the name Vera Craig?? The Woodville District Basketball Club would not exist if it was not for her. Period.

Vera did not build this club behind this culture. She would be turning in her grave if she knew the way some of you have chosen to disrespect your club.

In what should be a great moment in these young boys lives (Remember, it's u/12 basketball) you feel the need to post about club politics, you are embarrassing your club and the people who worked and believed in it.

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Years ago

how can woodville management sit there and let people slam these under 12 boys. It is disgusting, They are a great group of boys, this has gone way to far. Its all over adult shit and these poor boys are getting brought into it. Woodville you better do something about this.

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Years ago

who is going to the bear cats

Reply #204960 | Report this post

Who is this Damien guy?

It isn't the same dude known as booga who post on this web site is it?

Reply #204966 | Report this post

This thread deserves a Basketball i think.

Reply #204967 | Report this post

Years ago

Well Now lets hope people wake up and smell the roses about what has happened and it will be funny to see what happens over the next few months

Reply #204969 | Report this post

Years ago

As Simmons says "There is comedy, there is high comedy" and then there is w's post.

"my husband is a police officer and I have reported you for swearing"

I think that is a perfect sentence - it just blew me awawy

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Years ago

woodville suck

Reply #204972 | Report this post

Years ago

who needs to go on australian idol come on this web site and you can become famous

Reply #204973 | Report this post

Years ago

Obviously woodville seem intent on looking at the SYMPTONS of the situations and putting blame on other people rather than looking at the CAUSE of the problems, Being the way they treat the parents and their children who keep the money coming into the club, get your heads out of the sand or wherever else your keeping them. The club is there for the children and not the other way around.

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Years ago

I think bear cats are relatives of fat cat.

Reply #204976 | Report this post

Years ago

when is the agm i want to come, it will be a ripper.

Reply #204977 | Report this post

Years ago

wonders why damians name is booga.... has he a long finger?

Reply #204979 | Report this post

Years ago

My son come out to junoir trials as a new child guess what he is not going to play for this club, he will now be going to magic or bear cats.

Reply #204980 | Report this post

Years ago

Exactly that let the kids enjoy their sport for what it is instead of the the parents butting in on it thats the main problem here because the parents expect their kids to play at higher levels when their not good enough.....So back off parents and let your kids play and that way they may become good enough on their own.........Stop putting down the Coaches, Woodville Club etc
They are doing their best to bring what they can to the club if others dont like it well become a traitor and swap clubs like others out their:)

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Years ago

wise move lady or the booga will get him

Reply #204983 | Report this post

Years ago

i dont think woodville should win another premiership they cant handle the pressure.

Reply #204984 | Report this post

Years ago

are you running a club or the local zoo at woodville

Reply #204985 | Report this post

Years ago

are you running a club or the local zoo at woodville

Reply #204986 | Report this post

Years ago

Ohhh what a Booga !

Reply #204987 | Report this post

Years ago

This whole things disgusts me and there seems to be a lot of people here putting their opinions in that have no idea what they are talking about. If you havent been directly involved with this then keep your comments to yourself.

If someone chooses to move to another club because they are not happy with the circumstances of the year then that is their business.

With the back stabbing that is going on here its no wonder people do leave.

We congratulate the U12b they are the only ones that bought any success to the club and then we have disgusting people dragging them into the mud.
There are plenty of clubs that would take these boys, they are wonderful children with great skills developed by a great man.

Jealousy is a curse!So go back to your teams play your games and leave everyone alone. Oh, get yourselves a life!!!

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

I just wanted to be the 100th respondant

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booga fan  
Years ago

Come on booga bring it on tell them exactly what they deserve bunch of losers that are sitting on here all day long the same poor sad man or should i say little boy as thats what hes acting like here:)Using all different names to make himself look good.How funny is that everyone???If your such man why come on here and write lies and bullshit degrading booga,Lyn and the Woodville Club.If your such a tough guy why dont you stop writing this crap and go take it up in person with this booga guy himself you weak piece of shit thats right your gutless and hide behind a computer..Go get a life as it seems you dont have one...........

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i like lemons...  
Years ago

Rules: You must read the Terms of Use. No spam, no offensive material, no sniping at other clubs, no 'who cares?'-type comments, no naming or bashing under 18 players.

Some people just don't like following rules.

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Years ago

this person must be on drugs..Posting all the chat in this forum. Does that mean he has MPD?
posting and answering themselves...
Just got to love it

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Years ago

You mean we are all the same person..WOW..
No wonder i'm wearing different coloured sox on each foot or are they your foot or his foot or her foot or their foot. I'm confused.

