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Will NBA Ever Come To Australia!?

Is there any chance that the NBL will come to Australia? They have done plenty of games against eachother and against local teams in Europe and Asia, how bout a few NBA games in Australia. Would do wonders for basketball in my opinion as it would attract heaps of new/casual fans and get them exited about basketball. I understand that Europe and Asia are much, much bigger and more exiting markets but will the NBA ever come to Aus? Why doesn't Bogut try and get his Bucks to come over and play some games against another team? Thoughts?

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Years ago

its more than possible, infact I would say it will happen... but it won't happen till the sport here has grown more

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Those sucktastic NBA Jam Sessions came to Oz and even Adelaide in the 1990's - Guys like Stacy King (the i hope you've got a jumpshot in that box guy), Luc Longley also attended one (i think), and Hersey Hawkins (half decent - but still sucktastic)... As far as an NBA game - not a hope in hell (i'd have said that the lead up to the Sydney Olympics would have been a chance - but even then it didn't happen...)...

Happy to be proven wrong...

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Years ago

i can call the all-time bust team to come to Australia.

includes Kwame Brown, Andrew Bogut, Michael Olowakandi, etc.

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Years ago

bogut isnt a bust

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Years ago

if it did, it would probley only be held in melbourne/sydney :(

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Years ago

I remember shaking Hersey Hawkins' hand in Rowe and Jarman when he came over, also got him to sign a basketball card which is probably still pinned up in my childhood bedroom.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Ditto Billo, managed to get Boomer's and Squatch's autographs as well!!! Good times... good times...

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Years ago

Let me assure you all, that since Isaac recently exposed 1 of my my many anonymous posts, I've gone back to posting as DDFan.
Is there still a case for "Anonymous" posters?
If you demand that Anonymous posters, as in #208249 deserve a say, I will gracefully remove myself from this site.
Thanks in advance.

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johnny sack  
Years ago

Dunno DDfan, i think it`s quite an honor to have Chris Anstey visit the site.


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Years ago

Haven't I already requested that you not post here in the past?

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Years ago

Maybe "ADDFan" would be more appropriate Isaac?

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Years ago

It pisses me off when i see the NBA teams playing games in London. While Basketball is a growing sport in England, take a look at Australia. I can name many things that Aussie bball has done that the English/Great Britain have done:

*Australia holds a league of much higher skill than any leagues in Britain/England

*The Australia Boomers finished in the top 8 at the Olympics. Britain/England didn't even make the Olympics

*Australia has produced more NBA players than England

*More kids play basketball in Aussie, than in England.

NBA: Why don't you come to Australia????

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Years ago

It's because London is such a huge market with high potential but your right, they should come to Oz aswell.

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Years ago

I think it is a possibility, BUT, I dont know where we would hold it, How hard is it to change the court for a 1 off game??

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Years ago

Realistically, i think any NBA Game would have to be in Adelaide or Melbourne, as both have the arenas capable of holding the large capacity that an NBA game will demand.

Hisense Arena is a great venue, more than capable of holding an NBA event as it the Homes Dome.

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