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Funny-True, B'BALL Stories.

it has gone a bit quiet out there so i thought i would see if anyone has got any good stories (true)
re - basketball,famous people etc.

i'll start with the time when woody harrilson and myself nearly traded blows on a b'ball court in far north qld.(he was out here doing the movie 'thin red line')

in the heat of the moment, i told him i didnt give a f##k how many movies he had made !!!

to this day my mates still cant believe i said that to him!!

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Singer Chris Brown played at Mars a couple of years - 2 players in the team he was playing for got in a fight with each other and the game got called off. He thought it was hilarious.

He had skills but was a mad chucker

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I was watching a game down at Cockburn stadium one night, and it was the Cougars hosting the East Perth Eagles which was Cal Bruton's team. It was Cal's last game, or close to it.

Cockburn had some dickhead playing for them who decided to talk some trash to Cal. Cal burned him on a couple of consecutive plays and the dickhead was getting dragged, but said something to Cal about him being an old timer.

Cal said "Old timer? I'm a fucken legend!" and the crowd pissed themselves laughing.

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Years ago

LOL must have screamed it out if whole crowd heard it.

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Years ago

Crowd in the vacinity, I should have said.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Back when I was 17 I was playing my first mens game against Al Green and I got the pleasure of guarding him. Lucky for me he was passing the ball a lot, but then during the game the ball got kicked out to me on the 3 point line and Al came charging out at me and I hit the 3 in his face. I didn't say a word but his team mates gave him crap. Then nearly at the end of the game I took a shot and he blocked me and he said "thats what you get for hitting a 3 in my face". Then a couple plays after that he went for a jumpshot and I just stood there and he elbowed me in the face made the shot and I got called for the foul. Blood came pissing out of my nose and I had sit for the rest of the game. He came over after to make sure I was alright.

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Years ago

Good story Skull. Dare I ask how things 'got heated'? Woody didn't dunk on you did he? ;-)

Big Sexy, how old was Al Green at that stage? Was this before or after he lost his hops?

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Years ago

TC2 - how do you pronounce "Cockburn" - is it "Coburn" (as in James) or... Oh well... Just asking...

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Years ago

Oh no you di'nt!!

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Years ago

This is a funny story by Basketbawful about his College days..... he writes a new instalment every week.... 4 instalments so far.... it's quite a funny read.

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beantown - no,woody didnt dunk on me,he couldnt reach the ring without a ladder, i can assure you of that.

we were matched up on each other and the little rat kept fouling me then stealing the was a scrimmage,so if you got fouled you called i called it and woody told me to get f###ed,the rest is history!!!
he had a reasonable 15ft jumper, but thats about it.(and a big mouth)

the main actor jim cavill,i think was his name,was a good player.his brother was out here at the time holidaying.he was a 6'8 pro or semi-pro and certainly made us look pretty ordinary.

george clooney was here as well but was gone before we could catch him,from what the other guys said clooney was a pretty good player.

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Years ago

Okay it is KOE-burn...

As a former ESL student - i have to employ the Chewbacca defense and declare:

"ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense!... "

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jakarta in NBL  
Years ago

I've already posted this ages ago, and congratulations if you can be bothered reading it all.

'The Tall Story'

A brief summary of the traits and history of the imported back-up to back-up centre in America's National Basketball Association.


In the game of basketball the position of centre is of great importance. Height is often considered a prerequisite in the game of basketball and the centre is the player, which most embodies this requirement. Centres, in the world's greatest basketball league (the American National Basketball Association), are very rarely under the height of 2.10m or 6 ft 10 and some have reached a height of above 2.30m or 7 ft 7 inches, although the world's best centres throughout history have generally been no taller than 2.16m or 7 ft 2.

If you are a back up centre, you will only play between 10 and 20 minutes of a game and your role is to take up space and generally annoy the opposition until the starting centre has recuperated and feels he deserves to earn his money by playing basketball rather than sharing jokes with whatever celebrity has spent the equivalent to a small country's economy for a ten ticket pass to sit courtside. If you are a backup centre and happen to be playing in America's mid west, you are likely to play more than 20 minutes some nights because no celebrities at all live in these states and the starting centre becomes restless and begins to take the opposing fan's taunts to heart. As a back-up centre you receive taunts all night while sitting on the bench, playing away from home and more often than not while playing at home also. This is because you were a good player in college, possibly very good, yet when you made the jump to the professional ranks you found you were too slow and lacked the skill and drive to become a regular starting centre.