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Years ago


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Years ago

Micheal Kennedy you are weak as piss to come on here with your personal agenda and slander anyone who has told u that while standing on the sideline yelling at refs and telling your son he is so great doesn't make u a coach.
This so called sideline expert will be telling anyone and everyone involved with the 16 program at west how to do things.Bob your 40 year experiance doesn't come close to the knowledge this guy beleives he has after all he has been on the net downloading plays so he knows it all, not that he has ever played the game before in his life.
The reason he remains a spectator and never sticks his hand up to coach is because that would mean reaching over to his wife side of the bed and grab his balls out of the jar she keeps them in but he can't he would rather sit back complain,snipe,backstab and basically act like he has all the answers with out the preasure of standing there in the heat of battle and thinking quickly, but thats his down fall thinking in all forms.
If u borrow your nuts any time come and say it all to my face u weak pathetic little man.

I would like to clear a few things up that have been said on here... Rays son wasn't offered any division not because of any reason then no one but the kids who played div 1 last season have been placed in teams and wont till the season starts as to give the kids every chance to show the skills they have, man what a bad coach i am.....The kid i was suppose to have yelled at was Kennedys kid which is funny how u ask a kid if they are staying next season and they say yes then the dad takes them to another clubs training the next night days before u are about to play them so who is it all about the son or the father, and by the way i didn't yell i asked what the hell is going on but all u did is slither behind your son because u had no balls to say what u wanted weak as i felt and once i was told u were going to west i accepted your decision and thanked u for makeing it so i knew what direction to take the team next season with or without your son, The question i have for u Kennedy is..was it your plan to have your son tank the game and try and rob a well deserved win away from the rest of the team?

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Years ago

Lucky you didnt swear. you could of been arrested

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Years ago

"my husband is a police officer and I have reported you for swearing"

This just makes me shake my head in pity.

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Years ago

a similar situation occured last year with mr kennedy. he instructed his son to purposly throw the game in protest towards, then coach. a pattern perhaps emerging from these ugly parents.

and i congratulate ray pearce on taking the spotlight off the kids great win and onto himself. obviously he needs to make himself bigger than the team to fill his ego.

the kids won the game and now its the ray pearce show.

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Years ago

What about all the other coaches who coached a gf winning team, do we get threads about us??

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Years ago

The SA Film Corporation may be investigating a movie deal based on the game, directed by Scott Hicks, photography by Dean Semmler.

Key Roles to be filled by prominant South Aussies:

Shaun Micalleff and Francis Greenslade are down as the umpires, Alexander Downer is slated as playing the Sturt coach and Jimmy Barnes the Woodville coach. Christopher Pyne is being approached as the Sturt water boy.

Lleyton Hewitt may feature in a non-talking role as the annoying parent with Bec Cartright in the stands as well.

Both Kevin Rudd and Mike Rann have already signed up for cameo appearances as the kids who mop the floor.

Nathan Roberts is geared up (or un-geared up) for a half time streak (contract signed up for $50) with Boti Nagy considering the role of the first aider when Nathan knocks himself out after slipping up on a water spill that Mike Rann missed (where's Karlene).

The acerbic courtside announcer is to be none other than the pride of Woodville High School himself, Peter Goers.

Should be a hit on You-tube.

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Years ago

I forgot to mention the boys. As consensus seems to be that Sturt are evil, the Sturt boys will b played by orcs and the Woodville boys by hobbits.

Filmed at Athol Park (but made to look like the Dome), the scores are tied up in the dying seconds of the game when an orc rips off the arms of a hobbit in an arm hack.

First aider Boti Nagy rushes to the poor lad's side, and when the camera pans onto him he stares down the lens "you know what the difference is between this lad and the NBL salary cap? They're both 'armless" BOOM BOOM

The umpires Shaun Micalleff and Francis Greenslade were reminiscing about their glory days in Adelaide University Footlights ("Supoena hard day's night" eh boys) and missed the hack, but quickly summon the floor moppers. Rudd has disappeared to China (after appearing on Rove) and Rann, upon seeing work to be done, sends in backup mopper Kevin Foley to clean the court and quickly organises a trip to Japan.

With 2 seconds on the clock and all tied up, the fat kid who has sat on the bench all year and not played gets to the court and is thrown the ball. He throws the ball from his backcourt for a swish (thank you Andrew Webber for playing the stunt man)

Meanwhile, as the Toorak tractors file out of the gates, in the carpark a dejected homeless man on a park bench finds a dollar dropped in the grass "I'm rich again!" As the camera pans in, the face of Eddie is revealed (refer changingplaces/coming to America)

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Years ago



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Jack Toft  
Years ago

C'mon 205072, this has been an entertaining thread and perhaps one of the most replied to and most read threads for a while. It deserves to stay.

Is it possible that it all started out after a few post celebration grogs were consumed?

PS Like the movie idea, although I would like to see Malcolm Blight in there somewhere and maybe Paul Bagshaw and the jumbo prince. To keep the SA theme happening, Olivia Stratton could be the kiosk girl selling farmer's union iced coffee, fritz sandwiches, and frog cakes. Surely that part could be filmed at Scuzzi.

