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Years ago

36ers CEO comments on coach and roster

Comments from the CEO in the press make it clear that the coaches are under the pump:


"There's no question in the club's mind there's nothing wrong with the personnel," Grantham said last night.


"But we have no excuses.

"There are no injuries.

"Now it is about coaching decisions and the players' passion and skill set."


I felt the players did well," Grantham said. "Who's on and how they're playing is the coach's decision."


Sixers v Tigers this week is do or die game

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Years ago

The goose is cooked. Quotes from the GM and the way they were used in Boti's article suggest that the 36ers will change coach before the end of the season. But the change won't do anything to reverse the team's fortunes for this season.

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Years ago

The goose is cooked. Quotes from the GM and the way they were used in Boti's article suggest that the 36ers will change coach before the end of the season. But the change won't do anything to reverse the team's fortunes for this season.

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Years ago

Yeah I have never heard comments like this from the 6ers ever in their history

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Jackie C  
Years ago

Maybe Leeanne has more balls than past CEOs?

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very old  
Years ago

Leeanne had better coaches actually coaching her in the old wnbl league, and she was the wnbl commissioner for quite a few years, so she has more than enough experience in what successful coaching at this level is all about.

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Years ago

wouldnt be the first time that Boti has made up a quote to suit his own agenda

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Years ago

Enlighten us on Boti's agenda Anon...

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Years ago

Nutwork, phone a friend.

I think she's just saying it how it is - there are only so many places you can search for a solution. We have a full enough squad, we have competent imports, etc. Clearly Boti is no fan of Marty's and wouldn't cry about getting a quote to suit that, but even someone who is clearly supportive of Marty would acknowledge that there are only so many excuses left. After a while, you can start to put it on a coach or his selections. I think Ballinger's contract and possibly Johnson's (depending on timing) are the only external selections left. Any prior players (Ng and Herbert) were reappointed by Marty, etc.

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Years ago

Crazy that the CEO thinks there is nothing wrong with the current crop of players.

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Achtung Baby  
Years ago

Unfortunately a club can only preach the word "Potential" for so long!!!

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Years ago

Updated topic title to make it a bit more obvious what this is about.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Usely there is a scapegoat import when playing bad but both imports whilst not stars are doing ok although unsure why Simpson had limited minutes last game.
So back to coach but really believe apart from maybe suggesting some areas to improve on I cant see them going through the cost of sacking during this season

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Camel 31  
Years ago

" Respect the opposition " Clarke told us " and Sydney aren't a bad team. "
Seems we did pretty good , for the bottom team , to get to overtime .
Sydney looked way out of it , against Melbourne
and Ronald Dorsey and others played finals.
Things will be tough out there against Melbourne.
" No injuries. " - I thought must've been with American Import , Diamon Simpson , only 18minutes for 10points and 10rebounds and Ng doesn't play a lot.

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Years ago

If Simpson could learn to shoot freethrows, he could be a keeper for next season

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Years ago

Johnson: 36:13
Simpson: 18:36
Ballinger: 23:59
Helliwell: 4:36
83 and a bit minutes.

90 minutes across two positions in an OT game. The gap suggests some time went to Weigh at PF. Helliwell soaked up three fouls in a short time that may or may not have otherwise been worn by others. Simpson and Balls ended up with four fouls each though I don't think Simpson was ever really in foul trouble. Could be that Simpson sat a bit as Clarke tried to get Balls into the game.

If you want DJ playing bulk minutes (many of us do), that tends to leave Balls and Simpson splitting one position to some extent. And Balls is not going to fare any better defending a SF, and you want Simpson inside on the boards. No team seems to have had much luck (Melbourne last year) running three bigs; if anything, teams are going a touch smaller with a guy like Wilkinson a starting centre, Vukona undersized at the four, etc.

In this "more minutes for Simpson" thing, I think we have to realise that it's going to come at the expense of one of Ballinger or Johnson, or it's going to mean some unorthodox line-ups.

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Years ago

Soooo, why did we ge an import where because of the current roster he would play less than 50% of the game!!!!

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Years ago

What we had before wasn't working. So you try something *slightly* different or you make large-scale changes (e.g., swapping out key players).

I'm not hiring these guys (I don't even have any involvement with the 36ers other than buying season tickets like everyone else), just trying to guess as to the reasons.

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Years ago

IF the rotation is done properly it should be fine
Play Johnson, Ball and Simpson 25-30min each.
Simpson can play Centre in the NBL fine.

If one player is having a good game play them 5-10min more and cut back one of the other players minutes.

I would put Balls back in the atarting line-up, since he has been pretty avg off the bench.

Bring Simpson on after 5mins for either Johnson or Balls, depending on performance not a predetermined rotation!!!!

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Years ago

It was a rhetorical question Issac.

Perhaps DJ is performing better than they thought!

