Buying shoes from Eastbay

I read a few posts on here a while ago about online shoe buying. Tried Eastbay and found a great deal that worked out at $160 U.S for 2 pair of Airmax LTD (around $199 each retail here)but they cant be shipped overseas. Pretty sure I saw someone post about using a U.S. mail service or something but I can't find the thread. Can anyone help me with advice.

Is it OK to send them this way?
What is the best company to use?
How much will it cost?
Eastbay international post is about $30 for 2 pair. If I send them to a US mail forwarder can you use the free Eastbay delivery and also one of the 15% discount coupons.

Any other reputable sites that will send to Aus?

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Years ago

I havn't used them yet but know someone who knows someone that has...

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

You cant buy nike, jordan or Asics from eastbay anymore

when it comes to USA freight forwarders google is your friend

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Years ago

why cant you ship Jordan, Nike and Asics anymore? Company put a ban on it?

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DJ Rod  
Years ago

You can't buy SOME nikes, Jordans etc but nit asics

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Years ago

Eastbay is owned by footlocker and due to declining shoe sales in Australia they stopped shipping as more profits are made in Australian stores!!!

Atleast that's what I was told but an employee in store

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Years ago

I thought I heard the ban also applied to Adidas Shoes too from Easbay.

Can anyone confirm this to the list?

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Years ago

Some styles of Nike / Jordan Brand are still available, have yet to work out the formula they are using to determine what they'll ship here.

Try for Nike runners.

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Years ago

Hi how do any of you know that they wont send. Have you actually tried ordering if so what happened?

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Yes I tried to order and followed up with an email. They said sorry but cant send to Australia. Also says when you get the shoe on their website. Pity becuase the price was right

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Years ago

Well maybe Footlocker Australia may want to consider over pricing there shoes so freakin much! Dont worry Footlocker, the consumer will always find a way to purchase at a cheaper price! Gone are the days of $250+ for Jordans!

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Years ago


I bought a pair of Jordans (latest edition - not sure what they're called) from Eastbay at the start of the year. Footlocker wanted about $270 or something for them, Eastbay had em for $160. Shipping to Aus was about $40, so it still turned out cheaper.

If they're not shipping to Aus anymore just use a freight forwarding company. Pick one in the States that doesn't require you pay sales tax (I think Wisconsin is one place). Eastbay will prob ship there for free, then you pay $30 or so for the on-forward.

There's some good posts on Whirlpool about US freight forwarding companies if you want recommendations.

good luck

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Years ago

I went to Foot Locker a couple of months back and looked @ some Under Armour Basketball shoes.
They wanted $200 here and Eastbay have them for $50 + $30 for shipping.

I choose the online option thanks. Big savings.

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Years ago

Apparently if Footlocker Australia has them in stock or on their order list then they are on the banned list on eastbay.. Thats what I was told.

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Years ago

I use shipito for forwarding, cost is 8.5 per package and then the shipping cost. You sign up and they give you an address you can send to from eastbay. Kinda pricey, but can still work out cheaper then in the store here.

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Years ago

It is not only the price benefit but it is the choice. How else can you get size 15 shoes!

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bretts the man  
Years ago

My family has in last 2 months bought heaps of Jordans Nike -- James etc shoes from Eastbay with discount offer that covered freight

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Mix Master Wipe  
Years ago

Running shoe brands Saucony and Brooks only post to the US also.

Look at the variety of clothes and shoes eastbay has compared to walking into your local Footlocker.

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Years ago

If thats true about eastbay and footlocker then they should give a more competitive price in stores, problem solved. I'd always buy locally if it was even $20-30 more, but when you save nearly $100 on some products thats just ridiculous.

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Years ago

I purchased shoes from Eastbay early this month, very fast delivery, last order less than 5 days to my door. Picked up a bargain when AUS dollar was $1.10 and they had 20% off. Shipping to Australia depends on model of Nike shoes.

Mates have been using for cheap Nike shoes, as cheap as US $26.00 for running shoes and under $40 for basketball shoes with delivery under $25 and within 1 week. I question fakes but they seem happy with them and they keep purchasing them.

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Years ago

I hav bought melo m6s addias f10 nike hyperfuses and adidas adipures and all up including post it waz 290 all in mens so east bay is the way to go

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Years ago

yeah ive started workin for Footlocker an still choose Eastbay for most things, although i must say some Footlocker sale prices are cheaper than Eastbay, but for new release stuff its a no contest.