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Years ago

yeah its a fantastic read if it isnt about you or your club

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Blew on Blue  
Years ago

Lets start a thread on Sturt parents extra marital affairs.
That one would be worth the read!

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Years ago

Does booga still get dressed up as a clown at the 36r's these days?

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Cameron Wilson  
Years ago

Firstly, congratulations to the boys and coach for winning the GF, an awesome achievement that deserves recognition. I have played at the club since I was 8 and never had quite as much luck through my juniors, however I have enjoyed every moment that I have played at Woodville- despite the things many people have said about Woodville, it is a great club with many great people and is headed in a positive direction. Any sport, any club has good times and bad, people/players come and go, and many people have different opinions, informed or not- it is a shame that people choose only to talk about these problems on this site, rather than doing something positive about it and help make the changes for the better. Woodville's management is open to change and getting the best for the club, and that is their only agenda. Yes sometimes mistakes will happen, we are all only human. Ultimately, anyone involved with our club only wants the best for it, just like anywhere else.

I am the captain of the Warriors mens team and I am sorry that I was not at the game to support the boys, and I do congratulate them, and would love to do so in person.
'Woody' if you were at all close to the club, or at all informed, then you would know the coaches and our squad, including that of the u18 and u20 boys, are all about team- and we have been that way for as long as I have been there. If you were informed, you would remember we won a championship in 2005 with a strong team with a great team chemistry, and not a group of stand-out players/individuals. We are completely aware that to be successful in a team sport you have be on the same page, and we continue to strive for that every year- just like every other club that is trying to be successul.
As a player and a coach, there are tough decisions to be made- I don't know much about this situation with the u12's but it is pretty sad that it has come to this. If people honestly wanted to express their concern why not take it up with management in person or writing, and deal with it appropriately. I am sure that every club would have similar situations at some point in their club history- clashes in opinions/unhappiness.
I saw what I thought was a problem in our u20 boys and chose to try and install a positive change for the future, for the boys sake and the clubs. I asked to coach them and do extra individual sessions to help them improve. There is no need to moan and groan, get out there and do something about it.
This club is the only team I ever want to play for, and continue to be involved with, and I have been through tough and good times, like anywhere else- BUT we are headed in the right direction, we want a positive team culture, the same culture that Vera Craig always promoted. I do hope that these young boys do stay at Woodville and enjoy it the same as I have because it is a great club to be a part of, with many wonderful young players, parents, volunteers and members. Feel free to contact me too if you have any other problems :)
Love those Warriors!!!
Cameron Wilson

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Years ago

For all those people out there who believe Ray would post anything about himself on here don't know him very well at all. For one he struggles to use a computer let alone start a blog about himself!
He is a passionate person who tries to get the best out of all his players. His experience in basketball is something that Woodville needs and has lacked for many years. Ray understands the game and had played Div 1 for many years in the Ray Woods, Mark Davis, Al Green etc days and played through the junior system.
As for the "Sturt Mentality" well......maybe that's why Sturt are consistently successful and Woodville are not!
Ray was sacked as coach (which took a special meeting do so) and was very disappointed as he believed he was giving the kids every direction to become better players. He was also disappointed that his son was not in a higher division as it was all to do with politics. Ray dropped the son of an U14's coach due to laziness and the retribution was taken out on his son.
As a former Woodville coach and player I am disappointed that this has happened. The Vera Craig days are unfortunately long gone and so are the days playing for the Woodville singlet. Woodville seems to have certain people who are in it for the glory and self gratification. There are not enough people around like Jodie Barratt who are all for the club.
On a final note Ray has been approached by Sturt and West but he has not accepted any coaching positions offered to him. I hope the club can stop the politics and get on with the job that is really important......the kids.

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Years ago

33 thank u for proving u have no clue.instead of hiding why didn't u use your real name i mean anyone and everyone knows who booga is so i know i'm not hiding behind an alias. how can a under 14 player get dropped and taken out on his son when ray coached under 12 doesn't make sense. with ray son being dropped that was what the div 2 coache wanted nothing to do with the me rays son was given pleanty of chances to change attitude but chose not to so dropping him to div 3 was forced to happen.

Ray was sacked was he what about the 3 times he quit on the team noticed that hasn't been mentioned but hey that team meant everything to him right,in fact he quit before the finals started but the club (are all meant to be all haters of ray) talked him into finishing the season off with the boys so the end result was if the powers that be were after ray like people make out on here then this thread would look alot diffrent if they accepted him quitting.

33 why don't u ask me to come and be involved in the 16 div 1 program so u can see for yourself that those boys learn what wearing the green means and the pride they should have before putting it on before battle. last season we battled a team with a kid who was jumping ship to that team and when team mates see that kid is wearing green but playing for the other team well woodville pride comes in and he was left to rot on the bench.

