bretts the man
Years ago

SOS Purchase So Exciting - Now

Whilst last to put any negatives out there about the guys that saved our club I can see a huge drop off in interest in the Sixers on this site etc with no information coming out about players with only 5 signed and no word on anyone else in their sights and no information coming out at all from club where in just over 2 months time the NBL commences.
I know it has been hard work for them and I will be there with my season tickets but to make it work for these guys the information needed to keep coming out .
Even signs or hand-outs at the netball game .
How easy is it to get a flyer done espec. to captive market.
If Ballinger had not been naturalized today we would not had a post on here about Sixers in a week with only 2 -3 posts since Herbert got signed.
As previously posted we are not even getting any rumours on poss. players or who they have been speaking to like previous years. It seems a lot of key posters Isaac included are too close to the group
to be able to talk about poss new players.
Sixer postings usually get 10 times the response other posts do. So the interest is here just need to keep it there Enthusiasm towards season should be building not going into hold . Hate to see the Guys drop the ball at this crucial time. Hopefully they are busy finding sponsors etc.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Bretts the man, we have signed 6 players, the coaches are in the USA searching for 2 imports (that makes a possible 8 players) and probably 2 benchies to fill out the squad. Obviously you have never had to create any type of advertising, it is very important to make sure you get everything exactly right

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Years ago

Bretts the man - You're very impatient! Ninnis and Hill are over in the US looking for (possibly) 2 imports. Other then that all we need then is a back up center, under 23 player and a back up point guard. Sturt will probably (its only a guess) be the back up center and Davidson (another guess) the backup point guard. Both those players will be available if we sign them today or in two months time.

Ben Fitz also said something regarding the Season tickets will be up on the website in the next few days.

Just be patient! Things will happen shortly im sure!

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Years ago

Hmmm, do I bother responding or do I keep working on getting the membership packages up on the site?

Seriously BTM, relax. It's only been just over a week since the last player signing was announced and obviously imports are a different game (often signed later in the off-season). I've heard all of one possible import name and I don't think they're that serious a target.

Outside of that, while I work on the website and the club works on getting IT stuff installed and all that, The Advertiser has mentioned a few possible pre-season games and so on. Hopefully membership info will be online today and then the web stuff with the NBL will be sorted out soon.

How many imports are signed or rumoured for other teams? Dave Thomas at the Breakers (announced today), Rolan Roberts at the Crocs, but who else?

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Dont worry about me . I will be there . If you think that Sixers keeping interest going and that we will still get 4-5 k first match . Fab. nobody happier than me. Do we need new logos, new website from day 1 again thats a decision owners make .
Sorry cant help to say sorry for 5 mins it took to respond Isaac off your time . Come on mate hell the best PR you can do for the club at this stage is on this site with a 5 min post.
NBL and Sixers had lots of negatives and would be good to get positives out there to general public .
Re players I never said needed to know who imports were but they cant select their other 3 plyrs whilst over in USA looking for imports . So it could be well into August with season starting in Sept. before we know a good part of our team and no further releases of plyrs till we sign a import hopefully in almost 2 weeks you would assume. When did we get told that Scotty etc had gone to USA .
You think Iam being negative fine and all fire away at me but least talking about Sixers .

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Years ago

The NBL are forcing clubs to develop new websites with a new web partner, so that's kinda out of the owners' hands, contrary to your suggestion.

What do you want me to post on this site? It's already been mentioned that the coaches might be going OS to the summer leagues. Prior to that, I mentioned that at least one of them was at the Boomers camp to see AIS players. It's already been mentioned that the brochures are in production. And that they had Sturt train with them.

"before we know a good part of our team"?

You already know 6 of 10 players, and two imports would take that to 8.

20-25 Sixers topics since mid-June doesn't look like a "huge drop off in interest" to me.

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A little faith  
Years ago

Some interesting facts to consider.
I understand that the lease for the dome begun on the 1st of July, this means the new management have now had 9 days to install their internet connections, phones and computer systems.
Prior to this I saw Fitzy working from the little office by the gym down with the coaches.

Just a few little required items before they can trade.
Bank Accounts
Merchant Facility's
Guessing Shareholder and Director agreements
Ticketing agreements
Phone numbers
Internet connections
Signature authority's
and it goes on!

then start thinking about
player contracts
merchandise agreements
catering agreements
Gym agreements
Sponsorship agreements
employing staff

BTM.....if they pull all of that off inside 2 weeks, my hat goes off to them.
If the communication coming out is slow, guessing heads down bums up

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Years ago

If the Dome lease started July 1 that doesn't mean they couldn't be in operation until then. As you said they've obviously been working from the Dome prior to that date so what have they been doing?

Didn't they buy the team over 2 months ago?

