bretts the man
Years ago

Boti's article today re Sixers

I know the Boti haters will jump on me but firstly it was good to get such a large and detailed coverage in todays Tiser as any publicity is good publicity especially when not a lot of excitement with regard to Sixers happening .
But thought it was a really good article and covered the players well and areas of our game and made extremely good points .
Whilst overall it was critical of Clarke was not a all out attack or full of his sarcasm humour that escapes me at times.
No I have not been a Marty knocker though obviously see a lot not happy with .
Really feel he gave the views that most true supporters would have given if had chance.
Anyway thats how I saw it

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Years ago

person i spoke to last night rekons the mean machine has put his hand up to finish the season off

dont know how much faith i put in this person but its twice ive heard it now and one person i do have a bit of trust in

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Years ago

There is also an article with comments from Sapwell, Maher, Cattalini and Brooks on the 36ers fortunes this year: here it is.

Maher - 36ers D is worst in the league.
Sapwell - missed connections with screens and not executing well on O, lots of strategy, maybe not a lot of natural flow ("art"); supports changes to work ethic Clarke has instilled.
Brooks - might now be better on the road because there is too much negative energy at home; good group of players with upside, likes the imports.
Cattalini - bad D, not sure if individual or team combination; lack a couple of very good defensive players.

Besides Brooks mentioning the imports by name, none are quoted as commenting directly on players.

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Years ago

Summary: Clarke is done.

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Years ago

who is the mean machine?

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Years ago

Tsk tsk Anon. Al Green.

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Years ago

Mean Machine is Al Green.

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Years ago

I enjoyed the large detailed articles too.

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Years ago

At least with Al in charge we'd have more passion, rebound and play for the singlet. Past players all just want to see the club doing well.

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Jack Toft  
Years ago

I don't think the article was too savage. I'm sure that 90 year old grannies with their false teeth out are more menacing.

One thing for sure, a poor showing resulting in a BAD loss on Saturday night might mean that the Adelaide Arena could resemble Mallala on a Saturday night on the 26th. (insert chirping cricket)

Woodville U12 Div 1 Boys may be looking for a new coach though if the cards fall the wrong way.

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Pure Silk  
Years ago

I believe any article wriiten about basketball in the Advertiser is a bonus. I really enjoyed it and Boti made some great points that for those of us that go to every home game sees as well.Obviously there are problems but i dont think you can put the blame on just the coach. Its clear that the plays are breaking down and is that the coaches problem? No. basic errors by experienced players? No. Hopefully what this article does is ignite the players to a big win this Sat night like it did against perth a few weeks ago. My biggest concern is the longevity of our great club now its down to just 2 owners which isnt a great sign. Win , Lose or draw we need the 36ers around as quite frankly it would suck without them.

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Years ago

No disrespect to a true Sixers legend in Al Green, but what has he done coaching-wise that would warrant an NBL gig? All those years coaching Torrens Valley juniors? Yes, i'm well aware of what he's doing right now, and also well aware that he coached at senior Men level years ago (Centrals into a GF if I recall correctly?).

Ask a lot of other coaches who've been around the traps over the years what they think of Al and his coaching ability, and you will get the picture.

Seriously, if that is the best replacement we can find, we'd be better off sticking with Marty.

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Years ago

from what i heard and again its 2nd hand from two people is he would do it to seasons end till they sort out a new coach, i don't think he believes he should be the new coach for years to come but rather sick and tired of how his beloved team is going

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Years ago

seriously, time to see what the general is doing. he could not possibly do worse.

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Muzz Buzz  
Years ago

Boti wants his old mates Maher and Smyth to get jobs.

He crucified the management for going with an untested NBL coach in Clarke yet now behind the scenes he is championing someone who has never coached a game in his life.

No matter which way you cut the cookie genuine coaching stocks in Australia are pretty thin. There are reasons why the usual suspects arent coaching currently in the NBL.

He smashed Clarke for not recruiting Schenscher, in hindsight isn't that a good thing seeing he hasnt played a game this season.

He also blamed Clarke for not recruiting Forman. He is a starter in the NBL and I dont see him agreeing to play back up to Balls and DJ.
hey , i am not happy the team is 1-5 but i dont see trying to run an agenda is being professional from a journalist.

From what i know Mills was a 36ers until a late bid of riduculous size lured him to the darkside. Again not Clarke's fault that Mills chose the money.

We have had far more talented teams in the past that just scrapped into the finals and then got smacked.

We have also had far less talented teams that went deep into the playoffs

As long as the team is winning at the end of the season is all that matters.
Happy to eat my hat if they arent at least 500 by seasons end.

Joey Wrights teams of the last few season have had way more talent than the 36ers and have barely cracked 500 each year. Even Saint Gordie is finding W's tough this season. Phil Jackson with the best player on the planet and a stacked team didn't win it last season.

People on here have said that Dunlap was proof that you cant get a "college" coach to coach men succesfully. Last time I checked he took the team to the GF in 1994 and semi's in 95 and 96.

Remember the stacked team of stars in 2000? That team would have missed the play offs with the current finals set up. Have look at some of the names that team had and compare them to this years team.

The roster and the coaches arent going to change any time soon in my opinion so we best get supporting the team and the club in anyway possible. Wins would be nice and they will come.

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Years ago

Here here muzz buzz!!! Boti negative shit is wearing thin...

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Years ago

Every team but NZ has "barely cracked" 500 the past two years.

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Years ago

Muzz Buzz, I thought the exact same thing when I saw someone saying Dunlap wasn't successful in the NBL. He may have upset some people, but our team started playing some great ball after he took the reins. If Davis doesn't get hurt, we probably win the '94 title.

I also agree with you on Schenscher. He's a decent player, but I think DJ will be a better player in the long run and he is already much more fun to watch.

I do think the pressure is on Clarke though and while I'm willing to be patient a little longer, IMO we need to see significant improvement (especially at home) before the end of the season, if Clarke is to see a third season.

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Years ago

would al green be any good as a coach ??
i thought he just liked to watch!

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Years ago

Al Green does not want to coach the Sixers.

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bretts the man  
Years ago

Whether or not Boti has a axe to grind his points made were relevent and not just aimed at coach and views of many and which I agree but I for one are not calling for Clarke sacking at this stage .
As a previous poster stated the main issue here is that we have a club.
Is that fact down to two owners.
I agree with views on Dunlap as he installed that real defensive pressure into our teams that was a base to the relaxed offensive style Smyth brought in.

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Years ago

would al green be any good as a coach ??
i thought he just liked to watch!


He can't see the forest for the trees.

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Years ago

If Al finishes up coaching this team, my 3 year quest will finally be at an end.

I'll have to troll through SO many threads to nail all the "Ah HA! Told you so"s.

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