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Your top 5 players to watch 10/11

Top 5 players to watch in the new season. Any reason to watch is ok, whether its a breakout yr for them, or a breakdown yr. Here is mine;

1 Roy Hibbert. The Pacers C is about to become a real factor, and will help the Pacers be the surprise team for this season. Think last yrs Portland type rise.

2 Vince Carter. Will have a career year. He has just got a low post presence that made us all think Hedo was a good player. Imagine what it will do for Vince to have the D worried about someone else for a change.

3 Ryan Anderson. Magic stole this guy from NJ and will slot in perfect as a big that can shoot.

4 OJ Mayo. Will he just be another high volume shooter that fails to get others involved? aka Ben Gordon?

5 The Aussies!!!! I really look forward to keeping track of all the guys playing the best comp in the world. Bogut, Anderson, Nevil, Mills and Jawai- fingers crossed for the lot of em!

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Amare- has he finally turned into the complete player?
Brand- the return of the real Elton, 20/11 for sure.
Brook Lopez- chance to become a top 3 center in the L

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Good list there Q.

Nice to see Amar'e getting some love, I agree that this could be a stand-out season for him after a full offseason to recover from surgeries. Hopefully he's fully commited to the goggles now!

Another baller worth a mention I think would have to be Kevin Durant. Will he continue his rise to top 10 elite NBA status?

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Durant is a gun. That team has some really good pieces and should look for a slow and steady type rise through the ranks. Durant/Westbrook/Green. In 5 yrs they will be constant contenders...if the GM doesn't stuff it up.

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Is this 10/11 or 09/10 season im confused?

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Good call on Hibbert, Quag.

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Hi Quagmire,
Not so bullish on Hibbert and the Pacers as you are, though I don't think he, or they, will be terrible.

I agree, Anderson is looking like a really nice throw in for the Magic.

He hasn't started well in the preseason, but there is no reason why Vince can't be even more effective running the pick and roll than Hedo was. I think he'll do well, but hopefully not well enough to knock off my Celtics. Happily for me, the Celtics remain one of the best pick and roll defensive teams in the league, so if anyone can deal with that they can!

I really worry about how the Griz will come together this season. On paper they have really started to get some nice pieces together, but I fear Iverson and Randolph will hamper OJ, Conley and Gay more than help them to become better pros.

Andersen has had a really nice start to the season with Houston. Hoping Bogut can get healthy and stay that way this year. He really needs to turn things around before too many people write him off and he gets dumped (unfairly IMO) in the Kwame/ Kandiman well of shame.

Mills is looking like he will be waived by the Blazers in the next couple of weeks and will therefore be a free agent. Might be tough to get a gig on a team this season, but I hope he can find a good situation on one of the D League teams and tear it up so he gets picked up next off season.

For me, I'm really looking forward to see Durant and his buddies develop down in OKC. They are primed for big things if Presti lands another high draft pick and can sign someone like Bosh in 2010.

I like the way Lopez has developed for New Jersey. They have a nice nucleus there now with Harris and guys like Lee and Douglas-Roberts. All they gotta do is land Lebron... LOL

I'd like to see if Anthony Morrow can be consistent with decent minutes this season because he can be an absolutely explosive scorer at times.

I'm hoping Rondo continues to develop his shooting and becomes more consistent this season. I think, outside of KG's health, Rondo maybe the Celtics biggest x-factor for another title run this year.

I'll be interested to see if Channing Frye can resurrect his career with the Suns by becoming the bail out option for the Nash-Stoudemire pick and roll.

Hoping that the Bucks hit a home run with Jennings and he helps get Bogut a lot of easy baskets.

Also would like to see Jefferson and Love have a great season together and establish themselves as one of the best frontlines in the game.

It would be nice to see Oden start to realise his potential as well and for Portland to take it up to the Lakers in the West.

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my top 5 to look for thid season 09/10 are

Greg oden -to see if his body can live up to his Potential

Blake griffen - gifted young man like to see what hes got in the pros.

