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NBL coaching records

Found this in the new online NBL media directory.
Interesting finds..

People saying Guy Molloy needs another chance... 57-103 record (I think he's had his chance)
Al Westover... 128-62 record (62 losses in 6 seasons? Get him back in the league if he wants to return to Australia)
Trevor Gleeson... 74-58 record (replaced Westover with 50+ less wins)
Bill Tomlinson... 39-105 record (I thought he was a good option but that's woeful)
Brendan Joyce... 217-216 record (over 400 games and one championship, he's had his chance)
Scott Fisher... 78-59 record (i liked him as a coach)
Andrej Lemanis... 71-87 record (short memories forget how many below average years he had)
Shane Heal... 19-35 record (pretty bad)


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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

Dangerous thing looking purely at the stats. Gary Fox had a 62% winning record and that really had nothing to do with him as a coach.

Plenty of coaches there that are 50% plus records that no one would ever touch.

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Years ago

If you looked at Goorjians win/loss after 3 years he would have been 30% (anyone know?). Luckily they stuck with him & he turned into a super coach. Maybe the same for Lemanis? It's like any profession - you've gotta take the hard hits to learn & if you've got someone watching your back, anything can happen!

I rate Tomlinson as a coach but he never had an 'Anstey' like Westover. Luck has a lot to do with it!!

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Years ago

yer hate to say it mate but u got nothing...

scott fisher was woeful as a coach, just a an experienced player wearing a polo not a coach

guy molloy is one of the smartest coaches in this country & if u new much about basketball he wasnt given a great amount of talent to exactly win championships with

bj is another great coach unforetunately other motives caused him to loss some credability in the last few years of his nbl coaching, still could contribute greatly to a club if they took him on

westover nothing special as a coach was gifted talent, always ran the tigers shuffle, never added his own flavor & when he tried to it failed bad i.e. 2010

heal was a player trying to coach, not really a coach again.. maybe in 5 years time or so he could coach.. he has been coaching a lot in qld for his daughters teams this would help his development as a coach, though not nbl level still helps

gleeson i had a lot of respect for though since he went to melb & hasnt really changed their style of play other than adding a few horns variations... kinda disapointed.

Lemanis is clearly showing atm that he can coach, look at what his players run the reads they make on hands & other play, thats part of his system, not just experienced players (though this helps a lot)

to sum up a coaching record may not determine how good a coach if necessarily, there a lot of circumstances that must be taken into cosideration i.e. the year mark watkins was sacked as Razorbacks H/C the team couldnt train because of extreme heat in NSW, & the club could not find a facility for the team to train in a safe environment, also other things like talent available, injuries, others issues should be taken into consideration... while a win/loss record may not determine how good a coach is, it will determine how much longer they coach that nbl (or other elite level) team for!!!!! unforetunately.

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The Special 1  
Years ago

I wonder what the Smyth's record was. would have been pretty good in the early part.
Must look it up

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Years ago

A bad group of players will make even the best coach look ordinary.. Stats are a poor guide without looking at the group they had...

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Last year

Anyone happen to have a copy of the document mentioned in the original post?

I had a copy but lost it.

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Last year

I would love to know Seebohms record.

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Last year

Wonder when this was. I miss the time/date stamps on posts.

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Last year

Those stats are as at the end of the 2009-10 season.

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Last year

Reading through that I was hoping the read the coaching record of Alan Black, I know he was sacked by Wildcats but also won a title with them and I think a coach of the year in Illawarra.

I think coach of the year should be included in those stats as they are often an indicator that the coach got the most out of the squad.

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Last year

As per Perthworld's response, it was as of the end of the 2009/10 season.

I had a copy and also kept a record for each coach thereafter. But then my usb drive stopped working. All that data gone!

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Last year

Which coach has coached NBL for around 17 years for one distant championship?

One in seventeen, yet one club hangs on.

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Last year

For what it's worth, the records of the active NBL coaches:

JOEY WRIGHT 14 472 272 200 57.63%
TREVOR GLEESON 12 384 224 160 58.33%
ANDREJ LEMANIS 11 344 183 161 53.20%
DEAN VICKERMAN 5 160 97 63 60.63%
MIKE KELLY 1 28 6 22 21.43%

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Last year

Thanks Anon.

I have a fair few of the records for current coaches already.

I am just annoyed my usb stopped working.

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Last year

I backup on two USB drives since you never know when one will due.

I have a lot of old stats in the file format the OP was referencing when the league used to publish a media guide since I have copies of those along with other misc. files.

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