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u/18 nationals

U/18 nationals have just finished and 1 thing i'd like to say is that I can not believe that Mitch Creek is not in the A.I.S or the u/17 Australian team.

He was 2nd in points at 25.3 pg at 60.6% with 83/137 and he only put up 1 3pointer for the tourny
1st in rebs at 13.6pg
3rd in ass at 3.9pg
6th in steals at 2.7gpg

Hugh Greenwoods efforts to as a guard to be leading scorer with 25.6ppg 11.5rpg (2nd) 4.1apg (2nd)3.1spg (2nd) was also a standout for me!

Anybody else have personal standouts?

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Years ago

Both players were amazing. Hugh is definently going to a top D1 NCAA College..I don't think it would be premature to call him a future Boomer. Great player. Agreed, Cannot believe Creek is not in AIS etc. Certainly deserves to be in there, however I can see him playing D1 College ball anyway, regardless of whether he goes to the AIS or not.
There were a few AIS players, who judging on the stats, had appaling tournaments. I cannot mention them on here but they certainly underperformed.

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Years ago

tippett ?

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Years ago

Creek Needs the AIS asap he is a 4/5 @ 18's but a 3 @ D1'NBL etc but he needs super work on his perimiter game.
Would be a great project for Marty.

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Years ago

mitch maccaron had a good tourney

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Years ago

Pulse, I thought an AIS player from Vic. metro had an appaling tourny, escpecially in the final, but I know he is a great player, but he just underperformed bigtime. Iggy(from vic) was another one who underperformed IMO. I just thought that he would dominate, considering he played in that NBL Fundraiser game against some great players! Tippet had way too many TO's IMO. She had 14 one game..thats amazing! But she is still bottom-age and has plenty of development in her.
Another player is Corban Wroe from QLD. I understand he is a good defender, but he doesn't do too much. Not a scorer, rebounder, not distributor. I would just like to see Creek in there, seeing he is more versatile and versatile players are always in high demand for college ball!

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Years ago

creek can actually shoot the lights out when he is on but he seriously didnt need to at nationals considering the guards he had on his team and his pure ability to get to the rack at will!

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Years ago

when will new players have a chance to get into A.I.S after this 18 nationals??

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Years ago

re Creek not being at the AIS - he didn't play for Vic Country last year, so he couldn't be selected.

I think (not completely sure so happy to be corrected) he chose not to try out last year.
He was awesome at the Classics for Horsham though.

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Years ago

What did the final mens and womens game deliver besides a Vic Metro win ?

Anything stand out in either game ?

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Years ago

this is where stats don't always show a player's value. There's a lot of valuable things players do that don't get stats. Corbon Wroe was great and Hussey from WA was another player who made a difference to his team. Scoring points doesn't always mean you're the most valuable. both these players took valuable steals and made baskets at crucial moments in the game. They both had a great court awareness and read of the play

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Years ago

Creek, has a very strong all around game. Does need some work on jump shot to play at college/nbl

All star 5 from tourney?? Mine is -

PG - Aldridge (NSWM)
SG - Greenwood (Tas)
SF - McCarron (QldS)
PF - Creek (VicC)
C - Trist (NSWM)

Coach - Molloy

Others - Hussey(WAM), Spher(SAM), Sinclair(VicM), Rowley(NSWM), Hadziomerovic(VicM), Wroe(QldS), Thomas(WAM), Hill(NSWM), Fenton(NSWC), Drmic(VicM), Odigie(VicM)...

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Years ago

Who would get your mvp vote.? IMO Greenwood would deserve it because a true MVP is the most valuable player on the team. He is the player who, if you take them out of that team, that team will not be as good. Greenwood is that guy, because Tasmania did a fantastic job at Nationals(Men). Greenwood carried his team all tournament and he was a huge factor in them acheiving what they did--6th place i believe, maybe 5th can't remember. Creek would also be up there, considering his amazing value to the Vic. Country team. Personally, no one from Vic. Metro deserved the award because they were a very balanced lineup..they had alot of great players(3 guys who represented Australia at the AYOF). Duno how you could pick the MVP for Vic. Metro...Would Drmic, Hadziomerovich, or Sinclair get it??