Kevin Garnett - see if the Veteran still has the hunger after an injury

Dwayne Wade - just to see how far a players heart can take a team. possible M.V.P

Allan Iverson - see what his reaction will be if his team starts losing

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Throwing some more names out there:

Anthony Randolph looks as if he can begin becoming more of a go to guy for the Warriors. I'll be interested to see how his game grows despite the turmoil GSW are going through.

My smokey for the MVP (please don't laugh) in all honesty I think this could be a breakout year for Melo. I know he is already a stellar player but with a season with Chauncey in his ear and the experience of last years Western Conference finals apperance i think he can push into the Kobe, Flash, LeBron mega-star status. No doubt he has the talent but as is always the case it comes down to where his head is at.

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Years ago

I like the pacers too. Danny Granger is a beast. I'd like to Brandon Rush get more minutes this year. If they can add a few more pieces to go with Granger, Rush and Hibbert they will challenge in a few years.

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Years ago

Big fan of Brandon Rush.

No-one doubting Elton Brand will be back to dominant old self?

Hate the setup in Memphis too. Worst guys to have as vets on a team.

Where is Darko? I thought he was a knick now? He could be a massive fantasy sleeper...as any player in a Coach D system is...

Love Frye at phoenix. He and Amare are the two softest players in the comp. I bet they go real hard at each other at training, maybe even pull faces while the other shoots...lol...

CJ Miles is going to have a bust out year too, once his injury is done.

Hate Miller at Portland, just a terrible fit i reckon.

Hope Jennings does well, Al Jeff and Love will never get it done. One must go so the other can flourish.

Flynn is good, might be another TJ Ford, which i guess the Wolves would be happy with?

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I want to see what Emeka Okafor can do with an elite pointguard. I don't think he'll improve. He can't do what Chandler could do, but we'll see,

Want to see Brandon Roy take the Blazers on a deep playoff run.

Blake Griffin will fulfill the expectations of a number 1 pick.

Not too sure about Elton Brand. That 76ers squad doesn't suit his style at all. He'll be a double-double guy, but fall short of being a 20-10 guy.

Jordan Hill will be the 'draft bust' this year.

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Marreese Speights is averaging 16 an 8 through pre-season. Well up on his 7 an 3 from last years regular season. It'll be interesting if he can carry this into the regular season. Having a healthy brand will definately help.

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Derek Rose/Rajon Rondo - to see which if not both of these guys takes the next step to Elite status.

Granger/Durrant - I already rate these two as elite, so will be which of these guys turns into a superstar that is mentioned in the same breath as bron bron, Cp3 and Flash. Proof for me, at least fantasy wise, is when you pick one of these guys with a top 3 pick.

PattyMills/Andersen - just watching these guys will be fun. Hopefully Portland trade either bayless and or Blake and Patty gets some burn.

Ron artest - watching him single handedly destroy the Lakers.

Bynum/A Randolph/T THomas/G Oden - The athletic freaks. They need court time and to be injury free. All three have the tools to be top 20 players, so I want to see who gets there this year. Can Oden stay fit and find some lateral movement. Can Bynum stay fit. Can Randolph get court time playing for Nellie. And can TT get his head into every possesion of the game.

"Let the games begin"

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Years ago

More of a 'I want list'..

I want to see Greg Oden remain injury free and prove the haters wrong.

I want to see how the Clippers manage to stuff this season up because they undeniably have talent.

I want Rondo to come into the season with a reliable jumpshot.

I'll be following DeJuan Blair, Chase Budinger and Rodrigue Beaubois with interest, I wouldn't be suprised if they have better NBA careers than many of the players drafted infront of them.

I want to see the Aussies succeed and see Redd shipped out so the Bucks can rebuild in earnst.

Agree with the call on Hibbert, he'll become one of their go to players.

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Years ago

TC LOL on the Clippers. I too am scratching my head wondering just how the Braves Curse will manage to unravel them this season! They have a lot of top notch talent and good veteran savvy now: Eric Gordon, Blake Griffin both sure-fire stars. Al Thornton real solid player. DeAndre Jordan massive potential. Baron Davis and Camby both still good vets. Kaman, very solid centre, only concern is injuries.

I like your call on Blair, Budinger and Beaubois too. All are looking like steals where they were drafted, especially Blair if his knees do hold up!

