bretts the man
Years ago


SOS stands for help to please please do something to not let us have another season like last few and get some positive decisions made.
SOS stood for the group that saved our Sixers for we are extremely grateful .
SOS also can stand for Sinking Our Sixers with the past mistakes and the constant indecision that follows our club with only positive move being appointment of CEO but even that probably should have been made well before did .
Why am I posting this waiting to be tore shreds off of . Well the SOS group have lost members of their group and actual supporter base is slowly shrinking especially the season ticket holders.
So how long can the group hold out with club going backwards.
Last season total disaster and could not even get right when replacing imports in fact got worse.
Then we only sign 4 of last year which is tough decision needed to make but when you do that like Tigers did then you have targets and get them on board .
Instead we wait around for months for Schens to give us answer and really why would he after being given cold shoulder by same coach year before .
Now we wait and wait for Ervin to give us a answer
and say only reason not signed with us is looking at Euro options but he would have Euro get out clause anyway in contract .
Now I want them to get Ervin especially as our picking of unknown imports is extremely poor and should add what we need.
But is this guy have us as current preferred option currently or is just jerking us around and when are we going to give him 10 days or something to give us answer .
After last few years the supporter base needed something to get positive about and here we go again
Waiting --- Waiting for last 3 players but key players that would mean we stay at btm or climb back where we should be
Now someone will post we still have 3 months but by then supporters might have made decision not to renew tickets and just go when can.
Really where has waiting got us in past and what club would you prefer to follow or back to be succcesful . The club that within 2-3 months of appointing new coach had brand new team totally signed or the club that 2 months from that with coach from previous year still has not squad signed and would be losing Aust. options as time goes by.
You may not be concerned that team not complete but surely you must be concerned about future of our club if cant get right soon

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Years ago

considering season ticket sales are ahead of where they where last year same time, shows that people are more positive and more faith in whans happening,

if ticket sales where less then same time last year then maybe they have a concern but on that they dont

they are doing the righ thing with ervin even blind freddy can see that

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Years ago

With the NBA Lock-Out pending, there is an opportunity to snare some decent names who are seeking a run somewhere and a visit Down Under.

Some of us still dream we can snare Patty Mills for a little while.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

So everyone would prefer us to take a chance and hope NBA lock out occurs and maybe get a Mills or Import that might stay for half season .
So T doing it this way will get us above Perth and Melb. who have squads assembled you believe .
Blind Freddie giving us 50 -50 with Ervin or 60 -40 or what and when.
When we were successful we were settled months ahead.

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Years ago

so that championship we won when Garrison came in half way through doesnt count #howsoontheyforget

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Bobby tables  
Years ago

KB3 wins this thread.

Though to be fair, we had Willie Farley in his prime in the first season he came to the NBL - dude was a sensation and a nightmare for opposition defences.

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Years ago

Sorry bretts, pretty crap thread. The merits of patience have been explained a few times. Perth picked their squad early because they were locking in a good import from past seasons. Melbourne poached known quantities from Cairns. Adelaide are trying to grab a known quantity from Wollongong (who is waiting on Europe - so be it) but the fallback in a possible lockout year is a valid plan. Unless you're impatient like many 36ers fans, I guess.

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Years ago

Also Perth are far from locked in, they are actually in a similar position to the 36ers
signed are

No second import
Redhage a massive unknown
No replacement for Weigh

3 massive holes they are yet to fill. Also a lot easier to re-sign a successful group than an unsuccessful one. Points to spend is the Bout the same with out doing the maths.

People are really stressing out way to much over nothing.

On paper last season the blaze should have dominated yet were not that much better than the Sixers.

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Years ago

Im not so much impatient than just dont trust the brains trust to be honest. Not the right people makingd decisions overal at the 6ers thesedays.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

While only yesterday , " The NBA Draft and lockout have implications , now. "
Ervin told Clarke.
"It's gonna be a long wait. " Clarke told us.

We lost a lotta Schenscher fans.
They are looking at Adrien Sturt that sounds prudent.

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Years ago

That's a different point though. If they are going for an MVP lauded by many last year (very different to Homicide!), that seems like a reasonable choice to me. Hawks are short of money, Kings have loaded up on guards, so I think Europe is the main competition left. That's out of our hands, and of anyone making the decisions.

The rumours I've seen on here that may have some weight are Dowdell and Holmes possibly gone, and maybe something about Ballinger? I think we have SG and SF locked in and I like Crosswell as backup PG. I heard the money being put to Ervin is pretty solid - if he doesn't come through, put it to someone else.

Haven't seen an update recently, but last article I read suggested that the NBA and the players were still far apart on their negotiating positions. At at least makes things interesting. The big dollar players would just sit out the year, but benchies and fringe players would suddenly be considering a strong AUD.

