Years ago

Mark Davis Absence on Saturday

In reference to the basketball round up in today's paper - Mark Davis was absent from the Dome due to prior committments.

He was hosting a Chinese New Year celebration for Janet & Chek Ng - something which has been promoted since about christmas time.

I believe Mark rang Brett earlier in the week and worked with the club to do a video and have a apology read out, Mark also had lunch at the start of the week with Brett, so sorry Boti no scandal there.

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Years ago

Haven't seen Boti's article (basketball section on AdelaideNow hasn't updated in a while), but the Chinese Chamber of Commerce SA indeed had their CNY dinner on Feb 7 and I know that MD has been involved with that annual event in the past.

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Years ago

good to hear, must admit i did not notice on the night and was shocked to see it noted in the paper. Thanks for clearing it up.

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Years ago

I think it was really poor of Boti to make an issue of it in The Advertiser. Seems he was really having a dig at Davis. Boti should put an apology to Mark Davis in his next newspaper article! And get his facts right before his shoots his mouth off!

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Years ago

Interesting that MD wasn't there yet Darren Ng was then isn't it. I thought it was odd to see Darren with a tie on, but I am guessing he came from the event to be there for Brett??

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Flinders 28  
Years ago

Isn't Darren NG Malaysian?

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Years ago

Nearly as bad as having a go at someone for not attending the ABA Nationals when they were stayng home while a family member underwent brain surgery.

A real jurno would actually get the story straight before writing the story.

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Years ago

Well I guess Janet & Chek Ng are malaysian too if Darren is, but they were obviously running the show

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Dog 12  
Years ago

Father Malaysian, mother chinese. Still doesn't explain why Darren made it to the game and not Mark? Surely it would only take an hour?

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Years ago

I think Darren dropped in for the start of the game and then left for the event. MD might've had more responsibility and needed to be there earlier if he was the MC? The event started at 6pm, before the tribute to Brett at a 7pm game.

Malay-Chinese. His mother, Janet, is president of the CCCSA.

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Years ago

Typical of Boti, but really how many actually read his dribble anyway?

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Years ago

I just envisioned Davis didn't make it because he had a blonde under each arm and I thought fair enough :P

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hangin round  
Years ago

What's the old saying??
"Don't let the TRUTH get in the way of a good story"
At least it wasn't pumped up to be a major headline.
Boti's columns still provide a lot of positives for a game that needs them.

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Dog 12  
Years ago

He may have still had those two blondes

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Years ago

why was Dan clausen not on the court, he is the only missing 36er beside's Pud, word is he was not invited.

before you go saying he never played with Brett, hell half the guys on court never played with Brett.

poor form.

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Years ago

FYI: the article in question -

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

Any one wonder why Al and Mark don't do the same camps anymore? Brett works for Al's camp

Getting Mark Davis to MC something would be about as useful as Stevie Wonder calling out Bingo Balls.

Darren makes it to both assumably but Mark couldn't.

Perhaps Boti knows something and is alluding to it rather than out and out smashing the guy.

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Years ago

That's pretty poor form by Boti IMO. I'm about 95% certain that the announcer on sat night said that Mark Davis was unable to make it due to prior commitments, but that he wished Brett and the Sixers all the best. Does anyone else remember hearing something along those lines?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Sounds like we need Moulder and Scully on the job to find out what is going on.

The truth is out there!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

It is nice to think well of our former stars but to attack Boti for writing this article is being totally blind. Seriously guys if Mark wanted to be there he would have for that early short presentation.

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Years ago

Boti is always quick to sieze the opportunity of a controversial article... sadly he overlooks or is blinded to the truth on occassion.

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Years ago

If Mark was at the CCCSA function, the odds are the two birds under his arms had black hair not blonde!

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Years ago

ni hao!

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Years ago

Maybe they don't get along. Who cares? Does that make both of them less champions? I work for a not for profit organisation and Mark has gone out of his way to help us on numerous occasions. Brett is captain courageous and there is no doubting he is a champion on and off the court. End of story. Judge Not!

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Years ago

The Sixers did show a video clip of MD congratulating Brett before the game on Sat night .
Not that I could hear much of it.

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Years ago

MD was seriously let down by a self-proclaimed 'service provider' in the basketball community not long ago. I'm sure MD would refuse to do the same to people to whom he had a long-standing commitment to MC their event. An MC cannot just 'duck out' for an hour or so.

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Years ago

Speaking of MC's, I wish our bloke would actually introduce the opposition players just a little louder so we can actually hear them! But I guess he has to save his voice for all that other crap he goes on with.

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Hoops 13  
Years ago

Hey Einstein, you might want to spell that correctly!

I bet he just follows where the money is, gotta afford those new cars and babes! If money stops coming in from one group, turn to another (I guess now its the chinese commerce).

I think ths issue is much bigger than just this event, goes back a long long time and with a lot of different people.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

There were a lot more 36ers than Dan Clausen missing.

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Years ago

At the end of the day...

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Pasadena 72  
Years ago

"If Mark was at the CCCSA function, the odds are the two birds under his arms had black hair not blonde!"

His wife and girlfriend must both be very understanding.

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Fox 28  
Years ago

I would believe boti if this was the first time he didn't get his background check.

Fool me once, blame on you. Fool me twice, blame on me.

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