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Years ago

Joe Johnson - Can a dude, once named a silent superstar, stand up and make some real noise for a team now littered with young talent and scoring. Adding Jeff Teague and Jamal Crawford is great, can Joe Joe lead this team to deep in the finals...

Shawn Marion - People have realised The Matrix's numbers were severely swelled due to the Suns game style and Steve Nash's ability to throw him lob's and drop dimes. Can Marion become an elite defender and help a talented team achieve something great...

JR Smith - Had a stint in jail in the off-season, has claimed it has made him grow up and become a man and a role model for his son. Can he become the consistent play maker and scorer we all know he can be. His jump shot is silky, he can get up with the best of them and has shown he can make brilliant passes, can he do it every game...

Trevor Ariza - Ariza was the model role player, hitting open shots, slashing to the rim and defending opposition studs, now with a severely less talented and injured roster can he become a star in his own right or will he become another guy to leave for money and see it fail...

Michael Beasley - Can the undoutedly talented sophomore become D-Wade's main man or will his off-court antics continue to hamper his career and dis-credit his reputation. Everyone knows he can score and board, can he deal with the NBA's ups and downs...

Others to watch - Hakim Warrick, Vince Carter, Brandon Bass, Andre Miller, Greg Oden, Hedo Turkoglu, Carlos Boozer, Gilbert Arenas.

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Questions for the upcoming season:

-How many mins will Jennings get a game considering the Bucks have Charlie Bell and Luke Ridnour who are much more experienced?

-Johnny Flynn..What can he do? He is a versatile point guard with great skill and the athleticism to match. Would have been extremely interesting to see what would have happened if Rubio did come across to Minnesota..Talk about competetion for the starting PG Spot.

-Can the Lakers repeat? Did they do the right thing by acquiring Artest. Personally, I think Ariza was a perfect role player for them..They didn't need another scorer like Artest..Last year Kobe, Gasol,Bynum,Fisher and Odom were the scorers and they averaged 106.9 points per game (3rd in the league). Artest might upset the Lakers offence, simply because the likes of Gasol, Bynum, Fisher, Kobe and Odom have been exposed to the triangle offense for a few years, so Ron Ron will take a while to adjust accordingly.

-Was sending Hedo to Toronto a good or bad move by the Magic? Secondly, is this Redick's year to proof the doubters wrong..Magic are a good shooting team with the likes of Morris Almond,JJ Redick, Rashard Lewis,Matt Barnes, Ryan Anderson and Pietrus.

-What can Aaron Brooks do this season? All-Star selection anybody. People have commented on his height, but he showed last season that his sheer speed, heart and shooting ability nullify that. With Brooks, Scola, Ariza and Andersen they look alright, but certainly not as deep compared with if they had T-Mac and Yao plus Artest. Im going to say it now the Rockets got screwed on that trade. It might have worked out if T-Mac and Yao were healthy and fit, but there's a worry that without Artest there too much pressure will be on the likes of Brooks, Scola and Ariza to get it going. They don't go very deep--Players like Brian Cook, Joey Dorsey, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry, Kyle Lowry, Will Conroy and Chase Budinger are mere role players who shouldn't have too much impact. They need t-mac and Yao back asap.

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- Hedo Turkolglu at Raptors: Without a player like Howard on his team, I don't think Hedo's number's will be as good this year. Should be interesting...

- Vince Carter at Orlando: Could be a magical signing with the focus on Howard in the paint. With the defensive focus elsewhere, Carter may well just shine

- Ron Artest at Lakers: I think he is the key to the whether the Lakers go back to back. In any case, could still could be fun to watch ;)

- Memphis Grizzlies: With Iverson and Randolph leading a pack of young and talented players, these two senior players could make or break the team

- The Aussies: Bogut at the Bucks should get more chances to score nthis season. Andersen will also be needed to score for the Rockets. Hope to god Patty once fit gets a chance, and that Jawai gets traded to a team that could actually see a need to use him from time to time and thus get a chance to play. That just ain't going to happen at Dallas. And fingers crossed that Nevill gets signed by the Cav's...and if he is, by mid next year he could have an NBA championship ring as well...

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