An yeah Eastbay is owned by Footlocker but us Aussies always get screwed on retail price an get the plain avg colourways in most shoes,obviously our market share isnt as big as the US.

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Years ago

I,ve got 2 daughters (11 & 8) both play bball and netball, it sure is alot cheaper to get their shoes from eastbay... got myself some cheap saucony's late last year and love em so this info might be helpful.. thanx

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Years ago

If you see ***International Shipping Restrictions May Apply.*** in the description on the item you are looking for on east then they won't ship direct to OZ.

I have a friend that uses for onforwarding and is very impressed.

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Years ago

Priceusa is a great service! Highly recommend them.

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How are you guys buying from Eastbay when they WONT ship to Aus.

Checked out the goldroadtrade site and Nike Air max ltd's are $27 US and about $35 US to ship 2 pair. Thats all up less than $90. Anyone else used the site as i am wondering how they have so much variety and all show them having every size available in each. That is not logical so I smell a rat but am willing to blow $90 on the experiment I think as long as that's all I am risking. How dangerous is it to give your credit card info to their site.

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Years ago

I recently ordered kobes using paypal and shipito, just waiting for them to arrive. I had to change the shipping options in Eastbay to 7-9 business days as it wouldn't accept my mail forwarding address otherwise. You can always find 15-20% off coupons online so it brings the price down lower. Hate how Corporations here rip us off and expect us to pay double!!

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Years ago

U dont nd to change the postage day coz it cms in like 4 days as long it doesnt go ova a weekend

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Years ago

goldroadtrade is pure fakes, i got some jordan 3's from em knowing they were fake for $25, they look good but after wearing them for 1hr your feet will kill lol, for casual wear they maybe ok but i would never play sports in them

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Just want some casual shoes so I gave Goldroadtrade a go. For $27 each for Air Max LTDs that sell for close to $200 here I'll give the fakes a try. Let you know what I think of them IF they arrive.

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Years ago

i have just purchased some jordans from eastbay. my shoppingcart was stopped as i had a pair of nike lunars in there. they had to go but the jordans got through!

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Fan Since... - def let us know how the order turns out. Even though they're fakes, as long as the quality is halfway decent then it's still worth getting some pairs for casual use.

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Years ago


This is Dustin from Eastbay.

I wanted to take the opportunity to clear up a few questions. International shipping restrictions have been placed on some of the products we carry by the product manufacturers. It is not in Eastbay's best interest to restrict sales to anywhere and we would prefer to be able to ship all of the goods we carry internationally. Unfortunately, we can not change these restrictions as it is not our choice.

Although some of our more popular Nike products have been restricted, the majority of our Nike products can still ship without an issue. This also includes our Jordan gear as much of it can still ship. Unfortunately, the entirety of our ASICS, Brooks and Saucony lines are currently restricted, but there have been no restrictions placed on our adidas products.

Our restricted list is affected by what products are available in Australia. These restrictions have been set in place by multiple manufacturers. They decide which products are restricted based on the local availability from all retailers, not just Footlocker.

We do not recommend re shippers as we can not be responsible for a shipment another company is handling. This prevents us from helping our customers track their orders and will slow the shipping time frame.

We definitely understand the frustration, but at this time there is little we can do. We still offer a huge selection of products that can ship internationally at very good prices. Our shipping time frame is excellent. Customers normally receive their orders within 7-10 days and many have found they receive them even quicker.

Any product that can not ship will have a note in the product description. The note will read either "International Shipping Restrictions May Apply" or "This product can ship to US addresses only."

The restriction list tends to change frequently, take a look at the product description before attempting to order any product. Please check with us if you have any questions. I have seen a few different comments in here that are very inaccurate. We are always available and can be a very big help.

You can always reach us via phone: 1.715.261.9588, e-mail: [email protected] and
Live Chat:

We also answer questions on Twitter: @Eastbay and our Facebook page:

We would like to apologize as we know this has caused an inconvenience for our Australian customers. Thank you and Cheers!

EastbayRep - Dustin

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Years ago

Dustin, thanks for letting everyone know.

