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Who Wins In A 7 Game Series : Celtics or Heat ?

A lot of people are underrating the Boston Celtics, despite them having a pretty solid offseason by adding Shaq, JO, Wafer, and West. They have a very solid bench once Delonte serves his suspension. They obviously have the experience factor of winning an NBA Championship in 2008 and making the Finals last season and taking the 2x defending champion Lakers to seven games.

Then there is the Rajon Rondo factor. Rondo has quickly become the Celtics best and most dynamic player due to the decline of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. While those three are all still all star caliber players they aren't superstars anymore. Rondo has played great in the playoffs with the exception of the 2010 Finals. He absolutely demolished Mo Williams in the playoffs and I think he would do the same to the inexperienced Mario Chalmers. If I was Miami I would do what the Lakers did and put Wade on Rondo to try to disrupt him. I would put Chalmers on Ray Allen and have Mario try to bother Ray on those screens Boston runs for him.

The Celtics have also shown the ability to contain LeBron James and other stars as well. In the 2008 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals LeBron James shot below 40 % from the field. He had one monster game which was game 7 and it was somewhat offset by Pierce's explosive game 7. In 2010 LeBron shot much better. He shot 44 % but in the last three games of the series he again shot below 40 %. He didn't have near the energy or impact he usually does.

KG and the Celtics have gave Chris Bosh all he can handle in the past, who is often considered soft a hard time with his physicality and length. You add in Shaq, JO, and a healthy Perkins and I think Bosh can be contained. One of the reasons Bosh is considered soft is that he often resorts to jumpshots and fadeaways instead of posting up, getting to the free throw line, and driving hard to the rim. Against a team like Boston Chris will be more of a jumpshooter. He'll still get his numbers but Boston will make him work.

Wade and LeBron definitely have advantages over Pierce and Allen, but Ray and Pierce will definitely compete on both ends and give Wade and James all they can handle. Allen should tire out Wade or whoever guards him with all those screens he comes off of. Pierce much like Artest has the size to go up against LeBron, however he lacks the quickness to defend him. Boston's team defense is great and will have to continue to be great against Wade and LeBron.

Now look at the bench. Boston has Delonte West, Nate Robinson, Shaquille O'Neal, Glen Davis, and Von Wafer all solid offensive players. Miami has Eddie House, Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, and Zydrunas Illgauskas. Imo I'll take Boston's bench all day, more firepower offensively and their bench frontline is decent defensively as well.

Coaching wise you have to take Rivers over the inexperienced Sploestra. More experience obviously, defensively he's argurably as good as it gets and runs very solid offensive sets.

I would take Boston in seven games. Due to their age I don't think they will aim for homecourt advantage. They can and have won on the road in the playoffs in previous postseasons. They aren't antimidated by anyone. I see their physical play, depth and experience winning out. Miami will have to wait another year before they rule the East imo.

Who would you take ?

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Miami for me.

I just can't see the Boston guys holding up physically (especially KG). Even if they get thru the season and are in good condition come playoffs they are still way past their prime.

The Celtics already have trouble containing Wade let alone adding in LBJ and Bosh (not to mention Mike Miller waiting to cash in form behind the 3pt line)

I can't see anyone in the East beating Miami 3 times in 7 let alone 4.

The only slight thing that concerns me is the Miami bench. I think Spoelstra will have to think very carefully about how he runs his rotations. I think he must have one of LBJ and Wade on the court at all times and also one of Bosh or Miller. I think the traditional "starters" and "bench" rotations willhave to get chucked out the window.

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Years ago

it all comes down to health.

KG would own bosh

Pierce has always done well against LBJ

Allen will keep wade working both ends, chasing him off all the screens.

Rondo has free reign.

Perk/o'neal x2 will have their way inside.

Celts. Easy if all fit.

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Years ago

That take you a couple of days to write killer sneakers. Should of only took 3 seconds to come to the conclusion to this question and im a boston FAN!.
1 sec umm Lebron, 2 secs mm Wade, 3 secss mm Bosh!

They are all in there prime, they will be determined because they took a pay cut. It's a stupid question no one will be even close too Miami.

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Years ago

KG owning Bosh. Haha we are playing in the present not the past. No one and i mean no one can guard Lebron!! And Rondo will not have free reign when being defended by Wade and Mike miller will easily guard allen with his size and dont forget Eddie house who has been with boston for a while knowing there offense.

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Years ago

Celtics. The Heat are too weak inside and Shaq at least should have a field day in there if given the minutes.

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Heat weak inside? lol
Bosh, Big Z, Haslam, LeBron
last time I checked all these guys can play and bang bodies.
C's are running a retirement village with the 2 Oneils. Sure Rondo can play but Miller, House or Dwade can cover that. Who from Boston is gonna stop Lebron? Rondo can't stop Wade.

Heat all day

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Years ago

Anon shaq is not like he used to be and dont forget heat have one of the best shot blockers in the world Joel Anthony who will play some handy minutes aswell.

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Years ago

people tend to forget the rest of the team. yeah miami's bench isn't awesome but we all know what eddie house can do from behind the 3 point line. haslem will shut down an OLD KG when bosh needs a rest and joel and big Z can handle the o'neals. people should under estimate the miami bench.

if butler's knee comes up good there is another guy who can score as well. he was projected to be a first round pick until her hurt his knee.

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Years ago

"one of the best shot blockers in the world Joel Anthony"

Your kidding right... The bloke has played 80 games, averaging 1.4 bpg. He's an undersized centre.

The bloke is a decent post defender and that's about all.

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Years ago

How can you compare an ageing, tiring trio of Pierce, KG and Allen to a group like Lebron, Wade and Bosh who are at their prime and playing the best basketball of their lives.

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Years ago

Macdub, because the Celtics roster kicks the shit out of the Heat's?

Honestly I'd be surprised if the Celtics needed seven games to beat the Heat.

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Years ago

I'n bookmarking this thread for May 2011!

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Years ago

'TR' Joel Anthony was 3rd in blocks in 48mins, beating even dwight howard and only losing to Javale Mcgee and the birdman, So thats pretty dam good. 1.4 bpg in the limited minutes he plays is very productive.

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Years ago

lebron wade bosch un-beatable end of story. the old boston big three have come and sadly gone.

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Years ago

Don't look too hard at 48 min stats. They are misleading for players that play limited minutes. You can't compare per 48 with Dwight Howard or anyone that plays substantial minutes. Anthony plays 16 mins versus Dwight at 34.7 mins.

In the playoffs, Jeff Prendergast average 8.5bpg per 48. He must be a superstar..

1.4bpg is average for a big. Anthony doesn't rank in the top 20 for BPG.

It wasn't me that made the claimed that "one of the best shot blockers in the world is Joel Anthony". Anthony is a undersized centre that is okay at post defence and that's about it, but if you want to believe that he's one of the best in the world at block shots, then knock yourself out, but find something a bit more substantial to back it up than per 48's.

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Years ago

delonte was EASILY the cavs second best player in 09 - if he can keep his off court stuff under control he will be a major difference maker for hte celts.

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Years ago

I think Mo Williams would disagree with you...

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