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NBL releases 2010/11 points rankings


As the National Basketball League's highly anticipated free agency period rapidly approaches, Basketball Australia has released the Player Points Rankings for the 2010/11 NBL season.

Fifteen players were rated at the maximum 10-point ranking, including recently crowned NBL Most Valuable Player Corey Williams of Townsville and Championship team members Luke Schenscher and Shawn Redhage of Perth .

The recent announcement that the Sydney Kings would be rejoining the NBL as the ninth team has ensured there will be heightened interest around the free agency period this season, with the Kings needing to fill their roster from scratch.

NBL teams have until 5:00PM AEDT on Thursday 1 April to re-sign their existing contracted players. After that deadline, all unsigned players will be declared free agents and can then be approached by and signed to any of the eight other clubs.

All players that participated in the 2009/10 NBL season are given a Player Points Ranking from one to 10, with each team allowed to accrue a maximum of 70 total player points at any one time in the 2010/11 season.

Initial Player Point Rankings were assigned to all players using a statistical formula similar to the internationally renowned Tendex system. All players were given until 15 March to appeal their rankings, with 13 successful appeals being heard by the Points Appeals Tribunal.

A number of other players who did not play in the NBL in season 2009/10 also asked to receive a ranking for 2010/11, including former West Sydney Razorbacks big man Matthew Knight and former Canberra, Brisbane and Perth guard Damien Ryan.

NBL General Manager Chuck Harmison said the points system had been instrumental in helping the 2009/10 season be the closest on record.

"The NBL’s points system has been continually reviewed and refined since its inception in 2003 and last season we saw it play a huge part in ensuring that the competition continued to be played on a level playing field," said Harmison. “Working in concert with the Salary Cap, the Player Points ensure the talent is spread as evenly as possible across teams.”

The NBL instituted the revolutionary Points System prior to the 2003/04 season, with the purpose of ensuring the competitiveness of the competition by providing a more even distribution of talent and experience.

Teams must conform both to the NBL Points System and NBL Salary Cap (set at A$1,000,000 for 2010/11) for all transactions.

2010/11 NBL Player Points Rankings

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Years ago

schenscher a 10 you got to be joking! he was terrible in the final series, very overrated

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Years ago

schenscher a 10 you got to be joking! he was terrible in the final series, very overrated

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Years ago

Groves is an 8? :|

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Years ago

groves is an 8. He is an import and the NBL dont want to embarras him by giving him his true rating whicj would probably be a 4.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Ryan was a little confused about an NBL salary cap of $A1M - thinking he'd get all of that himself.

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Years ago

How many points are you allowed per team

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

70 points.
Does anyone know what returning college players get rated at?

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Years ago

interesting to note the players that have requested a ranking. Rush, Nevil and Matty Knight. Rush to the Kings, Nevil to the tigers and Knight to the Wildcats ?

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Years ago

Bradshaw rated higher than Rychart who was club MVP with Cairns and rated higher than Gibson, Vukona, Petrie, Harvey & Hinder??

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Years ago

schenscher rated 10 what a joke i would have him 7 dont see him as the elite big man of the league

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Years ago

Wildcats Roster

S.Redage 10
K.Lisch 9
S.Weigh 7
D.Martin 7
J.Wagstaff 6
D.Williamson 6
B.Robins 6
D.Johnson 6 A Perth boy wants to come home
S.Harris 2

Thats 59 points and leaves 11 for anyone we want import or whoever.

Sounds pretty good . I Would go for a Damian Ryan or someone like that who is 7 points so if anyone goes dow with an injury they can be replaced by a 10 point import just like they did with Rogers this year.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

Crocs Roster - here's what i'd like

Import 10
Matt Knight 9
Import 9
Hinder 8 (signed)
Hoare 8
Phill Jones 7
Cedar 6 (signed)
Tovey 6
Robertson 5
Blanchfield 1

69 points

1 import has to be a PF and the other a PG

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Years ago

Last post

No depth to the bench when things turn bad who you going to turn to i would rather have P.C in that team coming of the pine.

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Years ago

Rooboy, clearly not a schenscher fan?...

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Camel 31  
Years ago

As I mentioned above about Ryan - MEL and ADL had some injuries, last season and looked at Ryan, who was training with MEL, but he wanted some obscene amount of money.
So MEL got Rose and our injuries were not long term.