Everyone else, those restrictions are largely there to protect inflated prices. Eastbay can of course not be seen to encourage re-shippers dodging restrictions for their trade/supply partners. However, they work, Eastbay still gets the sale (and they have served many Hoops buyers well) and you still save on your shoes. Unless you are buying from a small independent store and like supporting them, I'd be inclined to keep buying from Eastbay via a re-shipper.

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Years ago

I too would like to echo Isaac's sentiments.

I ordered two pairs of shoes from Eastbay directly on Tuesday and they are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Fantastic price and just as good service.

If you can't get what you want, then try a re-shipper such as priceusa etc.

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Years ago

I ordered $600 worth of gear last tuesday, so far I have emailed them 8 times to find out why my goods have not shipped - only response I keep getting is that they have to wait for my bank to clear the funds. Eastbay had a hold on my debit card for 1 week, but now have taken that hold off and still keep saying my bank needs to clear the funds. Funds are there and available. I have had no communication from them as to why goods have not shipped, or why they have now taken the hold off my debit card even after all the emails. I have never had these problems in the past and I am quite annoyed as to the lack of response from them!

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Years ago

LC, there is the issue of not supporting local industry/jobs, but we get screwed on price here and will not be able to break down the high costs without taking broad action and applying some pressure. I'm not much of a fan of price versioning by locale (region encoding on DVDs, etc) - it's just retailers being opportunistic.

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Years ago

Totally agree Isaac.

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Got the Air Max Ltd's today from Goldroadtrade. I am pretty sure they are fakes but they are pretty good ones, even with their Made in Vietnam Nike tags inside. At just over $40 each delivered I would say it is a OK deal. Paid with paypal and then the company gave me an email with EMS tracking number and was able to follow the shipment until it arrived. Took about 8 days in total.
I would have prefered to get them from Eastbay and give Nike my hard earned but I refuse to pay the over inflated $$$$ we get ripped of for here, for no good reason except "because they can".

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Years ago

There is alot in ignorance in your comments. US companies have there products shipped direct from the companies. Australian Companies have to get there product from the Australian distributor who take there cut. The system in Australia is we are paying extra because of the middle man. In the end the honest retailer ends up suffering. The retailer has bills to pay too. We don't get the same range in Australia because our market isn't big enough. All you people that are buying from the US are just making the market smaller so even less will come in. Companies like Nike etc are very inflexible toward the Australian distribtors they have to bring in a certain amount of product in, and if they don't think they will sell it they won't bring it in. You are comparing apples with oranges. Eastbay should be ashamed of themselves, all they care about is making the sale and all of you are so ignorant and short shighted you buy from them

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Years ago

What happens when the local athletic retailers no longer sponsor clubs due to declining sales due to overseas online shopping? Club subscriptions/match fees increase, fewer kids play because of price objections from parents, subscriptions/fees increase again...swings and roundabouts....

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Triton 80  
Years ago

What local athletic retailers actually sponsor local clubs again?

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Years ago

Shoe buyers have bills to pay as well. If they can cut out the middle man, ship without bulk/wholesale pricing, go through a reshipper abroad and still get their shoes at a huge discount to local retailers, so be it. Surely that shoes that the system is broken.

The setup is broken. How will it change without an external force?

Shoe companies take advantage of global markets to have shoes made cheaply. I think it's only fair that buyers can take advantage of those same opportunities.

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Years ago

Being that a pair of Nikes cost about $8 to make in China, I think we can buy from wherever the hell we want to as consumers.

If the retailers don't like it, don't keep selling shoes at 100 percent mark up then.

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Years ago

Try finding a decent range of size 16 shoes in Australia, price is not the only reason we shop at Eastbay

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Years ago

Nike, adidas et al. dont sponsor local clubs/competitions, your local Sportpower, SportScene shop etc probably does. Heres a thought, dont buy the ridiculously overpriced Jordans, LeBrons, no man woman or child NEEDS these, buy the lower priced shoes, your local store gets sales, the Multinational company experiences 'external force'and you save money to pay the bills. when you 'cut out the middle man' the multinational still gets your money and the overseas retailer makes a profit, its just the locals (including your club) that lose out.

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Years ago

Actually the reason Eastbay won't ship to Australia has little to do with Footlocker. It's the suppliers themselves that are behind it. They threatened to stop supplying retailers (not just Footlocker) in the US who continued to ship overseas claiming it was a breach of the sales agreement. Basically the shoe companies are trying to stop customers taking advantage of the cheaper prices they can get overseas.

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