Then there is the case of the back-up to the back-up centre often referred to as the 12th man of a basketball team, clearly recognisable in a public place, though this is due to his height and repulsive appearance, not his notoriety as a basketball player. This player is getting paid for his circus-like appearance and in rare cases was literally recruited from a highly controversial, yet underground circus still operating in a remote part of the developing world. As all of the NBA's 30 teams have numerous International scouts, the likelihood of finding such a player is very high if you know where to look. If in Africa, remote tribes are good breeding grounds for basketball players as they often are very, very tall and athletic, although their athleticism means they have potential to be a better than average player, maybe even a backup centre therefore unable to fill the specific needs of a back-up, back-up centre and may demand to be payed accordingly as their career progresses. Then again many Africans have sufficiently filled the void as 12th man over the years. The vast expanses of formally communist Eastern Europe were and are perfect breeding grounds for such a player as this player has likely had a pituitary gland problem which either intentionally or unintentionally went undiagnosed for many years meaning he has maximum height, but minimal sporting nous or was deliberately given known dangerous hormones by his government in an underground testing lab. The Middle East and Asia are also fertile breeding grounds, although this has only been the case in the last few years. Some of these players in the past have been simply tall as a result of a nuclear spill dumped on the outskirts of their inconspicuous little town or in the case of one such player who represented 4 teams over one season in the early eighties, he was thought to have been formed directly out of nuclear waste therefore was born without human parents.

The 12th man must have no basketball ability, he may have taken the game up at a late age by mistake (around 23) or at a ridiculously early age (as young as 4 months) which means when he reaches a suitable age to compete professionally he may be riddled with injuries or have lost his desire to play the sport. The fact that he may have taken up rigorous training as a baby is always due to armed intervention by his country's government, as he is seen as having sheer size at birth, therefore able to lead an army into an impending war by the age of 12 or 13. Many hardline Eastern-European governments believe arduous outdoor basketball sessions during the snow season (often lasting 12 months of the year) are the ideal way of toughening the large infant. A regular basketballer's outfit comprising of mesh shorts, singlet and when temperatures are seen to be unseasonably low shoes, are all that is usually worn. The fact that he may have in fact trained 17 hours a day, yet has no real basketball ability when playing in the United States is somewhat of a mystery to most people. Basketball purists however put this down to the fact that basketball in Eastern Europe is painfully mechanical and athleticism in semi professional leagues in these parts is often met with the termination of a players contract. If a player is seen to have an element of flair his small community often shuns him and if a player emulates an American player by being unnecessarily flashy during a game they will be shot (this rule has been revoked in a few nations and replaced with mere castration in recent years).

Most late starting back-up, back-up centres claim to have played soccer prior to basketball, generally as a goalkeeper, and when interviewed through sign language once every six months in America, they credit this as the reason they was able to adapt to basketball. No person however has seen more than 45 or so seconds of footage of this player in action as this is roughly how much time he spends on court (per year).

This player's first name is always abbreviated or changed into a catchy name, nothing like his real name, and it is more suited to a cartoon character, often a reptile or exotic bird such is its inability to pronounce with an English speakers palate. His surname is also ridiculously long and when printed in American newspapers, has to be hyphenated, as it never fits on to a single line unless the dozens of punctuation points are intentionally removed. As his career progresses and his English steadily improves he may become able to understand the question "How do you pronounce your name?" or even "can you say that slower?" if his career lasts more than 18 months.

