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NBL: It's over; no NBL 09/10

Just heard that there will not be An NBL next year

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from whom and were

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Kent Brockman  
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Adelaide 36ers, Not here, Not now.

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My father who knows nothing about basketball visited on the weekend and asked if my kids would still play basketball if the 36ers failed to exist. Obviously they will but it did pose an interesting question - will the lack of a natiol competition and a local team in that competition turn sound kids already playing basketball away into say football and will it have an impact on attracting new kids to the game. What do you think?

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Years ago

district umpires are enough to scare people away as it is

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Again, what they should do: two tiers.

Start now by inviting clubs to compete in a national competition. Reduced cap (around $600k?), straightforward schedule, new player contracts, one import per team. Make it accessible to SEABL-level teams to enter. Aim for 6-8 teams. Anyone who wants to go to Europe can. Only let the Dragons in if Wortho buggers off - just kidding. If there must be a guarantee, have it just be the player salaries paid to the NBL as a form of escrow.

Then, the next season, introduce an elite league if the timing is right - aim for bigger budgets and televised games. Run the new competition at a time when it complements leagues in Europe (if possible?). Try for six teams in the first season - give priority access to teams that competed in 09/10 and then priority to those who finished higher on the ladder, or base it on strength of application.

Where possible, require an apprenticeship in the standard tier before a team is promoted to the elite tier. Implement promotion/relegation like soccer abroad so that the stronger teams from the lower tier can advance if they want, and weaker teams get relegated. Hope to blood new Brisbane and Sydney teams via the lower tier (lower entry pressure given the reduced cap) with a view to them improving to the elite tier and replacing, say, Gold Coast and Wollongong.

Give fans in the lower tier something to fight for - getting their team up a rung.

Require a new licence fee for teams that do not suit in the 09/10 league to encourage as many as possible to commit now to something rather than just sit and wait.

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Townsville, Perth, NZ, Wollongong, Cairns, Gold Coast & Adelaide are IN

Any team not participating in this years league and wanting to participate next season will have to pay the $1 million licence fee again.

Teams still have until 5pm today to submit their signed licence agreement.

I'd say if the Dragons hadn't pulled out, the Tigers would still be in. The Tigers were trying to force BA's hand in having the year off... thinking if there is no team in Bris, Syd or Melb there would be no league. It seems they are wrong.

I've since heard a rumour that the real reason the Dragons pulled out is that Mark Cowan's money tree appears to be getting cut down.

Cowan is son-in-law of late multi-millionaire, Richard Pratt and Pratt left all control of his businesses to his son. He has pulled the purse strings tight on Cowan's spending!

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Years ago

DJrod....You clearly have no idea about the Pratt family nor Cowan Industries get some informed factual information when posting here

Your clearly been smoking too many snow cones

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The CEO of Visy is Germindar who is part owner and he decided to basically walk away after being pissed off at BA.

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What about a melbourne team form the Big V competion to fall fill melboure in the new nbl

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To quote Rev Lovejoy...

It's over people!

Cant believe the discussion is around insignificant stuff like owners.

My NBL is dead!! something that has been a part of my life for far too long..has been left to wither and die.

Will we ever see the 36ers again?

What a total shambles

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Years ago

Anon, I think that would be a good idea, but they'd need to be prepared to be replaced by the other teams if they wanted back in.

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

@djrod in what? no league at all in its current format. Sengstock to announce the year off to restructure tomorrow.

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Years ago

There will be a competition over the summer and a relaunched league will now wait until 2010.

A National League is not dead, but is certainly being killed off by the same owners that caused the League to have to be bailed out by Basketball Australia in the first place.

Djrod my word is that Townsville pulled out after a board meeting this morning, post Tigers.

So unless something has changed you can take Townsville off your list of INs

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Kent Brockman  
Years ago

also should add no fox coverage of local basketball at all.

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Years ago

"I've since heard a rumour that the real reason the Dragons pulled out is that Mark Cowan's money tree appears to be getting cut down.

Cowan is son-in-law of late multi-millionaire, Richard Pratt and Pratt left all control of his businesses to his son. He has pulled the purse strings tight on Cowan's spending!"

Possibly the most ignorant post I have ever read.

Is that Blaze Boi using DJ Rod's username?

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Years ago

Apparently there is an interview with Paul Bauer some time after 4.00pm on ABC radio. May get some more details here.

