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Andrew Bogut good game, bust talk

A strong showing from bogut, at the end of the 3rd quarter he has finished with 17 points and 10 boards, could go for 20 something and 15 rebounds by the end. Although his team is down by about 15.

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Years ago

sorry, title should be "andrew bogut" but im sure you all know who im talking about.

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Years ago

didnt even play him in the last quartr, thats what he finished with. still lead everyone

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Years ago

Why is he a bust. He's not a superstar but he's certainly not a bust.

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Years ago

i just laugh at people that say andrew boguts a bust. his a genuine superstar and leader of the nba.

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Years ago

^ i laugh at people who say he is a superstar

he is far from a bust, but a superstar?/ pahlease! heck he is hardly even worth calling a star

he is basically a level above role player a level below star

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Years ago


Bogut is a star, he is an underutilized and poorly managed high quality centre there is way too much tall poppy syndrome hating towards the best australian player of our modern era on this forum!

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Years ago

Bogut will join one of those few #1 picks such as Kwame Brown, Andrea Bargnani, and Michael Olowokandi to never make an All-Star team, despite their respective teams making them their franchise players.

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What kind of a moron post is that?

I'm never reading another one of your uneducated posts ever again, humpa

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Years ago

A mate once had a dog called Humpa for all the obvious reasons. He was a stupid dog, he'd hump anyone's leg. He didn't have many brains, hence why he became embedded into the road after getting hit by a bus..

Humpa by name, idiot by nature......

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Years ago

ELG i love your taste.

STAT well said.

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Years ago

TR, how many brains is a dog supposed to have? How many brains does any creature have? Most of us only 1, you however I am not so sure. So if the shoe fits............

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Years ago

Go and jump on Dusty's nut EC....

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twenty four  
Years ago

'He's', Kobe, 'he's'.

Pedantic, but 'his' being used instead pisses me off to no end....

And he's certainly not a 'genuine superstar'. 11/11/2 is quite a way off. When he's putting up 17+/11/3/2 on a playoff team is when you can call him that.

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Years ago

superstar doesnt need to be on a playoff team but i get your drift.

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Years ago

The number 10 pick in this years draft is averaging over 10 points and 7.5 Rebounds. Brooke Lopez everyone. Bogut is not a bust but he is Joe Smith with worse stats. He is not Kwame Brown but you can compare him to the number 10 pick in this years draft. People in Oz keep making excuses. He has had enough time to prove himself. He is not a franchise player in waiting.

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Years ago

Andrew Bogut goes under the radar so much. He gets limited media coverage, and it's like some people over there don't even know that he exists.
Now I don't mean to be racist here, but do you think if Bogut was an African-American he would be noticed more?
I just get this feeling that African-Americans get greater spotlight.
Bogut's stats are better than Andrew Bynum's. He averages more rebounds per game than KG, Chris Bosh, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, Amare, Pau Gasol, Shaq etc.

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Years ago

he averages more rebounds because he plays next to Mbah A Moute, and Charlie V is an average rebounder anyway.

his defense isn't any good...

his offense is ok.... but not that it commands double teams and such.

hell, Nene who has missed like 6 seasons is better than him.

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Years ago

once again - bogut is really good, a star at absolute best, but someone said superstar and that is completely laughable

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Years ago

Try lack of media coverage due to him being in Milwaukee and having a very average roster.

Bogut is a solid big. Not a superstar.

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Humpa posted again!

I skimmed over it, and noticed you didn't clarify what you meant by your former post. can you please do so.

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Years ago

Andrew Bogut years pros: 4

- got to be in the rookie/sophomore game twice!
- all-rookie 1st team in a very weak draft class.

how is that not a bust?

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Bogut no bust but no superstar either, just somebody who does his job. He doesn't have the type of game where the last play will be drawn around him; and been a closer many times differs a star from superstar.

I wouldn't pick him with #1 pick though. Remember you had CP3 and D-Will in that same class, mmm who'd I pick out of the 3?

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"Bogut will join one of those few #1 picks such as Kwame Brown, Andrea Bargnani, and Michael Olowokandi to never make an All-Star team, despite their respective teams making them their franchise players."

Explain this, please, Humpa. please. I'm actually very interested in what you think makes a franchise player

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I quite agree with Humpa making that statement, Bogut simply won't get the vote; I mean he's not really even in the talk to make All-Star team in US. In my opinion if he can consistently post up a Gasol Memphis number, then he might get a spot on the All-Star team but you're looking at about 20-10.

Lot's of people's been saying Bucks not creating plays around Bogut and that's why his scoring's not up there but anybody thought "why" they don't create plays around him? Last year rookie Yi had heaps of opportunities...

