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NH: Body builders flee contest

I just had to post this after I read about it online this morning...

"THE Belgian bodybuilding titles were cancelled on Monday after anti-doping officials showed up and all 20 competitors fled."



"I've never seen anything like it and hope never to see anything like it again," anti-doping official Hans Cooman said.

He said bodybuilders just grabbed their gear and ran off when he entered the room.

"The sport has a history of doping and this incident didn't do its reputation any good," Cooman said.

Belgium's bodybuilding federation could not explain why competitors had rushed off.

"There is only one conclusion I can think of and that is doping," Cooman said.

During in-competition testing of northern Belgium's Flanders region bodybuilding events last year, 75 per cent of competitors tested positive for doping.

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Years ago

"The sport has a history of doping "

What? Who would have thought?

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Years ago

It is time for the "dope games" .

All power sports with leading Drug companies fielding teams and idiotic oversized guinea pig men as the entertainment .

Have to show what they are on in each event and breakdown dosage , let em go nuts , be a great freakshow.

Actually , probably not a great idea ...

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Years ago

rotateonthis..."It is time for the "dope games"

Its already been done..its called the Olympics.


They have beeen tainted since the 80's and now the real skill shown at them is by the drug companies and athletes who avoid detection.

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Years ago

if you're a great athlete .. like Kobe for example .. you don't need drugs !! say NO to drugs !!

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Years ago

Have a watch of Bigger, Faster, Stronger (documentary - for a bit of an unbiased and quite informative view on steroids.

Entertaining and interesting - just what all docos should be...

(no, I don't take roids, never have - I still find it interesting and having facts in a discussion is kinda nice)

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mr mackey  
Years ago

drugs are bad mkayyyy

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Years ago

me - much earlier than that in fact .

The ever powerful GDR were hittin their athletes up in the lead up to the 72 Olympic Games .

From then on it has been on .

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bodybuilders always use steroids, why is this even being tested? Anti-doping officials should get a real job

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Years ago

playtime, you need to take your own advice!

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if everyone stopped replying to playtime he would go away, you do know this

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Years ago

Exactly, the fact he's confirmed as a troll makes his comments even more pathetic than when we thought he was a 14 year old wannabe.

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Years ago

There are natural body building competitions and organisations around too, that pride themselves on not using drugs to obtain the great physiques on show. A lot of the competitors look better IMO than those in recent Mr. Olympia comps as well. Clearly this Belgian comp didn't fall into the natural category though...

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