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Sixers Spirit Game - Observations

"The Good"
1) Tyndale's clean finishing skills and versatility, and intent to finish with some authority.
2) Holmes and Bruce playing with some aggression, something we did not see from our team last year.
3) The Sixer Girls were impressive, although they went missing during timeouts in the second half after a prominent showing in the first half.

"The Not so Bad"
1) Ballinger and Schenscher missing the opportunity to finish hard with some dunks and stimulate the crowd, instead laying it up and sometimes missing.
2) A struggling half court offence which was carried by some very good fast break offence.
3) The music is somewhat improved over last year, well done on that.

"The Ugly"
1) The MC wearing clothes like he walked in off the street. If he is going to show himself on the court at any time, is it too much to ask to get this guy into a suit, so we can present like a professional organisation?
2) The half time freestylers were trying hard and while better than those guys in suits last year, still leave a fair bit to be desired as entertainment. Perhaps the sixer girls can do some overtime during the half.
3) Paying $9.50 for a JB and cola can at half time....Ouch.

Overall a better product than last year.

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Years ago

The MC 'Bonz' is sposored by Powerade, hence why he wears a Powerade T-Shirt & Hat.
Why would you want him in a suit? Its a Basketball game, not a wedding.

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Years ago

I like Bonz on and around the court but I think he should tone back the pseudo-American, over-dramatic player introductions and I think he's struggling badly with the post-game interviews in the Apollo restaurant (bring back Sapwell!!!).

...otherwise - he's doing a great job!!

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Years ago

Why did we have the same silly into for the game too - why do we keep dweeling on the past, lets move forward.

I really like the Channel 9 presentation, but the other clip was done for the first game, I can cope with that, but please - did they think we could hear it the first time, believe me the neighbours heard it last time.

On the PA I actually thought it was a slight improvement, but a small tip, the PA isnt going to last very long with that massive pop we got everytime the buzzer was sounded. Something a gate or compressor badly needs to be put on that input or else replacements will need to be source before long.

On the actual music, I thought it was a bit on the quiet side numerous times and at more important times there was nothing - I was a bit surprised at that.

On the dancers, what has happened to the pregame performance - with the costumes they are wearing we need to see them on the floor more than they currently are.

On to more important things, I think everyone was out of sync tonight, and the more we play together the better we will get.

Tyndale seems to move his body quicker than he can move the ball and often seems to be chasing the ball. I think that needs to be worked on but apart from that he seems to be a bit of a livewire. He also seems to interact with the crowd similar to a couple of previous livewire imports we have had.

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Years ago

Schench needs to forget about putting the ball on the floor in the low post as it takes soooooo long. He needs to just pivot, take 1 giant step then either dunk or put up his little floater or a bank shot. It would be money every time..

Ballinger has a bad back so ill forgive him for not dunking as the dunk can put a bit of pressure on your lover back.

How the layup from tyndale didnt get called goal tending surprised me.

How the umps let the spirit bang bodies, push and generally be a nuicance after they scored to slow our offencive inbound passer also surprised me. They did it every time so it was a clear set ploy to slow us up on the inbound which definately worked. I had no issues with pressure on the player revieving the ball on court but not the player trying to walk offcourt to inbound the ball.

Good comeback. Spirit played well and played to their strength and may even surprise a few teams this season.

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Years ago

Skip, the only problem I have is the lack of professionalism.... I don't need to see a suit, but I would have thought a pair of slacks and a sports coat would be a given..... powerade logo or not.

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Years ago

keep going bonz doing a great job

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Years ago

The thing is Bonz has to wear what the sponsors want him to wear. They provide his clothing and hence he wears it.

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Years ago

Why would a sponsor want him looking like a ferret? It just doesn't make sense.

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twenty four  
Years ago

Why would you want him to wear a pair of slacks and sports coat? It just doesn't make sense.

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Years ago

I'd like to see him wear a leather bunny suit but we dont all get to live out our fetishes

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Years ago

Hey 24, How about you actually provide some debate rather than make like a child, or are you a child?


Tell your buddy Bonz that Julius Hodge signed with the New Jersey Nets.... Not the New York Nets as he announced last night. Not only does he look like a bum but he has very little clue about the game.

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Years ago

esp I think that the court announcer announced Hodge signing not Bonz

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Years ago

We have two MC's / Announcers?

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Years ago

There i was think he had signed with the Mets

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Years ago

Bonz is the MC - Does all the on court promos, competitions, player intros, sponsor announcements etc

Allan is the Courtside Announcer - Calls the scorers/subs/etc during the actual games.

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Years ago

Yeah me too, i thought he was doing a jordan.

If we have a two announcers.... does he wear a suit or other suitable attire?

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Years ago

And just a tip for the post game interviews. When interviewing Tyndale, don't ask him what it was like guarding Kavossey Franklin (Corey Williams!) last week or refer to our new Point Guard as Adam (Aaron!).
Cringeworthy stuff I thought.

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Years ago

Thanks Skip.

On a serious note, I don't have a problem with either Bonz or Allan. I just feel that his attire presents an unprofessional image for the Sixers as an organisation. My opinion only, doesn't mean I'm right.

