Years ago

Rondo gets 5 yrs $55 mill

It looks like the Celtics upped their offer to meet what Rondo's agent wanted and an in-principle deal has been done.

As a Boston fan I'm pretty happy with that. His contract will start at about $9 mill and the last year will be $13 mill. Similar deal to what Parker got a few years back, except he got six years.

It also removes whatever risk there was that Rondo gets distracted or upset in what is a crucial year for the big three. They won't get a better chance to win a second championship than this year!

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LA Boy  
Years ago

you can either look at that way or he's now got a big contract and has no reason to keep improving :-P

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Years ago

A good move all-round IMO. Everyone wins.

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Years ago

I'll keep this short......


had a questionable attitude beforehand, and now the gravy train has pulled up to the station.

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Years ago

Time will tell TR, but with Allen, Garnett and Pierce there, Rondo will be kept in check and remain an sobsolute asset as he does not care whether he scores or not and is happy to feed the other 3.

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Years ago

like the signing. He would have more points if he did not have the others around him, and he is just a freak. Always fun to watch the guy run the break with ray trailing.

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Years ago

Rondo is a good pg and a perfect fit for the Allen, KG and Rasheed will only keep sliding... Pierce will begin to as well.

I wonder how having such a large contract for an average pg will look in 2 years.

When they need that money to replace retired guys...

But i suppose its the price they need to pay to keep him happy and keep the celts winning. They can always shop him when rebuilding time comes.

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Years ago

About right, another team would have thrown more money at him in the next off season anyway when he would have been a RFA. Just happy he is signed.

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Years ago

I like Rondo, but I think 5 years is too long a contract, especially with the potential of a lock-out at the end of the current CBA and who knows what is going to be happening with the salary cap predictions (or restrictions) etc etc.

Would you be willing to pay Rondo $13 million a year and make him the team leader of your franchise. I would of been happier to see a three year contract, even at a flat $10 mill per.

Let's be honest, Rondo is the 4th best player on the team, and depending on your views, he maybe the 3rd best behind Garnett and Pierce. Flip a coin between him and an aging Ray Ray.

I think this 'big 4' realistically only has a 2 season window, maybe a third depending what Ainge does with Ray. Go hard for the next two seasons and then give Rondo a year to see if he can establish himself as the leader of the new 'Boston Celtics'.

After the next two season I think it will be a downward spiral unless Ainge can get some good pieces. Does he roll the dice now and see what Allen's expiring contract can get him knowing that he'll still have KG, Pierce and Rondo which is still an Eastern Conference contender. Allen's contract is probably worth more than Allen the player is.

A 3 year contract extension puts him at the end of the 2012/2013 season. Ray expires at the end of this season, Pierce expires after next season and KG the season after. Both Pierce and KG won't get the coin they are currently getting (Pierce is on $21 next season, and KG has $18 and $21 coming his way). They could afford to extend Pierce by 2 years and KG by a year and make it a 3 year window. If it all blows apart, then you'd have some huge salary cap freedom.

I think Chris Paul summed it up very nicely,

""Boston has established themselves as a team that's not going to beat themselves. I think Rondo’s a lucky guy to be able to play with a guy like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, KG, and Rasheed Wallace."

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Years ago

Such an average point guard that is second in the league in Assist and steals.

I guess him basically averaging a triple double in the playoffs was also average.

Regardless of the players he plays with he is a brilliant player and I would say he is in the top 5 point guards currently.

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Years ago

Totally agree with KingJames.

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Years ago

I agree with King James comments too.

I don't think 5 years for Rondo is a big risk. At worst he is already a very capable playmaker, defender and scorer. His absolute ceiling is only a little below Chris Paul IMO. Its only really the jumpshot and FT's that separate them and Rondo has been gradually improving on those every season.

Also, once the big three depart their salaries will too and there will be plenty to spend on other guys to place around Rondo.

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Years ago

You're a genius TR! Pity you're no good with imports ay.

Gotta say I don't rate Rondo as highly as most others here so the contract seems a little excessive to me but we'll see.

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Years ago

I rate Rondo and I think he is a top 10 PG at the moment. I don't rate him in the CP3, D-Will, Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups, Gilbert Areanas league (yet). I put Rondo in the next rung down with Devin Harris, Baron Davis, Jose Calderon and Jason Kidd (lost a step due to age).

I just don't see him as a draw card for free agents. I can't ever image someone like D-Whistle or LeCrab saying "hell yeah, I want to team up with Rondo and become a Celtic". Rondo is an excellent 3rd musketeer, I don't think he's an alpha dog which you want leading your franchise.

Don't start me on freaking imports........... Talk about copping one in the a$$...

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