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NBA notes - Duncan, Brand, Davis, more

Just some thoughts i want to put out there, slow day at work and all....

1/ How good is Tim Duncan that he can have Finley, Mason and Bonner in his starting 5, not only still win games, but actually make people say 'hey, that mason is ok!' or 'Hey, that Bonner is really coming along!'

All 3 should be giving Timmy half their paychecks each week.

The reality is of course- no team can go all the way with all 3 of those guys starting. Cannot be done.

2/ I am real interested to see what happens in Philly now that Elton is healthy again. The team got their act together while he was away, now that he is back- will the form continue...?

3/ Someone needs to free Davis from the Clippers. He is a fair weather player, no doubt about it, but he is also capable of winning entire series on his own and that is valuable as hell. I don't know how it could happen, but i can totally see Cuban getting the Baron...

If anyone else out there has some random NBA talk, feel free to get it off your chest...

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Years ago

Mo Williams got 43, 8 and 11 today. Fair effort.

How much are Denver loving the Iverson for Baron deal. If only McDyess had of stayed.

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Years ago

Theory on the Mo Williams explosion... the cavs and LBJ have been trying to get Mo to the all-star game, they may have decided that since the kings aren't much competition, they could actually set up Mo for a big game.

Still a fair effort, but no way is Mo an all-star.

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Years ago

Mason is a good player on any team

But yes, Tim Duncan is my vote for the MVP right now.

Also, strong reports suggests the Heat and Raptors are talking a trade to send Jermaine to the Heat for Marion, and I read last night that Miami also offered Marion to the Kings for Brad Miller and Kenny Thomas.

Also, Reggie Miller is apparently still getting calls from the Cavs and C's haha.

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Years ago

Footnote to the cavs game...

That +/- stat...

You have LBJ getting a triple dub, and Mo getting 43/11/8... yet the leader in the + for the cavs...

Ben Wallace (+16) with 1pt 5rbs, 1blk 1stl in 22min of action...?

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Years ago

Quagmire, was just talking about that to my brother 5 minutes ago. I reckon Wallace must've been on for that streak of Williams threes (three threes in 1:05) at least.

I'd like to see the ESPN player stats pages list +/- in their stat log, or show it in the team box.

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Years ago

When did the Iverson for Baron deal go down??? Don't you mean AI for Billups????

If people are bored, watch Lakers v Bobcats at


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Years ago

Yeah I also think Mason is decent, he has just had the chance this year with some people out with injuries, and taken it. If you have Ginobili, Parker and Duncan all firing, Mason can be a nice role player in there who can also hit some big shots. But if Manu or Duncan are injured, these guys will never go deep in the playoffs.

So what do people think, is this the last year Spurs have a shot? Maybe two years at the most before Tim is no longer dominant?

Plus, any predictions on the remaining all star spots? I think Joe Johnson, Bosh, Billups all deserve a go. Probably shaq in the West as well, he has had a decent season? East is tough for centers as there is no real decent centres in the East other than Dwight.

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Years ago

Lol, yeh my bad

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Years ago

Yeah, and you must mean the Billups trade, Skin!

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Years ago

Beat me to it!

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Years ago

What a player Manu is. He comes into games and just continues to make plays, be it a steal or a shot he is just so active down the stretch. (He is making it happen against the jazz as i type)

But again- spurs can't win with Finley / Bonner playing minutes.

Also- in terms of spurs future- don't think they havn't noticed the way Milsap plays. His speed and athleticism would be perfect for a slowing spurs frontcourt.

With Timmy slowing down, he will need to play most minutes at center, and i think Milsaps ability to clean the glass and get out on a break would be awesome.

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Years ago

The +/- stat is meaningless for basketball, IMO. It makes more sense in ice hockey, where scoring is much less prevalent. I'm pretty sure it only appeared in NBA stat sheets a few seasons ago, didn't it?

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I think it makes much more sense for basketball. If an ice hockey game finished 1-0 or whatever, what use would a +/- be? "oh he was on when the goal was scored"

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Years ago

Big upset: Bobcats beat Lakers 117-110.


