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Footlocker Classic Ticket Sales Concern

I bought tickets today at one of the proticket venues and noticed that hardly any seats have been sold in the gold section. I could almost literally take my pick from any seats in the arena and its a bit worrying that hardly any tickets have sold with the tournament just days away. There just hasnt been enought publicity for this groundbreaking event and not many people even know its on, the usual basketball problem. Some promos on ONE/TEN at the very least would be nice

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Years ago

yeah from SA and think it will moved to melbounre bit sad. Need to sell the tournament and more tickets or well have to drink some more 'west end'.

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Years ago

we get the best NBL crowds in country in Adelaide, just need to get the word out and get it some publicity. moving it to melbourne would seem stupid to me where nobody even supports their tigers

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Years ago

spread the word! tell your friends, families, whoever! post about it on your twitter, facebook, myspace, msn, etc...


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LA Boy  
Years ago

I think the tournament was going to move to places annually. It picked to be in Adelaide first because of the NBL attendance.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

ADL every year because of the dome facility and capacity of 7,200.
But if we only get small crowds here - they might move it to other places.

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Years ago

I could see them trying to run more than one tournament a year if it is successful, perhaps one in the winter school holidays.

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Years ago

Fact is that the majority of days of play are weekdays which are obviously going to be difficult for a lot of people to make. I would have gone to almost every day, but I can't because of work. Having the rest day on the Saturday is insane because that could have been the highest selling day. Maybe playing the first game from 3pm onwards would have been better to allow more people to make it to the Dome. Will be interesting to see how many do attend

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Years ago

Perhaps a little to concentrated people can't feel they can get into it or relate to a team.
I know that is the idea behind it but if they are looking for that Twenty Twenty of Basketball there still needs to be a fan base a reason to follow a team and support a team.

Hence as Isaac has mentioned previously they really need to try and link with exisiting NBL clubs to try and feed of the current fans.

Sure in Adelaide alot of interest will be on Maher, Farley & Forman. The character of Hodge will also draw some attention, outside of that the hoop junkies will watch the games just to get a hoops fix, but there will be no support or connection, more just an appreciation for a good game of bball and the talent on show.

As with OneHD's coverage I believe they will only get the basketball junkies tuning in (ie us here on these very forums) but others MAY stumble across it, may remember it's on from some little publicity there has been or may miss it altogether, hear about it on the news etc and by than the event will have been finished.

Perhpas over 3 or 4 weekends is the way to go forward with it?

Great to see them trying but I think it is a BIG ask to get success from such a tight schedule.
Picking Adelaide as the host city purely on crowd numbers is not a smart move and hopefully they have done a little more research than that?
Melbourne could work in that the mentality is very last minute decision on what events get attended and something like this as a one off hyped up and marketed properly could work with a very large younger basketball fan presence.
I don't frequent Adelaide games obviously but from my couple of games a year I can't help but notice their is a large percentage of an older population attending, probably being following for years, which is Fantastic to have the loyalty and support but will they be up for this type of event?

Enough of my ramblings, wish I could be there to see it but will enjoy OneHD's coverage no doubt!
HOPEFULLY it is successful enough that they look at running it again.

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Years ago

Dome owner Eddy Groves, Tournament Director Jeff van Groningen.

Dome ownership has taken a turn or two but surely that is the reason why the event is in Adelaide and as long as Eddy owns the building it will probably stay in Adelaide.

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Years ago

The marketing for this event has been poor to say the least. They can't blame anyone but themselves if as expected the crowds are poor. I'll just watch a bit of whatever team is playing at the time on One.

You can't expect people to turn up to an event they don't know about. With the NBL starting up on One later this year I don't think there will be another one of these.

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Years ago

Ahh with the late game starting at 6pm what do you expect! I cant physically get to the dome in time, stupid schedule, fall on your own sword stuff IMO

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Years ago

i agree alot of people would attend the 6pm maher vs farley for 30 bucks but the time does make it difficult.

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Bobby Tables  
Years ago

Yeah the timing does seem to be really odd. The only games I'd be able to attend would be the last game of the day and even then, rushing from work in the city is not something I enjoy doing - and considering this isn't a Sixers match, I doubt I'll bother.

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Years ago

you simply cant expect big crowds when playing during business hours.

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Years ago

How important are crowds to the success or otherwise of the tournament?

Surely the TV side of things is a standalone decision and that is the main reason that its on??

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Years ago


Game times and the lack of games on Saturday are due to TV

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Years ago

I don't get it, are the games going to be shown live during the day??? Do they think those people who can't go because of work are going to sit at home and watch it live instead?? I guess it coincides with school holidays, so maybe it will attract some kids to the games.

It would be better to have the games in the evening and all day on the weekends, show as much live as you can and then the rest during the day or late hours in the evening......

Surely you want those who can get off work to pay for a seat at the live match rather than watching free from home.....doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

This year might be an experiment...

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Years ago

Crap concept

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shin splints  
Years ago

It is a made for TV tournament, so crowd numbers would not be a high priority. Adelaide was likely chosen as host as it has the cheapest accomodation in Australia and venue availabilty.
However those in Adelaide should support the concept by buying tickets and Australians need to have their tivos locked on to one digital.

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Years ago

i for one am looking forward to it..lots of talent on show, including ncaa slam dunk champ tony danridge

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Years ago

Have Tuesday free and will look at going. $30 for a day of hoops is great.

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Years ago

yes its a made for TV tournament and its great that its on ONE but if the stadiums empty it will look and sound terrible on TV

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Years ago

Try watching some Euro games. All the stadiums are empty.

The Tournament is a concept and obviously the games are scheduled to ensure they're shown live on ONE.

LIVE local basketball on free to air. And thanks to this tournament and the fact the organisers worked with Ten/One intead of making demands like the NBL did in the past, now we have the NBL on FTA Live.

Enjoy the tournament for what it is, and I'm sure 2011 will be even bigger and better now that BA and the NBL won't be working against them.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

How do we go getting tickets to just the 6pm game at night? I could do 4pm and 6pm and would be worth it if the games were at half price for just half a day's action etc.

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Years ago

guys.. I have an idea...

why can't someone like BOgut (12mill a year) or Longley (40mill payout) chip in a few dollars which would cover all tickets paid for over the days and all Adelaide bball associations/kids getting them free????

Or if those hearts aren't open to help the sport, what about key sponsors chipping in to cover ticket costs????

why the **** not? why would the ECB not try this?

first impression is so important! was so important. disappointing to be honest. but... praying the ECB managers figure out a strategy to get all you Adelaide hoop fans, especially the kids on holidays, to the Dome the next few days and help make this thing a big success to keep it going!!!!!!

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Years ago

Because Bogut and Longley aren't basketball's personal ATMs. Bogut has more than enough on his plate right now, and Longley has shrimps named after his daughter to worry about.

Why can't HSH just open the doors and make tickets free if that's the best scenario? Or maybe say "HSH is free, courtesy of OneHD" even if they're not actually paying for each ticket? Have OneHD giveaways (mousepads, stress balls, etc) at the game. Or Footlocker with vouchers.

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