His inability to understand basic English from his coach and fellow team mates makes practices rather difficult and he is often shown the way to the weights room, rather than the basketball court as basic movement and instinctive reaction are not elements of his repertoire. His inability to lift any slightly heavy weights is exacerbated by the fact that he was more than likely fed on a diet of something like potatoes, cabbage and rodents until the age of 13 due to government sanctions on his town (unless he was fed nothing but growth hormones). Had he known this wasn't normal he may have become an angry, aggressive teenager and perhaps have gained the traits necessary of a professional basketball player. However his mother's ability to shield him from the evils of the world was a blessing for his off-court demeanour, as he was often harassed at school due to his ungainly nature, yet was able to block such taunts partly through his mild deafness (a symptom of his malnutrition). His character is rarely on show in the United States however and is limited to spasmodic visits to his hometown abroad, if it is still in existence by the end of his basketball career.

The team knows he is there to make up the numbers and so does he. Although he is never directly talked about in press conferences by his coach or fellow players, he is alluded to when his teams willingness to embrace players from all walks of life is discussed, a simple ploy to create the illusion of egalitarianism in the billion dollar American sports industry.

When he sees eye to eye with an opposing player fitting his exact same description (apart from the odd minor detail) he briefly feels contentment knowing that he is not the only one of his kind in town on that particular day. Although he can't communicate with the other players like him, as they too speak a unique, hybrid dialect, he feels that his awkwardness is briefly respected with a unanimous nod being exchanged during warm-ups before a game.

He may wear an unusual number on his jersey. The reason the number is unusual is due to the fact that not only is it not worn by any other player in the league; but is also unlikely to have been worn by any other professional athlete (ever). It is unusually high and not an attractive number (if this is possible), although such a player may choose a number between four and 15 which in international competition are the only numbers legally worn. Due to this players worldly isolation prior to his move to the United States he often believes that these may be the only numbers available in all leagues on earth, or he may have been forced to choose this number through hand signals (due to his bad grasp of English).

If you look this player up on the Internet, you will find small articles about how he was discovered; in some cases bleeding from the mouth because he tried to score a basket yet underestimated how close his head was to the rim before jumping. This event or something similar is generally the reason American coaches want to sign such players because as aforementioned, basketball credentials are literally last on the list of priorities when looking for such a role player. The reason for this is because players are paid in almost direct correlation to their playing ability, almost.

If a decent player was once rumoured to be having liaisons with a famous singer or actress, then this will add at least one zero to their contract, regardless of basketball ability, although the back-up, back-up centre will never attract any women, let alone famous ones, such is his horrendous face and body and his comparable wage to his team mates shows this. His salary is almost always the bare minimum and this suits him as he feels no pressure to hone any basketball skills, plus with the exchange rate in his native nation-state plummeting every time he blinks, he is a virtual multi-billionaire in his own country anyway and innumerable opportunities arise on his return. A former player who will remain nameless (due to the lack of pseudo-Slavic letters on this keyboard) once allegedly bribed half of the population of his nation, less than 400, to vote for him by importing each of them a can of Pepsi and alleging that it was magic juice that made you beautiful. It was however the genuine belief of this player that this was the case due to the number of TV commercials the player witnessed in the United States starring attractive people. He was voted in as president of his country however died soon after, allegedly as a result of excessive gastric problems associated with the over consumption of carbonated beverages.

The fact that the back up to the back up centre almost never gets on the court is generally fine with such a player, although if he was unhappy with his playing time or salary he wouldn't be able to tell the coach or manager this because he can never ever speak more than a handful of words in English. His native language is almost always a hybrid of around seven other languages (some of them possibly officially extinct) and is spoken by only the inhabitants of his small town which may border up to 5 other countries, however his speech impediment and inclination to spit when he talks means his mother is the only one who truly understands him even in his home town.

This player rarely has any American following apart from a very, very minor cult following in the city of each team he plays for, and there are many teams, as most of his contracts are ten-day contracts and he permanently moves from hotel to hotel in a different city in America joining any team willing to accommodate a slow unnecessary player who can't follow instructions but will fill in the gaps of a salary cap. In his home town, he can be a national hero however, although he is generally never allowed to represent his country in International competition as his country's government requires up to 90% of his salary to pay for the nations health and military system which he staunchly disagrees with. He is sometimes willing to give around 87% of his earnings however, and his main American media appearances throughout his career are often to discuss (through sign language) why his whole town was wiped out through his nation's ethnic cleansing regimes and his connection to basketball is rarely discussed. He often also can be left off the national team altogether due to his inability to play the game or indeed because his homeland is simply is not a recognised nation-state.