I'm thankful we have a team, but right now I think this group have proven to be worse than the previous management not better.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Anon 242855,
Really quick to judge, the old owner nearly let the team collapse but I guess he would be better than a bunch of guys trying real hard to save the club. I normally don't like to insult people over the net but you are a tool

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Years ago

Word in Vic is that Jingles may be late minute Sixer

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bretts the man  
Years ago

I wasnt laying criticsm I have no doubt the other mob left plenty of problems.
Sure they want to do it better than before but just for sake of getting support and sponsors on board more info even in basic knowledge I thought would be good.
Last want to do also challenge you Isaac as enjoy your site, but to say there is more feedback re Sixers now than 2-3 months before last year is not correct and yes because of yours ,skip etc connection we know why we have to wear less info. coming out but to say info is coming on this site like it used to. It isnt . Thats fine but also to say Sturt has been listed as poss. plyr is wrong if you believe the coach who said he wasnt or is he misleading us fans. And from the AIS thing not 1 plyrs name came as a poss. even as a rumour.
Then King James tells me I am being impatient and in that he is probably right for the club not me then he tells me we can sign the plyrs up in 2 months times which would be 1 week before 1st game and not avail. for those practice games. A little faith well you or your other name use on this site you could have given this info. and other before . The SOS passion got our club back passion will make it thrive .

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago


without going back over reading other or my previous posts, my recollection is that Coach Scott never said Sturt was never considered....
it was that Coach Scott told Boti that Sturt was now no longer under consideration, implying that clearly he had been originally but was no longer for whatever reason.
Hopefully this makes sense to you.

Also bear in mind that now with 40 minute games, teams don't need to recruit as much depth.

i also believe that the Jingles rumour is correct, also because one of his best mates is also a point guard, {the two import positions} but Jingles is also considering Europe seriously as he has a UK passport, but he is smart to keep his options open.

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Years ago

Ingles is an outside chance. It isnt a great time to be looking for Euro contracts with many economies on the continent feeling the pinch much worse than Australia.

Will be interesting with guys like Ingles, Knight, Khazzouh, Loughton etc to see if all of them get jobs in Europe. Would they be happier to settle for lesser roles or play in lower level comps if their is a decent $200K offer on the table in Aus?

I personally think Ingles will get a job in Europe, even though his average first day in Treviso might count against him with the bigger clubs.

Same could be said of Mills if he isnt signed, although I suspect he will play NBA-D.

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Years ago

You could argue that less info leaking actually means they're doing a better job of keeping the right things quiet in terms of player considerations.

There is an import prospect coming out for trials shortly though, I think I can let you know of that.

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Years ago

Is the import coming out a PG??

Ballinger Fan, is Pat Mills the best mate of Ingles you are referring to? if so and they both miss the NBA how good would it be to have Mills and Ingles instead of imports!! id be pumped after the olympics mills is one of my fav aussies!!

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Years ago

BTM, I can understand your reasoning and I think it mostly has to do with the fact that there is no official 36ers website posting any news. I don't fully understand myself the situation that sees the office records cleared out and the website closed down when the current owners took over. When Hemmerling became the first private owner taking over from BASA, there seemed to be more continuity in office operations and the operation of the website. No criticism at all at the new owners and extremely thankful that we have a team but why has the communications side of the club come to a stand still. Perhaps Isaac can shed some light here.

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Years ago

Isaac interesting you'd go down that path when my mail is the biggest leak of information involved the guy who's now GM.

And a friend of yours if I'm not mistaken.

That which goes around comes around.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Boti did mention Ingles possible if he gets free.

The Ben Fitz Spectacular is on CH9 - 6.30pm Friday, A Current Affair - ' The former music man who is saving our sixers . '

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Years ago

EC, for some time, there was a 36ers website, but no staff giving me instructions on what I should report about the sale process (besides JVG's press release at one point) - other than that, there was little official news.

After that, the primary focus was on building a list of potential customers - most of the existing site as it stood was largely irrelevant (old membership brochures and corporate deals, etc).

As for membership information, I think that issue stemmed from an electronic spreadsheet not being provided at the beginning but was handed over a little while after.

Right now, the web stuff is a bit up in the air. The NBL are requesting that all clubs use a common web platform, but won't be providing it until late in August (I think). The platform doesn't cover a few key things we'd like to do.

Previous continuity in the office would've come from carry over of staff, the same IT setup, etc.

Anon, Ben and I are good friends, yes. We'll have to disagree on the rest of your comment though.

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Years ago

Isaac, does this mean no more Sportal? That would be awesome.

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Years ago

they're still bickering about internal politics, they stuffed up their due diligence (look it up) and some people involved pissed off a lot of other people along the way and are now looking for help.

Yes, great to see Adelaide still has a team. And nice that they can use the old name. Good luck to Mark and anyone involved.

But they aint the 36ers. The 36ers we knew and loved are long gone.

Don't expect too much people...

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Years ago

Just read back through a stack of your posts brettstheman, NVS, a few others...

Jeez Isaac, this site could do with some input from people who know what they are talking about. Basketball perhaps, but the business side of the game - some of the dribble in here seriously detracts from the credibility of the sport-related comment - which is generally pretty interesting!

