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Arenas Suspended Indefinitely

David Stern has issued a statement and suspended Arenas indefinitely for having guns in his locker.

NBA commissioner David Stern has indefinitely suspended Gilbert Arenas, saying the Washington Wizards guard is "not currently fit to take the court" for a game.

Stern says in a statement Wednesday that Arenas' actions will "ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse."

Because Arenas violated NBA rules by bringing guns into Washington's locker room, Stern decided to punish Arenas now. He said the suspension begins immediately.

Stern says he originally planned to wait for the criminal investigation to be completed before taking action, and directed the Wizards to do the same.

Every game Arenas ends up missing during the suspension will cost him $147,208.

You can read the full story here.

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Years ago

good move by Stern, guns are for pussy's

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Years ago

You would have to say that Arenas' behaviour, in bringing the guns to work, placing them on a achair in a (supposedly joking) threatening manner, and everything he has said/twittered (I refuse to use the word 'tweet') ranks up there with the dumbest behaviour in all of sports. Barring Artest's decision to go into the crowd, and Tonya Harding's decision to beat the crap out of her opponent with a baseball bat, it's hard to think of worse.

In fact, the sustained nature of the behaviour makes it almost unbelievable. There's some talk that the Wizards might try to void the remainder of Arenas' contract (he is shockingly overpaid anyway, even without the knee injuries).

Would you want this guy as your franchise player? Idiot

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Years ago

Massive fall from grace by Arenas, 3 years ago he was the pin up boy for the league, on the cover of NBA Live 08 and one of the hottest commodities going round, now it looks like he might never play another game. No one to blame but himself though, no sympathy from me.

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Years ago

He was probably thinking of the old days.....

In 1995, owner Abe Pollin announced he was changing the team's name because Bullets had acquired violent overtones that had made him increasingly uncomfortable over the years, particularly given the high homicide and crime rate in the early 1990s in Washington, D.C.

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Years ago

I think this tops Artest who was clearly provoked and acted immediately without thought.

If they use this as reason to bail on his contract, it might prove to be a very expensive mistake.

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Years ago

I thought there was a constitutional right -to bear arms in the US, Wiki says "The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution is the part of the United States Bill of Rights that protects a right to keep and bear arms"-this is bullshit I'm withdrawing from the green card lottery forthwith.

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Years ago

flatshot, that doesn't mean that right extends to walking around with a gun anywhere and everywhere. Arenas was in breach of local laws and the NBA's collective agreement.

It's actually his post-incident behaviour that appears to have brought the wrath of David Stern. Cannot believe he mock-shot his team mates prior to the Philly match.

Proves no amount of money can buy even an ounce of common sense.

Isaac - I still can't bring myself to say that it tops Artest. He was hit by a water bottle, huge over reaction in anyone's books. I agree that the sustained, considered behaviour of Arenas makes what he's done that much worse.

I'm not one who buys into the whole athlete = role model thing, but Arenas has held himself out to be a highly public figure in the past through his blog, and now Twitter. He has to understand that his every move is watched by probably hundreds of thousands of young fans. Stern is going to throw the book at him.

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Years ago

i think bringing guns into a locker room is worse than artest charging into the crowd. it takes a coolheaded decision to do that, whereas ron is just unfortunate to have a bad temper, overreacting,

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Years ago

Ron was def provoked and was just protecting himself from some bad people lol

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Years ago

I assume that he was just doing a throwback to the days of the Washington Bullets.

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Years ago

no prizes for second.....

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Big Marty  
Years ago

I'm wagering that Arenas gets a league ban for a few years.

If Chris Andersen can get a 2yr ban for drugs; Arenas can get 2yrs+ for gunplay.

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Years ago

Didn't some sport guy in the States get 2-3 years for having a gun, and accidently shooting himself recently? Surely the police get involved in this as well.

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Years ago

Instead of taking a gun in to the locker room, why didn't he try and keep the peace with a big bucket of KFC?

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Years ago

If he can't bring guns into the stadium, how can he shoot out the lights?

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Years ago

TC2 absolute gold!!

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Years ago

Sorry Sturty. Not sure how I missed that! I might report my post for being lame.

