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Parents, Coaches and sportsmanship

Hi I'm a school student, currently in year 12.
For my PE assignment I have to analyse a contemporary issue in sports.

I've chosen Sportsmanship.

My question is:

"Are parents and coaches good enough role models of sportsmanship these days?"

What are your thoughts and opinions?

Would be Great to get some feedback :)

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Are you looking at just basketball, or all sports?

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Years ago

All sports, but mainly basketball.

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Years ago

Sorry, my question has been rephrased

"Are parents and coaches positive role models of sportsmanship in junior sport?"

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Years ago

I'll give you an equivelant question.How long is a piece of string?

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Years ago

Ease up Qlder. Looks like the ? was amended by a teacher.

I hope you never ask for help!!!

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Years ago

Its hard to say, I hope i am, but i still can not believe how involved i get into my childs game when they are playing, i never thought i would.

But i try to hold myself in a manner that i would what other parents to treat my child.

I do have to hold my tongue when other parents from opposing teams yell things out, but at the end of the day i am here to set an example for my child regarding how to behave, teaching them self control.

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Years ago

Remember - the entire concept is "competition" that tries to embrace sportsmanship. No pain no gain. How people go about this is dependant on their personality.

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Years ago

Can I suggest you watch a few games on a friday night and saturday morning, count the number of people that are spectating and try to get a number of those that are critical compared to those encouraging. Although you may find one person do both.

As a coach and a parent I know I have good days and then there are days that I question things, then there are days when I unfortunately lose my cool. I think personality has a lot to do with it. Best of luck with it, I think it sounds like a great assignment.

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Years ago

My biggest eye opening in recent times has been parents from your own kids team that criticise the rest of the players, mine included nad have no qualms about telling it to your face that also coach their own kids after and before the game incontrast to what the coach is coaching, and manipulating to get kids moved out of teams (that may be going off to a nationals comp) to make way for their own. The nasty vicious side of parents in sport.

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Years ago

"Are parents and coaches positive role models of sportsmanship in junior sport?"

Simply answer is NO . I think the best team to coach would be a team of kids that dont have parents, Some parents are great and just want to see thier kids play and have fun ....But then you get the ugly parent who wants to win at all cost and will call crap out to other players on both teams abuse the reffs every call that dose not go thier way, Just like someone said go have a look at a few games on friday night or a saturday and it wont be hard to find some bad examples.

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I'm going to turn this on its head: ugly parents are an eye-opener, and show everyone else how NOT to behave. There's nothing like cringing at someone else to bring you back to reality.

Do kids think, "I wanna be like him/her" when they see an adult chucking a wobbly? I doubt it!

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Years ago

What are you idiots on about?

My son has been playing in a div 1 District Club for 6 years, The responsibility for bad attitude is clearly the fault of the club and coaches.
Take my sons career so far.

He has palyed for six years and is still not playing for the state.
Ok, he cannot shoot very well, if the coach is going to favour the other little shits in the team, how can my son get better?
Ok, his passing is terrible, If the coach did not bring those other useless kids up from div 2, my son would have more court time and would be better!
Ok, he cannot dribble, that is clearly the Clubs fault, where the hell do they find these useless volonteers that call themself coaches.

I have had a guts full, the Club and coach keep telling us that if my son trains harder he will improve. Why are they telling us that? it is the coaches job to motivate my son!

Can anyone suggest a better club for me to live my dream? I am so glad that I have not paid fees for the last 2 seasons. I have to move my son, it has got so bad he saying things like "Dad I just want to play with my mates and have some fun" Where does that shit come from?
Please help!

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Years ago

Where does this shit come from? YOU! Give me a team of orphans anyday.

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Dione 27  
Years ago

I think DAD was takin the p*ss.

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Years ago

Sorry, could not resist that one.
A bit of a collection of attitudes I have come accross

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

BSA has a code of conduct which it may be worthwhile downloading and then checking out a few games to audit parents and coaches adherence to that code.

Don't confuse competitiveness with sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a direct reflection on the person's general attitude, and a lot of that is respect for oneself and others.

Anyone can come up with a hundred examples of good and bad sportsmanship. A recent post on this forum where one team who should have had white tops, but didn't, asked the other team to use theirs, but they refused is just one example. For every bad example, you could list other examples such as when team managers provide first aid for opposing players, players letting other borrow balls etc. Overall, I feel that the majority of parents, coaches and players abide by the Code and show good sportsmanship by showing respect to their players, team and opponents.

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Years ago

Haha clearly #852 did not get the joke. That is classic.

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Years ago

Well school student,I look at Brett Maher.His father was a Vietnam veteran(1963-1973 war)and is a out and out champion.Yet i know of a parent who is influencing their team playing at someplaces in a restrictive way(and this is 'so' edited by the author not to show any info).Some kids have natural talent,they can usually defy their environment and go on.Those who need to make a bigger effort require good parents and coaches.Some kids self destruct no matter who they are .That starts from the Cot.

I remember school ,one time i was asked in a english essay "What part does Politics play in sport?".Try to answer that one .I couldnt,I was only 16!

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Ganymede 41  
Years ago

I think the vast majority of parents and coaches believe in the values of sportsmanship. To be a role model I think there has to be demonstration of the values. A very loud and and visible minority of parents and coaches show, at courtside and around the clubs, a low emphasis on sportsmanship. A considerable amount of behaviour of parents and coaches is open and transparent and can be assessed objectively at times. I think the private displays and dialogue of parents to children on many issues, related to basketball and other things, may greatly determine the developing attitudes of children towards sportsmanship. I have rarely been able to listen to pre and post game addresses of coaches to players, and would think these are important moments for demonstration, as are acceptance speeches. Many children are denied a well rounded upbringing. Club committees, managers and coaches may help influence positively children who need more than their family can provide. Codes of conduct are easily penned but the implementation and adherence is the challenge. Committees, managers and coaches should work very hard in this regard.

All the best for year 12 and thanks for the thought provoking question.

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Years ago

Thankyou all so much for your feedback!

Jack Toft: The code of conduct is very insightfull for what should be displayed! thanks for the heads up :)

Ganymede 41: Thanks! And you're welcome :)

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