bretts the man
Years ago

Sixers happenings etc

Stuff in tiser today re Scotty not looking at Adrien.Sturt after we all got the info. on this guy and I like other posters looked fwd to seeing him signed.
Who the hell are they looking as a back up C Please dont say Coops.
Also Bruce in USA and not entirely out of the loop.
What is he doing over there and what does that really mean as far as his future with us.
Also who is likely to be our u-23 plyr.
With season getting closer and all teams signing plyrs I have found this year that less rumours or the word about prospective plyrs etc to Sixers on this site as now usually read it in Tiser first.
I can only put it down to key posters are now too close to the SOS group.
Also Isaac maybe simple explanation but could not work out why the Nathan Herbert post with continous postings and views went off main page yesterday.
It itself has more postings than all those on there at the time and over 2.2k views

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Years ago

I think that's just a bit of cloak and dagger re Sturt as the Sixers were the ones who flew him over! =) Ninnis colluding with Boti to try and downplay their interest in him? Especially as two other clubs are also looking at Sturty.

Still think Bruce deserves another look in - will be a quality back IMO to an import.

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Years ago

I don't think Cooper will be back regardless (Touch wood).

Bruce is over there with his Fiancée and her family.

Under 23 player I don't know but you would expect it to be an AIS player possibly.

I think the main player focus on this forum has ended up being signed or the option checked out. For example:

Burston - That was an obvious one as he was the best fit

Herbert - We didnt know they were looking at him until he was signed however everyone on here seemed to target him

Liam Rush - Lots of people here were keen on him. Then Ninnis said he wasn't an option as he is pursuing Europe opportunities.

Sturt - Has been a hot topic lately here. Then we hear Ninnis is talking to him.

So while there maybe hasn't been as many hot rumours, there has been generally specific talk about these players which coincidently (or not) ended up in a signing or at least looked at by the coaching staff.

The Herbert chat went of the main page as there is new postings.

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Years ago

I don't understand why everyone is choking Bruce on one season, his ROOKIE season ffs. He was in the same boat as Tyndale and we all now how bad that went, Bruce has got great potential to become one of Australia's elite points.

Also how old is EZ exactly? I'd love to see him as our development player, is he still eligible?

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Juror 12  
Years ago

Would there be anyone in the ABL that might eb able to fill the U23 spot? Do they have to be in the 10 or just the 12? How old is Hill now?

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Years ago

It is amusing but also quite annoying to read that so many people (sixers fans) Dont rate Bruce as highly as they should.. He was extremely solid for the sixers last season and he was a ROOKIE!! There is absolutely no point in signing an import for the PG position when Bruce is still available.

Also, from my knowledge all 1990 Born AIS players are signed to US Colleges. That is the graduated age group. so it is unlikely that an AIS player would be signed as the u23 player

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Years ago

My understanding from stuff read in here was that Bruce has indicated he's not going to be playing basketball in a season or two. That'd definitely contribute to Scotty's decision on wether to sign him or not.

Personally, I'd like to know if Davidson is in or not. Unless that too hinges on the potential PG import signing?

Are they considering Hoban as a part time back up center?

Sounds like we'll hear about imports at the point and swingman forward positions once Ninnis and Hill have checked out the D-League.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Thank you for feedback King James .
Point really re Sturt if Scotty is telling truth that he is only training here because home visiting so let him use our facilities then some posters would have known that.
You do you really believe that all posters dont know some of plyrs Sixers were interested in as I believe certainly got this type of info. last year.
Didnt always happen but still names were being floated around.
Re Bruce wasnt saying should not sign him difficult to work out what is occurring with him espec. assume choice of import would change if he is signed.
Sorry King James that is not the answer re Herbert post as the posts on that subject were greater than the total ofall the other posts on the site at the time. Now Isaac can do what he likes iot his site it struck me as strange as posts were still being placed and others had not had posts for well over a day.
PLEASE not being critical just asked a question

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Years ago

aaron is finishing his degree at baylor and has been working out with the assistant coaches there. i have also heard he was trying to get a place on a nba summer league team oklahoma city again?

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Years ago

Sturt was at best a warm up player with the Tigers.
He is extremely over rated and would be lucky to play any major roll in any nbl team.
I would like to be proven wrong however have seen him on numerous occasions and although very athletic and long he needs an attitude adjustment and also some fundamental coaching.
Sturt could be a good player in the future if he applies hiomself but for mine I would rather see Hoban suit up for the sixers.

