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Herbie Signs with Sixers u heard it here first

Herbie Signs with Sixers,being released tomorrow

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Years ago

Did the fact that they have put it in the transaction tracker on the nbl website give you that idea?

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Years ago

Technically, it's where i've heard it last

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Years ago

Is he a citizen and r u talkin bout herbert

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Years ago

Happy he's signed. Hope its not the 'exciting signing' the club was talking about though. We need Ervin!

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We better get a really good starting PG that can score, pass and play D because our guard stocks aren't that good. Crosswell, Ng & Herbert are all bench players at best.

C - Johnson/?
PF - Ballinger/?
SF - Weigh/Creek
SG - Herbert/Ng
PG - ?/Crosswell

With Herbert's signing you can only think that the 6ers are going to target a PG & a C with their import spots.

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Years ago

Andre Brown wouldnt be a bad fit for an import center

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Years ago

I'm with you Beantown but think we're both going to be disappointed.....

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Years ago

As a Perth fan who had to watch him try and play basketball, you can have him! Would only help the rest of the competition.

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No Deal!!  
Years ago

Herbert is a Starting SG in this league for mine. Not a star but a solid starter. He will easily cover the loss of Carter as our best back court defender and i'm more confident in his 3pt shot. Hopefully the knee injury hasn't slowed him down too much.

Also I want no part of Andre Brown. Dude was an absolute dud for Perth. We could get the same output for a quater of the price from someone like Jacob Holmes.

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Years ago

Looks likeGary Ervin is still in the running...

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Years ago

I personally would like to see

IMPORT / Johnson
Ballinger / Holmes
Weigh / Creek
Herbert / Ng
IMPORT / Crosswell

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

After reading this article I am assuming Herbert is the exciting signing.

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Years ago

Hardly exciting news, he would not start in any of the top teams. Good hustle and energy though....

3 spots to go and we need 2 starters....

Can someone from the 36ers come out and confirm that herbie is the exciting player they are refering to.

Were did the guy get the "big from far north qld" info from??

From what Clarke says we need 2 boomers and two strong imports. We have one boomer quality player at a stretch in Balls. No others. So the final three signings need to be a Boomer and two good imports. We only have 2 starting postions to fill and a back up big

Things not looking that good imo

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

If My math is correct we have only spent 41 out of a possible 70 points on players so far. Which leaves us with 29 points for 3 players

Balliner 10
Johnson 6
Weigh 7
Creek 1
Herbert 5
Ng 6
Crosswell 6.

So far we have spent the point cap wisely I wonder about the salary cap though

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Years ago

Ng and Herbert could start for any team I think. To say they wont start in the top teams is a bit silly as no one is going to start ahead of Penney in NZ, Perth would obviously start their import and they could start over Dillion and Cedar depending on what the team required. Also they would be an upgrade on Matt Campbell these days.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Whilst signings have not been exciting they do all add smoething to team and as Big Sexy stated we have left the points to gain 3 top players and as club confirmed we are going to use full salary cap then you would have to hope and think that they will top the team up with qlty to give us a strong competitive team.
I would hope any imports would be known imports as Clarkes record with imports was horrendous last year.
Agree with anon where is this exciting signing and we should be asking Sixers when will we hear and why delay

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Years ago

typo... should be where is

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Years ago

Those 29 points will certainly make or break the team IMO.

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Years ago

Whilst Herbie is not an exciting signing he is a solid signing that offers some versatility between SG & SF.

I think the last 29 points will be spent on;

Import - 10
Import - 9
Returning Aussie - 10

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Years ago

Yep 29 points should make for 3 quality players....

I would think that 9 to 10 point players are starters which makes with our current line up one of these players as a back up.

If we get three starters with the points left it means that we have signed to many back up players imo.


Starting Centre
Starting PG
Back up big

Guess herbie will play some time at small forward bit like holmes playing power forward

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Years ago

Good signing we definately missed Herbie last season. Things are looking up with Weigh being an improvement on Hill, hopefully another good Aussie signing and surely the two imports would have to be an improvement on last seasons.

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Years ago

Remember that signing schedules are not really set by the club. They can hope but it is nearly always the players making the decisions to sign. e.g., Ervin is waiting on Euro deals, Luke fluffs around each year, etc.

