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NBL Records with change to 40 Minute Games

While I am a huge supporter of the 40 minute format being adopted by the NBL this season, someone told me while i was on a flying visit to Perth last week that the NBL is not making any effort to re-establish records etc for the 2009/10 season based on the 40 minute format.

So it appears that league records for rebounding, scoring etc etc which were earned in 48 minute affairs will not be in any way recalibrated to cope with the 40 minute format.

While i don't know technically how they would do it, it seems to me BA must reset the boundaries. There is no little or no chance of a player in a 40 minute game setting new all time records, or teams for that matter.

Has anyone seen any discussion on this?

(and please don't let this sink into a discussion about how 48 minute games would be more exciting because people would score more and that would attract more people.... its been done to death)

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Years ago

48 minutes is the standard at which pro fessional basketball is set. why change it?? is this a rumor or fact

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I'd guess they are trialling 40mins for this season.

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Years ago

Only 1 Pro league in the world plays 48 minutes. Europe plays 40.

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Years ago

48 minutes is absolutely the exception. No one in Europe plays 48, neither does anyone in South America.

They are not trialling it, they are bringing the Australian game into line with the rest of the world.

Anyway, to the question - how to treat game high records?

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Years ago

Divide all records by 48 and multiply by 40. so al greens record will be broken with a 60 point game in 40 minutes. Nbl has not always been a 48 minute league anyway

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VC fan  
Years ago

is it true though that they are changing the keyway to the squarer, nba style with the charge circle is some places in australia? why are we conforming the the one league in the world that doesnt conform?

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Years ago

i am sorry but i assume people who come to this forum are in touch with what is happening in the basketball world.

It was announced at the time of the last olympics that there has been some harmonisation of FIBA and NBA rules. This is not new news and VC Fan the whole world is moving to the rectangular keyway.

This has been widely publicized, widely discussed and some stadiums have begun to implement.

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I was pretty sure the nbl once played 40 minute games - do you know when that was changed to the 48 minute format?

I think the divide by 48 multiply by 40 is a bit simplistic. Would it be better to reinvigorate league records and maintain two sets ? one from 40 vs one from 48?

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Years ago

I like HO's idea of two sets of league records. Dont take away some of Al's record, he genuinly had 71 in a game so lets leave it at that. Its also not fair to expect players only playing 40 mins to be able to compete for these accomplishments. Two sets of records I believe is the only fair and decent way to go about it.

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Years ago

actually vanexel you would probably end up keeping 3.

40 Minute
48 Minute

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Years ago

I think you will find Al Greens 71 came in a 40 minute game.

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Years ago

I actually don't think it will have too much effect.

The guns are still going to play 35-40 minutes a game just like they did before.

The change to 40 minutes is just taking away the 8 minutes garbage time used to rest starters.

Now they are only running out 40min games they will need less rest.

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Years ago

This is a major issue as I see it ... less teams with a reliance on the lesser/development players reducing. If I was a 9 - 10 - 11 or 12 player on a roster, it may be time to start looking for a real job. And if you haven't got a gig and you are on the fringe you better hope you have a real job.

The development of players is going to be the issue with reduced minutes.

Another issue to reduced minutes is that people wouldn't go and watch a 48 minute game in the last few years ... are we going to see better value for money with a 40 minute game ... maybe !!!

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Years ago

Basketball around the world suggests that depth is just as important in 40 minute games as in 40 minute games.

If you can run 9 quality guys over a 40 minute period they will be fresher at the end than a team that only has 7 or 8.

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