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Years ago

Having played against Hoban I dont really rate him. We had a team short on big men and he barely scored or rebounded in double figures.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Looking at Hill on, he turns 23 before the end of this year but i cannot see an age for Erik so i do not know if he is out as well.

Good to see that Coach Scott has been looking at Sturt, but that he is now public on his decision, but i wish Boti would just come out and confirm what the deal is with Aaron, whether his new 'family' prefer to stay in the US, or whether he is pursuing US or European opportunities...the fact that Coach Scott spoke to Aaron and not his agent means to me that Aaron is not considering the NBL at the moment for whatever reason.

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Years ago

Molitor only one under 23 in Adelaide

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

I am just happy that the coaching staff is heading over to the states to check out options, you can't go to wrong when you get to see them play in a handful of games and also get a chance to talk to them to see what they are like

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

When does the season start?

How many of the 8 teams have finalised rosters?

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Years ago

Is Ryan Kersten a chance to be the U/23 player?? he is apparantly having a good state league season and was on the squad last season, given we are going to have a import pg playing probably around 30/40 mins and hill and ng would be capable of playing 5-10 mins at pg if need be, is Kersten worth another go?, that would allow us to go for a more experienced back up big man like a Mottram for example and doesnt limit us to a big guy under 23, which i dont think there would be many u/23 centres you would go after as most would probably be in college if they are top talent or would not be physically ready to play against big guys in the nbl.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Ryan is no chance to be U/23 as he has already turned 23 this year. And anyways he is not in the current work out group Coach Scott was talking about to Boti.

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Years ago

yea fair enough, i shoulda checked his d.o.b. I was just thinking it wouldnt be a bad idea to have a young pg like a sutton or kersten back up the import, given we wont need huge minutes out of them and would be a cheaper option pont wise than say brad davidson, giving us more points to use on another big guy which is probably more important given we will have a import pg

Aaron Bruce if he is still a 3 or atleast less than say davidson would be ideal, as he is young, a potential star, so we get the best of both worlds. if we got a import combo guard so can play half there mins at sg so there is still atleast 20-30 mpg for bruce i reckon it would be a great idea to get him back, as long as we can afford him. Here is hoping he is interested and doesnt break the bank as he is a bargain points wise, as he is in the top handfull of aussie pgs in the league, cj ahead of him id say he is already on par with crosswell, kendall, etc and more potential to imrpove, and id say he would be cheaper points wise than any of them.

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Years ago

Think it might be down to Cooper vs. Sturt for the back up C spot.

Advantages for Coop: experienced/loyal, knows the system, better/stronger defender, probably a slightly better rebounder, less risky.

Advantages for Sturt: has an outside shot (Coop spends a lot of time skulking around the perimetre on offense to create space in the key - but that doesnt usually work when you have no outside shot, so Sturt has a big advantage there), quicker, more athletic, younger, exciting (can really throw it down), and probably a better inside offensive player despite his slight frame (no joke, he's got Paris Hilton arms).

Wouldn't be too much defference in salary I don't think. I'm still split between these two.

Here's one, if we sign two imports now (PG and SF), would it be worth spending the money on Brad Davidson as a back-up PG, or just running with Ng and Burdon(DP) in a 9-man rotation? Given the 40min games, if the PG import can play 35 I don't think there'd be much point in splurging on Davidson as well.

^I really think the Herbert signing puts Bruce out of the picture, I can't imagine there'd be enough cash for two imports AND Bruce.

Brett's the man, I'm pretty sure the amount of replies in a thread has no effect on when they drop off the page - just a time thing I think. You can still re-visit the thread by clicking on 'last 200' or on your name.

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Years ago

Front page topic list is just capped at a number that usually stays the same but is often adjusted if the traffic level rises. You can usually find older stuff by using the category headings (e.g., NBL or Sixers), Last 200, your posting record, etc. Worst case, Google indexes this site pretty frequently so you can search there.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Thank you xztatik feedback re Coop Vs Sturt the only real advantage for Coops is he knows the system but against that last year totally new team and coach and for good part of season whilst Hodge played it was the Hodge way and with no Coops and espec. Brett have to change way play again. To get any exciting plyr espec. a cheaper back up plyr. will be good for club to get fans through the door. XZtatik you are right Coops stood just outside the circle all time on court with no benefit.
We have not been getting points these plyrs are worth either so dont know if that creates a problem for Davo to get signed. What points have we used
Looks like going to be too expensive to entice Bruce back .
If we go with a import PG I think we need a back up PG that can apply some Def.
If we did not sign Davo or Bruce what other options do we have
Re posting question firstly it wasnt my post it was a post that still getting over 10 times the feedback and views of other posts and being involved in business I thought thats what you want so thought ask question .
Yes I know where to find posts off front page.

