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NH - Phone buying advice

A few people here are certainly "in the know" when it comes to choosing a can i ask for your help?

I am looking at a cap plan for my daughter..only about $30.

I will give her my Razor...and grab a new phone on the plan, i am looking for a phone that...

Has a touch screen
carries GPS
As big a screen as possible
syncs to outlook

Any suggestions?
Also...if this doenst work out..what is the best $30 plan?

Sorry if this is inappropriate Isaac, feel free to delete if so

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Years ago

Samsung i560

Has GPS, works on the Nokia platform so its simple to use....can upgrade the memory in it to use as MP3 player

I have one and had no probs with it

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Years ago

If you need to give her your razor, maybe you should try some other hair removal methods?

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woody venkat  
Years ago

hi the names woody rep with optus

send me an email when ur ready to talk i will call you organise a capped plan and free handset for ur daughter

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woody venkat  
Years ago

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Years ago

thanks Fez

:) carpenter

Cheers woody

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Years ago

part of OD woody ?

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woody venkat  
Years ago

i work for optus business


but i have links to resedential so if yaal need help holla

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Years ago

I would strongly recommend against going with Optus. Optus has terrible coverage! I have been with optus for about 5 years and not much at all has changed and am looking forward to going with Telstra.

I need coverage at clubs/bars, Sporting events, other social events such as the show, NYE. I get terrible coverage with all these places. Even in my house I have to go outside to make a phone call!

I recently got a work phone with the provider being Telstra. I had no such problems at any of the locations as mentioned!

You probably want your daughter to have a phone for safety reasons. Well there's no point of her having a phone if she can't actually use the phone due to no coverage!

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Years ago

Telstra 98% Optus 97.5%
Telstra over priced and give u no value for money

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Years ago

Garbage......I don't know the technicalities of it, pretty sure it has to do with the overlapping signals of towers, but Optus' "Coverage" is not without it's holes.

Even in major cities, no-one has a service anywhere near as reliable and strong as Telstra.

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Years ago

That said, they ARE overpriced (but they're getting better).

But you get what you pay for.

As KingJames said, if it's for safety reasons, you want every bit of reliable coverage you can get.

I use vodafone for suits our business needs and I love it. Great customer service too.

I would never use anything other than Telstra when it comes to my kids, especially for the safety aspect. Their customer service sucks but their product is the best going around.

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Years ago

Thanks for everyones feedback.

To be honest i have been with Optus for more than 10 years (oh my god...have they been around that long??) and have never had a signifcant problem, so the carrier isnt a big isue for me.

I am more interested in price and phone choice

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Years ago

agreed dicko, and i work for them,

comes down to what you NEED it for, from that point you should then determin which carried suits your NEEDS

dont get caught up in the whole they have we have.

to put the record straight that % given is innacurate

its currently 96% vs 98% but thats of "populated" areas

allthough by dec 09 optus will match TS but ill sit back and wait and see

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Years ago

The carrier is the key. I'll drag out out a snippet of my last season's memorabillia, & school you on my mobile dumbness. I've been with Vodafone from day 1 & experienced absolutely zero signal within the Dome. No biggy.
Then last season things changed. I was spending more time there, & figured my 2 line monographic display, dead signal mobile had passed it's used by date. Doing some sleuthing, I noticed a lot of the guys used Samsungs, so I put 2 & 2 together & fell flat on my ugly face. Yep, lashed out for a fancy arsed Samsung (thinking it would have kick-arse sensitivity & could pull a signal). WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. HUGE mistake. Same zero signal. : (
I've since suited up in my Today Tonight nice guy outfit & scouted people using their mobiles during game breaks & invariably they were on Telstra.
I'm aware that Telstra generously did a complete network make-over at the Dome & that WOULD explain their superior signal, but in my crude analysis. If a reliable signal is a high priority, GO WITH TELSTRA, they spend the money on coverage.
In a nutshell, if you have ANYONE dear to you & want the peace of mind/assurity that they can get to you at any time, TELSTRA is the ONLY way to go.

DD's still on Vodafone, so any Telstra kickbacks for this free plug, would be very much appreciated.

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Years ago

Telstra may have slightly better coverage but the shit you have to deal with if you ever have a problem isnt worth it.
after about 20 phone calls (me to telstra) and being promised return calls, emails and being told twice the problem had been fixed (still hasnt) i have given up and will end up about $700 out of pocket for my current contract.
This coming just after my mum spending 3-4 months to get her house phone bill to come to her name only after separating, apparently to change the name on the account (even though it was joint so her name was already on the account) not only did they need dads written permission they needed to disconnect the phone lines (have 2) and reconnect them, stuffing up the internet as it was a different provider.
After many phone calls and visits to telstra shops they could suddenly change the name fairly simply on the computer system (who would have thought)
i will never ever have anything to do with telstra again its not worth the crap! customer service should be no.1

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Years ago

Started with Vodafone 10+ years ago then shifted to Optus and I'm still with them. Have experienced some dead spots with Optus like others have reported - calls dropping out while at home when I lived at Torrens Park, etc but nothing that's bothered me enough to change carriers.

Have found Telstra's service through their internet arm to be very average unless you kick up a fuss, I'm not a fan of their impact on the net industry, and favour non-dominant companies per industry where possible, so I generally steer clear of the company.

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Years ago

FWIW I believe the mobile phone tower on the roof of the Dome is a 3G tower so those with Optus or 3G should have superior coverage within the Dome.

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Years ago

yep have 3.5g (hsdpa) in the dome no probs

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