I know it is a public forum, and it's a bit hard when things have been up in the air an all, but here's hoping that when (if) the season finally starts, people can get back to being armchair sports experts instead of armchair business experts.

Cos they do a pretty average job of the latter...

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Ben Fitz  
Years ago

Hello everyone
Thanks for all the comments on here it is great to know that we have fans that want the team to be successful on and off court as much as i do.

Much is being done behind the scenes at the moment in all facets of the business. There have been some unforeseen hurdles that we have either overcome or are overcoming. Most of which is not appropriate to discuss in this forum.

There are some misguided comments in this thread but i wont stop anyone from sharing their opinion. All i ask is that if you are going to have a crack at me or what we are doing make sure you have all the information. As always, i am only an email or phone call away if you want to discuss anything personally.

Needless to say we are building an exciting team that as a fan in the stand i would want to watch play ball.

We are also in the process of adding some significant things to the membership packages.

All will be revealed in good time.

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Years ago

Thanks Ben.........can't wait!!

There's a good catch cry - "Sixers....we can't wait!!"

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Basket bored maybe you make more sense under your normal alias as all over the place but dont agree about the 36ers we know being lost forever . Yes certainly were going down different road but positive these guys will get us back on track.
Whilst maybe my post opened up some criticsm all I ever set out to say was I thought to get general public and loyal fans more info. needed to keep happening. As just over 2 months we play first game with practice matches before . Now I dont need to remind Ben Fitz , Isaac and other SOS of that tight time schedule but in that time we want to entice 4-5k supporters to first game there to make this work.
The only other point wanted to make was that at this stage in the paper and espec. on this site we would have some names as poss. back up PG and C and u-23
and even some import names. Whilst some names could be wrong least being talked about . Only example this year was Sturt then Scotty ruled it out.
Major reason is of course that key basketball people
normally gain some of the knowledge from are too close and working to make club happen.
Ben Fitz thanks taking 5 mins to give us some assurance.

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Years ago

Basketbored.....why are you bringing me into this?

Ben Fitz.....unfortunately it is a fact of life that you are going to receive many "misguided" comments on this site and other sites. You are going to have to suck it up and move on.

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Years ago


3 months ago...we effectively had...
no website
no planning
No club
No team
No future

We are now (IMO)...
re-building a club,
developing a, reasonable/good team,
planning for a solid future,
being informed by owners/management

As with 90% of 36ers fans i am sure, The Adelaide 36ers and their management have my support, i am grateful to those that put their money where their mouth is and i am looking forward to seeing MY team play and beat the best available competition.

Thanks to all involved at the club and here...without your efforts my day would be a little less enjoyable.

Go 36ers!

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Years ago

Totally agree, we should be thankful that we have a team. I'm sure that the coaching staff and the consortium are doing all they can to get things up and running as smoothly as possible, but remember, they are taking over a company that was pretty much left for dead as well as having to meet standards set by the New NBL for the better of the league. Things take time, Rome wasn't built in a day, but more so they need the support of the fans.
As easy as it would be to start rumours or have information leaked about who the coaching staff have spoken to or have targeted, they have also probably learnt from people on here, that if they don't end up signing these players they are bagged and ridiculed for being incompetent, so it may be smarter to simply not leak who they are talking to.
In a market when the company trying to recruit players was the last to join due to rumours of folding, it would be hard to recruit players, add on top of that the negative stereotype of South Australia. I know we all love our own state, but some of you may not realise, outside of SA people make fun of us!
Let's stay tight, we still have 2 months to go and i'm sure the organisation will do their best to put together a team that we can all cheer for come September!

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Years ago

Panther, I dispute your comment "outside of SA people make fun of us!" If you are talking about the Vic/SA rivalry, Vic does not constitute "outside SA" in its entirety. Having a non Australian background and with many relatives from overseas visiting, I can assure you I have never heard any comments of ridicule. Having many relatives interstate again has seen no mention of ridicule. Victoria will ridicule any other state in Australia if they stand in their way of being the best sporting team in the country. Hence why it is always to satisfying to see an AFL grand final in Victoria without Victorian participants.

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Years ago

As a Vic who lived in SA, there is a real chip on the shoulder about what people around the country think, when those people, including Vics, couldnt really care either way.

Yes, people make Adelaide jokes, but people make blonde jokes and still manage to like people who are blonde!!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Me If you and others believe it or not your very well put thoughts are my sentiment.
I did not wish to bring on negativity espec. towards SOS group that saved our club.
Whilst did right or wrong with the post you have to say with signing of new import it is good Hoops are talking about Sixers and general public know Sixers are happening.
Espec. when we thought Scotty in USA and never left Aust.

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Years ago

EC - you can dispute it as much as you like but Panther is correct - people all over Australia love to make fun of little old Adelaide.
These jokes are normally based (IMO)non mis-information but they still pop up regularly all over the place.

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