Having to sign 1-2 starters with both import spots left is not that unusual. Hawks and Breakers haven't signed any imports yet, as with other teams. I say 1-2 because Johnson was signed originally to start and has to get that chance one day. May depend on what's available. Biggest money has to be spared for that PG though. I'd be interested to know how much Ervin would need to just sign right away without waiting on other offers.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Yes your points are right Isaac so the club should not make statements like exciting signing within next few days if cant deliver although not all goes to plan. Would not been Ervin signing as that could go on awhile by sound of it

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Years ago

They should have an answer from Ervin within the next 10 days apparently...

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Years ago

ild hope they actually step up johnsons minutes this up-coming season.

we still obviously need to get another good big though to help johnson and balls. as we all know our pressing urgency is a quality pg. if the big, and more importantly if the pg are quality then im not sure we need another import... as long as its a pg that can score like ervin. if its a pg like shannon then we definately need to get another import sg.

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Years ago

good to see herbert back, i was shattered seein his injury happen last pre season, good tough hard nosed player.

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Years ago

Yeah, coz the text message would have sounded better if they'd said "an OK signing to come in the next few days" - what do you want them to do, talk every signing down?

Of course they ham them up. Whatever, I am just stoked they are sending us these sms's.

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Years ago

So true Gazza, it cant be easy and they are telling us more than ever before

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Years ago

baynes 10
ervin/gilchrist 10
sanders/gary 9
that would top of the team well.
Extra big man, great pg and athletic import that can play 2 different spots n can shot the ball n only 9 points.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

They could just say we will be announcing another signing in a few days. Still get the same excited reaction from fans without the disappointment when it is a good signing like Herbert but not an exciting signing like Ervin. I agree it is good to be sending out the SMS but they don't need to beat it up.

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Years ago

I am sure some people are excited to have Herbert back. But yes, I might have worded it "a very good signing" or "a very welcome signing".

Who knows, the exciting one might still be to come.

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Years ago

where does that leave Holme's

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Camel 31  
Years ago


= 70

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Years ago

Seems as though Holmes and Dowdell could be looking for jobs!

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Years ago

camel with baynes, johnson n balls i would go 4 a starting sg import. sanders or similar

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Years ago

Herbert and Ng is signed there Anon

Still need a starting PG

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Years ago

K.E.T i was meaning on top of ervin or pg n baynes or kickert. we still have 29 points left. pg centre n sg. 2imports n 1 aussie. herbert n ng to back up import. lets not stuff around time to build a championship team.

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Years ago

Easier said than done, both financially and talent wise, not to mention talent distribution between talls, smalls and bigs.

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Years ago

Not sure what people see in Sanders. He was okay, but he didn't set the world on fire for the Kings. I'd be looking at the other Kings import (Gilder) first if he was available. He would be that mobile big we need to cope with the likes of Wortho, Redhage (if fit), Petrie, Tragardh, Vukona. Probably won't be able to afford him if we get Ervin and another Aussie from Europe, but in an ideal world, he would be my final signing. Ie:

DJ Baynes
Gilder Weigh Creek
Herbert Ng
Ervin Crosswell

This does push Creek back in the rotation, but judging by the season just gone, he has a lot of work to do developing his shot and improving his handle before we can rely on him to be a big factor.

The advantage is that we become very flexible, with Gilder and Weigh able to play both forward positions and Herbert and Creek able to play both wing positions.

This kind of flexibility allows us to go long and athletic to counter other teams small ball when necessary. At times, I'd like to see a lineup with DJ at centre, Gilder and Weigh in the forward positions and Ervin and one of Ng, Herbert or Creek in the backcourt.

Would make us pretty mobile and you'd still have the athleticism and length in Weigh and Gilder to help DJ defend the paint and go get defensive rebounds.

If Clarke really can coach, I'd back that team to make the playoffs and maybe even make some noise.

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Years ago

We're probably better off giving Johnson, Weigh and Creek time on court to really develop and show their skills.

Ballinger, a talented import PG and preferably a Euro Centre would make the team pretty decent

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Years ago

Can't believe Gilder is being talked up ...

wasn't he horrible until very late in the year?

poor shot selection?

no handle?

little intensity?