The American media has been known to twist his 'words' and make it look like he thinks the USA is a better country than his native country (which is always misspelt in American newspapers anyway), and though this barely fills a paragraph in minor American newspapers it often makes the front page of his home country's only daily newspaper (which is released quarterly).

The story of how he stumbled across basketball if he was a late starter always sounds implausible when reported, although often the real reason is even stranger than that which is reported. Most players are said to be found simply ambling down the street and are stolen by the armed forces and sold to the USA by their country's desperate government in bundles of three, however this only happens some of the time. Due to the great need for 7 footers in the NBA to fill the last roster spot for minimum wage and the propensity for them to be stolen against their wishes in poor countries many have sought to live a life underground, literally. During the mid-nineties a whole community of gangly young men were allegedly found, huddled in a deep burrow in North-Eastern Europe by National Geographic journalists, although this was denied by both the US government and the government of the country they were found in which has since been split into three countries.
Reports by family members of National Geographic crew (who all mysteriously drowned soon after while researching mirages in the Sahara desert) say that such burrows are commonplace throughout the non-Western world as a means of transporting these players from their homeland to the USA for less than the price of three aeroplane seats (all of which are necessary due to their size). This was said to be set up by the individuals in the nations involved as a means of avoiding payments to government agencies or to make sure that the parents of the young men involved weren't able to know which team/s their sons were joining and therefore were not sent any of their wages, it also makes them harder to track. The players are alleged to be always recruited from towns so backward that they have no street names or house numbers, let alone telephones. Generally such players have not seen basic technology until arriving in the United States and if in the faint possibility they get on the court in the NBA, the flashing lights and sounds are often a major deterrent and a plausible explanation why they will assume their role on the bench within a few seconds.

Many such players are reported to have been discovered by a genuine NBA scout who heard through the grapevine that a six foot nine inch 12 year old was dominating a league of 14 year olds and visits his town with the sole intention of signing this child to a contract, however this is generally not the case. Often Americans are not allowed to enter such nations as a result of lingering cold war tensions or because the country is a constant war-zone, so scouting for a 12th man for your team can in isolated instances be negotiated from as high up as the leader of whatever country the required player is in with the then President of the United States. Most of these players arrive on the doorstep of the team's general manager late at night or disguise themselves as performers on stilts and are rarely seen prior to their arrival in the United States by their first American coach.

Even though the United States government would never admit it, the acquisition of gangly, uncoordinated foreigners to play basketball in their country is highly necessary to maintain their mantle as a superpower. Despite the fact that in years gone by, these players were almost always Eastern-European, they have since been found in Asia and the Middle East as aforementioned. The players are said to perpetuate ethnic stereotypes of biological inferiority, more common in the 19th Century way of thinking, but still a feature of US government propaganda in the media today as a means of promoting the United States as the greatest country on earth. These young men are portrayed as unable to follow instructions, physically incapable of the most basic action and lacking the drive to do anything substantial despite supposedly having one of the greatest opportunities associated with the American dream  to earn millions of dollars as a professional athlete. These stereotypes are played almost every day and night of the year into millions of American homes with each stumble, missed shot and turnover that the 'player' completes.

There have been numerous cases whereby a 12th man is interviewed about whether he thinks the United States should start a war with another nation, his response is always the same in his native language: "I thought you knew I couldn't speak or understand English". This response has commonly been falsely and intentionally subtitled on American television networks as "Down with the USA!!!" and with that the whole English speaking population of America is converted to the mindset that the impending war is necessary.

Where they end up when their careers are over is anyone's guess and many have simply vanished soon after their last game or are dressed in gorilla suits and put in a national park in order to promote the existence of the Sasquatch and bring tourists. The achievements of the afore-unmentioned player who became his country's president (but died soon after) is rarely reached despite many making it back to their homelands and having a good standard of living. Some misguided individuals have been talked into playing in foreign leagues in another part of the developed world after their last NBA game, however with a reputation as an ex-NBA player they are given responsibility and remarkably have a reputation before arriving and unsurprisingly barely make it through the first team practice session.

