Jack Toft
Years ago

R9 ABL Action

Bearcats - Flames @ Port Adelaide
Women: Women's MOTR. West got knocked around last round and this game provides no respite for Vicki’s girls. The Flames were burning hot against the Panthers with plenty of steals, points off turnovers and point in the paint showing just how they like to play. Both teams are full of talent. Two big differences between the teams are Norwood have jacked up 59 more 3 point attempts so far this season, and Norwood’s D is a bit better. This means we should see Simon smiling like a Cheshire cat after this game.
Men: It’s 1 v 2 in the Men’s MOTR. Dowdell and Nurse have contributed well to West this season. For Norwood: Cooper, Webber, Hambour, Matthews. Sounds like the roll call from a Quentin Taratino movie. All we need is Mr. Wolf. Davo makes his return to the Port and will be keen to hang onto top spot, so this should be an absolute rip-snorter. Both teams better make a booking for the masseur Sunday morning 'cos there’s gunna be a lot of sore bodies. The only real difference in the teams is Norwood’s 3 point shooting and this will save them tonight. Davo can "ring the bell" to victory.

Panthers – Mavs @ Marion
Women: The unlucky Panthers have been playing better than their one win suggests and should be able to finally snare a second W this week. Mavs were competitive in the first quarter against Woodville, then slipped.
Men: Both teams are as un-predicatable as the weather. There seems to be the Good Panthers, the Bad Panthers, and I’m sure the Ugly Panthers are there somewhere. Johnson and Creek have contributed well, as have Omamogho and Boal, but this is the type of game when they need to lift their team to another level. The Mavs have got plenty of NBL talent, but just can’t seem to press their advantage and have been failing to dominate this season. Maybe now they have all signed up they can get focused. The Mavs play better away from the comfort of their stadium and my game predictor says this will go to overtime. Whoever can focus more will win. Probably not so much a game that’ll be won, more a game someone will lose.

Warriors – Lions @ St Clair
Women: The Warriors snared a win against the Mavs last round and the Lions missed out against the Eagles. We could hear the sigh of relief from The Warriors after their first win and the sigh of frustration from the Lions, who were competitive in the second half, but a second quarter shooting effort of 3 from 19 saw them finish with 26% from the floor handing the Eagles the game. Woodville are the youngest team out on the timber and tonight they might be learning a thing or two from a couple of crafty Lions who are having their best season since GMH started to make rust buckets at Elizabeth.
Men: “Centrals Lite” take on “Woodville Lite”. Woodville have been the surprise packet this year putting in performances that have seen them get some big scalps. Lions haven’t been playing badly, they just need to stay in the hunt to make the most of opportunities presented to them. Al Green is a definite contenter for COY. Don’t be fooled by his big smile, they say nothing soft comes out of the Bronx and Al Green’s mind is sharper than his dress sense. “Centrals Lite” to have the edge over “Woodville Lite” in what could see them cement a spot in the 5. Who will have the bigger smile after tonight, Pritchard or Green?

Eagles – Rockets @ Wayville
Women: Robinson was on fire for the Eagles swooping up 13 boards and a massive 6 blocks in a dominant display last round. Rockettes in all sorts of trouble at home against the Tigeresses to send them 1 from 5 at home. Minear is the leading Eagle scorer at the moment shooting an impressive 44% from the arc. For the Rockettes, the stats are a little less impressive with Hill the standout, but not getting much help. The Rockettes have been better away than at home, but the Eagles will show us why Wayville was a feared place last season. Oh, by the way, apparently Carla Borrego is suiting up for the Eagles. This could be considered a most unusual step by the Club. We have heard from some purtaining to be from the club the policy is “Junior Development” over “recruitment”. I suppose those same people say she’s just there for the bobsled team.
Men: The Eagles are sitting 3rd and have only lost to the two top teams. North were out in the wilderness with Ivan Milac for four rounds, then seemed to combine like 23 kg of Uranium over Los Alamos for the last 4 rounds. Their offence has gone from 78 ppg to 91 ppg, and defence from 86 ppg to 76 ppg. The Eagles have been strengthened with Motts, but should be as scared as Mike Rann at a bikie’s convention. Just when a team manages to control one pesky North player, another one pops up like a zit before a big date. If North play like they have been for the last 4 rounds, the Forestville Rash will be mild. North might just get this in an absolute boilover.

Tigers – Sabres @ Siberia South
Women: The Tigeresses were ahead by 19 in the last and almost let the Rockettes sneak a victory. The Sabres showed everyone why they are the ones to beat after the battle of the former Lightning coaches saw them send the Westies girls home with some homework for the finals. Madgen is leading the league in scoring and is well supported by all players. A loss tonight may see the Tigeressess slip out of the 5 temporarily.
Men: The Tigers need to lift their offensive output if they wish to climb the ladder. Robinson and Florance have contributed well, but this team needs to find another couple of buckets a quarter. The Sabres without Jake seem to be lacking Mojo and are in the bottom half, limping along like an athritic ex-footy player. The Sabres won’t need much Mojo tonight if the Tigers don’t pull their finger out and should make it 0-2 for the home teams.