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Years ago

"no joke, he's got Paris Hilton arms"


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Camel 31  
Years ago

Would be a good song , wouldn't it.
" He's got Paris Hilton arms."

Ninnis said " He dunks,rebounds and blocks shots and had done well. But that's not what we want."

Seems strange.

I know it was only a trial game last year, but he outplayed Schenscher, for most of the nite, and looked to have potential,and popular with the 36ers crowd,the way he played.

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Years ago

Cooper did nothing last year and does not deserve a spot this season. I'd rather risk a development player with the potential to be good in the future to a guy that has had his chance and we know doesn't bring a lot to the floor. According to an earlier article, Hill doesn't qualify for the development spot by 5 weeks.

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Years ago

Camel, check your quote re Ninnis. Pretty sure he said the 1st part of your quote but not the 2nd.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Ninnis said Sturt "Dunks,rebounds and blocks shots,and had done well. -

But, he is not in current calculations."

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Years ago

That was Botis comment

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Years ago

Correct - it's likely that Boti is just passing on what's been suggested to him on or off the record, but that wasn't a direct quote from Ninnis.

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Sturt - We were getting a small fan club ready ....

Aw well, suppose there are fans of Bruce and Hodge etc., also.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Thats fine who said what, whos on third etc but if not Sturt as back up centre what are some options apart from Cooper. I dont believe Hoban big enough or good enough.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

And, John Rillie fans.
I'm not a fan of having to have an under-23 player in the 10, as per NBL new rule.

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Bruce Beck  
Years ago

Damm it.. I've been singing ' He's got Betty Davis eyes.' All day long .. thinking 'bout Sturt and Skip.
Aw well, not to be....

Ninnis is like the Crows coach... likes the dour player... doesn't like flair.

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Tru Blue  
Years ago

People bagging Brucey, he was rookie of the year, a real solid player for should be a priority to get him back!

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Years ago

if the season starts soon would it be possible to keep the supporters more up to date with whats going on with the club training begins in the next 2/3 weeks . So will l buy a members ticket or just save my money and find something else to do the club does not seem to eager to give out any info so 1 more week and then l wiil give it a miss

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Years ago

Signings are up on the 36ers website. News about the coaches going to the US has been in the paper. Members and corporate package promotional information is in production (has to be designed, written, proofed, approved and printed, etc).

What other information were you looking for?

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Years ago

Sturt shot 33points on the weekend playing against the top team in BigV championship, hitting 7 out of ten three pointers.

Don't understand why we aren't looking

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Isn't Surt goofing around with the Sixers scimmage at the moment? Surely that's a sign the SIxers are considering him?

"Don't understand why we aren't looking"
Sounds like you know something about him being told not to bother?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Fitzy the Media star

Saw the promos for ACA and they are promoting a story on new Sixers owner, Fitzy.

Good to see some publicity on the TV. Keep it up.

I wonder why Channel se7en hasn't got something similar in "Today Tonight", but the cynic in me believes it may have something to do with that station seemingly only wanting to cover aFL stories.

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Years ago


I commented about Sturt based on the newspaperpaper article, Sturt is obviuosly back in Melbourne as he played in BigV, and his stats are very impressive.

I don't understand how he could have been in Adelaide and we aren't interested, even if it was just a holiday, but that doesn't sound right.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

TV news had Holmes out - but he was signed.
Boti has Sturt - not in calculations.
Bruce - in calculations by his subtraction.
Imports - Guard and scorer
And - a back up big and under-23 player
to complete the roster.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

There appears to be a lot of smoke and mirrors at the moment, a lot of cards being held very close the the chest :)

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Years ago

thank you Isaac you have given me more info in 1 line than l have been able to get from anyone else how long before members tickets and prices are set

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Years ago

I believe that the prices are set and the brochures are at proofing stage, so the club are making progress. Hopefully there will be more info soon.

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