These players are grossly exploited for short term gain and are made victims wherever they are in the world. Thankfully their professional sporting careers are always short as is their suffering. Whilst their age can rarely be verified at all due to either the tampering of their birth details by their country's government or the fact that no one in their community has an official birth certificate anyway, it is thought their careers generally start and finish at a young age. Their lifespan is thankfully short too and this can be due to the symptoms of gigantism or through various other medical complications associated with their size.

So the next time you see an oversized man-child with an unpronounceable surname take to the hardwood of an NBA stadium and systematically fumble, fall and foul his way through a series of plays, please be mindful of his likely journey to get there. Always remember however that his real-life story and role in the wider community is much greater than you could ever realise.

The above information should not be circulated in print or general conversation.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Beantown, Al Green was well past his prime would have been 15 years ago

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Years ago

Read it all funny and strangely true

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Years ago

The Sedale Threatt story that was floating about a few years back was pretty entertaining... Kinda similar to Skull's Woody Harrelson story...

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Years ago

I was there that day with Skull & it was very amusing. Skull also drove Woody & co to the stadium & apparantly it was a quiet car ride home.

About 2 weeks after this Shane Heal was in town & we took him for a run around as well. This was when he was with Minnesota. I reckon 50 kids got wind of it that he was here & flocked to the stadium to meet him.

Now you can think what you like about Hammer & most bball fans love to hate him but he was great that night. He signed autographs, scrimmaged with all the kids & even took time to talk to the media.

Not bad for a bloke who was on a family holiday & trying to relax in the Nba off season. We finished in a bar in the wee hours & he told me BBall stories like the Charles Barkley incident & when he got 5 junk minutes in a game & hit 6 treys against the lakers.

It wasnt long after this he got hurt & was released but it was great to see him at the top point of his career!

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Years ago

Another quick one, back in those days i owned a bar & Steve Carfino popped in. After quite a few bourbon & cokes i got the band to play a song he liked & he grabbed the microphone & he brought the house down.
Some of you may have heard him sing the national anthem from time to time & yes, he has amazing vocal talent.

I also talked him into playing a game with us & it was great to see the trade mark shake & bake 12 foot jumper was still there. Great bloke!

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Years ago

Lol johnny sack, the Chewbacca defense, classic.

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Years ago

A few years ago I coached against Al Green in a school game. old Al was up to his usual tricks carrying on about mysterious fouls etc... and generally influencing the umps. After the 22nd foul on my team (to 6 on his) I finally decided I'd had enough of his carry on and told him to button it.
He fired back about my players using there knees to defend. I pointed out the foul count and told him he should just shut up and enjoy the free ride he was getting.
At this point he walked towards me shouting 'do you know basketball? Do you even know basketball?'
I replied that yes I did know basketball and wondered out loud if he could still remember it.
At this point both teams players started laughing and he went of his trolley!
I think he may be a bit sensitive about his age!!

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Years ago

I was playing once and I was getting heckled by some Asian guy in the crowd. I got subbed out so I yelled back at him, and even threw in a few racist comments, asking for spring rolls and stuff. Oh man, I was pretty happy with myself.

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Years ago

Did you deny all happenings of said event TC2 and then make the guy that you racially abuse retract all comments? You are one classy dude!

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Years ago

Yeah, I used the old "it can't be true because it was said on the internet" line.

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Johnny Sack  
Years ago

Andrew Gaze dunked on someone once...

The footage is grainy (like the Zapruder film) - but it is undeniable that someone in a Supercats uniform was posterized. This footage was lost for sometime until uncovered by "the intenets" - and then chaos theory (or "the butterfly effect" - for the plebs) kicked in.

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Years ago

This one time, I organised a pre-season bbq for my favourite team and told everyone it was official and put phone numbers in and everything.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

I tried out the old line - asking the refs If i can get into trouble for something I think... he said NO... I said I think you're an asshole... he teched me... I complained to him for going back on his word... i get 2nd tech... a week later I get a warning letter from the association :)

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Years ago

Great thread

DJ Rod, I got teched for the same thing about 4 weeks ago. Except I thought he was a dickhead.

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Years ago

Skull, do you mean James Caviezel played too?

who knew Jesus was a good Bball player?

and that his brother was a pro/semi pro?

would've been some good pickup games in bethlehem...

