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Lakers at Bucks (spoilers inside)

Kobe with the game winner to steal it in OT, 107-106.

However, the most controversial moment of the game and no-doubt the biggest 'star' call of the season, involved our own Andrew Bogut. Down 102-106 in the last minute, Kobe went on a mad dribble run, taking on the whole opposition team. As he got close to the basket, Bogut was ready, set, and CHARGED into by Kobe. Problem was, the ref called it for blocking, and given Kobe had hit the shot, it brought the Lakers back into the game at 104-106 with a (made) free-throw to follow.

Now I'm not a Kobe-hater, far from it actually (I grew up a Lakers fan on the back of 1980s computer games), but surely this is one of the worst 'star' calls you will ever see in the NBA. For my mind, it's a textbook charging foul.

Check out the video at the top of the page.

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Years ago

Agreed. The fact that he appeared to travel in that same play was also rather interesting. BUT, if Bogut had've made his FT at the end of regulation, it might've been a different story, not to mention that European guy (name escapes me) who missed 2 FTs in OT thta would've iced it. Some teams are just better at winning I spose.

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Years ago

No doubt it was a charge. Bogut was outside of the 'dunk circle' and Kobe hit Bogut square on the chest. If thats not a charge, then I don't know what is.
Regardless of that, Kobe was crazy down the stretch, scoring the last 7 points of the game. Even if teams do get close to them the Lakers have the best finisher in the NBA. To me, the Cavs are the only other team with a guy who can be a finisher down the strecth, but Lebron hasn't exactly shown that he is 'clutch' yet.

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Years ago

Sorry to disagree but to me that's a no call.

Bryant's contact did not put Bogut to the floor, Bogut put Bogut to the floor.

Bryant was spining on and around Bogut, no reason to call a foul on either player in my opinion.

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Years ago

Travel haha

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man of the moment  
Years ago

was a bad call but it wasnt a 'star' call just a mistake from the umps, all part of the game and anyways as ppl have mentioned bucks had more than enough chances to win. Have to love the way kobe plays in the critical moments that man is a big time player

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Years ago

It was clearly an offensive foul and further more it should not have been continuation he traveled. He took about 4 steps.

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Years ago

Absolute disgrace.
The ref did not have the guts to make the call immediately either. He confered and then came up with the block, and notice it was the scorers side ref, the guy with the worst possible view who called it.
Dumb play by Bucks to let him get the match winner off though.Should have
1. made it a lot harder to get inbounds.
2. doubled him when he did get it.
Great crowd, got their money's worth.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

Rubbish call. Charge all day, every day, Hyundai.

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Years ago

Hmmm interesting block charge situation.

Firstly i think that it was completley the wrong call.

Three outcomes.

Reasons For Block, I could only come up with one reason as to why the referee could have possibly thought it was a block. Bogut's left foot lifts just before impact, center ref would have seen it, maybe baseline too. Even if he did, he had established defensive position much earlier.

Reasons For Charge, Hit him straight down the middle with Kobe's arm hitting the numbers. Defense had been there an eternity, very good legal defense, did hit the deck, and was out of the zone. Kobe seemed to have lost control by the moment of impact and did break the plane slightly.

Reasons For No-Call, Bogut did milk it. Not saying he flopped but he was controlled on the way down. Watch bogut's head on impact, no whiplash or any head movement at all, and he did manage to put his hand down. Basket went in, didnt really disadvantage either guy nor put either at an advantage.

I originally thought no-call, then thought charge (as i was typing this), but i would have been happier with anything but a block. Possibly three step travel, but the contact caused the last step.

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Years ago

Oh and Gasol going for 22 boards, and 26pts!

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Years ago

The Bryant/Bogut call was whistled as if it were an Offensive Foul. The Whistle was blown EXTREMELY early as if an obvious foul were committed - hence it had to be initially called against the Offensive (clearly the official changed his mind mid-whistle).

Clearly Bogut had his feet planted and Bryant initiated the contact - absolutely no hand/arm contact whatsoever on Boguts behalf.

Bucks really know how to lose the unlose-able game though.

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Years ago

charge! no doubt about it. Kobe got lucky on that one. Didn't see the game but looks like another great effort from the Bucks. They just need to learn to close out better - Celtics did the same thing to them last week.

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Years ago

Bucks have been watching too many 6ers tapes

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Years ago

charge every day of the week...

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Big Ads  
Years ago

NBA - "Where Amazing Happens"

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Years ago

Charge for me. It was great to be on the right end of a shitty call like that for once.

Amazingly relaxed buzzer-beater by the greatest player on Earth.

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Years ago

Charge for sure, what i didn't like was the wasy Kobe carried on and basically called the foul himself (influencing the decision in my opinion). I agree it was a star call, IE: the star called the foul and motioned for the 2 points to count. I wonder what Bogut said to Fisher on the next time-out, he was clearly disgusted with the call, as was the crowd, as was I. Bucks should have iced that game, Ilyasova missed both free throws near end, but had a great game. Bogut could have won game in normal time, he looks shaky at the free throw line.
Agree, they should have tripled team Kobe, he is going to get that 75%of the time and he is not likely to pass in that situation. I don't know why more teams don't foul to send guys to the free-throw line in that situation.

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Years ago

Terrible call and highlights what is bad about the NBA.

Bogut could have won the game in regulation, and Ilysaova blew a chance to ice it in OT.

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Years ago

Gasol with a total of 78 rebounds in four consecutive games. ESPN mentioned a record of 79 by Camby. I assume Chamberlain/Russell are excluded for some reason? Or maybe they're only talking about active players?

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Years ago

78 was the most since 79 by camby last year... both not all time records

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Years ago

OK, cool. There's a piece about Gasol's rebounding this year on Truehoop that's worth a quick read for those who want to look it up.

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Years ago

David, disagree on Kobe's body language but I was also very surprised not to see a ball-denial of any kind on the inbounds and no double after that.

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Years ago

There was no ball denial b/c Phil Jackson chose to inbound the ball deep in the back court - I think the Bucks (and everyone else on the planet) thought he would advance the ball to half-court and inbound...... It's the little things that make Phil Jakcon a true basketball genius.

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Years ago

Charge!! - No Brainer. Ref should be sacked. What happened b4 & after is irrelevent. Mistakes need grey areas & none there at all. Disappointing!

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Years ago

I remember the pass coming from half-court and Kobe catching it at about the opposite 3pt line. Could be wrong.

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