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This is the funniest thread ever. I just read all this and have had a good laugh. The guy that did the movie script above was one of the best!

Well done to these kids that won the finals. Now parents/adults its time to move on.

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Years ago

Hey Booga,

I would suggest that before you think about coaching the U16's you should head back to primary school and learn how to write an email that is legible.


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Hangin Round  
Years ago

Booga, you need some new glasses.
It appears that you have little idea (except in your mind) of how the events unfolded and thr 'rose coloured' glasses have clouded your view.

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This thread is ridiculous
I know Ray and i know all the boys that played in the team.
The boys loved having ray as a coach and yes some of them are most likely going to follow him where he goes.
Woodville did not kick him out they gave him a position as U14 Div 2 Boys coach.
The day of trials his son was put in a squad just for trials and it was a different squad to the boys he had already been playin with.(the ones and twos he had been with)
Ray got angry and pulled his son away and said he was moving to West.
Later that day ray did not turn up to trials and when parents rang him he said he was working.
He lied through his teeth to these parents i mean how low can you get.
I appreciate Ray as a coach and I wish him luck in whatever his future holds.
I will miss him as a coach as Woodville but he didn't get kicked out he left.

I also wish the new U14 Div 2 coach all the best with the group of boys you have.

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Years ago

33 my god is that all u have to say, every man and his dog who reads hoops knows what a shocking writer i am, big deal so i didn't do well at school get over it in a big way. i have never claimed to be able to spell but hey throw as much mud as u like couldn't care i'm here for basketball not a spelling bee comp. ya twat

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Years ago

haging around u have been on this site for along time and have a fair bit to say i would personal invite u to come speak to me so we can sit down and compare as to what u know and what i know happened as i was there. i think u deserve the respct due to how long u have been active on this site and the things u have posted in the past.

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Years ago

Why dont you all stop putting others down including the club which is doing it's best etc It's so pathetic.For god sake if you Mr 33 have a problem with that booga guy deal with it in person instead of being a little boy and hiding behind alias names and the computer screen...How weak are you?I'm sure you can catch up with him at the basketball since you think you know everything about the game and things that have happened around the club..

Dissappointed Warriors fan Allanah

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Years ago


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Years ago

Hey Booga Good luck with the bunch of lose in under 16 i hope you are as good as you were last yr with your boys where did you come oh LAST well you can do it again 2 yrs in a row would be nice good luck

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am amazed at how fantastic this site has become at promoting basketball and all things good about sport.
the benefit of the thread has been immense and i like to congratulate whoever started it on your brilliant piece of work and hope you continue to inspire so many to take up the written work
you should be proud of the fact that basketball as a sport has greatly benefitted from this thread and hopefully you might look to expand you undoubted skills further - love to meet you in person and shook your hand for you have truly inspired all that is great in prose.
it is true that many of the worlds great writers are anon. and thats a tragedy.
please contiue to spread your words of wisdom that so helps enlighten us mere mortals
oh great one

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Years ago

Booga - thats neat that you talk about the Green pride - didnt you defect clubs a few seasons ago, only to come back?

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booga hater  
Years ago

booga booga booga...
you lie all the time twisting things always to your own benefit, and back stabbing whenever you can.
I do remember the problems you caused at centrals..
Didn't woodville do checks on you before they appointed you a coach??

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Years ago

If i was this kennedy guy I would be loking to take booga to court for slander.

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Years ago

Reply #206454 | Report this post

Years ago

I'm sorry to all the people I may have offended in this thread for my comments but felt that a small amount of people (compared to the majority) spoke harshly of Ray Pearce. I am a passionate person when it comes to Woodville as it was a club that gave me an opportunity to coach and play.
Just because I haven't posted on this site doesn't mean I have a lack of knowledge about the game and the club. I heard about this thread and felt I should add an opinion (just like anyone else). The comments that really should be taken notice of are the comments of the parents of the successful U12's team.
As for Booga, well my friend, I will certainly accept your invitation to meet you and discuss my knowledge of what happened. It is quite clear in many people's responses to this thread where you sit in this whole drama.
For the record, Ray's son who was 'left to rot on the bench' has made West Div 1 under 16's. It's a pity as he could have been playing Woodville instead of against.

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Years ago

So is Ray Pearce coaching this winter season?
Has he got to West, or Sturt, or where??

Reply #206971 | Report this post

Years ago

Nobody cares anymore. Nobody has ever heard of him before this thread started, and hopefully we never will again.

Reply #206979 | Report this post

Years ago

Any club that takes him will need a grievance counsellor on staff.

Reply #206990 | Report this post

Years ago

So is Ray going to any club?

Reply #207706 | Report this post

Years ago

No ray is staying at west AND NOT COACH because we doesnt want cause any trouble for the recored

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