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Rumor big four plans for new melbourne nbl team

Rumor has it that the big four VJBL clubs in Victoria are planning to combine to make the second NBL team.

the clubs are supposedly involved are


Not sure about the other two i think its.


Anyone heard anything on this?

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Years ago

There have been rumours for quite some time now since the demise of the Dragons. Knox and Kilsyth Associations definitely involved. Dandenong have also had discussions. Not sure about Bulleen or Eltham, but is is highly likely.

Couple that with the construction of a new stadium in Scoresby (Knox Association) where Basketball Victoria will also be moving to which will have a 4000+ seat show court (can't recall actual number of seats but I would like to think it could house 6000+).

Basketball Victoria is supporting the Association backed Victorian NBL team and I can definitely see it getting off the ground.

The Eastern suburbs of Melbourne is the heartland of basketball in this country, and it makes sense to base an NBL team right in the middle of it. The new stadium at Scoresby will also sit right on top of the new Eastlink toll road so access by car will be easy. To travel to The Cage for people from the Eastern suburbs is not easy and therefore many just do not go.

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Young Gun  
Years ago

Have to say that the best game I've gone to from a crowd participation perspective was at a Knox v Hobart game a couple of seasons ago.. there was a really good vibe out there. I REALLY hope that if they're going to have a team out there, then it is made up of players from those associations. Too bad Nunawading isn't mentioned, but from what I see, they're only a shadow of their former selves.

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Years ago

i think its great that Melbourne are getting into a new team but i prefer to see sum action from Sydney & Brisbane first!

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Years ago

Your rumour maybe correct but from Knox's point of view I am told only 3 people are pushing the agenda, and they are keeping it very secret as they have been warned what a severe backlass they will get if they make it public to their members.All the people talking about NBL side at new complex should be told as I have been that the new stadium complex has always been about catering for Knox's ever expanding needs for court space for their huge local competition not an NBL team.

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Years ago

The new development has significant state funding for a state headquarters and showcourt stadium, it is not just for Knox. An NBL team will play there.

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Years ago

As Paul has clarified, the new stadium at Scoresby will be used by the Knox Association, however it will also house Basketball victoria and contain a show court that will have a capacity of 4000+.

There are plans for 8-10 courts plus a show court. It will be a massive facility.

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Years ago

Here is the link to the original thread started that discussed this new Scoresby stadium which is actually located in Wantirna South:

I also looked up the basketball stadiunm details and identified the following extra information and link the the master plans whcih also incorporates other sports and facilities on the same site.


There are links to PDF files at the bottom of the page with the actual plans.

And to clarify my further comments with actual facts:
- An indoor recreation stadium, with six courts, with a capacity for 3,500-seat show court

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Years ago

Yes the complex has received state funding and fed funding,yes it will be huge when completed, yes BV are looking at it being there headquarters BUT and this is as I have been told by Knox people that Knox Basketball in conjunction with the local council(who own the place by the way)will have the major say what happens there from a basketball sense. Both those parties apparently instigated the whole project based on the needs of the sport within their areas. The rest will be add ons which presumably both Knox Association and the council will have a say in what those extras are.Lastly if those associations are looking at a joint proposal for an NBL team none of them no matter what you here about how rich they are could support an NBL team financially.

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Years ago

They could if they only spend however much the NBL team brings in.

And am pretty sure the local Council's say will be minimal, as is their funding contribution. The development is funded as Bball Vic and Soccer Vic headquarters, not as a local project - though it wil have great benefits in that area.

LC, I believe there is a stage two of this project which would see the showcourt extended to 5000.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

I'd think Sandringham instead of Eltham?

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Years ago

Sorry Paul but the council has a huge say as they own the land, and they are building the complex. My soucres tell me that the council as the land owner and project developer had to apply for the funding not BV, Soccer Vic or Knox Basketball. These 3 will only be tenants. Soccer as I understand it was brought in to enhance the viability of the project and to support the funding proposal as it was for a sports precint.
Overall no matter what happens when completed it will be the central site for basketball in Vic, and from my memory there is nothing that will compare with any where in Aus at the moment.

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Years ago

Watcher, I work in local government, and can assure you that whether they applied for funding, own the land, are project manager or whatever, when there is state and federal money involved, the Council will do what theyre told.

Council's are really just facilitators of state and federal projects. The only time governments listen is if there is significant community support (ie: votes) for the Council's position.

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Fill Smythe  
Years ago

State and Federal funds given to basketball in Victoria. Sigh!

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Years ago

Thanks Paul - it's good to hear there is potential for an increase in capacity down the track.

Whether you like it or not, MSAC and Dandenong stadiums will still have more courts that this new facility, and MSAC also has an Olympic swimming pool and many other facilities as well.

However this new stadium is sure to be very very good.

Imagine the "Melbourne Dragons" playing out of the new stadium in the NBL...(I never thought much of the name "South").

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Save Our Dragons  
Years ago

No new Melbourne Team will EVER be able to use the name Melbourne in their team. EVER. The Tigers forbid them. Sometimes I think that the Melbourne Tigers run the league........

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Years ago

Paul obviously being in local government your knowledge is far better than mine on these matters, but if what you say is correct I suggest you watch this space as I am told that the council has already made significant changes to the proposed tenancy structure of the building part of the project, which the proposed tenants are furious about.Again, if what I am told is true then I hope what you say is correct and the funding suppliers step in and take charge. If they don't things will get very interesting.May I say
what I have said above I have been told at least 3 times from very different sources within the basketball world.

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Years ago

That's crazy SOD!
The new Melbourne A-League team will be called Melbourne Heart - and share the Melbourne name with that of the Victory. the situation would be no different, and to that such as the LA Lakers and LA Clippers in the NBA.
The Melbourne name itself is not the brand, the nickname is the brand and the IP in this case.
Seamus needs to pull his head out of his arse and the BA/NBL head honchos need to show some balls. the Tigers do not own the name "Melbourne".

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Years ago

LC, that fight has been going on since long before Seamus was one of the owners. When the Spectres and Saints merged at the end of 91 they wanted to be the Melbourne Magic but the Tigers kicked up a stink. I personally would like to see the new team called the South Dragons.

As for stage 2 of the project, it is in the plans I believe, but will prob rely on future rounds of funding being available. Let's hope it happens.

Anon, no doubt local govt can cause some hassles on the smaller details like lease agreements. That’s the stuff state and feds want nothing to do with. But if an NBL team wanted to play there and the Council were being unreasonable, I think they would find themselves pulled into line pretty quickly.

State Gov were involved a couple of times in reducing rent for NBL clubs at Vodafone as it was exorbitant. And their money was to create a 'basketball home’, so they wont be impressed in an NBL were being precluded from playing there. I don’t think that will be an issue though, having 15-odd NBL games there each year will be a good money spinner. There aren’t a lot of other tenants for 3500-5000 seat stadiums.

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Years ago

new complex show court and facilities could not only support a new NBL team but also other major basketball events. I think that is one of the major issues for BV moving their so as they have such direct access to a multi court complex in which they can hold events such as the classic and under age national tournys.
On the NBl team I will admit to being a local supporter of local bball and I am just fearful of what is being touted about a consortium of local associations having the team.We all know the running costs are massive and no matter what you say bums on seats and sponsorship dont ever cover costs, so where does the rest come from? I hope not a levy on local members which is what I have heard mentioned.

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