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Years ago

Coach should get it as he got players who couldn't defend their shadow two months ago to play a collective team defence that was tough to deal with.

Kids right across the tournament were great to watch

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Years ago

Indivuals Standout players Greenwood, Aldridge and Creek.. Would be something to see their performance in an outstanding TEAM like Vic Metro..
The 3 of these guys were done at the end of the week all had to play close to 40 mins each game.. average vic player was 20 mins makes a huge difference over a full tournament..
The only one at AIS is Greenwood... no idea why the other 2 are not given the opportunity..
Other buzz player is Hussey WAM .. champion

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Years ago

Aldridge certainly could be at the AIS..He is a very talented player. However, the AIS set limits on the range of players they intake. Obviously, they don't want to give scholarships to 20 PG'S! They will share them amongst different positions. Thats why I dont think Aldridge made the AIS. With PG's such as Dellavedova, Cadee, Jackson Hussey, Jordan Page(Plays as a SG but is undersized so will be a PG at college probably) and Corban Wroe all at the AIS there is really no room for Aldridge!

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Years ago

Does the Vic Metro team miss out on individual kudos due to the way they run their team ? Is it a case of " They are just too deep so they are expected to win "?

History says yes, but Vic Country have won in the past as well. What is the way forward for other teams. NSW Metro, SA Metro WA Metro who have all been strong in the past.


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Years ago

Vic metro are hard to beat.. they play finals style of bball weekly .. NSW for instances never get to play at these levels except at Nationals each year.. the strength of the 2 leagues are miles apart..
The guns of TAS , NSW etc have to play close to 40 mins per game at Nationals VIC metro have luxury of each player being on 20 mins each game..
By the time the end of the week comes around some players have been on court up to twice the time.. has to impact on performance and needs to be considered in conclusions... and estimates of teams and players like Greenwood, Aldridge, Creek, Hussey etc..
AFL is pushing hard for the bball talent to switch and were out in force at Nationals last weeks .. they offer plenty of opportunity for the BBAll talent to stay in their home state, and no need to go to ACT or USA...
Basketball is in the process of becoming a basket case... For sure some of the TOP talent is considering the change to AFL.. The AFL scouts are talking right now,to the best of the talent pool, what are basketball doing ???
Has anyone heard of offers being made by AIS to trial for the few spots...

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Years ago

Vic Metro have luxury ? From what I have heard they trained these kids backsides off and never let up on team rules and expectations that come with playing for that team.

Some of those players had never been exposed to Nationals and came through when it mattered.

I feel they looked well drilled and prepared, a credit to Coach Molloy

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Years ago

re- creek not being in a.i.s

i know for a fact that a huge incident was upon him and his family the day before try outs, no names to be called upon but one high figure said he could make the next training and the other high figure said no way, but he was training his arse off for probably 4 months before 'SELECTIONS'. He wanted it and fate said otherwise.

Greenwood, Creek, Aldridge, Hussey were the best at nats by far! They said to there teams, Jump on !! and they carried them.

Great job all....

p.s About time Vic M didnt win too ha

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Years ago

Hi People,

Vic Metro is playing team basketball not individual if you put Drmic or Iggy in any state team except Vic they would dominate like Greenwood,Aldridge or Creek.
I think those two players have one of the best defence in their age group no one menschen in this forum plus information for all of you half of Vic team had flu during tournament.

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Years ago

the post a bit further up is right. players like corban wroe or hussey may not get things that show up on the stats but they get things that matter: deflections, charges, pushing the ball up, denying their man the ball so the team has to get someone else to score. i know for a fact that in the bronze medal match at nationals, wroe was marking creek and did not allow him to catch the ball once in the first half! ofcourse soemthin went wrong n he wasnt marking him anymore for some reason only know to their team, but i know for a fact thats why he is at the ais. hussey is a great player also but he had wayyy too many t/o's, he was the leader of the tournament. drmic definately had an average final but a good tourny. and greenwood was solid throughout the whole tournament, definately a stats player

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Years ago

Creek didn't touch the ball once in the first half of bronze medal game eh?? So his 21pts came in the 2nd half??

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Years ago

it's obviously a figure of speech mate, just leave the kid alone, just because he has made it somewhere doesnt mean everyone has to bring him/ them (the ais boys) down, nobody is perfect

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