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Camel 31  
Years ago

Many times I've often wondered why Wagstaff told Perth media that Ballinger will play for the Kings this season.

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Years ago

Ballinger won't leave Adelaide for Sydney this year.
He still has unfinished business here.

Agree we lost a few fans from the handling of Schensher a couple of seasons back. And even though I love my Sixers I don't blame the fans.

Believe Ervin is about 60 percent chance of saying yes to us, Holmesy even though a top bloke don't see him being signed this year by Adelaide, didn't do enough last season.

I do believe that SOS has made mistakes but is doing everything it can to change the fortunes of our club.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Is it impatient or is it concern we are going to stuff up again.
Good post Sixer fan yes SOS have tried hard just concerned another bad year will put club in jeopardy again.
When you look at melb. shit year --- new coach --- totally new team all within months picked out signed and already people will have their money on to win lot.
That would be nice for once.
I think Clarke worked out who he didnt want early but for many reasons has not
got what he wanted .
Surely posters dont really believe NBA will be in lock for full season.

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Years ago

Melbourne replaced most of their team last year and it didnt work very well for them. Patience is a virtue, there are no points up for grabs in June.

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Years ago

Maybe not having the team settled at this late stage is an integral part Marty's well thought out, executed three year plan.
Seriously, I take everything said above on board but it's pretty hard to justify having a "three year plan' when you're still running around at this stage of the year (your second as coach) trying to build a team.
We could catch a star in the NBA lockout fall out by watiting and get a stud for part of the regular season, but somehow I don't think an NBA lockout was in Marty's three year plan that he drew up when he first got the job.

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Years ago

Isaac, what's with this Ballinger thing? Is the club trying to get rid of him or the coach? If so absolute disgrace, end of story!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Paul other posters my point below has nothing to do with should wait for Ervin or not .
But off season is where most teams become successful or not .
Think of all the trades and drafts that have won NBA titles and even this year should have got Miami their result . eg Jordan -- Bryant etc etc
Off season is extremely important period of any club. Locally look at Judd trade to Carlton
Also whether Tigers go all the way or not as a supporter you would be happy with that squad and how effeciently it was assembled .
Now we hear murmurs about Ballinger it is not so much about being critical it is about concern and getting it right

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Years ago

There are two import spots left of the three spots remaining. Does anyone care to research at what point of the off-season playoff teams over the past decade have contracted their import players?

I think youll find many of them are quite late in the off-season.

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No Deal!!  
Years ago

Isn't getting it right usually associated with taking your time and making a well thought out decision rather than rushing in and taking the first available option?

I seriously don't understand how people could be upset with the roster so far, it's not like we only have 1 or 2 players signed. They have 7 signed! with only the imports and a bench player left to come.

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Years ago

Bretts, your lack of patience and lack of understanding does not mean people are doing things wrong it just means you are impatient and have no idea why things are done the way they are !

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Big Ads  
Years ago

I am not in the position to own the Adelaide 36ers but I'm greatly appreciative of the group who were willing to invest/lose their own money (and possibly their freedom where university resources may have been misappropriated) to provide me the opportunity to choose whether I will watch a 36ers game in person or not. That opportunity was nearly taken away from me.

I accept that they will experience both success and failure, it comes with life, but at this point I choose to have faith that the current owners and staff are doing their best to deliver success. That is why I renewed my membership. I'm thankful that I have the choice to make this decision.

I also appreciate the value of this forum particularly when it is used properly but its value is substantially diminished by users who treat it as a vehicle to subjectively rant (and provide no credible refrences to support their opinions) or intently distribute incorrect information.

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Years ago

Big Ads,

that's the most sensible post on here, way above the other tripe being muted here

well thought out and well delivered, now if only 80% of others could do so

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Years ago

just so every1 knows...
Adam is going to sydney
he likes moose's coaching style aka do whatever u want and just junk it up
any big name that signs with the kings will know more than their coach... there is a reason they havent gone after a homacide or another big name pg and its not because that their not the ppl they want to build their culture round its because sydeny kings r the worst team in the league.
lay off 36s clarke is a great coach and there is some ok players, 1 or 2 big signings and a deep play off push is certain
go 36s

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Years ago

Big Ads totally agree with you mate.

I do renewed my season tickets because if my butt isn't in the seat who will. Sixers fans need to be true Sixers fans win or lose.

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Years ago

Big Ads totally agree with you mate.

I do renewed my season tickets because if my butt isn't in the seat who will. Sixers fans need to be true Sixers fans win or lose.

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Years ago

so we're losing balls
is this right?

season over already if true

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Years ago

Isnt Balls signed? i read a boti article when he got injured saying he wanted to stay. he might not be a superstar but hes as close as we have post maher, hope it is not true or we will be in trouble.

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Years ago

didnt mean to post as anon above...sorry

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Years ago

We need Balls.

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