Clem Scott
Years ago

Has basketball sold it's soul

Just wondering if the wider basketball community could give me your opinions to assist with a thesis I am writing.

Towards the end of 2010 FIBA are implementing new rules to bring the world in line with the NBA.
These rules include the 6.75m 3-point line, no-charge zone, backcourt rules etc.

Is this NBA ism by FIBA to attract more publicity to the sport or has the governing body bowed to the power of the American dollar.

What are your thoughts, good or bad?

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Years ago

there just better rules.. quite simple

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NBA agent  
Years ago

I think its a good move, NBA is the best leauge in the world. The new lines make it fair for the rest of the world. It also helps the younger NBA hopefuls begome more adapted to the NBA rules. They are just following the worlds best.
(if this makes sense)

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

I'll let you know in 20 years. It depends on how kids adjust to the rules and whether it impacts on their ability to make the world's biggest league or not. Until then, I reserve my judgement.

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Years ago

Most of the people I knew in the USA went to college games since unlike it wasnt a show pony effort that the NBA had become. So time will tell I guess.

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Your Mum  
Years ago

I dont like the extended 3 point line one bit. I feel its fine for NBL and professional levels of play but moving it back for social comps and lower grades of district will really hurt the game. These players are not great shooters from our current line, making players who specialise in shooting now poor % 2 point shooters and poor 3 point shooters. This rule is very stupid and will end up hurting Basketball at grass roots and lower levels of play.

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Years ago

Professional Basketball is a spectator sport, whether live or televised. It needs $$ to survive. If these rules make the sport more entertaining, then the $$, regardless of country, have spoken. One thing to remember is that today's basketballers are a lot more athletic than those even 20 years ago so pushing out the 3 point line by a couple of feet is perhaps adjusting to this increase in athleticism. Standing under a basket isnt really defending anyway so nothing really negative there anyway.

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Years ago

The rules are being implemented to try and open up the game and encourage and enable more penetration/slashing to the basket - bigger keyway leads to more space, bigger three-point circle creates more space - all supposed to lead to more opportunities for penetration.

Unfortunately, if referees are continued to be allowed to 'interpret' the rules instead of enforcing them and they continue to refuse to call a 3-second violation then they may as well take the sides off the key altogether for all the good they do.

The easiest way to open up the gameis to ensure the referees actually blow the game as the rules allow - then you'll have an exciting, open game with limited legitimate contact and plenty of scoring opportunities.

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Years ago

A bit of a tangent here - "These rules include the 6.75m 3-point line, no-charge zone, backcourt rules etc."

What changes have been made in regards to "backcourt rules"?

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Years ago

If basketball didn't occasionally sell its soul (aka, make incremental changes to the game), we'd still be using peach baskets.

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Years ago

Players adjust. Heard one player, playing a game with the new markings at MV for the first time & having hit a couple of 3s, asked what they thought of the changes. "What changes?" was the response.

The change of the colour of the floor at MV seems to generate more comment from players than the line markings.

Within reason, it doesn't matter what the rules are, but it is important that the sport uses the same rules around the world.

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Years ago

Are US colleges moving their 3pt line from level with the top of the key as well? If so,I can see their 3pt %ages dropping dramatically.
I have also wondered why the colleges never used the FIBA court layout.

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