Years ago

Let's do something

Hi fellow hoopsters-

I make a proposal to you all to try and invoke some change in the NBL. If one person writes a letter to the league- not much influence- but if 100 people sign off then there is influence.

Who is with me? Once we have some interest, we can then come up with ideas we want to try and push.

I know the league is relatively new (with the reform etc) but we have people power!!

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Years ago

i have an idea. BRING BACK JUMP BALL

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Years ago

Rule changes will be ignored (48 mins, jump ball, etc). Your only chance is to mass request attention to something like improving the NBL front page (link scores through to box scores, etc) and that's pretty minor.

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The Situation  
Years ago

So the league is going to sit up and take notice of a letter, which 100 people have signed, but with any suggestions TBA?

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Years ago

yeh i figured as much Isaac. i wish FIBA would change the damn rule. fair enough about the 10 min quarters its still exciting but i just dont understand the possession arrow, it can really disadvantage the team that got in there to fight for the ball only to have the other team receive it again.

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Years ago

allow asian players to be non-imports as of next year.

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Moses Guthrie  
Years ago

If the league is serious, it will either totally align itself to FIBA (yawn) or totally align itself to the NBA entertainment machine we all love and follow. Sitting on the fence and trying to be both sends basketball followers crazy, and the same for those who just like the entertainment value. I might've declared my hand with the yawn comment but really, anyone who thinks international ball is the same as professional entertainment ball has rocks in their head. They're two different products - one is about the sport in its purest sense, the other is about entertainment.

In the words of Robbie Williams - let me entertain you. 48 minutes, jumpballs, offensive interference, three second defensive violations, non-stop action ..... be brave folks, be brave.

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Years ago

your mouth to the NBL's ears Moses. couldnt agree more.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Moses we are all following you

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Years ago

Less Sydney kings games on OneHD

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Years ago

Moses the NBL can't just suddenly become like the NBA.

First of all the skill set and athleticism of the NBL players isn't even close to those of the NBA.

Second changing back to 48mins, having jump balls (which the NBA don't have to start 2nd, 3rd or 4th quarters) etc won't suddenly make the game more exciting either.

The NBA is a highlights machine. It works because the US media loves to jump on the personalities and the big dunks and big clutch shots. Changing the rules won't make any difference.

But changing the rules to allow 3 or 4 steps on a dunk, or the 'name' players even more preferential treatment will frustrate fans even more in my opinion.

I've never heard a fan complain because a player wasn't allowed to travel on a dunk. I've never heard a fan complain because Ballinger missed a shot and should have gone to the line because, well was defended too closely and he's Adam Ballinger.

That's what the NBA does.

Three second defensive violations will not make the game more exciting, in fact in the NBL it would make the game worse. More standing around, more 2-man, screen and rolls. Again NBL players can't use that to get a dunk like an NBA players can.

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Years ago

Do people really find watching NBA regular season games that entertaining? I find them hard to watch unless it is between the elite teams because there is little intensity for most of the game and the result isnt all that meaningful.

NBA playoffs are great, but the intensity lifts so it is closer to watching international style basketball but with the athletes of the NBA.

I would like to see the NBL take control of how they are presented, putting together highlight packages for ONE and their own website, providing profiles of players with their individual highlights and also their achievements, feature upcoming matchups and the story behind them etc so casual fans can understand the league and not just see it as 10 randoms running up and down a court. The constant negativity of some of the commentators is also an issue for mine.

My biggest beef with the NBL is a lot of really good plays happen and no one ever sees them again. Players in this league have great success internationally - both in WCs, junior WCs and in club competitions - but it isnt really promoted at all. It doesnt help the wider perception of our league.

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Years ago

I have written countless letters to head office (NBL) and you reckon I get much reply. Boti says it all in his journalistic views and gets hounded by the league for his views of reffing etc.

Its sort of like the AFL, they dont listen. They listen to what the media wants and act. As for the supporters, they couldnt give a rats.

I dont think 100 people will change much however if it were 100 people from all clubs including influential people from the club, the NBL might be forced to improve the game by going back to 12 min quarters.

Jump Balls were good, but times change as do games so Im not fussed if they were to come back in or not.

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Years ago

The NBL should take on interns dedicated to putting up highlights and so on (as you said, paul). I often have people wanting a traineeship with my business, offering to work for free, etc. If the league wants a stream of intern options they can get in touch - got a contact in the Netherlands through which I've had my last four interns (paid, but cheap).

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Of the Player of the week - Luke Schenscher won
But Adam Gibson Ira Clark Gary Ervin Oscar Forman were unlucky. Others considered were Devendorf Nevill Williams Madgen Khazzouh , Ron Howard Jacob Holmes Darren Ng... . Paul Bonsor Louise Norell Andrew Weber Graham Lee also of note.
Just do top three - NBL.

I like to follow the games around on a bitta live score, like tonite. But, it goes off.

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Years ago

i just think more people the better- they are trying but more needs to be done!

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Years ago

tyrell more needs to be done to do what?

What is it that you want people to support?

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Years ago

what has been mentioned here is pretty much on the money- better live scores, better website features etc etc- if one guy rings up or writes- nothing usually/ever gets done- but if a few more do then things can happen.

I am happy to support any positive change for the league.

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Years ago

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Years ago

So what do we do now tyrell??

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Years ago

I think if you choose workable ideas, get some support and suggest clear and simple solutions, you could make a difference. e.g., work towards getting consensus on the 'Top 5 Realistic Improvements to NBL.com.au' and then bring it to the attention of Marc Howard to see if he can run them past Sporting Pulse.

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Years ago

ill be in touch in a few days- through this post- with new years itll be difficult to organise over the next 2-3 days.

isaac- can we set-up a poll- where we list down ideas and then submit the top 5 of those?

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Years ago

You get 100 people to write and ask for 48 minute games and I'll get 100 to lobby for a 40 minute game. You get 20 people to ask for the possession arrow to be scrapped and I'll get 20 who will write and say they want the league to get rid of the jump ball. Isaac is right, rule changes are too subjective to get behind as a cause, improving web content etc or mandating highlight packages of each game would be much better.

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Years ago

Bring back 48 minutes of playing time. 40 mins game is too short especially for those who buy tickets to watch it live.

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