Years ago

Nathan Herbert's injury, probable ACL tear

Sounds as if he has hurt his knee and that often means missing a large chunk of the season,
All the best with the recovery Nathan!

Also was thinking who should the 36ers sign to fill in for him,

Just had a look at the list, it looks like Herberts a 6,

The best players who are 6 or less i can think of are
Greg Vanderjagt
Neil Mottram
Aaron Bruce
Lindsay Tait
Pero Vasiljevic
BJ Carter
Andrew Rice
Scott McGregor
John Fitzgerald - probably the most similar to Herbert

I personally would go for 1 of Mottram, Vasiljevic, Bruce or Tait, my preference is probably Vasiljevic, he has done well in ABL and in trial games for the gold coast and I think we could use some extra size upfront,

Anyways all the best to Herbert in his recovery, all the fans were sorry to see you go down and hope to see you recover quickly!

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Years ago

Havent heard this, huge loss to the team!!

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

The lady fans will call for the Bruce-meister, but we probably need a bit of height.

Don't know if you could fry an egg on his abs, but I know a few ladies who would have a go

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Years ago

Herbie's injury does not look good. He looked in a shocking way when he was carried off the court and on the bench iced up.

I hold grave fears it's his ACL, which is a shattering blow. One of our toughest and best defenders sidelined is not good.

Pero Vasiljevic would be my first preference as the replacement, but some of the other names listed aren't too bad either.

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Years ago

peros at the gold coast signed up.. bruce is talking atm with gold coast and hawks, sixers need to move fast..

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Years ago

I wonder if LARS is an option ? If he could make a successful return after Christmas, that would be ideal.

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Years ago

i'm hoping medial. what was really bad is that he could put no weight on it.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Incredibly sad for Herbie. Apparently had been training up a storm... but it looked awful tonight.

Definitely need a front court player, when Jacob does not look for his shot in the offence i saw tonight, Adam is always battling against the oppositions two biggest defenders.

We certainly don't need another guard, a big swingman would also be good.

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Years ago

fingers crossed he's ok, one of my favourite 6ers just for his hard work an tough play

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Years ago

Bruce clearly the best player of that group. Tait would probably more suited to playing SG.

Personally I don't think we're too desperate for extra height at all. I'd like to keep the majority of Holmes' minutes at PF.

No one stands out to me here.

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Years ago

Pero would've been ideal but he's with the Blaze so hows about Vanderjagt? Very surprised he's not on a roster atm.

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Years ago

Anyone have any news re: diagnosis?

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Years ago

All the best for a speedy recovery Herbie. When your shooting guard is your best rebounder it spells trouble, hopefully herbies replacement can bang the boards.

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Years ago

Silver Fox said last night that it was his ACL.

We dont need another guard unless he can also play the 3 spot.

Could be a chance for Sam Harris to join the squad and Dowdell move to the SF position, he is mobile enough.

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The Messiah  
Years ago

I heard it is his ACL so out for season. I don't know about recruiting Bruce at this point of the year. We have Winder as starting point and Rhys Carter as back up, why would we need Bruce? Just pushes Carter Back. I think another Big would be a decent signing and some like Mottram would be a good fit. Pero has alrady signed with Gold Coast so he's gone so there's not a lot left out there. What would Rashard Tucker be rated if he was naturalised???

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Years ago

Would they just upgrade Sam Harris into the 10man line up? There doesn't seem to be any starting quality talent around so why not just replace Herbert with a big man already on the roster?

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Years ago

yeh im interested in what the MRI comes up with. its still not confirmed how bad it is, and yes it obviously looked bad last night but hopefully he only misses out on a part of the season and comes back for the later part. then again im an optimist.

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Years ago

Terrible loss if it is his ACL.It looked and sounded bad. He was up for a great season based on his preseason work. Spewing!!

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Years ago

When are the scans?

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Years ago

they are doing scans today i heard, SOS will keep us notified about it anyway they generally do.

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Years ago

What would be people thoughts of going after a AIS player and entice him to leave and join NBL team. Possibly

Mitch Creek
Owen Odigie
Anthony Drimic

Would be great to see a young AIS player given the opportunity to get minutes in a NBL team rather than leave australia or just get a development role.