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Years ago

Big V sucks this season. They would get hammered

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Years ago

the NBL teams need ta join the Asia league cause they have more audience an the NBL is not viable no more

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Years ago

I think Isaac's post above is the best I have read so far on this debate as it actually proposes a good working model & is very practical. I can see it working in the short, medium & long term which would benefit / help the sport to start to grow again.

Isaac......... you should give BA your suggestion as it is better than having a year off or trying to start up an elite comp with 6-7 teams.

It also solves the probelm of having an unrealistic salary cap while the sport needs to re establish itself.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

I got a phone call and told all the details about the COWAN thing - obviously the info I got was wrong about which owner it was but the details still remain the same.

Townsville are in!

and I'm not Blaze Boi :)

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I heard today that Tigers were talking about pulling out early last week (before the Dragons considered). It's just Dragons pulled the trigger first.

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Years ago

Jake, a lot of credit should go to Paul (who posts on here and OzHoops) who, AFAIK, suggested something sort of similar to the NBL in the early days of the reform. He ran me through the details once off-forum and it made a lot of sense.

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new name please  
Years ago

Isaac, I love your idea posted at the top of this thread. Start small and then build a higher tier league once the support levels are there. With a lower threshold they will surely attract some interest from the bigger SEABL clubs and perhaps a few NBL teams that are borderline with current NBL expenses (ie Sixers, Wollongong, Cairns).

It keeps people who currently rely on the game involved and would likely drive some serious rivalry on and off the floor for teams wanting to seize their chance to become a part of an eventual elite league.

Competition from these types of teams can be used to put pressure on current sluggard NBL teams to lift their game if they eventually want to return to an elite competition.

As it stands, BA had no clout to impose the reforms it wanted to, because owners knew it was their teams or nothing. Power dynamics are everything in negotiations!

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Years ago

Ooops, forgot to change my name back for that '36ers Management' post! Count me right behind any realistic league with lower salaries in the short-term. It is what needs to happen!

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I find it almost laughable that this reform has gone so horribly wrong. Had BA said to the owners - "what do you want? we'll work around your collective strengths and wants" things woukd have been better.

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Years ago

They all would've said different things: we want to spend as much as we want on a roster; we want the cap to be enforced so we can compete. We want all the money from a TV deal, but we don't want to subsidise a team in another city that might help achieve that deal. We think players should do more clinics to boost grassroots interest; we think players are asked to do too much. We want to pay more to attract better players; we need to pay players less to become a viable business. We want a bank guarantee to stop these dud teams dragging us down; we have been around for ages and don't think we should have to pay a guarantee. We want more league marketing and better refs; we don't want to have to pay more for anything.

You're BA and presented with all of that? What do you do?

There was someone on OzHoops suggesting teams have $3-4m salary caps to work with! Yeah, that'd work!

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Years ago

Lose 2,500 fans in Wollongong and they don't transfer to another team, they are lost. Greater spread of teams makes for more eyes on the league, including young kids starting out in the sport and that grassroots thing is what BA is all about.

It also provides more opportunities for developing players, upcoming refs, support personnel and administrators, journalists and more.

I doubt it's twice as hard to run two leagues as it is to run one.

Further to the two tiers - allow teams in the lower tier to sell (or give!) TV/media rights for a single year (or conditional on them staying in that tier). So, top tier aim for a broadcast package, but if Wollongong are in tier two and want their games on local TV, go for it.

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Years ago

BA are doing the right thing. The Dragons & Tigers will come running back.

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Years ago

Rod if we want to get info from JR we'd just message him on Facebook!

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Years ago

Let me pose a question. What would be happening right now if there was no NewNBL and everything was done under the criteria of what has been happening until last season? Would we have an NBL with all existing clubs competing? Would the NBL have a decent contract to Foxtel? What is the major problem surrounding the NewNBL? Is it the $1m guarantee? What's wrong with sticking to what we already know and do until such time that an agreement can be reached to make a change acceptable to everyone? It beats we why it has to come to a l year suspension of the league to sort out these problems. It also beats me why fans would be happy to support a minor league in its absence. If we are used to the quality of the NBL, why would anyone accept anything less?

