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Objective comparison - comparing some NBA PGs

Player A:

2008 = wins the championship.

2009 = averages a triple double in the playoffs.

2010 = best player on a team with 3 future Hall of Famers that is in a good chance to go to the finals.

Player B:

2008 = puts up solid numbers against Jason Kidd... disappears when the season is on the line.

2009 = loses by 58 points at home in the playoffs, was a negative to the team through the series.

2010 = miss the playoffs while a rookie low first rounder puts up big numbers in your place.

Without looking up who the players are and based on those comparisons who would u pick?

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Years ago

I think I know the players your on about one being in green the other in big easy...and no i didn't look it up....I would still take Player "B"

Mainly because if each player was to swap teams would it be much different..Player B could put up comparable if not better points on Player "A" team. And while if Player "A" was seeing defenses "B" see's it would be a different outcome.

Yet Player "A" on his current team can't be defended properly due to the amount of skill surrounding him.

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Years ago

When you say the three worst things about player B and the three best things about player A, it's not a very fair comparison...

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Years ago

this is stupid

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Years ago

I would definitely pick player B.

OK, my turn. Would you guys rather be decapitated and buried in a pit of your own excrement, or given a billion dollars and a private island to live on? Take some time with this one.

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Boom Patrol  
Years ago

hereschenes hit the nail on the head, hahahaha

stupid stupid comparison anon

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Years ago


I think a comparison between Rondo and CP3 is an interesting topic of conversation, just the way the OP framed the discussion was stupid.

For the record I would rather have Rondo on my team - I'm a Hornets fan but not a very big CP3 fan. I hope they trade him for some other big name(s) now that Collison looks to be decent, but I guess it won't happen.

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Years ago

LOL with your earlier summation Hereschenes. I'm interested to hear you say that you are a Hornets fan but not a big CP3 fan. I'm guessing you would see a fair few more of his games than me, so what do you see in CP3 that you don't like?

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Years ago

Rondo right now would be the premier PG in the league...Problem is, he will come up against Fischer in the play offs who can and will play D to shut him down...

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Years ago

fisher wont be able to keep up with him

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Years ago

Nash is still the best PG in town. Rondo benefits hugely from his supporting cast.

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Years ago

Im pretty sure every single PG going up against Fisher these playoffs has murdered him.
Rusell Westbrook dominated him in the OKC-LAL series.
D-Will tore Fisher to shreads in the UTA-LAL series.

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LA Boy  
Years ago

Fisher can D up on CP3? that's crazy. Fisher can't stay infront of nobody.

He's only having some sort of success against Nash right now cos Nash is not one of those speedy point guard (he's just quick) and Fisher's length also helps a bit.

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Years ago

Fisher struggles to guard any decent point guard with speed - he relies on his front court to help bail him out!

Plenty of very good point guards in the NBA right now. I would argue all of them have their own individual flaws.

Whilst Rondo has been superb, he is surrounded by 3 of the best players in the business as well, and therefore his lack of a reliable jump shot is not nearly as exposed. Put him on a team without some players like he has at the C's around him, he would still be good, but would he be as good?

I love's Rondo's game, I just wish he would work harder on being able to hit that long range shot consistently. Then he would have as close to a complete game as anyone else in the business.

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Years ago

Hey Beantown,

When I say I don't like CP3, I mainly mean that I don't like his on-court personality. He seems to get his pout on and drop his bundle whenever the calls and/or game isn't going his way, and he also seems pretty arrogant on occasion - all qualities that I dislike. Obviously he's still a great player - can beat anyone in the league one-on-one, and he's not just a scoring machine - he's a dishing machine as well. As long as he stays with the Hornets, I'm sure we'll at least make the playoffs pretty regularly, so I can't really complain too much.

But still, I'd much rather see the Hornets take a bit of a punt and strike while Paul's value is at its peak, and take the opportunity they have in Collison as a PG-replacement to swap Paul for either a stud at a different position, or another two or three semi-studs. I just don't think the current core of Paul-West-Stojakovic-Okafor is going to win any championships in the near future.

Easy for me to say all that as an armchair fan I guess!

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Years ago

wow you guys **** failed. Ignore who the players are.

you would rather take what Player B has achieved in those 3 years than Player A?

I'd rather much win the championship thx.

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Years ago

Lol... we've tried to rescue your original post, but if you want to insist on making it pointless and banal, then good luck to you.

If you ignore who the players are, your original question is simply "would you rather have all these awesome things, or all these disappointing things?" Do you honestly not see that that is a stupid question?

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Years ago


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Years ago

So you would rather win a championship than not win one?

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Years ago

rondo is the best PG in the league and rus the Boston team ,which is clear if you have been watching the finals

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Years ago

I think CP3 would've won championship too if he's in Rondo's situation.

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Years ago

Steve Nash please...

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Years ago

Steve Nash still the best PG. Point guarding is how to run the team on offense. To go on defense is the other story.

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Years ago

Agree Nash is the best PG in the league.

The most stupid thing about this thread is the heading.

To objectively assess anything you are making your assessment on the numbers only (statistics). No-one needs to check the stats to know who wins the objective comparison between Paul and Rondo.

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