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Super coach  
Years ago

How about the development player they already have, Tom Daly, showed enough in the ABA final, time to give him a go

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Years ago

Daly is a bit small imo to replace Herbie. Need someone of a decent size.

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Years ago

The AIS guys need to go through the college system in the states. Young Aussies would be fools to play NBL before college.

I rest my case with Newley and Ingles. If these guys went to college instead of playing NBL, I believe both would be in the NBA today!

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Years ago

Boti's article is up on AdelaideNow.

Season over :(

Aw man. Horrible news.

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Years ago

yeh its definitely official now. hopefully we still keep him though and have him here next season. whats the chances of that happening people in the know? it would be a huge shame for him to go if he gets back to fitness and the way he was this preseason.

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Years ago

I disagree with Newley and agree with you on Ingles.

What I'm saying though is that college what not on everybody mind in the 90s when NBL was awesome. Is there some corelation with the fact the NBL was strong and had good home grown aussies playing in it. Imagine if we had Ogilvy, Newley, Ingles, Mills, Page, Harris Tunks, Salecich, Motum, etc

Would be a much better league. Better leagues can get better sponsors and might hold more weight when players actually do well over here.

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Years ago

mmm i'd fry an egg on Bruce's abs :)

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Years ago

36ers on Facebook/Twitter:

Unfortunately 36er fans Herbie has torn his ACL. This means he will most likely be out for the season at this stage. Terrible news for Herbie and the club.

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Years ago

how tall is Creek????

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Years ago

195cm apparently? SF.

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Years ago

Really bad news about Herbie - wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

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Years ago

i'm hearing Daly is going to get a gig in the pre season games...

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Years ago

give Bondy a run

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Can Herbert undertake LARs surgery?

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Years ago

Out of interest, Aussies who have played in the NBA (forgive me if I have missed one or two):

From college: Longley, Bogut, Mills

From Europe: Andersen

From the NBL: Gaze, Heal, Bradtke, Anstey, Jawai (was Ricky Grace an Aussie when he got picked up by Atlanta?).

Pepper and Newley have also been drafted from the NBL, while Bruton and Rogers were also drafted from college.

The claim that Aussies have to go to college to play NBA isnt really backed up by the facts. However, the vast majority of Aussie players dont play NBA and so that cant really be the measuring stick on whether going to college is the right thing to do.

For me, it really is about the individual situation, and whether that coach/program can develop them as a player and person, be that in the NBL, college or Europe.

My personal opinion as a general rule is that a very talented Aussie kid who is not an NBA athlete is best playing in a good NBL program. A really talented and athletic kid who is an NBA prospect should go to college, while a less talented kid should go to college as they wouldnt get NBL minutes.

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Years ago

Oh yeah, and I think Mitch Creek would be a great pickup for the Sixers.

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Years ago

Didn't a lot (all?) of those NBL players you list as going to the NBA previously go to college?

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Years ago

Andrew Gaze played a season with Seton Hall. I think he took them to the NCAA final four.

Did Eddie Palubinskas ever grace the court in the NBA? He was the first Australian drafted to the NBA. I don't know if he went to college in the USA or not.

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Years ago

Palubinskas started his collegiate career at Ricks Junior College in Rexburg, Idaho in 1970, where he led the U.S. in free throw % with 92.4%. He holds the record for the most consecutive free throws in a game—14 and 43 consecutive for the season. He was also selected as an All-American that year while breaking most records at Ricks College which is now BYU-Idaho. He transferred to Louisiana State University after the Munich Olympics.

He was drafted in the 3rd round by the Atlanta Hawks in 1974 but didnt actually play in the NBA.

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Years ago

Dont think Bradtke, Heal, Anstey went to college. Dont remember Pepper and Newley going either.

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The Messiah  
Years ago

I have heard Mitch Creek is planningto be in Adelaide February/March for next seson, but I don't think he will be here this year.

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Years ago

Creek is a hit for Adelaide. He will be the 10th player to complete their roster. He is an outstanding young player. Very high energy and is a true pleasure to watch. Rookie of the year contender no doubt. Safe betting there.
Good luck young fella.

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