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Turkoglu Headed To Toronto Raptors

More action in a very busy free agent market.

"An already crazy free agent period in the NBA got downright bizarre on Friday, with the supposed sure deal between Orlando free agent forward Hedo Turkoglu and the Portland Trail Blazers falling apart late in the afternoon, and the veteran, late Friday evening, making a verbal commitment to the Toronto Raptors on a five-year deal that will pay him in excess of $60 million, according to league sources.

Turkoglu's change of heart--he was in Portland Thursday and Friday, meeting with team officials along with his agent, Lon Babby--came after the Raptors decided to do what they had been reluctant to do until then--renounce their rights to several of their own free agents, including forward Shawn Marion and guards Anthony Parker and Carlos Delfino, in order to create the more than $10 million in cap room necessary to make a superior offer to Portland's."

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lol. 11m a year for someone who scores 15 points a game. some people are so dumb

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Years ago

Bad luck for Orlando!

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Years ago

elg maybe because his a star..

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a star? silly me, i thought he was just a shooter who can dribble.

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Years ago

A star player plays in all-star games. Turkoglu is no star, he is a good player who has peaked in his career. Toronto get 2 decent years then 3 years of overpaid decline.

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Years ago

yeah just a 6"10 star that can dribble and shoot. ELG do u have any idea?? the guy is a good player!

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Years ago

LOL well said King James!

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Jay-Jay Manners  
Years ago

Well said indeed King James despite the fact you are wrong. He isn't a star. He's a good player but he's no star. Never has been and never will be.

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Years ago

He doesn't just score 15 points a game.For a guy his height, he possesses amazing passing ability(for a 6"10 player). He gets rebounds and he is a very good defender, as he uses his length and height to his advantage.

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Yep, a tall, 30 year old shooter who played well in a contract year, whos never played in an all star game definitely deserves 11m a year.

But keep telling yourself he's a star

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Years ago

Actually his numbers were down this season gone on the previous season and his numbers were down in the playoffs from the regular season!
He is a good shooter, decent ball handler and good passer he is not a star and throwing $50 mill over 5 years to a 30 year old is stupidity!

His stocks clearly went up from some good finals games and a few clutch plays, plenty of tv coverage etc etc.

He IS a defensive liability sure he'll have 1 or 2 good seasons but than he will be a bench shooter somewhat like a Posey.

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Years ago

Shouldve gone to Portland if he wanted a Ring

He isnt going to get it at Toronto, and who in their right mind is going to Trade for him in a few seasons when his worth 10-11 mil a season

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Years ago

And, its not that often i agree with ELG, actually i hardly agree with, but Hedo is no star

The stars on that Orlando team are Shard & Howard

Hedo is no star.......he reminds me of Toni Kukoc....a good serviceable player

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Years ago

should have stayed at Orlando to help them be in with a chance for the championship.

Not worth $10mill a year.

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Years ago

I think he is a great role player, and great in crunch time. But, over 82 games and the playoffs, he will play inconsistant, you can't rely on him every night, like you should be able to for a $10 mil a year player.

He is only good value for a team building for a ring within the next couple of years.

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Years ago

Turk got around 8 mill a year last contract, and he has definately improved enough to get an extra 2 mill a year...

And since when do you have to be a 'star' to get 10 mill a year? He is a VERY VERY good player.

Sure its a fair bit of money, but they had to do something. Had to be done.

He's a great ball handler, a guy that makes things happen on offense. Finally Toronto have a guy u can give the ball on the perimetre and just say make something happen and he can. Not to mention a go to guy in the clutch, one of the best in the league and making plays down the stretch - and toronto lost an awful lot of close games and let leads slip away.

And him and Bargnani in pick n roll will be pretty awesome.

I think the negatives outweigh the positives. Im more excited about what he'll bring than I am scared of the potential negatives.

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Years ago

oh, and I'm extremely excited Toronto were finally able to attract a big named free agent. Bless his sexy wife

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

The stars n the NBA get 20 million a year so 10 is not unreasonble for Turkoglu

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Years ago

Sorry to post again, was just comparing his 11 mill a year to others in the league...

Jermaine O'Neal $22,995,000
Rashard Lewis $18,876,000
Michael Redd $17,040,000
Andrei Kirilenko $16,451,250
Zach Randolph $16,000,000
Kenyon Martin $15,363,636
Mike Bibby $14,980,000
Peja Stojakovic $14,020,000
Richard Jefferson $14,200,000
Ben Wallace $14,000,000

There are many more - and he is undoubtably better than all of those players. Not to mention you can make the case for guys like Joe Johnson who are 14,000,000 JJ is not overpayed at all, but 3 mill less is about right for Hedo.