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Years ago

Agreed ESP, Bonz needs to lose the sneaker jeans look. My biggest thing from lastnight is the 18min Big luke played. And im not liking the small lineup to start either. Get the big fella starting, and immediately into the action. Doubt he came back to AUS to be playing minimal minutes! Still 14 and 7 with foul trouble isnt bad.

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Years ago

samba hes coming off 18months of no games. so hes working his way back into fitness.

geez, now phils gone seems everyones out for bonz,

people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

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Blue Collar  
Years ago

Re: Bonz
Hard for me to comment without being there but couldn't we find comprimise on this?

Get him looking more "GQ" and have sponsor signage posted elsewhere during the time he spends on court. Some inflatable Powerade bottles perhaps?

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Years ago

last night had its goods and bads. good to see the sixers come from behind and see tyndale play a great game.

was late to the game as it took me over an hour to get to the game thanks to the soccer, still cant believe people find that crap more entertaining than basketball. My friend also payed $9 for a cc and dry which is pretty harsh (thanks mike rann!).

Other than that a good night, maher had a bad shooting night will bounce back and good to see holmes start firing in the second half. The fast break game looks great, the half court offence looks like it may need a little more time.

one more note, to many lay ups, get tyndale and the boys to start throwing some down so we can get more bums in seats. hodge showed us last year a bit of flair can go a long way with crowd numbers.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Finger roll all you like, Tyndale,

Loves it.

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Harvard 1500  
Years ago

Don't know how relevant my post will be . . . . I will be leaving court announcers alone but I shall endeavour just the same.
1. Our team needs to find its feet offensively. Ive seen both games so far, and impressed as I am, we are not convincing at the half court sets. I want to see big Luke used alot more, in college he showed he could pass from high, finish down low and work to free up shooters and slashers.
2. I like our scoring balance but Im trying hard to understand what Jacob will do for us at the Offencive end. Against the Spirit he rebounded huge, why can't we find him a couple of plays where he attacks the defence instead of just shooting away from the double team?
3. I really want to break down the players individually but its too early. Overall we are a good unit with potential to lose to Melbourne in 3. That is meant as a positive.

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Years ago

yeah its still two points but if he just dunks it down he will have a great photo for the paper and the crowd will go nuts. I think he is also a little lucky that he does not get done for the charge, but if he does get called for it full credit to the D as tyndale is coming down the court with a fair bit of pace.

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Years ago

I think thats a bit of cop out, he is at full fitness and looks hungry to just play some minutes. Put up some good numbers in the preseason. You play your best players, simple as that, and with Rampton back for the Spirit on Saturday, they go that bit bigger. Luke needs to play early and often, in that game so he gets his game going for the when the 'preseason' finishes and the real games against teams like NZ begin!

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Years ago

skip, I agree its not a wedding and a suit is not necessary, but he looks a little too sloppy for me considering the role he plays. A polo shirt and tailored trousers with leather shoes instead of sneakers would tidy up his appearance. I always thought the coaching staff last year who dressed like this, looked smart in appearance without being too formal.

I also have problem with Bruce and how in both games he ran down the clock in the last few seconds without any attempt to score one last time. Even though its obvious that the game has been won, I would think that margins would also be important for ladder positions and also in deciding the split. An extra 2 or 3 points will always come in handy and yet he wastes that time away without doing anything. Last night we got possession with 12 seconds to go. A lot can happen in 12 seconds in basketball.

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Years ago

Ec, last game Bruce dribbled and passed the ball to Holmes who actually DID shoot the ball before time ran out!
Much to Townsvilles' coach disgust I might add, not sure what you were watching.
Sorry to reign on your obvious well thought out analysis.

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Years ago

Yes EC, I would also be agreeable to black pants and shoes with a stylish polo as a compromise... tucked in ofcourse!

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Years ago

On the issue of Bonz's clothing - I'm 22y.o. and his attire doesn't bother me at all. However, I usually go with my dad, a mate and his dad, and our dad's were both complaining about Bonz's pants - especially the 'torn' jeans he wore in the first game.

And that I think is the concern. A large portion of Sixers ticket holders are probably 40+ years in age, and they don't want to see some 35 y.o. bald promo guy walking around in the same clothes that their children wear!

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Years ago

It seems the people have spoken and there is growing support for Bonz to change his pants(and shoes)..... Now..... all we have to do now is decide who is going to tell him? Seeing as I don't know him, I nominate Skip to pass on our much discussed suggestion.

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Years ago

As Bonz is a semi regular poster on here, Im sure he has probably seen all your suggestions.

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ice rocket  
Years ago

Has anyone thought that as Adidas are a sponsor he has to wear their shoes as well on court?

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Years ago

Well I hope Bonz has a Distinctive Home and sends his toddlers to an ABC Learning Centre and listens to Mix and drives a Subaru.

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Years ago

I hope you dont mind me being in shorts ESP!

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Years ago

ice rocket that would be really really bad.

It would be good if the team all wore the same colour shoes though. (black home/white away)

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Years ago

As long as they are tailored Skip.... and your legs aren't rediculously hairy!

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Years ago

No ginger leg hair by the sound of it Skip!

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Years ago

So is Bonz the bald bloke who walks around the court with a mic during the breaks or is he the guy who yells "mmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrkkkkkkk ttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllle!!!!!


Im confused.

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Years ago

bald dude who walks around.

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