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USA team 2012

ESPN had a interesting feature today, ranking the players you woold have for 2012. Who would you pick in your team, also justify the selections.
My team is
Dwight (obvious)
Lamarcus Aldridge (stretch/athletic 4)
Tyson Chandler (Backup 5, athletic enough to move around)
Stephen Curry(3 point spec, play both guard position)
Kevin Durant (3 or 4 if want to play small ball)
Lebron (same as above)
Kevin Love (4/5 with range)
Wade (2 guard but can play point if needed)
Russel Westbrook (played well enough in Turkey to get in)
Chris Paul (Best PG in the game in my opinion)
Kobe goes if he wants to then the last position I think goes to Lamar Odom, cause he can cover so many positions, but I can see them taking a Blake Griffin instead.
I like the team, it is fast, lots of players that can play multiple positions, if I have any worry I think it would be maybe not enough 3 point shooting. I would put a Paul Pierce or Ray Allen in to the last position if Kobe said no just to shore that up. Could also take Deron instead of Westbrook, it's a toss up for me with those guys

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Years ago

It's going to be scary one way or the other. I would take Carmello Anthony given his record in international play, and Iguodala for his defence.

Howard, James, Durant, Bryant, Paul
Bosh, Anthony, Iguodala, Wade, Rose, Love, Curry

Prob forgot some, they have so much talent!

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Years ago

C- Howard
PF- James
SF- Durant
SG- Iguodala
PG- Paul
Drummond (Will be a rookie next year 2012-2013)

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Years ago

Why would the MVP come off the bench for Paul?

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Years ago

^^^^ Paul is a better distributer alongside Iguodala to feed Howard, James and Durant, that's the only reason. Rose is more a scorer

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Years ago

Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the NBA

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Years ago

This isnt the NBA.

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celtic green  
Years ago

I think Rose is a great point guard, but with this team I felt they needed more of a distributor. He is a score first guy IMO, so I went with Paul instead

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Years ago

C- Howard
PF- Serge ibaka for defense
SF- lebron
SG- dwade
PG- Rose
6- melo
7- Paul
8- javal McGee defense
9- JOe Johnson for 3s
10- durrant deffinately
11- Blake griffithn
12- Kevin love

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Years ago

Serge Ibaka is from the Congo lol

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Years ago

my starting 5
5- Howard
4- James
3- Kobe
2- Wade
1- Rose
D. Williams, Anthony, Stoudamire, Durahnt, Paul, Griffin, maybe Westbrook

Can't go wrong any way u stack it really... Every one else just competing for second place... Also realize LBJ isn't a PF but in world competition at 6'9 and 265 and with his rebounding ability and athleticism I think he would dominate still

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Years ago


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Years ago

Judging by last year, Durant is the best out of all them internationally. By a reasonable margin too. His level of play was something that no one I spoke to had seen before.

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Years ago

Ibaka is from Congo but represents Spain. Google it.

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Years ago

@Crows_fan67.. great team but no need for Melo i reckon. He's definitely one of the better scorers out there but there are so many others that can fill his roll in that same squad. I think they go with some kind of specialist whether it be 3pt or defensive ala Tyshaun Prince and M.Redd at the Beijing Olympics.

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Years ago

Amar'e Stoudemire won't be in the team due to his knee injuries.
Can't see Kobe playing, he'll pull out to save his legs to for rings.
ALso got my doubts for Wade as his game isn't suited for International Play and he needs to save his legs.

Andre Drummond will almost certainly be in the team, this guy will be the next Shaq.
Iguodala will be picked due to his defensive versatility, and his offensive versatility as well, he's suited to the international game, and same for Anthony.

You have to remember who they picked in the WC last year and the type of team Krystowiak prefers, it won't just be the best players in the NBA lined up, he structures according to their play style, Derrick Rose will not be starting for the USA for this reason, he is a scorer, not a distributor, Chris Paul will be the starting PG, along with Iguodala i presume.
Durant and James will be the starting forwards along with the Obvious Howard. Drummond will be Howard's backup. Griffin and Love are the other forwards (however, love will not see much court time). Westbrook will be in the team after his play in the WC.
If wade is not playing, another distributing PG will probably selected, Rajon Rondo is my pick for this.

