Years ago

Southern Girls Embarrassing Loss

The girls started terrible against north with a 0-18 run and the same happened in the third quarter 0-12. thoughts??

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Hoops 37  
Years ago

high scorer 13pts wtf???

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filthy mexican  
Years ago

southern came up against an in form talented group in the rockets. Unfortunately the tigers are lacking high level players that could get them up this season but to say they were embarrassing is too harsh. They are 2 players from being a competitive group.

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Years ago

So you're saying during they game they combined for a 0-30 run.... what thoughts could you possibly need to be made about something so obvious?Teams get blown away in all sports at all levels of play, no need to make to much of a deal of this i wouldnt have thought.

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Years ago

Don't under rate the Rockets.

They are well ahead of the lower teams like eastern centrals/ and woodville!!!

Its really a 7 team competition.

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Years ago

I thought some people were coming on here really talking up Southern as a play off contender!! Where are they now? Boti to coach the woman next year!

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Years ago

Boti probally started the post.

Teams have bad nights get over it.

North shot at 50%, Southern at about 20% end of story.

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Years ago

It isn't an embarassing loss, north have only lost 1 of the last 5 or something. This looks like a thread to only try to bag southern.

Get over yourself.

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gen x chromosome  
Years ago

North aren't that good, they've had their share of scares and losses this year. Everyone has a bad night or two, just ask West!

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

A certain local journo has been using his power to play the coach against the senior players in the team all season. Not got anything ot do with the fact that his daughter is part of the "team". The fact that the coach has shown more loyalty to a father of a player, as opposed to the team that has played together for a few successful years is weak as a coach, that has shown no spine all season, and if it were for a much stronger person as coach. these girls would have made it far further than finishing out of the finals.

Some of these younger girls could do worse than learn from the likes of experienced guards like Walker and Hendrie. Strong opinion is they are much to big for their boots, no thanks to a certain Journalist/ junior coach.

Very disappointing from a man with such power. Abuse of power to an excess.

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Years ago

Wait until he does the next trick, and undermines the coach to the club, and take his job so that he can put his other daughter in the team and she can play minutes next year.

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Years ago

So another coach is the one responsible for two bad runs in a game that caused them to lose? Excuses excuses..

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Years ago


Yes only two players - they would need to be Lauren Jackson and Erin Phillips

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Years ago

Woodville women's coach has had a bad run for nine years so I wouldn' be chopping Southern's coach on the basis of 2 bad games.

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old and gray  
Years ago

"Woodville women's coach has had a bad run for nine years so I wouldn' be chopping Southern's coach on the basis of 2 bad games." - you would need to be anonymous to make a post like this, of course by being anonymous the question of ( and interest in) what you would or 'wouldn' ' ( ??? !!! - wouldn't) do is, of little interest to anyone.

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Years ago

so what woodville coach got to do with southern - horses for courses
southern problems should remain down south - the future at woodvile looks bright - expect big step strides next season - the youth policy is working doubt any other club has number juniors coming on at dome - hard yards paying off

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Years ago

same promise every year isn't it anon, big things next season

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Years ago

I have to agree with 245029. After 8 years the program has seen many players come and go. There are no lights at the end of the tunnel. The program will not be in the finals with the current program or with the current philosophy. They are no closer than what they were in 2002. They have some good players who are self centred and so far off combining to form a championship winning formula because it is in the culture. The best will be recruited to programs who have some chance of winning. Play for the warriors and you will not win in your whole career.

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Years ago

I would say at Woodville the same coach will get it again. As apart from Willie there is no one who could take over.

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Years ago

The Tigers line change every week.

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Years ago

l think boti should coach the woman.
They need a change.

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hoop 37  
Years ago

l agee

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Years ago

Note: Josh and hoop 37 are the same IP.

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Years ago


And probably related to Boti.

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Years ago

IMO, it was probably someone trying to make it look like they were related to Boti.

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money honey  
Years ago

no option but to continue with same options
same results

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