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Years ago

Jack i feel like a junkie waiting for my next hit, then every Thursday you give it to me. Thank you. I'm not sure how I will cope come end of ABL season...

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Years ago

Can't help but think that while a punter supplies the preview for the next ABL round we will never grow up and wonder how the hell anyone can take basketball seriously when official previews, reviews and stats are as unreliable as a condom with a hole in it.

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Years ago

Agreed panther.

My tips:

west v norwood men - toss a coin
west v norwood women - norwood

eastern v south men - eastern
eastern v south women - south

woodville v centrals men - woodville
woodville v centrals women - centrals

eagles v rockets men - eagles
eagles v rockets women - eagles

southern v sturt men - sturt
southern v sturt women - sturt

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Years ago

The ABL need to look at the Big V league and the media/communications that they produce!

Currently they lead all ABA leagues around oz with there communications & website for updated information etc.

It's a matter of taking a risk and putting people in full time to do a job!! Time to step up ABL!

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Years ago

My Thursday is now complete.

Thanks JAck for another excellent write up

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Years ago

Jack, you are a legend. You're invited to my next dinner party, so long as you bring the Penneys Hill.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Thanks guys, I might take you up on the offer Trigger

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Years ago

Creek in croatia playing for the emus so wont help south this weekend!!

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Years ago

when does creek return?

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Years ago

world u19 in Latvia is June 30th to July 10th,creek may be gone till after that.

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Lebron Jordan  
Years ago

For the record, Forestville beat Norwood (top team) - they lost to West and Sturt.

Anyone who says a club put Junior Development over Recruiting must be either shitting themselves, drunk, or just not with it for some other reason.

Clubs only care about winning. The only thing they care about juniors for is their parents' cash.

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The Answer  
Years ago

Don't feed the troll people!

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Years ago

Heres a big tip for the Tigers women.
Watch the outside as the bombing/arc shooting will kill you.
Then be prepared to rebound off the wood,you will be SLAMMED REAL HARD.Also have your physio booked next day.
Hope your defense work will stand tall because Madgen and Bowley are not Mother Teresa's.
I hope my vision will help, cause you wont have any after(with all respect).Good Luck.

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Years ago

Forestville are in trouble at junio rlevel,especially if they continue to "import" seniors into their ranks.

The new executive will need to address this issue, as previous ones have, with little luck.

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Years ago

wARRIOR wOMEN to get first dOUBLE W in long time over arch rivals.

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Years ago

is there a new Executive at the Eagles??

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Years ago

New executive gets pushed around by Simmo.

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Years ago

rockets will make it 5 on the trot in a close game.

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Years ago

I love it when Forestville parents come on here and bag the senior coaches for not playing their kids!

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Fringe Dweller  
Years ago

anon 319681 "where have you been the last 4 games the lioness's will be feasting on your women warriors well before the 1/2 time siren"

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Years ago

Fringe Dweller,
You may be right because according to rumours the Woodville women are playing SA Country this afternoon before their game with the lions tonight. If true it confirms the stupidity driving Woodville. If not I apologise.

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Years ago

Norwood men over West by 4.

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Years ago

Centrals women got a decent foul count again of 2 to 1 and will do well while they get a ride

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Years ago

Can anyone give a West/Norwood womens result seemings West havent webcast either game?

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Years ago

Norwood by about 20.

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Years ago

Rockets men get eagles by 8 or so... Very impressive win!

Do we have to take those Rockets serious now? 5 in a row and now a top 3 scalp on the road and wins over Sturt & Mavs to boot!

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Years ago

what happened in North women stats webcast not working on this game but did on mens

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Years ago

Looks like more Zits poped up in the north game last night now its hard to know which one to put the zit cream on....... 5 in a row

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Years ago

Daniel Johnson with a massive game

23rbs (including 9 off rebs)

Big win by South, cant believe Madgen only had 14 shots but Hill (Coach/Player) had 31 shots.

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Years ago

rockets beat the eagles by 9 and without brandon brine. It was rhys carter's last game before heading to europe. in losing him will this stop north's win streak or will they keep on rolling?

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Years ago

Sturt by 10 over southern in the womens. Sturt not as polished as usual.

Sturt by 20 in the men. Missing Daly, Holmes, Klaosen.

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Years ago

Wasn't there but looked at the boxscore and Sturt almost had more offensive rebounds than Southern did total rebounds in the mens....

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no idea  
Years ago

double fouls flavour of the day...

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Years ago

Why was my post deleted? Is it blasphemy to write anything negative about Bruce?