Two players close to triple-doubles for CHA:

Diaw - 23/9/9
Felton - 21/11/9

Would've been tough for the Lakers down the stretch once Kobe (38/8/5) fouled out.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Random NBA Talk (was going to start a thread on this):

Today I checked the mid-season NBA 1st and 2nd team and guess what, KG's not on neither! I know as a Lakers guy I shouldn't be going for him but in reality he's still probably the best PF around.

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Years ago

The Bobcats beating the Lakers ain't a surprise.... The Bobcats OWN the Lakers. The Cats have beaten the Lakers 5 out of 6 times.

This game should of never gone to double OT. The Cats missed heaps of FT in the last which should of iced the game.

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Years ago

TR - thoughts on the JRich trade? Bell and Diaw seem to be putting up decent numbers here and there?

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Years ago

Good point LA boy. With Duncan playing at center (he is a center imo) who are you picking infront of KG when starting a team this year? (This year is the only relevant year for the award.)

It really has to be KG.

So who is infront of him on these two teams?

My all nba 1st and 2nd would be as follows;

1st Howard - KG - James - Bryant - Paul
2nd Duncan - Dirk - Pierce - Wade - Billups

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Years ago

Isaac, if i may, isn't it all just playing a numbers game? Bobcats are not going to win now, and they are not gonna win in the future unless they can land a superstar. They have a winning coach and some great peices, but all teams need a superstar before they can progress from pretender to contender.

J-rich on the suns team provides not much more than Raja was anyway, and it also cost them Diaw to get him.

On the suns you have your scorers- Shaq, Amare, Nash. Players left on a team with 3 identified scorers are always going to be role players and should fit the 'Posey' mould of defensive players with 3pt range.

Bell vs J-rich
On a D'Antonio suns team, J-rich is better coz he can score in different ways, and create his own shot if needed. But coach D is long gone and the suns play half court Diesel offence which reduces J-rich to a shooter. Bell is just as good a shooter, with way more defensive intensity so it is pretty much even between the two players.

Thats why getting Diaw was such a coup.

On a different note- The Cats get the win in LA yesterday. Had to notice that Kobe fouled out and didn't have the double figure assists i was starting to get used to. The underlining theme for me is that the best way to attack the Lakers is to make Bryant a scorer instead of facilitator. The cats had the means in Bell to keep Kobe fairly honest without throwing multiple opponents at him. And you bet Bell is perfect at getting Kobe thinking 'me first' basketball.

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Years ago

Fair point about Bonner/Finley playing major minutes, especially in comparision to other stacked teams like the Cs and Lakers. But, in 2003 the Spurs won with Malik Rose starting, and ageing David Robinson and Tony Parker without a jumpshot. It can be done

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Run TMC  
Years ago

But two years ago who would have thought that Kendrick Perkins and Rajon Rondo would be starters on a championship team?

The Spurs are similar - they have their big three and guys that play their roles well. Bonner is perfect as a centre for them because he can shoot from outside which creates more room in the paint for Duncan and for Manu and Parker to penetrate.

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Matt freakin Bonner starting for a contender. doesnt that just make you laugh!

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Years ago

Come finals though, Bonner/Duncan Vs Gasol/Bynum?

Then in the finals who do you put on KG?

If its Duncan, watch KG head outside and be happy just to draw Timmy away from protecting the basket.

Bonner- and he will get abused by KG down low, and high really.

I guess that would be the way you would have to go. Bonner on the main scorer (Gasol or KG) with Duncan still in the paint helping when needed.

It could work....

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Sorry Quagmire, I can't seem to find the article to tell you the 2 PFs infront of him.

Another random talk I had in mind was what's the Detroit people thinking of the trade they made with Denver?

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Years ago

Business decision.

Iverson still sells tickets and jerseys.

Also comes off their cap and gives them options moving forward.

The downside is that it really signals the end of the Wallace/McDyess era as they will not be a factor for a future team built around Stuck/Rip and Prince.

I think they have their eyes on a player like Boozer.

If they manage to snare him this of-season, then maybe they make another run...


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Years ago

Bonner dropped 22 today. He he!

Duncan again had 27, 9 and 8 with 4 blocks. Everyone knows I'm a Spurs fan, but that aside, can Duncan be considered for MVP or 1st Team with the Spurs currently in 2nd position in the West by record, and with their horrid start to the season are probably as good as any other team since since December.

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