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Years ago

Bush league.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

just remembered another case study that NBL can look at. back in the day when BAA and NBL were struggling they merged to create NBA for a more viable league.

later with the development of ABA, it once again posed a threat to NBA and although there were fans but both league started struggling. So the two leagues merged again and apparently their income "doubled".

not suggesting NBL to merge with AusBA here but more serious inclusion of AusBA maybe worthwhile considering. Tigers has been successful because of their ABA team all the way down to the juniors. I'm not a marketing guy of any sort so what to do with NBL and AusBA is beyond me but something to look deeper into perhaps?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I don't play anymore , so I would've liked them to play this season under the old criteria, so I could attend the games.
There would be no FOX without Sydney - I would've liked them to have assisted with reforming the Kings, from the Spirit. Then you'd have the Tigers in, and the FOX deal.

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Years ago

Is there any chance going to be a league this year.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Get ready for a semi-professional league this year

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Years ago

How many teams are going to be in the league.

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A chopped down league is a fool hardy idea. It is the kind of band aid solution that this league is famous for. The cord has to be pulled and restarted right. Yes, it sucks not to have a league but its a case of two steps forward, one step back. Unfortunately we are at the start of a bloody big step back at the moment.

By compromising now, you let the owners win. The NBL has to be about the fans first, nothing else. Fans come to games, fans buy merchandice and fans watch the game on TV. Its a perpetual circle that becomes self fulfilling for the smart owners and is like any investment. Nurture it in the early stages, invest and dont expect an immediate return and it will blossom in the long term. Invest in grass roots, make games affordable, offer real food at venues so families can have a night out, take pride that this is an Australian league and create our own identity rather than mimic the NBA, work to gain the trust of major sponsors that every team is commited to the long haul. THEN the league will be in a position of power and can dictate TV rights.

Its amazing the news coverage the league is getting by being on the death knell. Much more than I can remember even during the regular season. It actually made the news for a start. This means people still care. It means that the people who used to fill Melbourne park with 12,000 strong per game are still out there but just became as dissolusioned as all of us with the league.

The sport will undoubtably suffer for not having a leage this year, but in the long run its the right decision. No compromise on what should be the best damn entertaining sports league in this country. The game is for the fans and we have suffered with a poorly run product for long enough.

The AFL invested in grass roots football years ago and its paid HUGE dividends. Its time the NBL put together a 10 year plan, not just how to scrape together a sesason at a time.

Finally, It only seems fitting that a board member of BA should take on the leadership of Telstra - its another place where mediocrity seems to be rewarded.

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Years ago

The owners are not the problem but the solution as money will be what fixies it, not bad management.

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Years ago

Winston, been a while since you posted. Who next? Bootney Farnsworth? (Spotted him out on Saturday night actually.)

A cheap interim league doesn't let the owners win, at least not all of them.

In wanting the best for fans and the grass roots game, do you want viable, consistent clubs? Or do you want high-flying, big-budget action? Both of those sides can deliver to the fans, but one side had their bluff called today, and one may still continue on in 09/10.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

HAHA: I don't get it?

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Years ago

EC, because the hope is for reform, bigger crowds, more consistency in teams not damaging the brand of the league, more publicity, better coverage, and viability of clubs. The existing league wasn't bringing that and until they make a (potentially unpopular, with owners) change, things will carry on as they were - teams falling over, etc. Maybe a season off or an interim league is the band-aid being ripped off.

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Years ago

Run an Interim league so I have something to watch.
The Breakers are financially able to take a season off but are the other teams in the same situation?
Put bandaids on everything, lie if you have to, just give me basketball to watch and a team to support and one or two players to hate and I'll be happy as a pig in shit.

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Years ago

I think Isaac your idea is a great one. The new NBL when and if it comes needs to look more towards the WNBL and local footy such as the QAFL, SAFL and TSL with viewers interest in minds.

Free to air basketball, the womens have been running on ABC for years and most AFL, QAFL, SAFL and TSL is now run on free to air tv.

This will start to get interst back into the sport and the FOX can get TV rights after the league is in a strong enough position to make people pay to watch the games at home.

If the NBL doesn't come back there will be less and less grass roots teams due to everyone going to Football and even Soccer because youngsters have a real chance to make it into the big time.

I think something major needs to be put in place fast because the AFL is taking over Australian sport and with Queensland coming in soon and Tasmania and another Sydney team in the pipeline its not looking good for BA.

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