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Adelaide Ladies drop both games in Canberra

The Lightening have lost to the AIS tonight meaning two losses out of 2 for the trip north. Looks as though the Augustina Zygaite experiment may be over. Only saw 6 min in the 7 pt loss to the kids.

Both imports from the same agent, research lads, its not that hard, stop letting the owner pick the players and grow a pair.

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Francis, Bishop, Magden.

Why aren't these girls playing for the Lightning?

Why can't we hold onto our guns?

Why are players like Foley & Camino playing elsewhere as well?

Is it a money issue? Organisation issue? What's the issue?????????

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Adelaide played okay against Canberra. They were in it until Bibby went bananas in the third quarter.

Angela Marino doesn't get much love on this forum but I thought she had a terrific game against the Caps.

Can't comment on the loss to the AIS although obviously the previous night's endeavours took something out of them.

PS - I think Angela Marino is hot. I'd like to meet her next time she comes to Canberra.

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Years ago

Simon , laser therapy is available for you vision impediment!

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Years ago

from the box score

AIS 23 to 10 in assists
AIS 48% shooting to 38%
AIS 9 turnovers to 16
with the Lightning winning the boards 43 to 36 and shooting 15 more field goals

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Years ago

Dont get out much then i take it simon?

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Want a few more SA names - how about Bishop and Veal. That would make a difference.

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I would suggest considering the owners health the coach/gm would have put together the team.

Surely he needs to bear some of the responsibility of this disasterous weekend.

Giving up 80 is one thing. Giving up 80 to a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds is another.

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Years ago

With Angela, I'd like to stay in rather than go out.

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Years ago

I know a girl in the list above that has wanted to return home, but has never been approached.

Our loss is the rest of the world's gain!

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Years ago

Apparently the coach didn't like the players agent and didn't bpther contacting them.

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Years ago

Adelaide: Martin, Newley, Langford, Marino, Burgess, Seekamp, Wilson, Holland, Hargreaves
AIS: Thomspon, Minear
Bendigo: Madgen
Canberra: Chris Lucas, Romeo, Lewis, Graham
Dandenong: Abby Bishop, Sam Woosnam
Logan: Francis, Veal
Townsville: Flanagan, Hill, Ireland
West Coast: Hargreaves

Oliver (born here but not really an SA girl), Harrower (ex-Lightning), Burston (ex-Lightning), King (ex-Lightning), Tracy Gaham (ex-Lightning), Jess Foley (ex-Lightning), Camino (ex-Lightning), Marsh (ex-Lighting), Kate Malpass (ex-Adelaide).

Plus Summerton, Screen etc overseas.

South Australia has a huge involvement in Women's basketball in this country. Yes its a shame there isn't more of the above talent playing in Lightning uniforms right now but I'm just glad the Lightning still exist. And providing opportunities to the likes of Langford, Seekamp etc to play at WNBL level.

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Years ago

Oh and I forgot Tracy Brathwaite at Canberra too.

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Years ago

I'm glad we still have a Lightning team too, but I struggle to support them. I don't like the petulant behaviour of Marino on court, but I can get over that to support the team. Good players keep leaving, even on the eve of the season and we make allowances. Young players are getting a go so that must be a good thing. We have to pay 36er prices for double headers even though we may not be able to stay for the 36ers game, but we do it to support the team.
Well I am just about out of motivation to go back for more - Nikita Martin who was in the position of this years AIS girls several years ago now can only get 12 mins court time against this years bunch for example - none during a quarter when we scored 10 points! We have 2 centres and they play 13 minutes between them against young bodies.
Surely for a team to remain viable they need supporters and I for one am just about over them.

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Years ago

@Agnesbc- I assume you have spoken to her manager about bringing her 'home'. Showtime was telling me a few weeks back that the girls got knocked off by the Green Machine. She'll be a handy acquisition for the green and gold. You might have to arrange a few more club functions at Primo to pay her salary.

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Years ago

Big Ads: I contacted her directly... She was keen to play, but I couldn't move on player fees requiring payment. However I did offer her the opportunity to umpire and earn the fee money back... There were moments of out loud laughter, but hey, RULES are RULES! LOL.

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Years ago

Game against the Caps wasn't great, so it must be been even worse against the kids....

Caps played with the Lightning, and gave their bench some decent burn. Caps had the game easily in hand.

I thought Marino was average vs the Caps. The thing that stood out was how small Adelaide was. Luckily for the Lightning Batkovic-Brown is still out. The Adelaide imports are bad, time to move on and find some decent replacements...

Crosier can out firing for the Caps, and Bibby hit 3 consecutive 3's to open up the game. The game was like watching a cat play with a mouse...

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Years ago

It's not a state of origin league, why do we bang on about SA players having to play here? It has nothing to do with anything. Every team is competing for the best players, wherever they are from. Some just do it better than others...

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Years ago

The Trouble is there is no structure - just run and gun basketball, and definately No defence. Is the Coach TOO Petrified to make a stand? This is a good team but too many Individuals.

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Years ago

re-watching the lighting/caps game, going to be a long season if they don't get after it on the defensive end, too easy penatration, no box outs, passive pressure. I think I can find several junior girls team that have better overall defensive pressure.

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Years ago

gotta love the pr guy for the lightning/advertiser writer with what he wrote on monday, describing the optimism they could get back to the finals and the surprise they had lost on the weekend and this was a big dent to their finals hopes.


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Years ago

I am a big fan of Adelaide Lightning and have always tried to get to games and watch them on TV where possible.

Watching Adelaide on ABC on Saturday against Canberra was disappointing to say the least. They have no team cohesion or intensity for the game at all.

Adelaide had 9 assists to Canberras 17 - a sure sign that a team is not functioning well as a team. There is no desire to create for each other and to work hard together to get the best, high percentage shots. Dribbling down the court and jacking up a shots is unacceptable at this level, infact it is unacceptable at any level.

I know Marino cops a lot of grief at times on this website, but I must say her performance on the weekend was dismal. As the court general, team leader and captain she did very little to lead the team. Her constant complaining to referees and no doubt her team was attrocious. The point guard should be an extension of the coach on the court, constantly talking, encouraging, leading. She does none of these things and as a result the Lightning will never be successful.

It certainly confuses me how the Lightning could go from winning a championship a couple of seasons ago to its current state. I would surely be intrigued to know exactly what has gone on in the club for the last year, and why all of our quality players couldn't leave quick enough. I certainly hope the Lightining isn't completely run into the ground under its current management.

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Years ago

Agree with both Anonymouses/Anonymi above. Hope the Lightning are not completely run into the ground under this management although that seems a vain hope. And can't believe Boti truly believes the team this year could make the finals.

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Years ago

Isn't boti part of management or least coach selection panels?

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