the photoball king
Years ago

Points cap discount: does Ninja qualify?

curly question and one that will generate lots of discussion.

because darren hasnt played for another club in the NBL Does he qualify for the one club points discount like mahersy did???

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Years ago

Loyalty discounts have been abolished.

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Years ago

No, but he will qualify for the "have absolutely no defense" points discount which may see him graded at "0" points.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

May be of interest - maybe not.
Netball - ANZ Champion are looking at a player points rating and team points cap for next season.
Maybe similar to ours.

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filthy mexican  
Years ago

I hope the Netball takes nothing from the old NBL. If anything Basketball should be looking at the Netball for a model of how to run a league

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Years ago

I was at a pub yesterday afternoon and they had the netball on every TV in the place.

All I can say was the group that I was with, which included 3 guys and 3 girls, were bored to tears by it all, so much so that one of our group asked for the TV nearest to us to be changed. When asked "what station do you want" the reply was "anything but this crap"

Netball must be paying some serious money to have their games telecast.

Ahh, I remember the good old days of a major naming rights sponsor in the NBL.

Good times, good times.

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Years ago

Even if they were Bored where do you think that money comes from ?
Bums on seats and sponsors that get well looked after.
As far as women's sport goes the bums on seats speak for themselves. 2000-3000 to a Thunderbirds game depending on who's playing, (4100 at the recent game at the dome) compared to 300-800 to an average Lightning game.
WNBL Grand finals struggle to get 2000 to a game.
Should the Thunderbirds get into the grand final and have home advantage they'd easily sell out the Dome if they held it there.

Last year when the Diamonds (Australian Netball team) played New Zealand at the Dome it was a sell out. Not bad considering how pathetic the attendance was to the last Boomers game at the Dome.

From a sponsors point of view most companies want to market to women as generally they tend to either spend the most or hold the purse strings, so getting involved with a well run and supported sport like Netball is a bit of a no brainer, certainly it's a much more attractive and rewarding proposition than supporting a WNBL or NBL team.

I'm pretty sure Netball Australia aren't paying any money to be broadcast on One or tenHD, why would they when Fox (and ABC before them) were already doing it for free before one/ten took over ?

I'd be interested to see the ratings, but I'm pretty confident that the ANZ cup would easily out rate NBL and WNBL games.

Participation in Netball at junior levels is pretty huge too considering generally only females play it.
All those screaming 12 year olds at each game are tomorrow's big spenders.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

And played in winter.
Next home game - buy a ticket at the Dome , get a free Power ticket, and vice versa.
Lightning likely to return to winter.
Maybe they could consider a new partnership.

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Years ago

Who the Thunderbirds and the Lightning ?
Why would the Thunderbirds who do a pretty good job of marketing want to associate themselves with an organisation that does no marketing ?
I don't think the Lightning (or 36ers for that matter) have all that much to offer other sporting organisations.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

OK - I'd guess the Crows and T-birds have full memberships and stadiums.
Sixers-Crows partnership equals a bit of cross sponsorship,and training. Might lead to more.
Baketball returning to Winter means better WNBL players and increased attendance.
Lightning used to attend schools and shopping centres , but don't anymore.
I'd be a fan of SOME 36ers - Lightning double headers.

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Years ago

Yeah agree, Lightning Sixers double headers would be great.

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Years ago

The problem with the 36er/Lightning double headers is that the Lightning get no gate money.
As it is my understanding is that they lose money every home game, having double headers means they don't get the ticket money from the 300 odd people that would normaly come to the game.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

OK - They must make a bit of a loss playing out of a 8000 seat stadium with 300-800 people ?
BA - indicates WNBL to Winter and NBL a 40minute game and possibly to winter.
IF it were possible ? SOME games with a sixers - lighting ticket deal ? someway ?

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Whilst there is an NBL and WNBL game schedule , if BA considered they are only 40 minute games and had a womens round and some other double header possibilities.
Thunderbirds have a ticket deal with Power.
I'd like to see a few Lightning-36ers double headers , seeing it's only a 40minute game, now.

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Years ago

As Anon indicated, the problem might not be the length of the games, rather the awkward distribution of money.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

OK- I can't articulate it as well as Anon and Isaac.
For I am just someone that sits in the stands at most 36ers games and some Lightning games, and thinks they should do a bit of a partnership thingy, and hearing the SANFL and Crows are going back to some double headers at AAMI stadium - and, Power - Thunderbirds ticket deals, with some distribution of the money.
I'm sure the 8 new owners will increase the sixers business, and it is envisaged WNBL would increase with the better players here in winter.
Sounds like it's not ideal, then - for Lighning-Sixers
When I'm hard up for cash I MAY go to less 40 minute games. MAYBE.

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Years ago

Someone posted the other week that the Power-Thunderbirds deal only resulted in about 30-40 sales.

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Yes - I was having a chat to Cornsey etc... about that, where he expected about 30% might come from Power.

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