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Big Sexy  
Years ago

Aussiebballer, I agree with Ballinger starting, I thought it would be good to bring him off the bench for some fire power but it dosen't seem to suit his game. I think Simpson off the bench is a good spark anyway

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

7 Minutes for Weigh at Power Forward is 7 minutes too much.

Apparently the last quarter tactics were to take the ball to Kazoo to draw the 5th foul. That should have dictated Simpson being on the floor. Ballinger and Johnson are both mid range specialists so neither would draw a foul.

When Simspon catches the ball he gets into the paint easily, and has a league leading field goal percentage. He demands being fouled in the paint and he easily would have drawn a fifth foul. He would not have nailed the foul shots, but if the strategy was to take it to Kazoo then you have to have the best personal on the floor to achieve that goal.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

so many annoying things in one game,

Weigh always going over the top of curl cuts when chasing Magden, coaches decision or players?

Always giving up an open 2 pointer for a 3 pointer...

Not using your import point guard in his natural specialist position in extra time ....when the veteran carrying the ball was so tired he looked even slower than normal...


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Years ago

Good point on Simpson being the one to draw fouls from Khazzouh. He has both the best field goal percentage and the worst free throw percentage in the league. It just makes sense for them to foul him if he's in a scoring position.
Bit of a strange situation to have where you want a bad shooter to get fouled., but if he can be used to get the oppositions best big into foul trouble, then it could be quite good tactics.
Use him in this role against Melbourne. Once Tragardh is in foul trouble, they have basically no fall back option. Huge advantage for us as our bigs could completely exploit their lack of size.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

Simpson is also a lot quicker at wheeling into the paint. He would have quickly forced coverage from Kazoozy. When Johnson tried a rarely attempted up and under to draw the foul, a guard simply dropped back and hacked. Another guard could never have hacked Simspon. Simpson catches the ball closer to the ring and brings the ball up quicker and stronger. He has no jumpshot like Johnson or Ballinger...but coaching is all about horses for courses.

Once he has done the job and it turns into a foul shooting contest, sit him down and bring Balls back onto the floor. Pretty old school stuff.

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Years ago

I don't mind running Crosswell in a pressure situation - he is the veteran after all. Warren is still pretty young. I didn't think he looked slow, just made some bad turnovers.

Going over or under on screens is nearly always a team rule. Madgen was hitting his shots, right?

It does seem funny putting a guy into a starting role because they aren't doing brilliantly off the bench, but it's worth a shot. But I still think we might start Simpson again to avoid Ballinger and Johnson together because the alternative is Johnson off the bench and I think he's earned better than that.

Early days in the season, but career-best BPG for DJ.

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Years ago

Good point about him being tired though. That would explain the careless turnovers given how well he has looked after the ball so far this year.

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Years ago

Weigh played PF for 2:43 (I think around -2 to -4 for that period). Outside of DJ, Balls, Simpson and Helliwell, the only other person to play PF I think was Creek and the 36ers were +4 during that period (line-up of Crosswell, Warren, Ng, Creek, Simpson - haven't seen a fan propose that one!).

At all other times, it was varying combinations of the four main bigs, obviously mostly the three main guys.

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Ballinger Fan  
Years ago

team rules, coaching decisions, player skill sets..

if Weigh cannot get over the top of a curl screen in time and that's the team rule, then the coach should bring in a player with the agility skill set to get it done, and Herbie certainly did a little better in the 3rd.

If Johnson does not have the muscle to post up Kazoonysky and draw the foul, (or the respect from the refs to do that) and that is the strategy, then the coach should bring in a player that can.

coaching decisions with regards to the players skill sets,
Leanne has got it right.
They have players and the coaches have the knowledge, but at the moment their decisions do not those skill sets on the night, and they need to start very quick!

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Camel 31  
Years ago

That was Darren Ng and Daniel Johnson in the radio 5aa studio , just then , for half an hour and they hadn't read Leeanne's comments.
Might be a 3 point shoot out , at heritage nite,
after the greatest NBL team ever , 25year function.

That was Ben Dowdell , also , now with the Crows.
Didn't wanna be a Cairns development player and a friend of his, Richard Hill , a footy coach
arranged a kick , while he was here.

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Years ago

Against a team with quick guards like Sydney, Weigh playing PF is a good thing! He was always going to struggle against the quickness of Sydney's perimeter players. He will matchup better against other teams.

Disagree about starting Balls. I love DJ's offensive ability, so I want him to start. But I also want the player who best complements him to start, which is Diamon, because he is a better defensive presence and his inside power game works better with DJ's face up/ ranged game.

Crosswell was a victim of the team's inability to run an offence in the final minutes. He was waiting for a play to be run, a screen to be set, a cut to be made. When it didn't happen, he was forced to try and create his own shot against a set offence and hence TO's and poor shots. It was a collective team problem not his poor play.

And anon, we got Simpson because Williamson got injured. Williamson would have been able to play more SF and that would have been good, but I think the Sixers have done well to land Simpson at short notice.

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