Summer 2010/11 Stats

Here is the Finals info for the Summer season. This is only for the Div 1/s comp as the pro/rel series makes it hard. Have an idea about doing it for the end of the season.


Sturt 12 out of 12 or 100%
Forestville 7 out of 12 or 58%
West 5 out of 9 or 55%
Norwood 6 out fo 13 or 46%
Southern 5 out of 11 or 45%
Eastern 2 out of 8 or 25%
North 1 out of 9 or 11%
Woodville 1 out of 10 or 10%
South 0 out of 9 or 0%
Centrals 0 out of 8 or 0%


Sturt 11 out of 12 or 92%
Forestville 9 out of 16 or 56%
Eastern 3 out of 7 or 42%
North 4 out of 10 or 40%
Norwood 5 out of 13 or 38%
South 2 out of 6 or 33%
Southern 2 out of 7 or 28%
West 2 out of 7 or 28%
Woodville 1 out of 6 or 16%
Centrals 0 out of 6 or 0%


Sturt 23 out of 24 or 96%
Forestville 16 out of 28 or 57%
Norwood 11 out of 26 or 42%
West 7 out of 18 or 38%
Southern 7 out of 20 or 35%
Eastern 5 out of 15 or 33%
North 5 out of 19 or 26%
South 2 out of 12 or 16%
Woodville 2 out of 16 or 12%
Centrals 0 out of 14 or 0%

Wow, suprised to see the Blue baggers that far out in front. Not a bad effort considering their only team not in finals was from the U18 Div 2 girls comp which has been split into 2 pools. (They are definately Lebron)

Forestville doing well, looks like their div 2 girls teams are a bit down though. But still clearly second and only the other team with more than half their teams in finals. (Doing a good D Wade impersonation)

Norwood in third, could maybe considered a part of the big 3(Chris Bosh) now with North droping so far off the pace.

West, moved up dramatically. Boys oing extremely well, especially their 16 Boys who look unbeatable. Girls need a bit of improvement. (A bit of a suprise just like Erick Dampier)

Southern, along with West the main movers up the charts. Same deal, boys doing well, girls need some work. Either pretty good, or pretty bad. (Somewhat streaky new addition Mike Bibby)

Eastern come along next, generally their div 1 teams are doing better than their div 2 teams. Other then their dominant U16 Girls through, they look a bit disapponting. (Could James Jones being the 3point contest winner and not being a game shooter sum them up?)

North, big fall for the last team to beat Sturt for the overall Club Champion at State Champs. Girls are still somwhat compatative, but the Boys are a mere shell of theri former serlves. (Definately the Mike Miller award for this season.

Souths poor numbers might actually be a bit inflated as they dont have a couple of teams like 16 Div 1 team involved and they made top 4 in U10 girls. (Dare I say Joel Anthony)

Woodville made a push a couple of seasons ago, but that looks to be well and truely over now. Numebrs in girls an issue and some gaps in the boys making things difficult. (Just like Chris Duhon this year)

Centrals, even without a finals spot, they may have taken a bit of a leap. Some competitive teams that have onw some games, hoprfully the work continues and not just with the cuontry kids from the North coming in. (Can I get an Eddie House DNP please)

Look out for the big pro/rel sum up in a couple of weeks.

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is that div 1-2 ?

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Years ago

Norwood unlucky to be bosh I'm fact I would be insulted :-)

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Years ago

Not that I really care but I think you may find that 4 teams of eastern girls made finals

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Years ago


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Years ago

Stats room = hands off it get back to your real job, obviously sturts president!!

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Years ago

Is basketball growing if so many clubs have so few teams in the girls? Three clubs with only 6 girls teams and 3 with 7 girls teams. Mavs with 7 teams is the only competitive one of those but not by development.
Sturt, forestville, Norwood and North are the only strong clubs in SA so why not reduce the number of dying clubs by forming at best a six club district comp?
Is their any point in, for instance, woodville having a div 1 U14 girls team when it hasn't won a game, is that district competition? Look at the ladders across age groups in these clubs which have huge gaps in numbers and ability.
What value does huge wins week in week out provide to the development of either the losers or winners.

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Years ago

Stats Room = Sturt Preso? LOL Is that you Donald?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Perhaps we need to zone?

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Years ago

perhaps we don't.

maybe we need to improve with what we have.

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Years ago

Been talking about improving the same six clubs for more than a decade. the four big clubs are happy to fight out state champs and district finals every year and kill off the minnows. What is a win worth against the small six?