As far as franchise player? That's a tough one to define, my definition is somebody who the team is built around (both on and off the court). So you're looking at guys like LBJ, Kobe, even Marbury. When they go wrong that's when they'll be KAOS (just like the Knicks)

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Years ago

Not a bust, just not a superstar. And he's only in his fourth year. Probably doesn't get a lot of the ball on offense behind Redd and RJ.

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Years ago

Send our boy to the KNicks!

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Years ago

I'd say Bogut has done okay so far and would certainly be a valuable piece for many teams, but for the moment I'd slot him in just below an all-star type player.

To those calling him a bust, I reckon it is pretty unfair to label the player a bust. Milwaukee clearly made a mistake not taking CP3 or D-Will, but you can't blame Bogut for where he was taken, and shouldn't judge his career by where he was picked.

I think with the right guys helping him to develop his skills and a good team around him he could get to a couple of all-star games and get a lot more notice.

Perfect example that I see every few days is Kendrick Perkins for Boston. KP was VERY raw when he came into the league, but give him two years working with KG and Clifford Ray (big man coach, also worked with Dwight Howard and Al Jefferson) and OMG has he improved.

Not only does he form half of the best interior defensive combo in the league, this year I have watched a slow, plodding big man pulling moves straight out of the KG and Robert Parish play books.

Now KP is not more athletic than Bogut and is certainly shorter (wingspan not sure) and less explosive but he has caught and surpassed Bogut's skill level in the past two years. If I were Bogut, I would be looking for reasons why that has happened. He can definitely be more successful than he is, he just has to get the right coaching and find the right situation.

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Theres no way KP is more skilful that Bogut. Boguts their number 2 option, Kp is bostons number 5.

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Years ago

And Bogut would be the sixth option behind Perkins if he played for the Celtics.

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Years ago

Put yourselves in the Bucks' position in the '05 draft. They have 2 quality young point guards in TJ Ford and Mo Williams, they have a superstar wing scorer in Redd and they have no solid big man (Joe Smith, Jamaal Magloire, Dan Gadzuric... ahem).

Bogut was consensus national player of the year in college, they had no reason to draft CP3 or Deron, and especially Marvin, Channing or Villanueva or anyone else! Bogut is a completely justafiable number 1 draft pick, and he is clearly an all-star calibre player. Just look at Eastern Conference centres - Dwight, and then the rest, which bogut is definately in the top 2 or 3.

When the ball goes throught Bogut, he puts up big numbers and the bucks play much better than when redd is jacking 3s from 30 feet.

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you would rather KP have the ball than Andrew Bogut?


go back to not posting, ELBUSTO BOGO

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Unfortunately Bogut did a bad move by signing a long term deal with the Bucks; he needs to be shipped somewhere else and be moulded more.

Redd is the reason behind Bogut's lack of offense and the reason the Bucks lose. Last year Redd was out for 15 weeks injured; in that time the Bucks went on an 8 game winning streak and finish the period with a 12-3 record.

Have Bogut go to Phoenix next season when Shaq finishes up in exchange for a few bench players and have him shake things up with Amare. He'd probably benefit from a pure passer like Nash (although he probably won't be with the Suns after 2010).

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Years ago

I'd also like to see the Bogeyman on another team, and agree Redd is the cancer on the Buck's roster.

On another nmote, Bogut had another great game today in a 2 point win over San Antonio, recording another big double-double.

He scored 20 points (9/13 FG, 2/2 FT) to go with 14 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocks in 45min of action. A great all-round game against a class opponent in the Spurs.

ESPN Boxscore:

If the Bucks can continue to improve, they are an outside shot at the 6th seed in the East.

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Years ago

Bogut is on par with Andrea Bargnani, and Marvin Williams... and it looks like the other C drafted in Bynum is set to overtake him.

i doubt he will ever win an nba award such as an all-third team or make the all-star team tbqh.

bust means failed to live up to expectactions/hype... and he is no where near 1st pick expectations. hell Kenyon Martin (former first pick) will have a better career than him and that dude had 2 microfracture surgeries.

also i remember a topic where someone said that Bogut was overpaid and making less than Al Jefferson... i mean seriously, 90% of this forum defended Bogut and basically said they'd take him over Jefferson, as Bogut is a better defender and smarter player... wtf?

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You still havent explained what you mean by franchise player

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Years ago

"Franchise Player is a modern term used in sports to describe an athlete who is not simply the best player on their team, but a player that the team can build their franchise around for the foreseeable future." Wiki.

Franchise player is basically the face of a team... eg when u think of Cleveland u'll think of LEbron, Denver Melo, T'Wolves Al JEfferson, etc etc.

The Bucks are trying to make him the franchies player and building around him (they wouldn't get anything decent if they traded him anyway)... hell he's not even the best player on his team... and might not even be 2nd best (behind Redd and Jefferson).

I'd even take Sessions over Bogut.

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Oh, so Toronto are trying to build their team around Bargnani are they?

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