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Years ago

I dont think they will be able to void his contract unless he actually gets jail time. Violating the CBA and being convicted of an offence isn't automatic grounds for voiding. Saw this on Chris Ford's chat today, and I think unless he goes to jail, this is what will happen:

"Eric (DC)

Considering what we know so far, what do you think about the Wizards chances of voiding Gilbert's contract? And could a buyout of some sort be possible as well? Can't see anyone wanting him in a trade, but I can't imagine him staying with the Wiz either.

Chad Ford (1:19 PM)

Pretty slim. If you believe Arenas' story ... what he did was incredibly stupid, but I'm not sure it arises to the level of jail time and voiding contracts. I know some people want to make an example out of Arenas because of the rampant problems with firearms, both in the NBA and in the country. But frankly, Arenas isn't the problem. He wasn't going to shoot anyone. There are a lot of people out there that would. I think he should pay a heavy price in fines/suspension for his stupidity. But I don't think he should be punished because of all the other bad things others do with guns."

Due to it just being stupid and not malicious, he will probably just get suspended for the most the rest of the season. I can't see it being more than that. Might even be less.

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Years ago

Link to the above chat:

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Years ago

DB5, that was plaxico burress from the Giants. He did get 2 years, but he acutally fired a gun in public, so he got charged with reckless endangerment, which I think has harsher penalties. But that was in New York, this is DC, could be much different or harsher?

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Years ago

Thanks olskool, knew I had heard it somewhere. He shot himself in the leg didn't he? lol.

I though DC had a no gun policy..may be wrong though.

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Years ago

DC use to have some of the harshest firearm laws in the States.

The lawmakers in DC originally implemented laws that ban private handgun ownership in Washington DC which was passed in 1976, but in 2008 the US Supreme Court overturned the 1976 findings as the 9 judges found the ruling unconstitutional, and that Americans have the right to own guns for personal use.

City officials said the ban was necessary to keep gun violence down, and argued that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution protected a right tied to service in a militia, not an individual's right to bear arms.

Along with the firearm ruling, the Supreme Court also struck down its requirement under the 1976 law that rifles and shotguns should be kept unloaded and dismantled or with trigger locks fitted. The only requirement the Supreme Court made was firearms kept in the district will still have to be registered.

If you want to read about the ruling google District of Columbia vs Heller.

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Years ago

Considering no-one knows the full story, it is way too early to say what should happen to Gilbert.

I think having unloaded guns in his locker is no ig deal(UNLOADED). His story of taking them out of his house because of his new baby coming home sounds plausable.

I think Stern has over reacted at Gilbert being a little stupid before the Philly game....

This ranks a distant 3rd to the malice at the palace and everyone seems to have forgotten that Delonte West was pulled over with a loaded shotgun in a musical instrument case and two loaded hand guns on him earlier this season..... I guess the fact that he is suffering from severe depression got him a reprieve from Stern.

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Years ago

Good point ESP. Delonte's offence was just as serious.
Arenas could have got off lightly, but once details emerged that he aimed the gun at Javaris Crittenon over a gambling "no-payment" feud he was always going to be in big trouble. Although, we should wait to see the facts of the case..The photo of him prior to the Philly Game shows he is on par with his team..Smiling and laughing..No apparent issues with teammates

Agree that its not as serious as Artest's case..Honestly, what Artest did was ridicolous, but I believe the fan brought it on by provoking Artest.

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Years ago

The guy is a moron for doing what he did. Will get get banned or even gaoled? Well I guess we will see.

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Years ago

Re Delonte West: Most of the articles I have read say that Delonte still faces punishment, but the NBA is waiting until the case is concluded in the courts. The reason that Arenas was suspended before the case is concluded, from what I understand, is his behaviour after the story broke.

Also, something I read but can't remember where, was that because the NBA had the ability to suspend him without waiting for the case to finish was because it happened on NBA property (versus West where it happened in a private vehicle). I believe it has something to do with a clause in the CBA.

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Years ago

Talk about a fall from grace..Can't play basketball indefinently, lost income of $147,000 every game that he won't play and he faces charges.

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Years ago

One Julius Hodges take on the situation...

"I want to blame it on hip-hop and save Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton the trouble."

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