Maybe a different Gilder, must admit though I did miss a few lae season games.

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

wayne not a big Gilder fan either but by the end of the season he was there best import

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Years ago

Wayne, you probably saw his first couple of games. He did look poor when he first arrived, but then he found his feet and was very good as the season wore on. He ended up averaging 13 ppg at 46% (Sanders 13 @ 38%) 5.5 rpg, 2 apg, 1 stl and 1 blk. Did a little bit of everything for the Kings, played under control and looked very assured on court.

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Years ago

9 points 4 sanders thats why. Better than all our 4 imports this yr. Most people were keen on dorsey and they ave around the same on most things. The club said that they will spend the cap this yr so was just suggesting baynes,ervin and sanders. maybe im getting to excited. maybe ervin n either 1 of kickert or baynes n only 1 import. if ervin doesnt come then 2 imports.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

We got the points for Gilder and an upgrade forward.
Don't think we'd have dollars for him.
Kevin Johnson instead of Trey Gilder will fit.

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Years ago

Suspect you're right Camel, but I still hope for something like the above.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Would be the same as you had except Johnson.K
for Gilder.

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Years ago

I recall Kevin Johnson being brought up before. What kind of player is he and what level has he been playing at? How old, etc?

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Camel 31  
Years ago

In a sense we need 48 minute games..Don't we ?

Anyways.. Only saw him once at sixers training..Seemed to play forward
From memory about Creek's build..
Would be upgrade on Holmes Dowdell
Ooops Holmes very popular in ADL
But score a lot more points.
Seems he came out signed by.. not sure .. Qld team , I think n got injured.. played HSH ... a bit injured .I think.
Is living in ADL .. looking for a little bit of gig
whatever .. off the bench or anything for a few bucks
to get going agen

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Years ago

Why go back up pf import. Balls should play nearly all the game. Johnson get gd mins n hopefully baynes. I would rather a sg. Let weigh n creek develop unknow potential. On the other hand Herbert n ng are just solid players. Don't mind starting herbie but if could get an import to start backed up by herbie n ng minutes here n there.

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Years ago

Anon, not sure if that is directed at my suggestion of Gilder? If it is, I see Gilder primarily as a SF, but also able to guard mobile PF's that Balls struggles with. Eg, Wortho, Redhage, Petrie, Tragardh types. Balls also seems to get fatigued and needs a few blows during a game, so I wouldn't expect him to play more than 30 mins most nights. That gives a guy like Gilder 10-15 mins at PF (depending on matchups) plus 15 or so at SF.

While I don't think Herbert is a star, I think he can start and hold down the position against most opponents. If we have Ervin, Balls, DJ, Weigh and Gilder, all Herb needs to do is space the floor and make threes on offence and play hard nosed defence on the other end, which we all know he can do. I think between him and Ng coming off the bench as our microwave, we will have a enough at that position.

In contrast, it is the mobile forwards that consistently kill the Sixers game after game. We haven't had anyone who can contain players like that since Cattalini!

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Years ago

Solid signing of Herbert.

Ballinger is such a luxury. Pretty much an extra import for the 36ers. No need to sign an import 4 man then. And to enhance the development of Johnson the last thing you need is an import center taking all his minutes.

That would narrow it down to PG. Get an import there and fill the backup PF and C with aussies (dare I say it Dowdell, Holmes. Or possibly a really defensive minded center in the Vukona mould)

Don't waste the second import slot. Wait until halfway through the season, see what is missing and recruit then AKA Perth style.

In short, don't waste time on an import forward or center, just get that one gun import PG!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

I think he (Johnson) got 30points HSH first game
then DNP ..injury and lived here with (or near) his best mate Eddie Shannon..
Seeing we got the points , now (and the dollars)
seems to fit, now..
Imagine he could put up 20 NBL points, some of the games, not all of the games..

Anyways .. if ya got the dollars for Gilder..
take Gilder .. in that team , we've got above
If not take Johnson . K

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Years ago

Bretts/others, half the problem is people reading into every single word. It's just marketing talk remember.

