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Does the new arc make a difference to shooters?

There has been much talk about the impact of the new three point line, but the stats suggest it isnt having a negative impact:

Is this a surprise?

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Years ago

i think we have been seeing a massive difference. The new line is really seperating the goats from the sheep so to speak. Im liking it. Its good to see a 3 point line that is hard to hit from. It reduces the fluke artists. Also it opens up the defence

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Years ago

One impact I don't like, but one that should fade with time, is players forgetting that the edge of the court is now nearer to the three point line and stepping out of court. Leads to some weak turnovers off minimal defensive pressure and where the attacking player gained little advantage from barely moving their foot back.

I would be interested to see stats on dunks per game to see if we are seeing more of them. I know there were a few highlights in that first round and wondered if they were a result of the wider arc?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

'Sixers lost arc' newsadelaidenow article where we are not shooting well from it, but Clarke has told players to shoot their way out of it.

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Years ago

I dont think that stepping out issues will go away. Watch the NBA games and the players are still getting called for stepping out. The just push off to make their move and put their foot out.

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Years ago

Yeah I'd like to see if there's been an increase in dunks as well. I'm a big fan of the charge circle. I'd like to see if we've had more blocks too, just from the refs being looser.

I do agree with what Gaze says (every quarter) in that it's sorting the real shooters from the pretenders, but maybe not to the degree he's implying. As you said, it's just 50cm.

Another nice article paul!

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Years ago

I think it has had an impact, but just not as much as many observers thought it may. It hasn;t stoped those who tink they can nail it from range from trying that's for sure!

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Years ago

The stats are a surprise, basically guys are shooting as well if not better from the new line - go figure!

Also, it is not the super shooters that are shooting best, but plenty of 'Mr Averages'. Kind of debunks the theory that it sorts the wheat from the chaff doesnt it. Hopefully the commentators will read the stats and stop making out that it is making a big difference.

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Years ago

New line makes SFA difference to the shooters.

Good implementation, pity that can't fix their c*ck-up about the length of the quarters....

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Years ago

This will probably sound like a broken record, but the sooner they do away with the possession arrow the better!

I agree TR, go back to 12 mins.

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Years ago

agree with ditching possession arrow and ditching 10min quarters. Bring back jump ball and the good old 12min quarters

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Years ago

Yes the arrow is the worst rule change i can remember. What is the incentive to fight for a loose ball?

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Years ago

Not letting your opponents definitely get possession!! But I agree, silly rule.

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Years ago

Yep get rid of the possesion arrow and go back to 12 minute quarters. Think the new arc is fine.

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Years ago

or, leave the 10 minute quarters where they are (because its a better game) and leave the possesson arrow (because its a fairer rule....)

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Years ago

I play a shooting role on my team and one of the courts is on the new three line. I hit 4/5 and 3/5 on it in 2 games so it doesn't effect me too much. I think 50 cm doesn't really make a difference, and people struggling at start will soon get used to the extra distance.

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Years ago

HO - a fairer rule would be to to toss a coin. That way neither team is disadvantaged as they have an even chance of gettign possession if it's a possession arrow situation. At the moment, the outcome of such plays is determined before they happen.

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Years ago

peter, I agree the outcome is determined before it happens.... the question is does that really provide a demotivation to contest the ball? (BTW toss the coin and it potentially comes down 4 times in favour of one team and one in the favour of the other)

The argument of some is that the possession arrow removes incentive to fight for loose balls etc. (see anon above). Quite simply that is crap. Does a player, on seeing a loose ball, stop and think ... "possession arrow favours them" ... so I will not contest this? or does the player not contest the rebound because he/she is thinking "shit, better not try for this rebound cause the possession arrow favours them...."

What the arrow does is equally distribute possession after the contested ball. Its a much better situation than the lap of the gods that the jump ball presents.

So here is the situation. Tully Bevilaqua forces a contested posession against Margo Didek four times in succession- Didek wins four jump balls. Guess what - absolutely no return on effort for TB - versus the possession arrow which at least twice in that situation hands her team the ball.

Extreme example I know, but the jump ball NEVER guaranteed that you were rewarded for your hustle. The possession arrow guarantees u r rewarded 50% of the time. And, smart coaches prefer it because they can coach the situation - either having the ball or not having it. As opposed to the random outcome of a jump ball.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

The biggest difference i have noticed is that teams seem to be able to protect leads better.

You aren't getting flukey shots by someone attempting their first 3 for the night allowing their team back into it.

The NBL article though quotes percentages but not attempts, i would like to know if the number of attempts is down.

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Years ago

Teams are averaging around 5 attempts less per game at this stage.

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