(Passion of the Christ reference, FWIW)

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Years ago

years ago playing district at Hillcrest I was getting heckled by a really fat woman associated with North Adelaide. I got fouled out and upon my approach to the bench she yelled "Get off the court" so I replied "why are you still even watching the game, the canteen is open you know". My bench lost it and she for the first time all night had nothing to say!

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When i was playing i think under 14's, in melbourne, we were playing the worst team in some carnival. and the parents were so feral, like abusing us etc. And we were smashing them, so i hit this baseline jumper, and held my hand up all the way down the court, and when i ran past the parents, one of them yelled out "How was your 21st?"

very funny. I just laughed

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Apu fatass  
Years ago

Hhehee at Millhouse. I think I know who you are referring to hehehe. And KFC isn't that far either hehehe.

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Years ago

COOPZ- yes it was james caviezel(just googled it)
his brothers name is tim,just read a bit about him and now realise why he kicked our arses around the court!!
looks like jim had a promising career also,until an injury pushed him down the path he went(probably a good move in the end!)

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Years ago

ESP have you worked out the players in the basketbawful blogs? matt ten dam and brad miller are my guesses at purdue

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Years ago

One time I was playing against the Jazz and I dunked on John Stockton, and some guy got up and followed me almost all the way down the sideline, yelling "hey, pick on someone your own size."
So the next time down the court I dunked I Mel Turpin. I ran back past him and said "was he big enough?"

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Years ago

It was my first game at West Adelaide in the ABA team, I was 17. We played North at PT Adelaide, and we still had the old changerooms, where the visitors have now. We had won the game. I was sitting there thinking this is awesome, I'm hanging out the Willie Simmons, Paul Bell, Matty Hughes and sorts. Then before I know it Marcel and Adam Cunningham sit either side of me and pin me in. I look up and out of the showers walks BIG WILLIE SIMMONS dancing around singing Gettin Jiggy With it. He comes funking his way over to me with his FOOTLONG in my face dancing around and all I remember him saying is " YEAH YOUNG BRAD, ITS BIG WILLIE STYLE BABY, BIG WILLIE STYLE BABY".

Another time when I was about 20. We were playing Forrestville at Pt Adelaide. It was the last QTR and we were getting done by about 20. So as usualy I got a run. I came across on split line help cos people had rotated and I found myself under the basket. The ball was lobbed over to the middle when I thought Blake was there to cover but he wasn't he had come to help. So as I turned to see, Pero had cought the ball. There was no time to run out of the way. So I just turned away. The next thing I felt was Pero's Balls on my shoulder. The game was stopped for 5 - 10 Minutes while they changed the ring over, since Pero broke it on my head!!!.

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Years ago

I reckon the basketbawful stories are classic. Would the player be Rik Smits, and Marist College?

Reply #242702 | Report this post

In relation to the Basketbawful article:

The college 'may be' Purdue
The Dutch Player 'may be' Mat Ten Dam
and the All-Star could be either Brad Miller or Glenn Robinson... However, I think Basketbawful started in around 1994, so I'm pretty sure he's talking about Big Dog.

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Years ago

If so, this is Ten Dam, now involved in some fighting show?

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Yep, that's him.

"MMA: Mathieu ten Dam (HOL) vs Maurice Luiendijk (HOL) MMA
Mathieu is fighting for the first time, this former basketball player (8 years in the US) is a giant ala Hong men Choi. With a height of 2 meter 20 cm his opent maurice looked like a dwarf.
Not really a match, a feww huge knees landing target and the ref stops the fight in less then 1 minute. Winner on tko Mathieu ten Dam."

Haha maybe Basketbawful should be careful what he writes....

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Years ago

Video of him in action. His entrance is at the 3:15 mark:

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Years ago

TC2 who is Mel Turpin?

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Years ago

who is Mel Turpin?

He was a 6'11" centre whose nickname was "Dinner Bell Mel", although during his time with the Jazz he was also called "The Mealman". That may give you a hint about why that story is so funny.

Or you can just watch the video:

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Years ago

nickyg, if you didn't know that story, you need to dust off come fly with me...

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