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Years ago

I mean, Lynx tells you can attract women en masse just by using their deodorant but I can't imagine there are many forums analyzing every marketing claim to the nth degree.

"Hey Nathan, sorry to call your signing 'useful and adequate' but we don't want to create unfair expectations amongst fans."

Life goes on.

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Years ago

Beantown wouldn't mind gilder but some1 had k Johnson at pf as a backup to balls which I think is a waste. Balls should b on the court nearly the whole game.

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Years ago

Ballinger cant guard certain types of players - he is a 4-5. Someone like K Johnson, who is a 3-4 would give the versatility in the forward spots that Adelaide havent had since Cattalini, Nash, Brooks etc were there.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

I reckon Kickert wouild also give you that 4 - 3 versatility.

In fact final signings of Kickert, Mottram and Ervin would give a lot of flexability because all 3 can play 2 positions at a pinch.

If anyone gets injured during the season, then you have 3 points up your sleave together with those of the injured player for that second import.

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Years ago

Kickert is more of a 4-5. He is 208cm and not overly mobile. He could play PF on guys like Hinder, Tragardh, Loughton, Hoare etc.

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Years ago

I think that Herbert is pretty underrated as a player, either that or people have forgotten in his season off just how important he is to connecting this team. Not everyone can be a stand out superstar in a team, you have to have the guys that get the job done without making a fuss. Herbert understands the game well, is a great passer, great defender and manages to put up a few points as well. What more can you ask from a guy that is only 5-6 on the points cap? I just hope that he can get back to the form that he was showing before he went down last year.`

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Anon, I don't think people are bagging the signing of Herbert, it is more the fact the Sixers said it would be an exciting signing, I don't think signing a player who was out for a year coming from major knee surgery can be condsidered exciting. Normally I don't like to be negative when it comes to the sixers but I am not a fan of the oversell

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Years ago

Given the 36ers have not come out and claimed Herbert as the exciting signing, i take it that he is the exciting signing. The Marketing team needs to go back to uni....

We need Import PG that is a given....

Talk of a big coming home from Europe could be anyone of those listed before Baynes, Kickert and even Mottram given he has played in Sweden. I hope they sign a Kickert or Baynes.

Final spot should go for a Import Shooting gaurd who can play the small forward role.

Given the points left we will have

DJ, Balls and Returning Aussie as our C/PF Bigs

Weigh, Creek, Small Forward

Import Combo SF/SG 190 to 200 cm Darnel Mee size type of player

Ng, Herbie as SG's

Import and Croswell as PG's

First Team


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Years ago

I think the last big signed needs to be more of a legit centre.

DJ can play both positions but Balls is really only suited to PF. Signing a legit centre will give them versatility and coverage should there be an injury.

I'd like to see Baynes signed to this spot as it would compliment Balls and DJ quite well I think....not sure how likely this could be though?

What would peoples thoughts be on Neville as the other big? I think Kickert is more of a finesse type where as the Sixers I feel need some more post play?

I'd be happy with a team like so;

C - Baynes/DJ
PF - Balls/DJ
SF - Weigh/Creek
SG - Herbert/Ng
PG - Ervin/Crosswell

There is a good 3 man rotation between the bigs (Baynes, DJ, Balls) and another between the wings (Weigh, Creek, Herbert).

Just run with 9 to start and see where the defincies are and then maybe bring in the last import spot?

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Years ago

I reckon Herbert and the club are excited about the signing so why should people not agreeing with their word choice matter. Most people on here dont agree with half the things they do. Herbert has been great around the club etc when unable to play and the yaer before was best defensive player. A fit Herbert is a fantastic signing.

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Years ago

Tornado your team is spot on. Wait 4 a while n see how it pans out. If we do get Ervin it sounds like he wants heaps of coin so maybe a cheap import ala ratsch or Gary who is playing in tassie.

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Years ago

Herbie is back playing with his Geelong Supercats in the SEABL.

1st game v Ablury
(20 mins) 20 pts 5 reb 1 ast 7/14fg (4/7 threes)

2nd game v NW Tas
(33 mins) 25 pts 5 reb 5 ast 9/19fg (6/12 threes)

Looks in great shape and building towards a huge year in NBL!!

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Years ago


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