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Joe Ingles working out with the Raptors

Seems Joe is working out with the Raptors today/tonight alongside:

F Danny Green, UNC
F Dionte Christmas, Temple
F Robert Dozier, Memphis
F Joe Ingles from Australia
G Anthony Batchelor Durham College
G Jevohn Shepard, Michigan

This group is a bit tougher than the group he was with in OKC.

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Years ago

Can't wait to see how he matches up with Joe Ingles from Australia!

Seriously though, I hope he does well.

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Years ago

Apparently has a very similar playing style and athleticism to Joe Ingles from Australia.

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Anyone hear anymore news from Joe's trial with the Thunder? I'd heard he was described by one scout as a homeless man's Kevin Durant!!!

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Years ago

Hey, if he in any way reminds someone of Kevin Durant that is a good thing!

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Years ago

The word on Ingles from Draft Express is that he hasn't developed at all in the last two years, if anything regressed. He can only dribble with his left hand, has an inconsistant jump shot and has very poor lateral movement. He will never play in the NBA, he may get drafted late second round but it won't matter, it will be a Ben Pepper drafting. However the Aus media will report it like he is going to play in the NBA because they are ignorant and like feel good stories.

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Player supporter  
Years ago

Wildgoose, exactly that, You have no information and do not understand the draft process. Goose is what you are and will remain. There are always negative comments to ensure that the true intentions of teams is not given away. Shame you will always be a nobody.

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Years ago

So Player supporter I don't understand the draft process? Well why don't you say something then? Where are your points? I quoted a website that is pretty much considered the bible in US and international scouting. They are not quotes from teams scouts they are quotes after watching him at the international camp. Where do you think Ingles will go? Lottery? How has he improved in the last two years? What are his strengths against other internal players? It isn't strength, athleticism, defence, shooting so where is it? Make some points. You're a joke.

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Years ago

No way is Ingles NBA quality, boy get spanked in the show.

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Player supporter  
Years ago

Wild goose, Wanker, you do not know how the system works, Draft notices are that only. The teams show interest over a number of years and watch all games. the information is by one group. As you are so intelligent, you would have all the answers, but you do not due to your limited brain and its prowess, your a typical dickhead, and spoiler for talented sports people. They all put up with crap from wankers like you.

Your a disgrace and should leave these athletes alone.


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Years ago

I can only assume you're trying to be funny player supporter. Are you 12 years old or 62 years old? You didn't answer how has Joe Ingles developed over the last two years? Where do you think he will get drafted and why? What players will he go ahead of? Say something, wow me with your knowledge. Joe Ingles is invited to the Europe Nike Camp for draftees and can't stack up against guys that will only get taken in the second round so how do you think NBA talent scouts will view this? What has he done to impress talent scouts in his NBL games? Put some points down.

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Years ago

his good at fetching the cofees and the bags for the guys on the team

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Years ago

and Danny Green, is a world class boxer - i wouldn;t be messin with him

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As a mate of Joey's i think you will find his improvement in the game is not all physical but his maturity in reading the game and its pace has greatly developed. He may not be ready yet for the big league but a year in Europe will soon help him to increase his skills. And Joe is the type of fella who only gets fired up more to succeed when he reads comments like that Draft Express. Kinda get sick of the tall poppy syndrome that this site seems to be full of.

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Player supporter  
Years ago

Wild goose.
1. Your a dickhead
2. You do not have the eyes, sight or brain to even try to explain too or Analise the NBA draft system.
3. People all hate the high achievers, most likely your a cocksucker
4. Jpe has an extremely good basketball brain, and most have seen, played and chatted know that. You dont, cos your a dickhead.
5. You dont play in the olyipics and drop points on Kobe with NO ABILITY. You may but your a cocksucker.

Lay off the talent that is in Australia and get a real job

Very pissed with these dickheads Issac and think there should be some control, get that facts not the fiction

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Years ago

Wow `player supporter' you really told me. You have a great grasp of the English language; stay in school, lol. Better still drop out of school and go down to Centrelink because you are borderline illiterate. You will need help filling out the forms but they have experience with people like you so it's cool.

1. You're
2. Re-read this sentence it doesn't make any sense.
3. `people all hate the high achievers' so all people hate high achievers, so that includes you? NBL is high achieveing?
4. Plenty of people have good basketball brains so what are you suggesting he will make a good assistant coach from the bench?
5. I'm not familiar with these `olyipics' you mentioned is this a new competition? I remember Ingles hitting a couple of threes in garbage time against the U.S. in the `Olympics', can't remember anyone playing defence at this stage of the game though.

I have a real job, what's yours little fella?

I support local talent but I'm a realist. Patrick Mills, Andrew Ogilvy these guys may make it onto a bench.

Who is Issac? Issac must love you using all those nasty words. It's meant to be a discussion board where people put forward different ideas so what type of control are you after?

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Years ago

Player supporter - you might not like someone presenting their opinion, but at least they haven't dropped to such base insults as you have. If you have a friend with elite aspirations, you'll need to get used to the fact that not everyone will share those lofty goals. Maybe it's the usual tall poppy stuff we see in Australia, or maybe it's just a matter of not getting carried away.

I'd like to see Joe get drafted and play, but if I also think he might go second round and play in Europe (like Newley) because of the strong competition for positions, do I also not understand the draft and cop "your a dickhead"?

If I was going to bother "controlling" anything in this thread, it'd be editing or deleting your offensive posts. 'Married life rocks' responded in Joe's defense in a much more mature and effective way.

Let's not make this an Ater Majok thread.

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Years ago

Ingles will not even get drafted. They guys need to play college to have a good shot at being drafted and actually making a roster. The NBL standard of play is not good enough for these young players to improve to the standard they need to make an NBA roster.

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Years ago

In my opinion Ingles would have been drafted last year if he played college instead of playing NBL.

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