Years ago

36ers Season Tickets and Roster - any news?

I registered on line to be contacted when it was first sought.

I wondered if anybody had been contacted yet?? Does anybody have a clue about prices or even who (other than balls) is in the team?

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Ron T  
Years ago

I hope they don't increase the ticket price from last season. A lot of people may not renew if it is too expensive and then the atmosphere of good crowd will be lost. It was announced that the rest of the roster would be in place shortly.

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Years ago

Spinner, still early days and things are happening behind the scenes.

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Years ago

Fans are all in the same boat on this. Really no need to be starting threads about this stuff, just show a little patience.

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Pigs Of War  
Years ago

I feel for the, guys involved getting ready for this season, with a staggered start, they would be working 12 to 16 hour days...

it will come together tho in the end..better vibe about this posse than i did the last pussy..

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Hey Spinner better ask anon 0030 if you have his permission to start a thread next time.
Yes we all know have to be patient but time is moving on and contracts are being signed with Breakers have all but imports signed.
It is not about being pushy or unrealistic it just would be nice to know more than 1 signed or who might being looked at to be in our team.
Certainly not criticsm of SOS group after previous put supporters through

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Years ago

i think what people would like to know and im one of them is the pricing on the season tickets, so we can budget, personally i have just put aside what i paid last season in the hope it will be the same

but i can see the point that fans would like to find out asap as some people will need to budget soon to be able to afford it

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Fly on the wall  
Years ago

I think you'll find the season ticket pricing will remain the same as last season, however there is 1 less game...so that will mean a slight increase per game.

Which I think is fair.

I also wouldn't be surprised if a couple of player signings were announced before the week's out.

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Years ago

Prices are pretty expensive as they are :\

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Years ago

Prices are too expensive now.

With a new group of cashed up guys I expect the following.

Cheaper tickets and NO SPONSORSHIP on the uniforms. Look how much better the NBA tops are.

Obviously still have Nike or whoever on there.

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Years ago

anon 0030 - patience......you clown!!!! This time every year we already have our tickets and know who is in the team - with the exception of 1 or 2 spots.

All I was doing was ASKING if anybody had been contacted yet and if there was any info about ticket prices or players.

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Years ago

bretts the man you have to remember that the Breakers Wildcats and all the other teams have had since last march to be organised for this season (even tho there was a short while when they like everyone didn't know if there was going to be a season) our guys have had only just over a week and are virtually starting from scratch.

mwa sorry but your comments are REALLY stupid even the two richest owners the NBL has had (Groves and Cowen) charged the same as every other team and also had heaps of sponsorship on their uniform and now both of those teams are gone. I will be more than happy to pay the going rate and be more certain of having a team to watch to many years to come.

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Years ago

Spinner, this isn't an "every year" though - they've only just taken ownership of the team and it's been an unusual off-season for all clubs. If they were contacting those who'd registered at this point, surely it'd be all or none? If you're budgeting, set aside around the same amount as last year because it'd obviously be suicidal to raise it too much and if it drops you'll have spare cash.

Otherwise, give them time to sort things out - I don't think suggesting people be patient really warrants a 'clown' response.

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Years ago

Funny that mwa....... The NBA is rethinking the sponsors on the jersey angle.

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Years ago

Well I know the important stuff.
Yes we have a team in this comp.

The new owners will contact previous season ticket holders and they will have first dibs at thier old seats.

Ths price for those seats will be aproximately the same.

New owners are still sorting stuff out so me I'm happy to give them the time to do this and that includes all of this season. Rest of league in a similar place, so really just need to chill. It will be ready when it's ready and not before. News will be in the Advertiser and here, so just keep checking every few days. So I will just wait. I know I wont be fogotten.

So basically check here every so often for news. Pretty much it really.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Betty Leadfoot keep reading paper keep seeing nothing but many of your points are spot on and no-one is or will be critical of anything SOS do as they have given our team back and yes we should not expect to get seats cheaper and hope get good sponsors on board to help make club strong.
I also accept that in most cases we have started behind over teams but it comes down to that no reason will help team if we have to pick up whats left over and will 6-8 k supporters go then.
I am sure that wont occur but as example Tigers started after us and have more signed and more info. coming out who they want and who no longer require.
THis is not a bitch its just explaining mine and others thoughts and yes slight impatience to have some idea who may beplaying for Sixers.
EG A week ago we got idea 1 player Sixers looking at Burston then read Perth keen to sign. No further posting or article about since

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Years ago

I have done a comparison on ticket pricing around the country and the 36ers season tickets are pretty much the cheapest around.

Cairns - $505.00
Gold Coast - $480.00
Perth - $629.00
Townsville - $462.00

Adelaide - $320.00 ($22.85 per game)

This is based on comparable seating (Gold Seating at the Dome)

AAMI Members - $303.00 (11 games @ $27.55ea)
Adelaide United - $336.00 (14 games @ $24.00ea)

I hope this makes people think before they whinge about ticket pricing.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The ticket prices in Adelaide are a little low compared to other teams. For all you poindexters that like stats, just plotted the average attendance vs (last year's) Gold ticket price and found:

Attendance = 5,800 - 3.8228 x $ (R2=0.6849)

(Not incl SYD, WOL, or MEL)

This says that an increase in $10 in the Gold Member price drops attendance by 38 people.

The outliers are Perth (They obviously like their basketball in Perth, or the mines are paying too much)and Adelaide (the mines aren't paying enough!)

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Years ago

Thanks for the info Stewie - looks like we Sixers fans have been getting a pretty good deal compared to most others.

One thing though, isn't that about what it costs to get a gold ticket at the door anyway? Doesn't seem like much of a saving for committing yourself to every home game for a season!

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Years ago

I agree Beantown, not a huge saving. The only real advantage you get is the same seats every game...which is a good thing.

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