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Pacific Coast Slam

Wondering if how many teams SA Country are taking to PCS tournie in port mac in January 2012

Over the last few years the level of competition has dropped... NSW metro has now completly removed itself along with many other teams...
just wondering how strong the competition will be.. and how much longer will PCS last if current trends continue?

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15 girls
17 girls
15 boys
17 boys

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nsw metro competed this year in 15 boys and girls

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yes nsw metro r out now
as well as vic country

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Yes both Vic country and NSW metro have pulled out of PCS, NSW Metro should never had been in COUNTRY tour in the 1st place and due to new management in Vic country they have tried to start their own form of tour however with only a couple of teams in it I would imagine it won't last too long.

As for decreasing teams in PCS I believe both North & South Queensland are now in it, they were supposed to compete last Tour (2011) however the floods prevented them from doing so. I also think I heard WA was now entering as well.

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Years ago

Anon, PCS was not a COUNTRY tour. It was available any group - and NSW, SA and Qld have all sent Metro teams in the past.

I believe Albury is the country-specific tour?

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I tell you what ring up Port Macquarie ask to speak to the person who created it, I've been every year since the beginning so I should know and will be there this coming January as well, by the way go to the Basketball NSW website and look under COUNTRY and go to country tour you will find PCS and Albury under it!! If NSW the creators of the event says it's COUNTRY Tour then it is Country Tour, In fact ring up BNSW ask to speak to the many NSW Metro staff there and see what they call it??

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Years ago

also your point of Metro teams attending in the past, of course they were allowed to, it means more money for the cup directors, if something meant more money to you wouldn't you do it, I know I would.

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Years ago

also your point of Metro teams attending in the past, of course they were allowed to

So you agree that it is not a Country-specific tour as Metro teams have and will be allowed to go. Thanks for making my point for me champ!

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When both ACJBC & PCS were initially created it was a country event, I just happen to still believe it should still be a country event you disagree ... big deal. I don't know what it's like in SA but in NSW, Metro teams get enough development from their own tournaments and because all players live so close they can train their Nationals teams on a weekly basis, while in NSW Country we might have players coming from Albury to Casino and can only find the time to train our players 4 or 5 times before Nationals so Tour is a development week for our players. Yes it could be argued if Metro teams come to Tour the Country teams will get some more development, but it works both ways and Metro get enough. Anyway hope to see you there and I wish SA Country all the best in the tournament.

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Johnny Stevenson  
Years ago

Mate I feel your pain we're the same in Vic Country granted we don't have the distance NSW have to travel.

And anonymous above YES both Port and Albury were created as country events so get your facts straight, but I guess when you come from a state where the basketball is pathetic and you can't get within 40points of any other state except NT then you can only talk the talk because it's too difficult for your rubbish state to walk the walk. I'll just let the score board do the talking for me.

See you at Nationals, I'll just look for the team coming last.

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Years ago

I was at the Pacific Slam for the first time this January with the family watching my boy play for Vic Country against NSW Metro in the 15 boys final.

Great game, 33 all at 3/4 time but the Vic Country boys pushed ahead and won the Cup in grand fashion, ending up undefeated and looking forward to Nationals in 2012.

A shame about Port Macquarie being so expensive, it was a great place for a holiday and wonderful basketball was played, but for Victorian teams playing against some teams not of so high a standard I guess a decision had to be made.

That means this level of competition will now be played closer to the Victorian/NSW/SA borders, in Albury/Wodonga and Ballarat or maybe Bendigo...

Nationals will probably continue to be shared more evenly, but this is a big country and we all struggle to find the money to pay for kids playing basketball at the highest levels.

If our kids were footballers sponsored by the AFL they would get most everything paid for.

So maybe we need to look further than at local tour organisers and ask questions about who actually runs basketball at the highest level in this country and how can we find more dollars to put towards elite junior development!

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Years ago

Pcs is not run by bnsw, but a sports company that also heads up the great murray jamboree.

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