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Full marks for the Ref

Was at Pasadena on Tuesday night and caught two and a half Grand Finals on court 1.
Saw something I never thought I'd see: a referee who appeared to be interested in the game and who was willing put in the same amount of effort as the players. I’d rate his attitude and performance 10 out of 10. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a good exhibition. He was controlling the men’s Reserve’s game and appeared to realise what players and spectators have always known - that fouls and infringements don’t just happen to the player driving to the basket. He called off-ball infringements including a number in the mid court. To add to my amazement, it was obvious that he only blew his whistle when he actually saw an infringement. When he was unsighted, he didn’t guess; he let the play continue. But there weren’t too many times he was unsighted. He was at least as active as the players, continually changing position so he could see what was happening. Perhaps that was his only game that night, so had enough energy to be active. Regardless, he enforced the rules and communicated with players and the bench. Through all of this he maintained tight control over an important game.
Unfortunately of the 6 refs on court 1 that night, he was the standout. The male referee for the women’s game was good, the other 4 performed at or below the norm. A couple exhibited the standard lethargic, disinterested, smug "I’ll blow my whistle if and when I want to, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it" attitude that we’ve all come to expect. And whoever is teaching referees to determine whether a player is travelling by looking at their heads has a lot to answer for. That might almost work for under 10s, but it certainly doesn’t for older players. There’s nothing that loses respect for referees more than seeing a player twist and turn while maintaining a pivot foot, then hearing a travel call just because their head has moved around.
So, do I take heart that there’s at least one good referee, or do I get depressed because there’s only one?

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I presume you were talking about the older ref on the mens reserve game??

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hangin round  
Years ago

I think it's great that some Mums still go out to watch their kids umpire a game with their rose coloured glasses on.
As for the other 'non-family' refs, I hope they attend the Refs Development Camp coming up soon.
I love your work though. Instead of having a crack at the refs and copping flack,you began with a Big positive, then laid the crap on others.
If somebody started the topic with abuse for the refs, but finished with a 'positive', they would have been abused by now for canning refs

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Years ago

Hanging around your an idiot

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Years ago

Anon, classy. I was going to make the same point that HR did at the end. This topic is just more criticism of refs veiled as a positive comment, IMO.

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Years ago

It's way over due for a closer look at the officials and their allegiances and ways of overcoming this. You can play games at neutral venues but if the umps appointed bring baggage that all goes out the window. Bringing in more rules to shut up players, parents and spectators is not going to help when officials influencing game outcomes disproportionately keeps happening.

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Anon 289537 - Yes, that's the one.

HR & Isaac - Not meant to be a criticism of Refs, rather a criticism of the general standard of refereeing. Everything that's been talked about before has been about maintaining the current standard - which in my opinion isn't good. This guy showed what is possible, and for that I gave him "10 out of 10". If he can do it, why can't they all? I'm all for paying them more, training them better, cutting out abuse, whatever it takes. And if what I saw was the first step toward overall improvement, great!

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Years ago

bemused if you class him as a good ref, we've got problems. what concerns me is that he reffed all the reserves finals and he more and more comes across that he believes the game is about himself. His interest in the game is making himself noticed. If he's so great how come he didn't win the trophy for best ref in ABA??
Fully agree regarding the travel calls in basketball in general, most of the time non existent and then inconsistent (same as the 3 second rule)

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hydra 93  
Years ago

Saw several games reffed by the man in questions. Quite variable both between games and within games. Called a couple of fouls in the GF for hooking with the arm around the waist on defense. Fair enough but impossible to actually do with both arms extended vertically overhead before the dribbler arrives unless of course the player has a third arm. That could make him a handy player. Just irritates me that Sturt seem to get the majority of the 'good' calls regardless of the grade or venue. It will also be interesting to see if there is some equity in the draw for the U23 summer comp. Perhaps Sturt could move away from 6:30-7:45 at Court 2 at the Dome or Pasadena and allow some other teams to have the odd game that doesn't finish at midnight. Ah to be the Collingwood of SA basketball.

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