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Results would suggest that it is more now the Big 3. Rather that North has slipped. But that Southern and West have certainly improved. Maybe look at what Southern and West are doing with regards to ammalgimaton and proactive recruitment in the local area.

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Years ago

From the stats room:
Can you put a piece together that shows the relevant standings in their division of each of the clubs with only six or seven teams in the girls? Seems that that some of these district clubs don't have teams in Div 1 across age groups and are near the bottom across the field in the teams that do.
That might prod BSA into action or the clubs themselves.

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Years ago

Who is the third of the big 3. Obviously Sturt and Forestville but it is not obvious to me with quality of results who is number 3?? Is it West with all the GF appearances?

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Years ago

I think it is Norwood. Though if you ask me, it's a clear top 2, then a "2nd tier" consisting of Norwood, Southern & West. North is in the"3rd tier" along with Eastern, then there is the "bottom tier" of Centrals, South & Woodville.

That is how I would break it down. Southern, West & Centrals slightly trending up, Norwood, North slightly trending down, rest just about stable.

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north will bounce back

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Years ago

which is more than its players can do............Mr M H

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Years ago

I agree with Jack Toft .But just Zone one club only.Then we all can improve and not lose the money and time we spend on wonderful talent only to have some trophy hunting parent rip him out .
South Oz hasnt the population.I can see the same problems as well in Soccer,AfL,Cricket,SANFL,tennis etc.Even the administrators of these associations have the same prayer book "One of our clubs dominate all areas".

Actually two clubs.Then some of the other clubs can get some new stadiums too(or play at the hundreds of school halls popping up everywhere).
*continued rant:Adelaide Oval and WNBL have something in common.....Liberal senators...ouch!

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Years ago

Actually when you consider the support given to Norwood by BSA and their new JDO, their so called domestic competition and their non recruitment of players who migrate by chance to Norwood there results have been disappointing and I am not sure they have moved forward with any consistency across the club but in small pockets complimented by players from other clubs!

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Years ago

its a numbers game which is all BSA are interested in, norwood, sturt and eagles have numbers thats the bottom line and from numbers come success.
BSA will end up with 4 or 5 clubs the rest will die.

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Years ago

You talk about clubs dying but is it possible for district basketball to die. In a recent Messenger article in the north-north eastern suburbs it appears that football and soccer is running out of facilities to support the growth in the number of junior teams now existing. I can't recall the exact percentage but it was of the order of magnitude a doubling of junior kids(?)playing over the past 5 or so years.

I am sure the population hasn't doubled and I am sure basketball numbers have not doubled.

The number of teams in U10's/U12's appear less than when I was first associated with basketball over 10 years ago.

I understand the need for clubs to strive to improve so they can be competitive nationally but will this pursuit eventually lead to the demise of district basketball in SA as we force more and more kids seeking a competitive environment but also an enjoyable environment to leave the sport to play with the ever increasing number of mates at other sports or, even worse, not get them onto a court in the first place.

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Demios 46  
Years ago

I guess that depends on wether the Northern suburbs clubs decide to spend their money and resources on the Senior teams or junior teams.

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Years ago

ahhh the standard response - Do you really know the answer - I suspect not!!

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Years ago

Surely its obvious why certain clubs continue to have success? put up the money for a JDO and you'll be a stronger club straight away. Shift your ficus from senior to juniors and you will be a stronger club for it.

Stop waiting for handouts and start making critical decisions to fix your shitty junior programs. Stop playing the blame game. Bad coaching = players leaving.

We keep having the same debate year in year out and guess what, nothing changes. Change the shitty culture at your club or watch it die.

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Years ago

Is Norwood a stronger club straight away due to appointing a JDO - I don't think so!!

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Years ago

Well, I guess the point is not only appointing people in the right positions, but also appointing the right people in those right positions.

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Years ago

What BS that is , one of the struggling clubs has six jdo's!

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Years ago

anon #909 - i agree 10 years ago i seem to recall u10s being about the same - but u12s going to div 4 with 10-12 teams per group boys and girls

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Demios 46  
Years ago

anon #944,

Maybe thats the problem. Too many cooks spoiling the broth. The better clubs have 1 full time paid JDO. Having 6 part time, unpaid is obviously not the solution.

but you can continue banging on about the inequalities, but unless you learn from what other people are doing, and follow the path to success, you are sure to fail.

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Years ago

They are paid.

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Demios 46  
Years ago

Still maybe having 6 people part time compared to 1 person full time makes a difference. Especially with regards to consistancy across the program and opportunity.

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