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

Computer says no

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VOTE 4 Jack  
Years ago

Jack I love your write ups maybe you Could do the write ups for the messanger because they are as boring as bat sh## and all as BSA do is copy and paste the same write up into the game day books...

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Years ago

As much as I suffer jack in almost silence, why stop there. in the past 3 days there have been 40 pages of sport in the Saturday, Sunday and Monday papers and of those pages, 4 lines on how Cambage went in the US for anyone who is interested and there isn't many.

We need a sports journalist who will create headlines and report on the local comp highlighting some of the more attractive male and female players and giving basketball a local flavour.
It's a S A audience and I'm more interested in the ABL than national and international junk. I want to know the nuances of local players during the national off season.
Boti hasn't got the ability to sell S A basketball or hasn't tried so jack send your stuff in on a regular basis to the 'tiser cause you leaps and bounds ahead of Mr Nagy.

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Years ago

completely agree - sport needs promotion ABL is a great product but does it get promoted - no no no
and they wonder why grass roots basketball has no appeal
their are plenty of stories in the ABL - HELL cENTRALS RESURRECTION is one to promote
bondy 41 points other week
beaty rebounds
critique tracey york / al green / brad davis
simons partnership

maybe we go to feed BSA STORIES
come on Boti - get point to paper / get busy

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Years ago

johnson racking up the points

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

982, sorry I make you suffer. I'll try to send my writeups to the 'Tiser on Wednesdays, don't know if they will print them!

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Years ago

Whilst I agree there needs to be more media coverage, also need to look at how much public demand their is for it. For example the norwood v west blockbuster double header drew maybe 75ppl for both games. With that being said with proper coverage what could of that number been?

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Years ago

Why do you expect Boti to create stories.

Do you really think the hundreds of AFL stories in the paper are created by writers?

AFL, SANFL, Crows and Power issue media releases about everything. Sometimes 2-3 times a day.

That's where the stories start from. Sure a writer has to follow up, call people, get further information but it all starts with a Media Release from the sport itself.

(Sometimes the Advertiser will print a Media Release word for word)

How many Media Releases do you think Basketball SA release? How many feel good stories do you think that office send out?

That's where your problem lies.

They need to employ Jack Toft at BSA to do Media.

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Years ago

I do like how the Radio interview links go up on friday morning after the radio show.

Did anyone listen last week to chris lucas?

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Years ago

I would have liked Boti to generate interest in ABL by doing the obvious. The netball reporter finds ways of getting netballers into the advertiser on a regular basis.
Boti beats to his own drum and doesn't have the interest in ABl, it's beneath him and consequently has missed the point that most basketballers have a keen interest in it here too.It's SA 's premier basketball comp.
It's not too hard to find stories about a lot of basketballers both men and women and shots of gorgeous ballers would do heaps for the sport. There is no public interest in a 212cm Australian female ball player in the States but there is a public desire to hear about successful SA players in our backyard if presented right.
Jack writes a lot of colourful and entertaining guff that attracts a lot of regular hoops contributors and readers. I don't care whether its right or wrong, it's entertaining opinion, Boti belongs to an era dead and his non changing plastic format that has remained constant in the 'tiser is flat and passe.
Get a kid in touch with the 21st century to write in the advertiser and make it happen or let jack loose.

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Years ago

You're assuming everything that makes it to the paper is what he writes. That's not correct, a lot of what Boti writes gets edited or doesn't make final print.

In the case of Netball, you get what you pay for.

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Years ago

Most of what Boti writes should not go to print

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Gutenburg had a good idea with printing , but it ran away from him.....The competition from mass media is too much.

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The Answer  
Years ago

Think you will find Boti does have an interest in ABL, after all his daughter is playing.

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Years ago

The stuff re gorgeous netballers is generated by PR companies, not netball journalists. Doubt BSA could justify a PR company ($150-200/hr). If they were paying for it, people would complain about the waste of money.

As has been said, Boti writes more than the editor chooses to print. They won't add extra pages of content unless they have a certain volume of advertising to support it - they work to a specific percentage of advertising to content.

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Years ago


We werer all told that by ridding themselves of the 36ers and lightning, that the new BSA would have money to burn and the good times would roll by.

Hasn't happened. The question is why isn't this sort of stuff being done rather than spent on, 'who know what'.

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Years ago

Interesting to note too that Boti's last Around The NBL Thursday column (not last week the week before) wasn't even in the paper and was available 'exclusively' online.

I've got a dirt cheap Advertiser subscription but if when they bring the paywall in they see fit to leave Boti's main weekly column out of the paper (exclusive to the website) I'll drop my sub so fast.

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Money bags  
Years ago

Maybe he is on leave

Reply #320071 | Report this post

Years ago

he is on holidays

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Camel 31  
Years ago

NBA and Cambage is the least esoteric work.
Just wait till you read that piece of Jack Toft with an advert/sponsor.

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