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NBA Playoffs Predictions 2009

1. Suprisingly Good Team
(goes further than expected)

2. Suprisingly Bad Team
(eliminated earlier than expected)

3. Conference Finals

4 Finals

My Prediction
1. Denver (conference finals)
2. San Antonio (first round exit)

3. East Cleveland over Boston 4-2
4 West Lakers over Denver 4-0

5. Lakers over Cleveland 4-2

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Dr Bullshit  
Years ago

1. Suprisingly Good Team - Portland

2. Suprisingly Bad Team - Orlando

3. Conference Finals
Boston 3 vs Cleveland 4
Lakers 4 vs Nuggets 1

4. Finals
Cleveland 4 vs Lakers 2

Finals MVP clearly lebron james.

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Years ago

What about Rockets as the surprise team?

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Years ago

1. Dallas
2. San An
3. Boston v Cleveland
4. Lakers v N.O
5. Cleveland v Lakers
MVP - Lebron

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Years ago

1. Portland

2. NO

3. Boston 4 vs. Cle 3

4. Lakers 4 vs. Portland 2

5. Cle 4 vs Lakers 1

MVP Lebron

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Years ago

haha my bad Boston over Lakers 4 - 2

MVP Ray Allen

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Years ago

Yep, I agree, I have Houston as the surprise team. They are playing so much better without Tmac, and still have a solid center in Yao. If the playoffs started now, they would be playing the hornets, who they just spanked in their last game.

Surprisingly bad team? I'd say Celtics. Garnett's injury is worse than they are letting on, and they look a bit tired and old. I'd be surprised if they get to the conference finals. Rondo is playing well, though.

Conference finals West:
Lakers over Houston 4-2

Conference finals East:
Cavs over Magic 4-1

Lakers over Cavs 4-2.

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Years ago

1.Suprisingly Good Team - Detroit (push CLE to 6 or 7)

2.Suprisingly Bad Team - Orlando

3.Conference Finals -
EAST - Cleveland(4) - Miami(2)
WEST - Lakers(4) - Houston(1)

Lakers(4) - Cleveland(3)


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Run TMC  
Years ago

Can't see Detroit even getting a game off the Cavs. I think Dallas could surprise.

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Years ago

KG is effectively done for the season, and Celtics aren't getting past the Cavs without him.

Cavs to play the Lakers in the finals.

My first thought was that the Lakers defence is not good enough to stop Lebron, but had a look at his numbers against them this season and he has shot a very poor percentage in both games. Big Z was out for one of them and the Lakers killed the Cavs with 17 offensive rebounds! I think Delonte was out for both. Bynum missed one of the games as well.

I'm hoping the Cavs can turn it around and go all the way with LBJ. But judging by Lebrick's poor shooting percentage v the Lakers this year, they are stopping him from getting to the basket. Cavs will do the same with Kobe, but if both guys are forced to be jumpshooters would ANYONE take Lebrick?

I think Gasol will be another big factor for the Lakers too. Odom and Bynum both have potential to go off for one game. On the Cavs side, they really don't have anyone other than Mo Williams who is capable of going nuts offensively - and he doesn't seem to do much of that these days anyway.

So reluctantly, I think I'm going to have to pick the Fakers.

Oh yeah, and my dark horses are Miami (Wade's play has been exceptional and could carry them further than anyone expects) and Portland, who have come home strong late in the season, have Brandon Roy's brilliance, and have been the Lakers bogey team this year. Go you Blazers!

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Run TMC  
Years ago

I'd love to see Miami go to the second round and see LBJ vs Wade but I can't see them beating Atlanta. Have you seen what Wade has to work with? As good as Wade is I just don't think he will be able to carry them to get four wins against a deep and even Atlanta side. Who else is going to score for them. Unless Beasley goes off in one or two games then I say Atlanta will win in 5, 6 tops.

By the way - how bad would Miami be without Wade? Less than 10 wins surely?

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Years ago

Yeah, Miami is shocking minus wade aren't they..

I guess they have J.O'neal but he has pretty much declined to reserve status these days..it's probably all the money he's made...

I think they should have kept marion actually..he was great

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Years ago

I really hate the lakers for some reason..I think it's Kobe and his ego + Odom and his ...well..just him..

Phil Jackson seems like an ass too.

Rockets and Jazz and Blazers seem much classier.

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Years ago

Not saying Miami will beat Atlanta, I just think they are the most likely of the east teams with no shot to surprise everyone. Wade has just been so good this year, and I would take him over LBJ in an end game situation because he can actually shoot. And with Wade carrying all the pressure, Beasley could really surprise the Hawks with his sweet shooting too.

I watched Miami a couple of times late in the season and their defence was actually pretty good. Chalmers and Wade are the best backcourt in the league for steals and Wade's defence in general is very good.

Also Haslem, Chalmers, Cook and Moon are all solid players. The big question mark is definitely O'Neal. He's not the mobile all-star he was, but he can still rebound and block shots. As long as he and Haslem can keep the Hawks from dominating the glass, they have got a shot at a first round win.

Oh yeah, and take Joe Johnson out of Atlanta, how many do you think they'd win? Good athletes, but none of them have any idea how to create for themselves.

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mr clutch  
Years ago

Chicago to scare some teams? Very underrated trade for them midseason and can hurt you in a lot of ways. Can never can underestimate a late season run either. Can't beat clevland but could be very surprising.