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Years ago

One name that hasn't been mentioned is Brook Lopez. His game without a doubt is the best suited for international ball.. I think he's the sleeper to make the team

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celtic green  
Years ago

@anonymous - I just googled Drummond and watched some of his clips, wow. Very very athletic for a big man, and looks like he does not mind getting nasty down low as well. I realise he is playing high school but hopefully he comes through. The lack of big men in the NBA right now is appalling.

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Years ago

SG will be the interesting spot.
it is possible Wade and Kobe decide not to play due to age/injuries.
So who will they use instead....
Iggy, Harden .....
Struggling to think of any other good youngish (under 30), 3pt shootng 6'5-6'6 USA players
Korver, but is terrible on D
Ellis, Redick, Mayo or Gordon are short for International play

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Years ago

Lopez or Love have to get a center spot.
Both would suit the International game perfectly.

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Years ago

The US ran two point guards in Turkey, they could easily do that again if they had to (especially if Kidd were one of them). Westbrook, Rose and Billups played lots of minutes together at the WCs and covered fine defensively. Gordon was the other one to play decent minutes at SG.

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celtic green  
Years ago

maybe Jo Johnson could get a start if they need a big 2 guard to back up Iggy

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Years ago

It would gd if they got iggy for starting line up and then have a jr smith or jame harden for explosive scoring. but there most likely to choose joe johnson at the sg

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Years ago

5 - Dwight Howard
4 - LeBron James
3 - Kevin Durant
2 - Andre Iguadala
1 - Chris Paul

6 - Dwyane Wade
7 - Tyson Chandler/Blake Griffin
8 - LaMarcus Aldridge 
9 - Derrick Rose/Russell Westbrook
10 - Stephen Curry/Jimmer Fredette
11 - Carmelo Anthony 
12 - Lamar Odom/Danny Granger

As long as each of the starters make themselves available I think they'll be locks. 
Dwyane Wade came off the bench at the last Olympics and was their best player. If he can do the same  and play that filler/plugger role where he lifts them in any area that they are lacking then they will not lose.
I think the they got with just 3 true big men and I think that Aldridge fits the team perfectly so the final toss up is between Chandler and Griffin. Chandler plays far superior defense and they do not need this player to score so I'll give him the nod over Blake. 
With Paul playing that pure point guard I see them going for a scoring point guard as his back up. Rose is a better scorer and so I'll just give him the spot. Russell is probably just as deserving and it's because of this that I think that there's a chance both might make it. 
Every team needs a pure shooter to come off the bench. Neither are renowned for there defense but Curry and Jimmer could come in and shoot lights out. Curry is more experienced but damn Jimmer would be exciting!
Along with Durant and Wade, Carmelo has been one of the USA's best at international level. His pure scoring and ability to rebound the ball allows him to play both the 3 and the 4 he to I'd a lock. 
The final spot is open to almost anyone. Could go to the loser of the Westbrook Rose spot, another shooter like a Danny Granger or a player who can play and guard multiple positions like Lamar Odom. Any will be deserving. 

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Years ago

James harden needs to be their 3pt specialist

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Big Marty  
Years ago

Pfft, time for the better lineup:

C: Howard
PF: Durant
SF: Anthony
SG: Iguodala
PG: Paul

5: Rose
6: Curry
7: Aldridge
8: Griffin
9: Wallace
10: Odom

The USA team is deep enough that Lebron isn't even needed. Starting 5 has 4 of 5 people who can score 35pts+ each on any day, great passing, excellent rebounding, excellent fast break team.

Bench is deep with rebounders, defenders, a versatile role players. And you have 4 player rotations at the 3, 4 & 5 spots; and a 3 player rotation at the point.

So many combos right there and nearly 2/3rds of the team are or have been capable role players.

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Years ago

Wade/Kobe/Austin Rivers

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Years ago

Austin Rivers? LOL what are you smoking, the guy isn't even expected to be a top 5 pick.

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