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Years ago

Aren't you a little concerned with the Raptors bench Jules??? It looks very thin at the moment.

Hedo is about right for $10 million. I think he's a better player than Gordon and the Pistons got him for $11 a year.

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Years ago

Star or not, he will be missed in Orlando.

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Years ago

Very concerned TR.

I keep reading that Colangelo isnt done and hes working on other things to add depth.

They have MLE (which can be split in two for two players) vet minimum and are apparently trying to deal Humphries + 3 mill which for some reason has some value. Also the possibility of signing and trading Marion on top of getting Turk with the MLE.

Just have to wait and see what happens, because as of now their bench looks like Evans and Ukic haha.

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Melvin Corpuscle  
Years ago

... In addition, he won't have those pesky playoffs ruining his summers ....

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Years ago

Is it time to flip Bosh for some more bits from a team that Bosh would agree to sign an extension with. Thinking Chicago, New York, Miami, Portland and maybe Washington.

Just playing around with the trade checker, and would something below make the Raptors a better squad overall. Sort of addition by subtraction.



Sign and trade Lee
Mobley (insurance payout)



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Years ago

I know that most of those trades suck talent wise, it's not a star-for-star type deal and the Raps get rolled. I was just trying to trade Bosh to get some more decent pieces to help fill the squad and bench out.

PS: I would do the Portland one and serious considerations for the Chicago one.

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Years ago

Wow TR you must rate bosh very highly!! There is no way Bulls or Portland would trade those players for Bosh!!

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Years ago

I thought the Miami one was reasonably close.

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Years ago

I'm not too sure King... Deng is in Chicago's dog house and they regret giving him the coin. That deal basically killed any chances they really had to resign Gordon. Tyrus has been mentioned as being on the outer and will want to be paid next season. Chicago drafted James Johnson and Taj Gibson, both PF and Noah isn't anything special.

Chicago will need to replace Gordon's 20 ppg, and their biggest fault is not having an offensive threat on the low block or a player that demands a double team allowing more room for their shooters.

There has been rumours of a Bosh/LMA discussions in the past. Outlaw and Webster are both wing role players. Bosh is better than LMA. LMA has the youth on his side. Bosh is a 20/10 guy, LMA isn't.

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Years ago

I would take that deal for Chicago. Especially if big Nate was involved.
Tyrus did not play after game 1 against Boston, Noah's value would be at it's highest after his series, and Deng does seem to be in the doghouse.

Chicago need scoring in the post desperatly.

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Years ago

Actually both TR and DB5 raise good points. However, I was thinking Bulls would try to raise a foundation around those guys. With Thomas heading towards Josh Smith, Kenyon Martin sort of mold. Anyone agree that he will be as good as those two guys?

Portland deal looks fine on second thoughts.

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Years ago

Re Thomas, no I do not think he will be that good. He seems to have this belief that he is a jump shooting big man (Marcus Fizer anyone?) when in fact he is a guy who can rebound and run the floor. I do like his ability to block shots, however he has too many brain fades for my liking. Pair him with Nash he would be good.

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Years ago

Tyrus definitely has the tattoo power to compete with both K-Mart and Josh Smith..

I don't think Tyrus has the defensive presence (or thuggery) of K-Mart. He's on par with 'dodgy knee' K-Mart. He could be a poor man's version of Josh Smith.

I still think it was a dumb trade by the Bulls by swapping LMA for Thomas.

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Years ago

I would like to see what Colangelo does to address the bench situation before he trades Bosh, because their lineup looks pretty sexy with him in there.

However, they are wafer thin and getting back at least 2 quality pieces would help so much. Nothing wrong with a core of Bargnani/Turk/Calderon going further + the assets from Bosh.

If he does bail next year, it won't be for nothing though. It will be a sign and trade, because thats the only way Bosh can make more money.

And Golden State have been after Bosh for ages. There were rumoured deals around last year involving names like Brandon Wright, Monte Ellis, Corey Maggette, Anthony Randolph and Marco Benineli. Not all of them of course, but a combination. Would've taken that in a heart beat.

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Years ago

If I was BC and trading my star to GSW, the first name I'd be asked from is Biedrins. At a minimum I'd be asking for Biedrins and Randolph.

How bout Biedrins/Randolph/Azubuike for Bosh.

Maggette has sharing issues, and GSW would dump him for a turnip about now and a back court of Ellis and Calderon is small and a defensive liability.

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Years ago

I actually forgot to mention Biedrens haha. He was the main piece in the trade and why I would take it in a heart beat...

My bad.

But yeh, agree with Monte/Calderon backcourt being a liability defensively.

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