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Shock! Spirit CEO: NBL not promoted enough

Sydney Spirit CEO, Steve Aquaman Aquilina has blamed poor crowds partly on the NBL's lack of promotion. He must be new around here.

Just 1322 people went along to the AIS Arena on Saturday night to see the Spirit defeat the Adelaide 36ers 112-105.

Despite being happy with his team's win, Aquilina said the small crowd figure was not helped by a lack of promotion from the league.

"It would be nice if the NBL were out there letting people know that the season was actually under way," he said.
With what money?

Here's the article

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Years ago

just quietly, wheres the money going to come from for the new league?

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Years ago

That's the concern that Brisbane have at the moment with them desperately trying to generate funds to get a Brisbane team back in for next season.
So far they want all clubs to come up with the dollars and guarantee that they can support themselves, but what sort of financial information are they sharing with the clubs or public to maintain the faith that they can even support themselves and pull this thing off?
Absolutely none.
They expect a lot under the new format, but their position which is highly relevant for other parties to know about, is still a closely guarded secret.
I anticipate more fun and games with the new NBL format- some s***, different bucket....

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Years ago

That's my problem with it all.....the review is cosmetic only, and the league has fallen on it's arse before introducing cosmetic changes.

- Who cares whether games are 40 or 48 minutes?

- Who cares if they share facilities or resources with BA, WNBL or the freakin' FBI?

- Who cares how many teams are in the league (apart from another 30 basketball players who might suddenly be unemployed)?

They make stupid statements like their vision statement "Make basetball one of the top 3 sports in the country".....I'm sure AFL, NRL, ARU, Cricket Australia, etc are all just lining up to let them move up the ladder.


It's all well and good to say "develop strong revenue streams".....HOW?

It's all well and good to say "rebranding, marketing and agressively promoting the sport".....HOW? Especially if you fail to "develop those revenue streams"......You're still going to have NO money.

Investing in the national teams....nice idea. HOW? If you don't have the money.

If you have a miraculous way of generating these "revenue streams" why haven't you done it up until now? If there's a magic button to make this happen, surely you would have pushed it a few years ago?

"You can put lipstick on a pig....." Barack Obama 2008

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Years ago

"The things which are most important don't always scream the loudest"

Bob Hawke

I think that just about sums up the NBL

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Years ago

Dicko, no matter how many times I hear the lipstick on a pig analogy, it just never gets old. :)
I think the existing clubs have a right to collectively demand to see proof of the NBL's ability to financially revamp the product.
Instead of gits like Worthington lobbying other players to push for an 8 team league, how about he do something significant with his profile and get the players involved to show support for that instead?
Several players from different clubs are going to be out of a job at the end of the season.
And until the board meet on Oct 11, we won't even know if they are going to vote these changes in.
They need a big broom to go in and sweep everybody out, starting from the top, and leave the BA people there- they are about the only ones that have been able to force some accountability onto the way they've been 'working' and doing such a poor job of it.

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Years ago

Cusco - from franchise owners. They will be putting up $1-3m initially and then more each year going forward. The plan seems to be that the NewBL will have a $10m or so warchest to springboard the new comp with initial branding, marketing, buy FTA access, etc. Ambitious and risky, but all the risk appears to be on the owners really.

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Years ago

Its the A-league model for relaunch guys....they did much the same....a huge bidding process for new teams, get money from the ASC etc etc.

There will be cash from both sources to fund the league relaunch, whether its enough to generate the interest the league needs to then secure media rights income remains to be seen.

Dicko, the document you are sort of quoting from is at least honest and at times brutally honest. It's the footprint for the strategic plan, if you want the full plan then you will need to wait till the new staff are appointed. One of the big things everyone seems have to missed is that the Interim Board is saying the sport needs an injection of senior management style leaders, not just administrators.

To me that sounds like Harmison and a few others out, and some people with clout brought in...Soccer brought in O'Neill and sidekick Carroll for example....and now the A-league is basically run by an Ops Manager.

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KC- gone  
Years ago

BA cant run a BBQ in a Brothel,giving away free meat

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Years ago

KC that has to be the worst analogy every

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Years ago

Barbecue in a brothel??? WTF!

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Years ago

How about "couldn't organise a root in a brothel?"

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

Government should step in and contribute an ad or 3

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Ace of Spades  
Years ago

isn't the sixer's best advertising done on this site through all of us?

every day theres talk of the sixers and every home game theres always people doing write-ups and saying that were going.

surely every team or state can have there own version of hoops to keep them interested and if the support and community is big enough people will know about the games, because i know that ill never go without knowing about a game if i look on this site.

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Dirty Day  
Years ago

Well, I feel strongly that games should be 48 minutes.

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