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Rubio's not coming to Sota

Well, it seems that Rubio isn't coming to the NBA this season, nor the season after.

He's talking about staying with DKV Joventut to see out his contract and is terminating the contact lawsuit.

Rubio's camp is basically saying that they want Flynn gone from the team.

According to sources close to the situation, top European teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Tau Ceramica have been coming hard after Rubio, and there is a real chance that one of those teams will be willing to make the popular Spaniard the highest-paid player in Europe. They will want to sign him to a 3 or 4 (or longer) deal.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Meh... Minny holds all the cards. I think the 500pound Gorilla is (and will be until it is resolved) the DKV buyout - especially given the parlous state of DKV.

If Minny has to wait so be it, Ricky gets another 2 years of development off the books, Ricky plays more in his prime (20-24 vs 18-22) on his rookie scale, and Minny can give Flynn a real run... Much like the Cavs did with Mark Price and KJ (one had to go - but they got great value for him - Larry Nance? i think?)...

Reasons to beleive that Ricky WILL be coming none the less. All posturing - DKV needs the money more than they need Rubio (they are in dire financial straits allegedly); the sooner Ricky comes over the sooner he can sign his second contract (when the big bikkies start rolling in); if Minny don't budge - Ricky has to sit out a full year - non contract, no cash, and re-enter the draft and then who takes him? (could be an even worse situation than Minny - which let's be honest is slowly starting to look up... ).

I'm calling BS on most of this innuendo - it is fascinating either way... As a Minny fan i'm not too worried... Either way we will come out on top (assuming Ricky is serious about playing NBA) - unless Ricky is a completely irrational decision-maker... In which case he might not be the great PG we thought he might have in him.

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Years ago

I'm not so convinced Johnny.... I don't think you see him for 4 years. By then he'll be 22 so he's still very young. I hope I'm wrong...

Let's say Barcelona give him a $20 million Euro deal over 4 years (5 a year), I think he takes it. Barcelona is tied up with FC Barcelona (same family), so money isn't an issue.

$5 million Euro is nearly $7 million US. Over 3 years that's $21 million US. His rookie scale salary over the 3 years in the NBA would be just over $10 million. With his stupid buy-out at $6 million he's playing for free the first two years.

Barcelona pays DKV the buy out figure (they can pay it all unlike NBA teams which can only pay $500k). They could even probably give DKV 'special' compensation as well.

Are the Wolves willing to wait another 4 years for Rubio??

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Years ago

Still not a bad situation, this draft was limited anyway.... and as Johnny said, they still get him at 22yo at rookie money.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Oh and those Spanish Football teams - i wouldn't be surprised if there are some big surprises on the horizon with them. I read somewhere that Real has around $US500m of debt - which is okay as long as you can service it - but if you can't which could be an issue with the Spanish economy the way it is... and the o/s market as well... you can get unstuck pretty damn quickly... I do recall Deportvo La Corunya (a Potuguese) team a while back played the same game - it caught up to them...

It could get mighty ugly with some of these teams -

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Years ago

Not to be a stickler Johnny, but Deportivo La Coruna are Spanish....but your point still stands, and yes, a lot of the "big" euro FC's are in trouble, Liverpool included, and if Roman Abramovich leaves Chelsea out of boredom, they'll be doomed.

I really think the Real's and FC Barca's will be severing ties with their B'ball programs sooner rather than later.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Sorry - i honestly thought they were Portuguese...

Whoops - you can tell i am not a football follower... Just water cooler talk guy... Face. Hand. Slap.

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Years ago

why would they have to re draft him or be drafted again, if sota has rubio's draft rights??

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Because those draft rights can be destroyed... If Rubio sits out a whole calendar year without a pro bball contract (includes any funny bunny business like working for a sponsor - but playing for free, etc) - Minny lose his rights, and he's back in the draft... But if he is over 23(?) he is free to sign anywhere he wants (but with the sit out 1 year condition still attached)... I can't see him doing it in the near future - but lets say he stays in Europe, and gets decent coin from a club and is free of the DKV buyout - he can easily take a year off (when he is (say)24) and then go to the team of his choice - possible but very unlikely i think...

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Years ago

Rubio is the biggest douchebag. I hope he absolutely fails hard. What 18 year old kid dictates like this when he's done nothing for the league.

Before the draft all we heard was 'He's not playing here, he doesnt want to play here, there's no way he'll play with this team' - and then after he gets drafted he is still saying it.

If you nominate for the draft, that's not your right. By nominating for the draft, you understand that teams have the right to pick you knowing you will play next season (if they choose).

If he didn't want any of the high pick teams don't nominate for the draft, screw some team over when they could've taken someone else who is willing to just play basketball, go back to Europe all you want and then sign with a team.

And he was no doubt going to be in favour over Flynn at Minnesota, but do you think Flynn complained?

I officially hate Rubio.

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Years ago

"What 18 year old kid dictates like this when he's done nothing for the league."


4 syllables - 1 d##khead...


That's who...

(or was it a bait?)


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Years ago


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Big Ads  
Years ago

I recall reading an article in Slam Magazine about Rubio a couple of years ago (he was 16 at the time). His parents denied the journalist (in fact all american journalist) from doing an interview with their son.

I had an interest in Rubio once, but it's waned significantly.

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Years ago

speed44 they don't sever ties, they are sporting entities, not just clubs. They are a way of life! FC Barcelona, Fenerbahce, Real Madrid, Olympiakos etc are much bigger than just basketball and football.

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