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Years ago

gotta be honest about this but having a player points system is a joke, it is by far the stupidest thing i have ever seen.

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Years ago

James, I agree. I think the salary cap covers any imbalance of player quality in a team. You are not going to get 10 players rated 10 points each going into one team because the salary cap would not be enough to cover what they are worth. Assuming the salary cap is adhered to strictly, then you don't need a points system. Having said that, guess who is not going to get a job next season with a rating of 8 points?

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Years ago

DJ Rod, you're not a Homicide fan? I would have thought any Crocs fan would lock him in without a second thought!

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Years ago

Assuming the salary cap is adhered to strictly

... is to assume something that isn't true. There's no way for the NBL to effectively police the salary cap.

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Years ago

They can police it as well as any other league in this country. Word has it teams lose their million dollar guarantee if they are caught cheating. If that is true you wont find teams cheating, it s simply not worth it - especially given most guarantees are from government or a supporting business who would be mighty pissed off to lose their money for that reason.

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Years ago

Bean and Rod, I'm wondering if Homicide is leaving the NBL? Or at least told the Crocs he's looking at other options? Otherwise, that's a glaring omission from your list, Rod!

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Years ago

OK, wait - looks like a fallout as a result of Homicide maybe upping his asking price post-MVP win? From Rod on Twitter:

Ian Smythe said in an i'view today that Corey Williams was probably the highest paid player in the NBL this season
Just a thought... If Homicide is such a good marketing tool how come the @tsvcrocs were one of the worst crowd drawers on the road?
Could mix things up a bit at the Crocs.

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Years ago

Crocs are rational enough to see that while Corey is a good showman and a very good player, he isnt a superstar who will deliver a title but is paid like one.

The reality is the Crocs can get another imprt point guard who contributes a similar amount (ie not as brilliant but more consistent and able to shoot jump shots) for significantly less, which would allow them to fill out the rest of their roster better and compete for a championship.

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

I assume that we can only offer him so much... it is hard to recruit good players to Townsville and end up having to pay them more to come here. If we put all of our eggs in one basket, the team as a whole becomes poorer. His MVP status has lifted his $ value in Europe.

If another team wants to pay him more just for attendance numbers, then that is their right. I'd say Sydney would be front runners and he would be brilliant for them.

I will then ask you how many games he won for us this season? or last season?

Personally, he is a great guy, is great for the game and a marketers dream but maybe not but what the crocs want anymore.

If he did re-sign I would be happy, but if he left, I wouldn't be pissed either. He loves Townsville and hardly ever carries his wallet around; gets free stuff from everywhere and imagine the trash talk in the media before he comes back to the 'Ville.

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Years ago

paul, is it a fact that teams lose their guarantee if caught cheating the salary cap? I have not heard this. If the NBL say its difficult to police the salary cap, then it would be just as difficult to prove a team to be cheating the salary cap. You would want to be absolutely correct and without a doubt that a team was cheating to take their guarantee away.

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Years ago

I've heard something about the cap and the guarantee. Could be enough to scare teams pretty straight. Have never seen it listed outright as an official league rule though to the public, but there's a lot of stuff shown to clubs but not the public so it wouldn't surprise me.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

The Adelaide 36ers were told that the top 4 teams would be fully audited and lose $1M guarantee and spot on the ladder.
So we ain't EVER gonna cheat the salary cap.
We spent $965,000 on players salary.
You have to leave a little bit, in case of roster change.

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Years ago

EC, auditing is apparently being done in conjunction with the Australian Tax Office, so the figures the NBL will be basing any decision on will be sound.

As I said, I very much doubt anyone will be cheating the salary cap in the foreseeable future, for most that penalty would mean going out of existence.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

i think some thought in the ole NBL that some teams may have been a little over the $800,000 cap.
I'd doubt with BA newNBL auditing top 4 teams vide Tax office and the like that anyone would be over $1M, these days.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Aw - and I'd put a lot of credit on the even comp to the cap rather than points rankings and that Boti Nagy thinks it's time to upgrade on Chuck and Schensh should be 8 and the like (in todays paper)

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Years ago

Boti on Chuck Harmison:

I could go on, but why spoil you? If Basketball Australia wants the NBL taken seriously, it needs a serious administrator. The days of "near enough" surely have to be over.

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Years ago

I think the point is Chuck is an administrator, not a general manager. I think with Larry as BA CEO able to provide a basketball angle a professional should be sought as NBL GM.

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