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Kmart Cleared what is happening with Patty?

I see that Keynon Martin has been given his FIBA clearance does anyone know when Patty Mills will be receiving his.

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Years ago

Not looking likely:

Chinese Basketball Association officials are fighting FIBA's decision to allow Kenyon Martin to immediately return to the NBA, demanding that Martin be forbidden to play until later this month, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

China has forwarded an affidavit to FIBA and the NBA - signed by Martin upon his departure in late December – that stipulates he wouldn’t play in the NBA until his Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers’ season had ended. China is demanding the contract be honored and Martin have to wait until the Flying Tigers finish their season.

The Flying Tigers have six games left and need a winning streak to catapult them into the playoffs. Their final regular-season game is Feb. 16..

Chinese Basketball Association officials are insisting the clearance letter request was deliberately sent to their office over the New Year when they wouldn’t be available to respond. After seven days without a response, FIBA’s guidelines allow it to issue the letter of clearance that all international leagues – including the NBA – need to validate that a player has fulfilled contractual obligations elsewhere.

In truth, Martin is expected to work out for a week with any NBA team he joins before becoming activated. So even if the NBA reverses its ruling, Martin could likely still be back on the floor in two weeks.;_ylt=AhwRhMSuEN7S23lBzNqEPKm8vLYF?slug=aw-wojnarowski_kenyon_martin_nba_020212

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Years ago

Kmart to clippers

Jr smith to knicks

patty to lakers/knicks (wouldn't surprise me )

Wilson chandler ???

Chris kaman to celtics /pacers / cavs ( i wish ! )

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Years ago

am i missing something here or is china really this stupid??

would this not be sending out alarm bells to anyone thinking of going to china in the future?

what do they have to gain by this except bad publicity for their league??

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Years ago

I guess with the money China can pay their imports it probably isnt going to put many people off going there. Lets see 800,000 to play in China or 150,000 to play NBL. I know where Id be signing regardless.

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Years ago

China... Wat a joke of a place

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Years ago

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

I guess the question is are they still paying his salary - or did they advance him a bonus on the basis of the condition... If so i agree with them. Otherwise not so much...

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Years ago

Looks like they prorated him for the games played - but he probably forced his way out... by acting like a prima donna. So, its a toughie. Not gonna feel pity for him (of all players).

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Years ago

Martin has signed with the Clippers.. No word on the other NBA players yet

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Years ago

johnny_sack - that's what I expect has happened with K-Mart and Patty. Have been 'cut', but are still contracted in the sense that they have committed not to play elsewhere and are still being paid.

Most likely are under strict confidentiality provisions as well.

If they are still being paid and are under contract, FIBA's rules suggest they won't get cleared to play in the NBA.

If they have been cut and aren't under contract, FIBA will clear them

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Years ago

Im glad youve finally seen the light doctor!

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Years ago

Here we go again :)

Read my posts on Patty - always said that if he was cut (and not under contract) he could get a clearance from FIBA regardless of what the Chinese league did.

If Patty hasn't been cut (and still under contract), that's a different story.

Without looking at the other thread, I recall that you were saying that the Chinese league could withhold a letter of clearance until the end of the Chinese season despite Patty not being under contract.

There's a massive difference between a player who has agreed not to play anywhere alse, and is still being paid by the club and a player who is no longer under contract (and not being paid).

Nice attempt to re-write history there paul

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Years ago

Patty should never have left Melbourne.

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Years ago

patty was cut from the team. a decision they made. hence why he is no longer playing for them.

i dont see why he should not be allowed to play for another team, particularly important to this argument is that besides the fact he was cut by the team is that HE WILL NOT BE LINING UP AGAINST THEM IN THE SAME LEAGUE OR ANY COMPETITION THE TEAM MAY BE INVOLVED IN!!

what the frak do they care then if they dont want him and he will not be playing against them?

the only argument ( a flimsy one ) is if they have already paid him for the whole season,

a) ive not yet heard if that is true

b) why would they do that? that is financially stupid and a mistake to do that in the first place

c) if true they made a decision to cut a player who they have already paid for a full season which again is their decision and poor financial management.

if china ball wants to throw big bucks at a player, pay him up front, then sack him when he is injured despite being one of the premier players in their league thats their loss. go frak yourself and cry about it china.

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Years ago

Actually doctor, what I was saying was that we dont know what the CBA had in place to enforce their promise that players wouldnt be released before the end of the season (ie, what you posted earlier today).

What you posted previously was, and I quote: "clearance letter isnt an issue for Patty" because of the FIBA rules - which is correct in theory but hasnt turned out that way (yet) in practice.

With Xinjiang's season likely to be over in two weeks let's hope he's free to go soon anyway.

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Years ago

Sorry, didnt have my name on the above post.

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Years ago

paul - things 'in place to enforce a promise' are called contracts.

The entire back and forth we had in the other thread was on the basis that Patty had been 'cut' - ie - was not under contract.

I made that very clear in my posts.

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