Still can't see anything but a Lakers, Clevland final if for no other reason than the refs will send Kobe and Lebron to the line 15 times a game.
Lakers in 6

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Years ago

Does anybody think Phoenix is a little unlucky?
45-37 would have them at 5th spot in the East, and a +1.9 point differential is better than all but three teams in the Leastern (Cle, Bos, Orl). Just a thought..

Also, I think it is worth pointing out the teams with the form heading into the playoffs.
In the West, Portland, Denver and Lakers are the form teams, while New Orleans and Utah have struggled in the last 10.

In the East, Cleveland, Boston and Chicago have the form while every other team has struggled at .500 or below.

Does anyone think this could be an indicator heading into the playoffs? I understand some teams have rested players once their positions have been sealed.

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Years ago

Philly are struggling too, they have lost something like 6 straight? They could have been in the 4th/5th playoff, now they probably have to play Boston. Good luck!

I think a good run into the playoffs helps, e.g. the Spurs often tank it early on, then pick it up leading into the playoffs.

Suns are always unlucky (e.g. Tim Duncan's three last year, the suspensions the year before). But this seeding problem will always happen to a couple of teams when one conference is stronger. People have pitched lots of different sytems, but Stern will never change it, he like the current setup too much.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Surprisingly good team- how is it not Cleveland. They were good but who would've thought they'd own top record in the NBA while tie for NBA home court history.

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M Dizzle  
Years ago

Well if you think the no.1 seed in the whole league doing well in the playoffs is suprising, then you are easily suprised my friend.

Wow a blue car!!

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Years ago

I just have a hunch that cleveland will fall apart in the finals not sure if they will cope with the pressure. They remind me of dallas when they got knocked out by the warriors in the first round a few yrs back after having such a good normal season.

Spurs to suprise everyone the old heads always come good at this time of the year but they will be stopped by the lakers in the end.

Lakers to take it to many quality players and wiv kobe to be MVP of the finals.

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Years ago


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Years ago

I think the big question is how San Antonio will go. Are they really in trouble without Manu? Will Timmy D lift one more time? Will Parker be able to win them the games when Duncan is well held?

Also Beantown,
Atlanta would win a truck load more games without Johnson (possible still in the playoffs) than Miami would without Wade. I'm with TMC on this one - Atlanta in 5 or 6.

And btw - Chalmers may average a lot of steals but have you actually watched him play defense? He flat outstinks and lets his man get to the rack sooo easily. (PS - I like Chalmers and think he will be great for he Heat long term but he is a liability on D - Bibby will be able to do as he pleases)

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Years ago

1. Suprisingly Good Team
Denver... no one really rates them right? Have the potential to explode against anyone on any night, have a good bench, good size, and Chancey Billups with tons of NBA finals experience.

2. Suprisingly Bad Team
Orlando.. not convinced with them in any 7 game series.

3. Conference Finals
East: Boston (4) v Cavs (2)
West: Lakers (4)v Nuggets (2)

4 Finals
Boston (4) v Lakers (2)

A lot of people seem to be writing off Boston or possibly just oggling over Lebron at any given chance. Celtics have won 11 of past 12 games with a fair few injuries, recorded back to back 60+ win seasons, have all injured players returning other than Scalabrine, and are defending NBA champs. No arguing Cavs are an awesome team, especially at home, but I really believe experience counts for a lot come finals time.

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Years ago

it really depends if the NBA are desperate enough to get the high ratings for a Celtics v Lakers rivarly finals again - then again with injury to KG - it's not so appealing - so why not pit LeBron v Kobe - that's their dream matchup now and highest rater - rest assured the NBA will do all in its power to make that happen!!!

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Run TMC  
Years ago

What? Scalabrine wont be back for the playoffs? Back-to-back is now just a dream for the Celtics.

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Years ago

TC, I agree the Celts have finished the season strong, but let me ask you this:
1) do you believe KG is going to be anywhere near 100%?
2) if he is not, do you still like the Celtics over the Cavs?

I'm hoping otherwise, but I don't think KG will get healthy in time, and the Celts become a much poorer defensive team with him out. They only scraped over the line against the Cavs last year, so its a tough ask with Mo Williams on board, and Delonte and Varejao playing so well.

Oden08, as I said above, I'm not picking the Heat to knock off Atlanta. I actually don't think any of the teams seeded 5-8 in the east will get out of the first round. But if I had to pick one team that will, its Miami.

I admit I have only seen 3-4 games of Miami this season, so you could be right about Chalmers gambling too much. But like you, from what I have seen I think he has a bright future. And I disagree that Bibby will do what he wants - the guy is strictly a jump shooter these days. Stay on him and he's got nothing.

In the end, I think Atlanta's frontline will probably be too much for a hobbled O'Neal, but there is some hope for the Heat, because both teams rely massively on their premier SGs to make plays, and I think Wade will win his matchup with Johnson.

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Years ago

it should be a Kobe v Lebron finals - mean LA v Cavs -with the NBA you just have to follow where the money is at. With Boston hobbering without KG - that rivarly is not so appealing but should be revivied next year - for now hot tickets it would be for LeBron v Kobe finals

the money trial leads there - especially for a league that burrowed $200 million this year

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Years ago

its all coming true!

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